More injury concerns at safety for Colts

With starting safety Bob Sanders shelved until much later in the season, at the earliest, with a torn biceps tendon, his replacement now has an injury that could keep him out of action.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Melvin Bullitt underwent an MRI on his shoulder after feeling a tear during Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars.

DaJuan Morgan, who was signed by the Colts after Sanders was injured, is listed as the next man on the depth chart behind Bullitt.  Morgan was a third-round selection of the Chiefs in 2008.

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  1. No worries Colt fans, Matt Cassell won’t be a threat. He has no arm and I don’t think he has a pass completed past 20 yards this year, and I am a Chief’s fan. In all fairness, we have two rookies in our secondary too, so even steven.

  2. All their stock is in offense. From this point on if I were the Colts, I would just play the run just for the sake of saving time on the clock for the offense. There is no point of even trying to line up in that Cover 2 and protect big plays anymore all it does is KILL time on the clock and in the end the offense is still 7 points down. Instead of chewing up 7 minutes plus with every drive, I would rather take my chances with about 4 minutes burned. Its the only way. This defense is in serious trouble. Before they could at times stop one or the other. But now, they stop either and their getting gashed at both dimensions. Atleast win games your supposed to win.
    Again, before the trade deadline if I were Polian (I know he’s an idiot so this won’t happen) I would package some defensive players and trade for atleast ONE or better yet two offensive lineman who are known for runblocking around the league. Veterens period, don’t care if their in their 30’s. Colts need to run the ball at will now period. That is the only fixable thing right now. Defense is shot, even with those hurt players healthy, your looking at next year starting with the same problems. Overhaul the defense.

  3. @ Jay 16
    Very well said. This pathetic defense they have kills the offense too, theyre on the field all f-ing game and they STILL give up touchdowns!! Play more aggresively, maybe you get burned on a few deep balls but at least you arent giving up 15 play drives. And who knows, maybe a miracle will happen and you’ll end up PRESSURING THE QB with a BLITZ and actually forcing some bad throws!!!
    Its really not that difficult. Thats how incompetent their coaching staff is. Actually iTs more stubborness than incompetence…they all refuse to admit theyre wrong!! I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!

  4. @Jeaaff Jeaaff Jeaaff
    I appreciate the comment bro.
    I’ve been watching the greatness of Manning since Marshall Faulk was his running back. Even back then, I never understood why in the hell you get rid of this first ballot hall of famer. Polian is a little overrated in my opinion. I think its a bit inconsistant to let go Faulk because of age but then pay a reciever like Marvin Harrison who was 34, Jeff Saturday, 35 in the meantime totally contradicting himself, your right the organization can’t admit they are bone headed. It made no sense to me.
    As the years went on, I saw the defense get worse and worse then the offense get better and better. Now, only some of the parts are there on offense and totally no defense now. So when did Polian stop working is what I want to know?
    It came apparent that I had the answer. Bill Polian is just simply a short term solution to a losing franchise. He has the ability to get a team better quickly but then gets very lazy and he never admits he’s wrong. This is why Buffalo fired him, he never got along with the Bills high up, its rumored that after the 93 season that some suggestions were made to Polian on how to do his job, he obviously was fired. The Carolina Panthers hired him, again short term solution on getting to the playoffs, but then again both expansion teams made the playoffs in just two years, it turned out, out of the two expansion teams the Jaguars were actually more successfull. Why doesn’t Wayne Weaver and David Seldon of the Jaguars get labeled the genius tag? Bill Polian?
    The Colts organization reminds me of that of the Bills. All those regular season wins and Super Bowl appearances but yet very little to show for it. They run the same type of offense, Addai kind of reminds me of Thurman Thomas, Wayne reminds me of Andre Reed. Bruce Smith reminds me a little like Freeney. But unlike the Bills and Carolina, this was Polians longest held position at GM. I guess to Bill Polian’s credit he knows how to put together some talent and operate like a business intitially. BUT, when there’s turnover, he has no idea what to do, or how to replace that person. The offensive line, Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison, Edgerin James, Howard Mudd, Tarek Glenn and Jake Scott are all examples of how he handled those situations. He’s supposed to be a genius. I would say that the receiver position has now gotten better, but look how long it took. Hiring Caldwell was a horrible idea. You have to replace the coach your replacing, not just plug a body in there and call it good. Dungy has no coaching tree? What the hell was he thinking.
    With the horrible drafts they have had in the past they deserve everything their getting right now. They have no depth anywhere but at receiver now. Colts 9-7

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