Pats say "there is no trade"

Rumor quickly became reality on Tuesday night, with FOX’s Jay Glazer reporting that the Patriots are close to shipping receiver Randy Moss back to the Vikings.

Now, the Minnesota and Boston media are pursuing the story like Homer chasing a chocolate-filled Uter with a wet towel.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that the Patriots are saying “there is no trade.”  In this regard, conjugation could be critical.  They’re not saying “there will be no trade.”  They’re only saying “there is no trade.”  And Glazer hasn’t reported that there “is” a trade.

Rapoport also reports that he’s told a trade is not “done,” but he confirms that a trade is being discussed.

Albert Breer, formerly of the Boston Globe and now with NFL Network (congrats, by the way, Mr. Breer) reports that “no one is shooting this down, when given the chance to” and “[s]omething’s happening.”

So stay tuned.  We’ll be on this thing all night if need be.

After all, that kid has bosoms.

90 responses to “Pats say "there is no trade"

  1. LOL, Moss will be like the Culpepper days. Bitching and whining because he has no QB to throw him the damn ball.

  2. He’s a slouch anyway, hahahahaha.
    If they hurry, he can be stranded on Revis Island by Monday.

  3. If Moss doesn’t force a trade now he likely has to wait until after the lockout – 2012 – when he’ll be a 35 year old free agent.
    It’s tough to blame him for wanting the trade – but one wonders if he’s pulling some BS between games to force a trade – which potentially resulted in a non-Moss gameplan against the Fins.
    Hopefully the name Vincent Jackson starts getting brought up as part of this deal. If the Pats can secure Jackson they’ve got a younger, better deep threat signed long term. That would make a lot of sense.

  4. This could possibly be the dumbest thing kraft and belichick have ever done.. 4 games into the season does anybody understand what moss does for the O….he brings the whole D to his side of the field!!! Please let this not be true!!!!!

  5. Super Bowl, homeboy.
    On the day the Packers wouldnt pony up a 4th rounder on Lynch, if the Vikes land Moss, Packer Nation will be falling off their barstools, not from their drining problem.

  6. your tied for 1st place and 2-1 in division and your talking about trading moss? he draws double team coverage every down so i dont want to hear “hes a slouch” and for sure your not going to get a player back to instantly help you like a jared allen which would absolutley not happen ….KEEP MOSS and let him walk at end of year

  7. BS!
    its a trade for an undislosed draft pick and one of the Vikings’s safetys.
    i got inside info!

  8. Florio, kicking it up…
    And hope this trade goes thru: The Pats are fine without him – are stacked all over – while the Vikes would become incredibly more competitive..
    Can’t wait to see what the line looks like for that Jets game after this, it may go down to a (-1.5)
    and Troy State’s QB just got Theisman’d

  9. If the Pats trade him this early in season…they must be giving up on it and stocking up for picks the next 3 years. Maybe they dont believe they will go for this year and are seeing what the Jets have done and figure better to get something now rather than waiting for him to leave for a big contract next year.

  10. Belichick sees what us Pats fans have tried to deny and otherwise rationalize. This defense could be good someday, but is simply very bad right now. They are just not a playoff team with that schedule.

  11. Boy, can Bus Cook fleece Zygi Wilf or what?
    Sweet Molly in a manger… they are grasping up in the Twin Cities …

  12. Well, there you have it. Randy Moss is a Viking.
    There is there any more deceitful, dishonest, and secretive organization in all of sports than the New England Patriots. If they say something is true, it’s false and vice versa.
    Congratuations Vikings fans. For the rest of us, well, we’ll just have to pray the salary cap comes back next year.

  13. Mike, will we get some “bonus” Florio on KFAN with PA tomorrow if this things goes down tonight?

  14. “Rumor quickly became reality on Tuesday night, with FOX’s Jay Glazer reporting that the Patriots are close to shipping receiver Randy Moss back to the Vikings.”
    OK Florio I am going to do this in a very polite and proper manner due to the new regulations regarding reader comments…. that being said, how in the HECK can you possibly say that this “rumor” is now a “reality” just because Jay Glazer also reported the possibility? All Glazer has done here is affirmed that there is indeed a rumor floating that a trade may be possible. Until the trigger is pulled and the trade is made, it is still just a rumor. It doesn’t matter how many word twists you wan’t to do, that is the truth.
    I hope this passes through the quality control team.

