Max Hall gets the call for Cardinals

Ken Whisenhunt decided it’s time for a permanent change at quarterback in Arizona.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports the Cardinals will start undrafted rookie Max Hall this Sunday.  For his first test, Hall will have to face Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  We’re going to predict that Williams may call a blitz or two.

The news that Hall is taking over is no surprise.  We guessed Sunday that Hall should be the team’s quarterback for the rest of the season, barring a complete faceplant.  Whisenhunt traded released Matt Leinart in large part because of the team had faith in Hall.

That faith will be tested even sooner than Whisenhunt would have liked.

37 responses to “Max Hall gets the call for Cardinals

  1. Also in the news, the Arizona Cardinals still display the head of a bird on their helmets.

  2. QUOTE:
    [i]Whisenhunt traded Matt Leinart in large part because of his faith in Hall.[/i]
    Trade??? I swear he CUT Leinart.

  3. Whisenhunt must be interning at the Ted E. Thompson/J.A. Smith school of mismanagement.

  4. Big fan of Max Hall, he will be the Cards QB for the next decade and a damn good one at that.

  5. I have Larry Fitzgerald on my fantasy team. I hope Max Hall pulls at Tom Brady. Unlikely.

  6. Hall of Famer to undrafted rookie in 5 games. Thought there might be a bit of a transition period this year but this is ridiculous.

  7. yes…i saw his potential in preseason i’m glad he’s gettin a chance to shine

  8. Wonder how much financial inducement it would take for the Omaha Nighthawks to “cut” Jeff Garcia . . .

  9. When was the last time an undrafted free agent rookie QB started his rookie season? Be interested to find out

  10. @tornado28 – Matt Whineart was the worst QB on that roster. You must not have been paying attention. Consider this rebuilding for the cards.

  11. why not start him? If he sucks you lose every game and get a QB with the first pick in the draft. You weren’t going anywhere with DERK Anderson and finally to the idiot who said to fire whisenhunt-
    I’ve been a cardinal fan for 40 years…I can wait a couple years till he has a QB

  12. Darnell Dockett isn’t talking smack about other teams anymore through his twitter account….wonder if his own team’s disfunctions have anything to do with that?

  13. Whose to say the Cardinals won’t catch that elusive “lighting in a bottle” with Max Hall? Sure, he’s a rookie, but there is a reason why the Cardinals went into the season with Hall as their back-up QB.
    Believe me, this kid is not be one of those “deer in the headlights” looking rookie QB’s who has no legitmate chance of success. Maybe it won’t happen against the Saints but Hall gives the Cardinals a much better chance at success than either Anderson or Matt Leinart.

  14. I wonder if the poeple over there in Steeler town are happy they didn’t hire Whisenhunt?? I think they were a little to confident in Anderson. Hell, look what he did to the Browns after they gave him a contract. They had to know that there was no way he was the future of the team.

  15. It is amazing that with the offensive weapons that they have Leinhart and Anderson couldn’t get it done. It is really them or the coaching? They are not great but some of the players around them are.

  16. He’s no Sam Bradford or Matt Hasselbeck, lets see if he’s Charlie Whitehurst or even Alex Smith.

  17. How often does an undrafted rookie quarterback get to start? I’d love to see this guy succeed. Fun fact: Hall is Danny White’s nephew and Todd Heap’s second cousin. To think, I just had an uncle whose cousin was a backup kicker. Whoopie.

  18. When Cardinal fans are encouraged and happy about Max Hall starting, you know their disfunction at the QB position has reached historic levels. Anybody who followed BYU the past couple years knows better than to have the slightest shred of faith in Hall. Wait til he gets any pressure at all, he turns into a perfectly oiled turnover machine.

  19. If your QB is Max Hall then you can start preparing for next season.
    They shouldn’t have released Matt Leinart no matter how bad he played during off-season.

  20. He’s going to have a rough time starting his first game against the defending Super Bowl Champions.

  21. This guy seems to take a lot of sacks; does he hold the ball too long, is he a statue, or is it both?

  22. With all the defensive injuries the Saints are enduring, we could use any breaks out there to rest some guys and get them better.

  23. You deserve to go 4-12 when you cut your best qb, as the Tards did with Leinart.

  24. Max Hall wasnt drafted at all for a reason. I dont get whats going on in AZ. I give Fitz 2 more weeks before he loses his mind, and I cant blame him. He took less money 2 years ago, so they could resign the Dansby/Rolle/Boldin kinda players but they didnt resign one. Its going to get real messy there. Whiz was riding Warner’s coat tails and taking credit. Im happy to see him fall flat on his face.

  25. Look on the bright side: Hall is thrown to the sharks for chum bait. He is sacked 12 times and throws 5 interceptions by halftime. Enter John Skelton. Why anyone does not mention his name is a mystery. As CarlHess said above, Hall was UNDRAFTED by 32 teams, including the Cardinals! The Cards traded UP to get Skelton, giving away a draft pick for him! This could be the best chess move Whiz has made. Feed Hall to the lions, let him flop, then after he has shut the Hall worshippers up, he brings in the guy he traded up for. I sincerely hope Hall is a complete FAILURE.

  26. Talk about a complete collapse of a good football team . The team would still have been good with Leinart , but a coaches decision has just blownup. Maybe the Cards can capitulate and get down on their knees and beg the Texans to return what should have been their starting quarterback . Idiots !

  27. Linehart wasnt the answer, but i think they should have kept him around as backup QB at least. I said 2 years ago that the Cards should have picked up Matt Cassel when he was available. Everyone knew Brady was returning and Cassel led the Pats to and 11-5 record that year. He’s doing well now with the Chiefs.
    McNabb was available too and Cards passed on him too.

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