Panthers cut Dwayne Jarrett

On the same day that receiver Dwayne Jarrett was arrested for driving while impaired, the Carolina Panthers have parted ways with the second-round pick from the 2007 draft.

The aggressive reaction will prompt many to wonder why the Jets didn’t take stronger action against receiver Braylon Edwards when he was arrested for DUI two weeks ago.  But there are three big differences between the two cases.

First, it was Jarrett’s second DUI incident.  Edwards has only one.

Second, Jarrett isn’t very good, making it far easier for a team to make an example of a guy.

Third, while the Jets insisted that they couldn’t discipline Edwards for behavior that falls within the jurisdiction of the league’s substance-abuse policy, the reality is that, while a player can’t be suspended by the team, he can be cut.

Paragraph 11 of the standard NFL player contract provides in part as follows:  “If at any time, in the sole judgment of Club, Player’s skill or performance has been unsatisfactory as compared with that of other players competing for positions on Club’s roster, or if Player has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club, then Club may terminate this contract.”

So that’s why the Colts were able to cut defensive tackle Ed Johnson in 2008, after he was arrested for marijuana possession.  And it’s why the Panthers were able to cut Jarrett.

That said, Jarrett may be able to file a grievance against the Panthers, based on the discrepancy between the player contract and the CBA, which purports to prevent any team-imposed discipline in cases of this nature.  Either way, he’s no longer a Panther.

Why do we have a feeling that his former coach at USC will come calling?

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  1. Finally. They have been doing everything they can not to get this guy on the field, even with Steve Smith hurt they would have made Jarrett behind LaFell, Gettis, Rosario, Goodson, and John Kasay at WR. I suspect that Kenny Moore is getting activated from the practice squad as a corresponding move.

  2. He was probably drunk on game days. At least that would explain his piss poor performance.

  3. Maybe he can round up John David Booty and get Lendale White back to form the never-was team of USC in the NFL.

    Why is it you bring up the Steelers double standard for player conduct every chance you get… You’re probably the only non-steeler fan that even remembers the name Cedric Wilson!
    But where there’s obvious cases of it (like with Braylon Edwards) it’s just… thats how it is (because Dwyane Jarret isn’t very good).
    I’m not saying the Steelers DON’T have a double standard, I’m just saying you point to it repeatedly like no other team in the NFL does… I’d like to see how many teams would cut a young, 2 time winning QB.

  5. i dont think its a question of him being good, he’s obviously good if he’s been held on a roster this long
    he’s LAZY and dumb

  6. He was horrible. If you’re a WR and you’re slow, you better be smooth, smart, and have perfect hands. Jarrett had none of those qualities. He’d have been cut in preseason if they thought they had other options.
    Look for the Panthers to try a deal for Devin Thomas.

  7. Good riddance you horses ass. Did your Mother have any children that actually lived? What a waste of a human life. Pissed away dozens of opportunities to succeed in this league. Why he was even on this team this year is one of the great mysteries of the modern era.

  8. Well apparently Kenny Moore just got signed by the Colts today from our PS. Maybe they have another Blair White we can poach from theirs.

  9. SteelDee, you’re missing the prevailing point here: Jarrett got cut because he was a terrible WR that, due to his 2nd DUI, wasn’t worth holding on to in hopes he’d finally develop, while Braylon Edwards is a #1 or #2 WR that contributes greatly right now and has a larger contract to eat.
    If the Jets could have suspended him without pay, they very well might have (even if they may have waited for the Bills game so as to punish the player, but not the team). But they weren’t willing to cut a quality talent over an infraction that will result in a 1-2 game suspension from the NFL once the courts process the offense. It ain’t that hard to see that none of this is evidence of a double standard.

  10. they picked up David Clowney off waivers today too…Panthers need more than that to make any improvements.

  11. Geez….when the Steelers second round pick was coming up, I was hoping they would nab this guy. Turns out Carolina snagged Jarrett one pick before the Steelers. So, the Steelers had to “settle” for some guy named LaMarr Woodley.

  12. Maybe he’ll be hired by ESPN. Keyshawn will think he got a new sidekick and then end up being canned…

  13. Not too smart Dwayne. Sorry it didn’t work out, but this day was coming anyway. A #1 receiver might get a pass from the team but be suspended by the league. A #2 receiver that plays like a #6 is going to catch it from every angle. Best of luck with the rest of your life. I hope it all works out for you.

  14. “Why do we have a feeling that his former coach at USC will come calling?”
    “He’ll be a Seahawk by the end of the week. Pete Caroll takes care of his boys.”
    Except for LenDale White, Lawrence Jackson, Taylor Mays, Matt Leinart, etc…
    Funny how people keep linking Carroll to ex-USC players, and those links never pan out.

  15. “First, it was Jarrett’s second DUI incident. Edwards has only one.”
    Are you f’n kiddin me?!?!?! ONLY one!!!!! Since when is acceptable to have one DUI/DWI, but not two? (retoracle)

  16. Keyshawn’s (thank you Boom)Johnson said on draft day 2007 that he was looking forward to playing with the young man. Two days later Key was cut.
    Key also said DJ might be the player to take the Panthers into the next millenium.
    3.5 years is a little shy of a thousand

  17. Kenny Moore was signed by the Colts but was not on the Panthers practice squad. He was a free agent.
    Smarter than you

  18. He was over rated in college, never had the speed for the NFL and now he wants the Union to stick up for him?
    Give it a break, Dwayne. Use your time to apply for your new career bagging groceries at Food Lion. Idiot.

  19. Everybody is saying that Pete Carroll takes care of his boys then why did he not draft Taylor Mays? just a thought. Another question…how many bust WR’s can USC put in the league?

  20. Second, Jarrett isn’t very good, making it far easier for a team to make an example of a guy.
    Well edwards isnt very good either so there goes that little theory.

  21. I just need to make sure EVERYONE knows that Braylon Edwards violated the terms of his release in Cleveland.
    He should be in jail right now.

  22. “First, it was Jarrett’s second DUI incident. Edwards has only one.”
    Except Edwards has had quite a few traffic related problems (like 60mph OVER the posted speed limit) and has a violent crime on his record.

  23. # Fantasia says: October 5, 2010 4:50 PM
    And, this effects me how?
    If you don’t care why the hell read it????????

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