  15. I have been breaking my brain over this for the past thirty minutes but do not see how this works from the patriots perspective, they would need a viable outside threat in return for moss, and sidney rice is hurt, maybe a three way deal with the chargers for vincent jackson but that seems unlikely, really can not see what the patriots will take a compensation, and if belichick trades moss awaya for picks there will a mutiny in foxborough

  16. Vikings=desperate. And Moss will check out after they lose again monday night and have no shot at the post season. They have a tough schedule and moss is only effective if you have time to get him the ball. And the defense is still shaky. Stupid Vikings. Mortgaging their future for just this year, and they are still gonna finish third in the division.

  17. Breer sucks! We kicked him out from the Globe. But it looks like his dad has connections.

  18. I would hate to see Moss go. He still has enough to make him one of the best receivers in the league, and he has scary ball catching skills. Yes, NE can survive without him, we have a ton of talent at the receiver position.
    However, losing Moss for anything less than a first round pick would make me pretty upset. The guy is first round talent, and the Pats should get all they can for him.

  19. If this goes down, the intriguing questions are: What would induce the Patriots to want to trade him now? Is the quid pro quo that’s being contemplated that attractive? Has Moss expressed a wish to be moved? Or, have the Pats simply decided not to renew his contract and are seeking value in return?
    This doesn’t quite sound like a Richard Seymour re-run, but the end result could be the same.

  20. I think what the Patriots meant to say is there is no trade YET.
    Randy, I’d ask you to go easy on us on Halloween, but I don’t think you will.

  21. I was never the biggest fan of Brady forcing balls to Moss but he showed how valuable he can be last night even without catching a ball.
    He gives other receivers medium-light to light coverage.
    If Moss goes then thanks for the memories, if Asante caught that ball you would have gone down as the top receiver on the greatest team in history.
    Also who becomes the new #1 receiver? Tate or do they try to lure Vincent Jackson or something?

  22. Makes perfect sense. The regime that traded Moss away is gone. Moss hates Green Bay and has had big games against them in the past. Moss would also play against Dallas, giving him another chance to rub Jerry’s nose in it and show the new kid how it’s done. The Vikings traded Mitchell earlier today, giving them another draft pick to package and a roster opening.

  23. i got to give Mike Florio, esquire credit when he goes throwback and drops Uter-with-bosoms references. that’s the ish we all enjoy.

  24. Jay Glazer, Bill Simmons, Jason Whitlock, and Mike Florio, along with the Vikings.. will be the biggers winners in this..
    It’s an inside job, trying to get hits, go to their respective twitter accounts.. I like all these guys though, so I say good work.

  25. One dropped pass in the Miami blowout and Moss is out of here….that and the ‘Nobody likes me here’ press conference

  26. patriotsfan says:4 games into the season does anybody understand what moss does for the O….he brings the whole D to his side of the field!!! Please let this not be true!!!!!
    Oh you are so true patfan….we will be all world with him on our O. Come home Randy, the fish are biting….

  27. @packerrube13. “Vikes D shaky”??? Best D in the NFC! I DO hear the argument that whatever get leaked out of NE tends to be the opposite, though

  28. @PackerRube13
    What is all this “shaky” defense and the secondary resembling “swiss cheese” nonsense coming outta Scony Land.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t the Vikes D given up the second least amount of points this season?
    If you’re going to bash my team, at least do it in the correct areas.
    Such as, the Vikes offense sure looks shaky. Their receiving corps resemble a slower version of the”Lollypop Guild”.
    Seriously, if I’m gonna have to teach you moldy cheeseheads how to verbally abuse the Vikings, it’s going to be one helluva long season.

  29. The trade makes sense for the Vikings. Not so much for the Patriots. So who is the Patriots deep threat? Is Mr. Bellichick building for the future, again?

  30. @ Your’re Wrong:
    Moss is not washed up, and he light up Revis and was on no sort of island when they faced one another

  31. I really don’t see NE pull the plug on of the best WR to ever play the game DURING the season for some draft picks…
    It was said earlier that maybe VJ could be involved. If so, I could see them getting VJ and a pick for Moss. If not, it just ain’t gonna happen; Belicheat is not a moron.

