Fred Jackson to take over Bills starting running back job

Yes, there are other things happening in the NFL other than the Randy Moss trade.

They just aren’t quite as interesting.

For instance, Tim Graham of’s AFC East blog reports that Fred Jackson will take over as Buffalo’s starting running back in the wake of Tuesday’s Marshawn Lynch trade.

Rookie C.J. Spiller will see his role increased, but the move to Jackson isn’t a huge shock.  It’s easy to forget that Jackson was one of the better running backs in football last year, topping 1,400 yards from scrimmage.  (With over 1,000 return yards thrown in.)

Bills fans can be annoyed that Buffalo didn’t get more in a deal for Lynch, especially since they may have had better offers before the season.  But the backfield shouldn’t decline without Lynch.

Spiller needs to get more work, and Jackson could very well be an upgrade from Lynch. He’s more versatile.

12 responses to “Fred Jackson to take over Bills starting running back job

  1. They could have and should have done more sooner, and then they probably would have gotten more.
    It won’t matter much anyway with this shibacle of an O-line.

  2. There is no difference between the dumping of Lynch for draft picks and the dumping of Moss for draft picks. Neither player was going to be part of the long term future of their team. It is best to dump someone too soon rather than too late (Edwards).

  3. it’s all in hindsight…..they wanted to get a good deal for him, and they thought if they gave him carries early in the season and another teams starter went down, his value would rize.
    Frankly, I think that the trade for Randy Moss puts this in perspective. If Randy is worth a 3rd round pick, then I’m thrilled that we got a 4th and 5th for Lynch.

  4. @jj jones – … Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama!
    And then they announce that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be competing with Brian Brohm and a resigned JP Losman for the starting QB job. And then Bills fans burn down Ralph Wilson stadium in outrage.

  5. What are your sources that say we could have gotten more in the off-season or earlier in the seaosn? Plus we get 4 weeks of work out of him. But, thank you for having an intelligent statement, because Freddy is a lot more flexible than Marshawn.

  6. those “with the first pick” jokes are kinda getting tired. Yeah, we suck right now – good call captain obvious.

  7. The point isn’t as much that we suck right now, but that we have sucked for 10 years and the clowns now in charge (old buddy and washed up chan) don’t have a clue how to run much less rebuild a team. Just sell the team ralph……

  8. I don’t agree with the “we suck” theory. We have a ton of work to do, a ton. But if you look at what we have for players, Its not all that bad. Gailey has to figure out exactly where each player has to be to make his contributions work. We have Evans, Parrish, Spiller, Jackson, Hangarther, Wood, Levitre, Maybin, Pozluzney, McKelvin, Kelsay, Stroud, McGee, Byrd, Moorman and Lindell. All great players. I don’t think any of those players will be gone from Buffalo within the next few years. We have a lot to build around. So it may not be this year but i believe Nix and Gailey do have a plan. As a long time Bills fan I do Bill-ieve. I would be devastated if the team was ever moved out of Buffalo.

  9. Hey MarvLevy1993 – Those lines are getting tired after 3 weeks?!?!?! Suck it up dude. Try being a Lions fan and enduring that for a decade.
    Matt Millen broadcasting the Michigan / Michigan State game this week

  10. ejtowne –
    being a long term bills fan, i respect you – merely because of the mutual pain we have endured the last 10 years. And, i do agree with have SOMETHING to build around. Maybe not a lot. But still, something. Yet, the fact that we have players to build the team around does not meant that we do not “suck.” the bills do suck.
    My friends who aren’t Bills fans always ask me – how do i always manage to stay so positive about things, how do i manage to find a bright spot in every loss, etc. Well, the answer is simple – we suck and since I cannot relish in victory I need to relish in a good play here, one good drive there, a solid Lindell field goal, a lengthy punt from Moorman – who is far past his prime, some pressure on the QB in the dying minutes of the 4th quarter when the game is lost anyways, etc, etc, etc.
    The team sucks and I will finally admit it. Nix essentially admitted that today when he was interviewed. He said no job is safe and they are constantly evaluating. Meaning, they do not really know what they have and they are still figuring it out.
    A minor side point: Mckelven got absolutely smoked by Edwards on one play last weekend. Completely toasted, as bad as I have ever seen in my life. And we took him over Revis, who that would never happen to. Very frustrating.

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