Jared Gaither not cleared to play

We mentioned last week how Ravens tackle Jared Gaither may be running out of time this season before he’s placed on injured reserve.

He doesn’t appear any closer to playing after seeing a back specialist.

“I can’t block at 100 percent yet, so they won’t be clearing me,”
Gaither said, via the Ravens’ official website.  “I still have pain and I still can’t have all the movements, so I guess they won’t clear me until I do all that.”

The Ravens site goes out of its way to say that Gaither wasn’t cleared by his own “hand-picked” specialist, who he’s gone to see twice.  The fourth-year tackle tried to practice last week, but said that his back pain was “tremendous enough” that he couldn’t continue.

Gaither has been struggling with his back injury since the offseason started, with frustration building within the Ravens organization.  John Harbaugh has to decide how much longer they want to continue this dance.

12 responses to “Jared Gaither not cleared to play

  1. Jared Gaither’s back issues also coincidently started when the Ravens toyed with moving Oher to LT and Gaither to RT. He showed up to camp 30 some lbs. lighter w/o the Ravens asking him to shed the weight.
    Gaither has become a cancer for the Ravens. It’s time for them to excise the tumor and move on.
    Expect severe headaches for any organization that picks up this guy in the future. The guy is a great tackle, but he’s a quitter. It’s ashame because a healthy and motivated (a rarity) Gaither would have been a huge help to the Ravens chances this season.
    (Dear PFT.com, I would love it if you could substantiate a rumor going ’round the Ravens fanbase. It’s rumored that the Ravens brought in former OT Orlando “Zeus” Brown to speak to/motivate Gaither and that the conversation ended in a brawl with the men having to be separated. Any truth?)

  2. worthless piece of crap. get rid of him. if he was playing left tackle his back would be ok. another cry baby who can’t have his way. remember he is in a contract year!

  3. This guy is the tin man. No heart at all.
    Has a ton of talent. Is very good when he wants to play. Motivation is a real problem. Same as it was when he was at University of MD.
    Any team willing to give this miscreant top LT money is really going out on a limb. He will take the money and run.
    I wish that the Ravens would just IR this piece of garbage already and be done with it.

  4. What is so difficult? Put him on I.R. or reach an injury settlement. Didn’t Billick pick him? I know you don’t Billick picks.

  5. Gaither is a joke…
    Honestly, who does this during a contract year? Do you not want to make more $ next year when we let you walk / cut you…

  6. Everyone within the Ravens organization knows that Gaither doesn’t love football. It’s the reason that he had to go into the supplemental draft anyway and also the reason he lasted until the 5th round. When its all said and done – it was a great pick…but all he is doing now is hurting himself. No team in their right mind would pay this turd a lot of money. Thank God for Michael Oher. Oher is the antithesis of Jared Gaither in every aspect….he’s all football all the time and dating back to college he’s NEVER missed a game.

  7. They better get him back! Maybe he knows the snap count. I watched the replay of the Steelers-Ravens game on NFL network and counted 8 times that Ohler moved before the count with no penalty called. LOL. He is a quick bugger!

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