Darrelle Revis is back to questioning Randy Moss' effort

After losing their season opener, the Jets humbly avoided trash talking the Patriots before the two teams met in Week Two.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis backed off his offseason comments calling Randy Moss a slouch and mostly gave Moss props.  Three Jets wins and a seismic Moss trade later, Revis is dropping the humble act and getting real.

“In the second half, you could tell he was putting his foot on the
brakes,” Revis said about Moss’ performance against the Jets, via ESPNNewYork.com.  “I mean, everybody knows that’s Randy. Sometimes he plays 100 percent, sometimes he doesn’t.”

Revis’ ego may be clouding his judgment.  Moss got deep on Revis in the first half, while Antonio Cromartie shut Moss down in the second half.  But the Jets cornerback says he saw plenty from the sideline.

“You can tell, you can see the effort,” Revis said. “Playing football,
you can see the body language and effort of people. If a guy’s going
hard or a guy is hesitant . . . that’s the way football is, the truth
comes out. You could see it in that game.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan has expressed confidence Revis would return this Monday night, so he can cover Moss again.  Revis seemed less certain, calling his hamstring “day-to-day.”

After these comments, we really hope Revis can suit up.

30 responses to “Darrelle Revis is back to questioning Randy Moss' effort

  1. Moss lit Revis up? Jim Leonhard stating that a coverage gaffe left no deep post safety, which there was supposed to be.
    Revis never would’ve gone into a trail position as early as he did if he knew there was no deep safety on the play.

  2. I think Revis is a little over hyped. Just a little, only because he had one very very good season. He’s been great for his career, but last year put him over the top.
    But for CB’s it’s really year to year. Only guy I can think of that’s been consistant off the top of my head is Champ (that’s active). Namdi too, but Champ has been doing it for over a decade.
    I just think Revis shouldn’t talk until he’s able to play, then don’t point to his hammy when he gets smoked and he’s out-performed by his counter part.

  3. God I want to see Randy smoke his ass Monday night. That could be his final favor for us saving his ass from Oakland.

  4. … I guess the “little” effort that he did put forth was enough to smoke that cheap cigar…

  5. He better play after making these comments! I’ve been a little annoyed at his stance with his injury. He has repeatedly said he’ll only play if he’s 100%, which is smart for the long run, but what you want to hear is he’ll do anything he can to play and it’s the team that’s holding him out.

  6. O.K., this guy’s been in the league one year, sat out this training camp and what, 3 games?
    yap yap yap.

  7. Pleeeeeaaaase!!!! Keep up the trash talk Revis, we all know what a motivated Moss does, it doesn’t hurt that Peterson is playing like a man possessed without fumbles and Favre now has a point to prove with his critics(remember it took him three games last year). Throw in the S and CB to guard Moss, daring the 8 men in the box, single coverage for Shinacoe, Harvin and Berrinan (for the time being until Rice gets back). 3-4 wide out sets. Harvin in the backfield on 3rd down. Motions, stars and quasars. Did I forget about a top 5 D that actually is getting better with Cook & Griffith back. Man, Xmas arrived early. That collective moan in NFL cities was D coordinators sh#@*ng on themselves.

  8. @buzzbissinger Revis has been in the league since 2007, but he didn’t start talking until Rex started feeding his ego.

  9. Moss has scored on Revis 2 times in 2 years. If he gets burnt once and we still smoke the Pats, I’ll take it.

  10. Life long Jets fan here and I can’t say I like the way Revis is acting. I was a big fan of his year last year but he seemed a humble kid with great cover skills who always kept his end. Didn’t like the “slouch” comments and the Vikings trade was not an occasion to slight Moss, even though I think Moss is a headcase and a front runner (aside from being an incredible HoF WR).
    You know what Darrelle, if you are not 100% sure you are playing, don’t fire the guy up so someone else has to cover him all night. And while you are at it – take a page from LT who said nothing but congratulatory things about Moss on the news, or even Jason Taylor, who has accorded himself like a pro’s pro. Let’s hope these guys set an example and show others on the team that becoming an elite team doesn’t mean you have to become classless.

  11. “Revis has been in the league since 2007, but he didn’t start talking until Rex started feeding his ego.”
    Couldn’t have been said better.
    Revis is without question the most overhyped player in the game. Not overrated, overhyped. Everyone on earth saw Moss burn his ass, safety or not. If they have to roll a deep safety on the guy he called out this off-season, I don’t want to hear any more of that Revis Island garbage.

  12. Revis is a big mouth doucher…Moss will light your ass up kid! Can you say Jump Ball starring Favre and Moss??

  13. Well Mr. Revis, I hope you and your hammy have the opportunity to run behind Randy Moss as he is scoring touchdowns. That holdout of yours has really helped the JETS. Mr. Revis you are only a threat if the ball is under thrown or in front of you. What if you only have one good year? Last year.

  14. My respect for Revis keeps dropping. You are going to run your mouth about a player while at the same time you might not suit up to face him?