  32. What are all my fellow Pats fans talking about? I find it hard to believe that they would “give up on the season” by trading Randy Moss, considering just last night we took the Dolphins lunch money without a single catch from him. Tom Brady’s won super bowls with recieving cores that have featured Deion Branch and David Patten as his main targets. I think it is safe to say the group of guys we have now, excluding Moss, is still far better than those of 2001, 2003, and 2004. He’s gone at the end of the year anyways, why not get someone for him? A pass rusher like Ray Edwards would help the Patriots super bowl chances far more than it is looking like Randy Moss will this season. Think a little.

  33. Come home Randy. Your jersey is still hanging in my closet. And give them Ray Edwards and a 4th.

  34. Pats say “there is no trade”…Yet… AKA unless the price is right…Arhh
    Beyond everything written prior is; how will the pats “stretch” the opponents defense without him? There’s tremendous value in that alone.
    It’s way too early for BB to assume that “D’ and “ST” will take up the slack of Moss’s departure (if it happens), but again, the Vikes need help and if the price is right… he’s gone.
    Which I think is a bad move for the Pats right now. Even if Moss catches no balls for the rest of the year, he still warrants two defender coverage(in some capacity) in most passing situations. Tate is not going to provide that….Period

  35. If Belichick does this he has balls the size of Jupiter.
    It fits past trades, dealing a player for future value when you don’t think that you can re-sign him.
    But it is a serious blow for this year. If it happens, though, I trust in Bill!

  36. “If the Pats trade him this early in season…they must be giving up on it and stocking up for picks the next 3 years. Maybe they dont believe they will go for this year and are seeing what the Jets have done and figure better to get something now rather than waiting for him to leave for a big contract next year.”
    They haven’t won without him or anything.
    They clearly won’t get anything in return.
    Clearly Tom Brady sucks without Randy Moss.

    Are you a moron or do you just play one on the internet?

  37. Moss….Rice….Harvin…..Shiancoe…..Peterson….a lineup like this will certainly get BF excited again, LOL

  38. Minnesota had it bye week. So Moss plays 17 games (if you can count the Miami game as him playing)? Does it count if he breaks any records?

  39. Can you imagine week 6 with Randy Moss, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe, Greg C in the slot, AP, and FAVRE!!!
    That’s the best offense in the league..
    And if this goes through, that Jets line will move AT LEAST 3 points!!!
    Moves like this are why the NFL is the best sport in the world!!

  40. 2006 was Brady’s best year. With Reche Caldwell as his #1 WR, the Patriots were thirty seconds from playing in the SB against a team they beat in the regular season. Since 2007, Brady has become lazy in his reads and distribution reaching a low against the Jets two weeks ago. Belichick ditches Moss and Brady plays the way he did on Monday night and the Patriots get a whole lot better. Notice the targets for Tate on Monday.

  41. Vikings to give Patriots a 1st round for Moss. That will give the Pats 3 1st round picks. I guarantee they will draft Mark Ingram RB Alabama with those picks by trading up in the draft. They have not had a consistent RB there for a long time and next year they will have enough arsenal to move up and get the Best Back of a new Decade.

  42. all the pats people who can’t see why the pats would do this are right…most likely they won’t. the only possibility that i could see is moss requesting the trade and them obliging because they are a classy organization. but even that is remote and would take hefty compensation considering the guy completely changes a defensive scheme and i can’t imagine the vikes are gonna wanna break the bank. at least i hope not anyway. i love randy as much as the next vikes fan and can think of few things better then him retiring in MN and catching favre balls but he is 33 and not worth mortgaging the future.

  43. top five all time QB, top 2 all time WR, top 5 all time RB, percy, longwell, and that stout Defense? Super bowl, homeboy!

  44. PackerRube13 says: October 5, 2010 9:13 PM
    Packer fans = scared shitless.

  45. In spite of the various comments by Packer fans, Moss to Minny scares the waste products out of the Cheeseheads. The Pack isn’t that good anyway, this would give the Vikings a leg up.

  46. SixPack says: “Hopefully the name Vincent Jackson starts getting brought up as part of this deal. If the Pats can secure Jackson they’ve got a younger, better deep threat signed long term. That would make a lot of sense.”
    Gosh, I hope not, although I just can’t see Bill and Vincent co-mingling.

  47. Thought it was odd that he didn’t have a catch last night but was all smiles on the sideline after the game ended.

  48. Go and hate Brett Favre all you want….the man has pull. Sure Favre wants Randy, like he did when Thompson said “no, I’m a cheap bastard!”

