Donovan McNabb takes the blame for Redskins' struggles

Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb got off to a good start on Sunday in Philadelphia, and by the end of the first quarter Washington led 14-0 and looked ready to cruise. For the rest of the game, however, the Redskins’ offense struggled, and they barely held on to win.

For that, McNabb takes the blame.

I take full responsibility, definitely for the second half,” McNabb said on his radio show on ESPN 980, per the Washington Post.

There’s no way to defend the fact that McNabb went 2-for-11 for 10 yards in the second half. But McNabb did point out that he spent most of the game trying to play it safe and protecting a lead.

“You have to be aggressive sometimes, but you also have to be smart with the ball,” said McNabb.

McNabb was smart enough with the ball that he didn’t make a game-changing turnover with the Redskins leading. But the Redskins won’t win many more games in which McNabb throws for 10 yards in the second half.

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  1. The Eagles lost this game went Vick went down.
    That isn’t the sole reason, the Offensive line is truly offensive, and that will kill a team in a long season.
    McNabb will be McNabb for the ‘skins this year and will have his feeling hurt when he realizes that he is a one year crapshoot for them.
    Don’t expect much more from McNabb than he has shown so far.
    As far as the Eagles go, sad to say this but the O line will end up killing them for this year, and may get Andy Reid to move on to his lifes work.
    Go Phillies!!!

  2. Yea Donovan you played it real smart when you ran out of bounds at the end of the game. It almost cost you when Jason Avant had the hail mary in his hands. If he caught the pass Donovan would of blamed his defense and said “Well we had the lead when I left the field.”

  3. both teams looked like crap. that is good news for my boys. we win and everybody else loses this weekend and we are in first place mther fers…LMFAO.

  4. Wow!!!
    Donovan is trying to make Philly proud when he is no longer there!!!
    Angelo Cataldi must be pissed.

  5. boysroll says:
    October 6, 2010 9:09 AM
    both teams looked like crap. that is good news for my boys. we win and everybody else loses this weekend and we are in first place mther fers…LMFAO.
    Really? Predictions by Boysfold again? What was that prediction you made for the first game of the season? I think it was 45-3 Dallas. How did that work for you? All of NFC East is mediocre at this point . However the Redskins have won against both Dallas and Philly meaning that they have the edge in the NFC East . Until Dallas gets a coach you guys will suck . Now get off the drugs and stop staring at those little boys from your mamas basement while you dream of the cowpucks becoming a good team under Wade.

  6. @boysroll
    Hey…moron. That same “crappy” team beat you only a couple of weeks ago.
    Have fun navigating your schedule with Tony Romo at the helm.
    God, you are such a douche bag! HAHAHA!

  7. I hate to say it but nobodys scared of the NFC East. Knuckeheaded plays like Mcnabb staying in bounds, the cowgirls not taking a knee before the half of the NFC East Division loss, Andy Reid screwing up the time out call, the Giants D showing up for one game, and wade phillips… well we all know hes just a puppet. Until one of these teams wins on a regular basis and a team cannot go from bottom to top of the division within one week…well the NFC East will remain a joke. I just hope the skins with a new coach, offense, defense, can be that team. But if McNabb does dumb moves like running out of bounds when we need to kill the clock, that will keep the Skins in close games that can go either way. BTW I am sure it is not the cowgirls as they have had the same pieces in place for years now and they are still a choke fest. HTTR

  8. I just love when people can tell the future ahem Bwa ha ha. Seriously you have no idea what you are talking about. If indeed you can see into the future please pass along covers for next week… Douche!

  9. I don’t ever post here, but damn you eagles fans are just too silly. So many clowns posting a version of “eagles would have won if vick didn’t get injured.” That makes sense – ON OPPOSITE DAY.
    With Vick: Redskins 14, Eagles 0
    Without Vick: Redskins 3, Eagles 12

  10. @ foresttdog
    Thank you for making that clear. Philly fans are too effing retarded to come to that conclusion.
    Sarcasm meter: 0%

  11. This seems like the first time in his career that McNabb took the blame for anything. Better late than never.

  12. What! Did boysroll come out of his time out. Welcome back. IT took a bye week to help you get your blog’n confidence back.

  13. McNabb looked awful. He should take responsibility, because he played terribly. The Eagles weren’t much better. The line is terrible, Kolb looked timid, and the play calling was awful. Add to that the ATROCIOUS officiating, and there was pretty much nothing I liked about that game.

  14. The Eagles lost a winnable game. Period.
    The same happened when they played the Packers.
    The players are pretty good. The problem with the Eagles are their coaches.

  15. Yes the Redskins barely hung on to win…..But, they hung on to win…used to be that didn’t happen.
    Games where we needed to stop the other team with 2 minutes left were over, even while we had a lead, because we NEVER could stop them.
    I blame this on the fact the offense couldn’t convert so the D was on the field for 45 minutes, but the fact remains.
    Still in need of offensive line help, but the Skins are getting better….

  16. Cowboys been jokes for years now..there DBs super suck & if not for there real good front six..& I say 6 becuz Keith Brooking is terrible LB..There DBs a really be exposed..The Eagles are not a team that’s going to be feared no more in this league becuz there defense don’t do anything but gets man handle week in & week out..Mike Vick covered that up wit his great play in Detroit & Jacksonville..The Giants are no threat..they beat a Chicago team that had it coming from them real close wins the good lord blessed them with this season..let me see.hmmmm Chicago stole week 1 game VS. The lions..remember Calvin Johnsons CATCH!!..Chicago Beat Dallas & like I said before Cowboys DBs Suck..They Made Johnny Knox look like a pro bowler..But make a long story short.The redskins dispite there defensive & offensive issues they beat two of the NFL top ten ranking teams in the league(COWBOYS & EAGLE)..So to me I think the skins can run the table be & squeeze in the playoffs as a 10-6 9-7 effort…

  17. MacMall , how do you figure the Cowboys and the Eagles are ” two of the NFL top ten ranking teams in the league” ??? put down the pipe!

  18. Donovan is, as we saw Sunday, ALWAYS willing to accept too much credit when his team wins. Because QB’s get too much credit.
    Donovan is NEVER, as we saw in over a decade, willing to accept too much blame when his team loses. Because QB’s get too much blame.
    I also liked how he knew he stunk against the Eagles, yet still chose to make it all about him when he addressed his teammates.
    Here’s his signature quote as an Eagle:
    “It’s easy to blame the QB for a loss. But trust me, I wasn’t the only reason we lost that game”.
    He’s a leader, remember?

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