  15. It may seem biased, because I am a Raiders fan, but I truly do think that Nnamdi Asomugha is THE best CB in the NFL right now. He has the respect of his peers, and several years of film to prove it. Even better, he leads by example on and off the field.
    I also think Revis is a great CB, but not quite THE best yet, as many claim him to be. He only has one great year to back up those claims, and has proven that he isn’t quite THERE yet with this season’s actions.
    That said, there is no doubt in my mind that Revis won’t become THE best before all is said and done. Not only that, I have no doubt that he is correct in his assessment of Randy Moss. He is only pointing out something that any regular fan could see, if they took their blinders off. Moss has never been a team player, and will take routes off when his number isn’t called. Even worse, he will quit on his teammates when the chips are down, as proven when he was a Raider. It’s a shame he’ll get inducted into the HOF, and if there is one player who doesn’t deserve a Super Bowl ring, it’s him. He’s everything you would wish your kid to play like, but everything you wish your kid to never be.
    I hate the Pats, but they made a great move in getting rid of him. Their Dynasty is well into their twilight years, but their best chance to go out with a bang, was to do it without sorry SOB’s like him.
    It almost makes me wan to see a Vikes/Pats Super Bowl. Than again, I would throw up if the Pats even get the chance. The Steelers? No, just no. I just hope the Ravens or Colts make it there, and ruin his chance. Then again, there are other NFC teams that can make that happen even sooner. Favre and Moss would be a Super Bowl rating bonanza, but I would have to pull against Moss winning anything other than disappointment.

  16. I dunno, although I’m sure Revis rarely has taken him one on one much, what the Jets have done to him since Revis came into the league speaks for itself. Moss hasn’t generated more than 3 to 4 catches a game and only a handful of yards. He’s had ample time to be “motivated” and teach him and the Jets a lesson. Fact is that the Jets figured out how to defend and frustrate him a while ago with Tom Brady, who with all due respect to Brett Favre, is infinitely better.
    The Patriots definitely traded him at the right time, realizing probably that this squad isn’t Super Bowl bound and that his presence doesn’t add much but possible negativity since he knows that he won’t be back. Moss is going through that inevitable phase that all great athletes face, their athletic mortality. Besides his once in a lifetime speed to go with his size and ball skills, he’ll become more ordinary and less capable of delivering those jaw dropping moments that came so effortlessly to him in the past enough to justify keeping him when they haven’t won anything with him on this team.
    That’s what is the problem with that kind of talent, those kind of guys often don’t have to push themselves to be great so when the skills begin to erode, the fall off the cliff is pretty sudden because they don’t have any kind of ability to reach within themselves behind the natural ability. Believe me, it’s began and the Patriots knew it. Either this will be his last year being a upper tier receiver or he’ll do enough to squeeze one more big money contract before the permanent decline takes hold for good.

  17. Bevis is too damn funny…..he talked last year how he played Moss one on one and then the film of the game showed that he had help all day long, this year he called Moss a “slouch” and Moss goes out and torches him……now he talks again, and Rex says Bevis will play but what does Bevis say, “we’ll see, it is day to day”…..how much you want to bet that Bevis doesn’t suit up Monday nite!!!!!!!

  18. I honestly don’t like darrelle revis, and i’m a huge jets fan. i think he’s an arrogant prick. cromartie did a great job against randy moss, period. to say that he wasn’t trying as hard is belittling your teammate who put up a great effort against him. i hope kyle wilson pans out to be a solid #2 so we can just keep cromartie around and when revis holds out again in 2 years we can just trade the bastard and let his new team figure it out. this “me first” attitude needs to stop. i really don’t like how he isn’t remorseful about the hold out what-so-ever, even after this injury. he acts more like it’s the jets fault for not giving into what he wanted sooner. come on man. i’m sick of this act. you’re turning into the next kerry rhodes.

  19. Man, the people here treat one burn like a billion touchdowns. Moss has been a non factor in Jet/Patriot games since Revis showed up. One touchdown to him last year and it was off a quick shot, incredibly hard if not impossible to defend. Everybody is looking for some Jets hate.

  20. All Randy cares about is knowing he has a paycheck in 2011.
    As a Pats fan I hope he torches the Jets on MNF but anyone who doesn’t think if he doesn’t have a new contract in about 2 weeks that he won’t become a jerk again is delusional.
    Its comical all the Viking fans that think Moss would rather catch passes from Gimp Favre who won’t last the season than TB.
    I will miss Moss but I am glad that TB will be back to spreading the ball around.
    If the Vikings lose on MNF, turn out the lights the party is over and will begin for the Minneapolis media.

  21. @DeAngelo Hall
    You know Revis only played 1 and a half games right? And I can see people throwing at Hall all game because he sucks, so occassionally he should get a pick.
    Revis is pissing me off though, first the off-season fiasco and now trash talking Moss then saying he may not play. C’MON MANNN

  22. # DeAngelo Hall says: October 7, 2010 9:10 AM
    DeAngelo Hall has more picks than Revis right now. Go figure
    DeAngelo Hall gets burned more in one game than Revis does all season long. Go figure.
    Hall can’t even play man coverage.

  23. i don’t like moss at all, but i hope he burns this little queer so he can shut his mouth for once. and don’t even put deangelo hall in this convo

  24. I am a Jets fan. I’m not a fan of the way Revis has been acting overall, but he has some credibility here with the comments he has made (doesn’t mean I think making them is necessary nor smart considering he may not even play).
    He never said Randy Moss is a bum, because everyone knows Moss is a sure HOFer, the term slouch describes the way he goes about his business. Moss only makes highlight reels when Moss wants to. He is a baby and quits when the ball doesn’t go his way regardless of the success his team is having. In this regard, Revis is spot on…he is a SLOUCH, a slouch with more talent in his pinky than just about any receiver has altogether, but a slouch all the same.
    I don’t think Revis was making excuses for getting burned nor do I think he was saying Cromartie only did well because Moss stopped playing.
    A. Moss smoked Revis and made a historic catch because he was a man on a mission.
    B. Cromartie frustrated him and Moss decided to quit because he wasn’t finding easy success and he already did what he set out to do.

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