  49. Maybe the Bears will pick him up to play Left Tackle….they wouldn’t know what to do with him if they got him.

  50. NO they won’t package to trade up for a RB in the top 5 of a draft, which is where Ingram would go. DE, DL or a stud CB…then yes.
    Edwards and a pick or two I would be fine with the trade, just for picks next year…not so much.

  51. Patriots 2011 draft picks before any prospective Moss deal:
    1st Round
    1st Round (OAK)
    2nd Round (CAR)
    2nd Round
    3rd Round
    4th Round
    4th Round (DEN)
    5th Round
    6th Round (NO)
    They could have three of the top 33 picks.

  52. pckr fans seem unhappy about the rumor of vikes management swinging a trade for moss on the same day word broke that ted thompson is is too cheap to give up a 4th rd pick for lynch even tho the pckers have 0 running game.
    and for whoever said the vikes d is shaky… you mean the vikes d that has the lowest pts against in the NFC?… even before the vikes bye week??
    can you imagine the best d in the NFC combined with last year’s 2nd highest scoring offense – PLUS randy moss????

  53. i agree that tom has gotten lazy with his reads. seems he rapidly goes through his progressions and is checking down more often then not. the pats were very dangerous when brady was not only utilizing the effect that moss has on defenses, but also trusting randy to go up and make a play regardless of his coverage. the safe play moves the ball but randy scores TDs.

  54. Moss to Vikes means nothing to the Packers. If they cant run the ball, they go nowhere this year.
    Kudos to Vikes if they pull it off.

  55. Sweet!!!! Maybe the Pats can do to the Yikes, what the Cowboys did to them 20 years ago and get a couple, 13 ,14 draft picks. Chilly and Ziggy aren’t that dumb are they, oh wait, they can’t count can they. “12 men in the huddle”, I always love that one!!!!

  56. NFL Network is reporting that it will happen.
    Just sayin’.
    Favre needs some kinda weapon going into NYC next week. Yikes. Maybe he and Moss can get on the same page. It’s for sure he and Berrian can’t. Imagine when Sidney Rice comes back.
    Geez. I hope this doesn’t mean Rice ISN’T coming back. Wilf wouldn’t go after Vince Jackson, but he’s ponying up for Moss … hmmm.

  57. The Patriots could keep Moss for the year, let him go in free agency, and get a third round compensatory pick. I don’t see them letting him go for less than first round value plus something extra. Why give up Moss to just move up two rounds? Brady would not understand that move. They would need the equivalent of Ray Edwards and a second or third. Brady would understand Moss forcing a trade to get his payday. The NFL is a business.

  58. @satelliteoflove
    Here is the problem with that logic. In your words, you already have a “top 5 QB” and a “top RB” and yet you still aren’t at the “top of your division.”

  59. Looks like the NFL is pushing for this since Glazier has his stamp on it. Moss in purple will once again spell doom for the NFC North for yet one more year. All the stupid comments and trash talking on here will not mask this reality. Suck on that jerkasses!

  60. Hello You’re Wrong, You say stranded on Revis island? Do you remember the play that Revis hurt his hammy on. Moss burning him deep for a 43 yard touchdown! I’ll take my chances. Mr. Wilf how are you going to pay Randy what he wants? Straight cash homey!


  62. Half these posts are so ridiculous and it’s funny that the most ridiculous ones are posts that are Packer fans. They talk so “tough”, much like they did when BF went to the Vikes last year and we all saw how BF torched the Pack twice last year. I assure you, there isn’t a single packer fan who truely wants Moss to end up in Minny, regardless of how tough they talk. As it stands now, the North division looks to be for grabs….with Moss in Minny with Rice, Harvin, Shiancoe, BF and Peterson……the fat lady will start to sing.

  63. Next time someone gets ready to write that TT “wouldn’t give up a 4th round pick” for Lynch sit down and think for a second. Seattle was willing to give their 4th rounder for Lynch. Seattle’s 4th rounder will likely be 10 to 15 spots (or more) higher than Green Bay’s 4th rounder. Common sense would tell us that TT had to give more than a 4th rounder for Lynch. Think about it.

  64. “So stay tuned. We’ll be on this thing all night if need be. After all, that kid has bosoms.”
    Did Florio just say he likes to be on little boys with bosoms all night?

  65. I COULD SEE THE SKINS getting in the mix for randy moss tryig to trade chris horton dt11 or fat all and a draft pick for moss! dmac needs a #1 wr!!

  66. If they say there’s no trade, then there’s no trade. What more do you people want?
    Nick Saban

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