Patriots bet on Brandon Tate

There is so much to dissect concerning Minnesota’s deal for Randy Moss, and we’ll go through it all until we’ve sufficiently run the topic into the ground.

For the Patriots, there are many angles we’ll go over.  Bill Belichick decided that whatever was happening with Moss behind the scenes no longer made his talent worth keeping.

Belichick is betting on the Patriots Way, on the power of the Team, of the notion that he won Super Bowls with Troy Brown, Deion Branch, and David Patten at wide receiver.  (Of course the Patriots had a great defense then too.)

Belichick is also betting heavily on Brandon Tate.

To this point, Tate has been an explosive kick return man in his first healthy season.  The second-year pro has 11 career receptions.  Now Tate is going to be a big part of what has been a very effective offense this season. 

New England needs a deep threat to go with Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, and Julian Edelman.  Tate is the guy who faces the most pressure the wake of the Randy Moss’ departure.

Having a quarterback like Tom Brady makes considering this deal even possible.  But it’s not in Belichick’s M.O. to “give up” on a season.  The Patriots only make this move if they think they can win with Brandon Tate.

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  1. So NE has their 1st, Oakland’s 1st, their 2nd, their 3rd, Minnesota’s 3rd, their 4th, and Denver’s 4th.
    Welcome to New England, Vincent Jackson.

  2. Dont be surprised if Belichick flips that 3rd round pick in a package for Vincent Jackson. You heard it here first.

  3. Once the best defender drawn by Randy Moss is free to either cover Welker (possession reciever) or Tate we will see the number of Brady sacks go way up …. how are you going to play the Jets with two great corners …

  4. I like Tate, but no way he replaces a HOF receiver. Moss is gone because of his attitude, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t think the Pats are done yet either. I can see Mankins in a Bears uniform before the year is out.

  5. They also have speed burner Darnell Jenkins on the practice squad, but he is 5’11” and not a tall WR. This move makes no sense to me, you see teams like the Steelers getting Rapistburger back and Jests get Holmes back and the Patriots decided to make their team worse by letting a hall of famer go. And to a team, they face in three weeks no less. I never complained about Milloy, Seymour or anyone else, but this is just puzzling to me. That being said, the Patriots are still the class of the AFC East and maybe, just maybe we will see them in Dallas come February!!!

  6. IMO I think this is going to come back and bite the Pats in the ass..Cut him loose after the season.He still is a great receiver…

  7. Vincent Jackson will NOT be a Patriot. Too much risk. Why trade away good draft picks for a guy who is 1 incident away from a season ban???

  8. Pats have two 1st, two 2nd, two 3rd and two 4th but why would they give up more picks than they got for Moss for a guy who is one infraction away from a year suspension when they did not wanted to deal with Moss’ attitude? They could have proposed a straight up trade of VJax for Moss … they could have at least offered Moss to others such as the Skins to see his “real” market value. it just feels like they wanted to get rid of him quickly, just like Seymore, Malloy, Branch, Vrabel … last year of the contract and you’ re out.
    It is either Beli’s way or the door.
    Beli is just “valuing” his draft picks very highly, don’t see where the Pats draft picks over the last two-three years paned out though … not the master drafter IMHO.

  9. Is NE’s receiving core the whitest in the league in 30 years? Edelman – Welker – Last TD pass was to Woodhead – Include tight ends Gronkowski – And if Hernandez is part or all hispanic thats another one.

  10. BBB82:
    Don’t forget Carolina’s second to get with the above.
    Way too many picks in teh top four and you know BB won’t use those. He’ll either move them to future drafts or just maybe package those picks for a legit proven player. Whether it be for VJ or a Pass Rusher out there.
    My bet would be on the former however…

  11. This move allows the Pats to activate Taylor Price to the 53 man roster. Hope he’s ready.
    I don’t like the trade, but the timing is right. With the Bye, pats have 2 weeks to redo the playbook and work in the new pieces.

  12. I’ll take Tate and New Englands overall internal efforts and plan over the failed Moss experiment.
    How can you respect a guy to plays when he wants to and only when he gets what he wants.
    Good Riddance, Good Bye, Good Decision.
    BB is THE master of winning and team morale. Thank you all for the high draft picks, they’ll be in your face very very soon.
    Retreaded and Rethreaded Vikings are only hurting their future by betting on Ole Man Favre and Whining Randy Moss.
    Minnesota – build something of your own, stop scalping other teams rejects and hoping for the best. You won’t get it.

  13. Belichick hasn’t done anything this dumb since he traded Lawyer Milloy to the Bills at the start of the season…
    … and we all know how badly that worked out for the Pats

  14. BradyGazelle – I forgot about that! Include Mankins, and it almost seems like a forgone conclusion that NE is not done trading.

  15. How does this impact Brandon Tate as a kick returner? If he’s stretching the field half the time on offense, I would guess that he’ll lose a little explosiveness on returns. This trade makes the Pats run game worse (safety that used to double Moss can cheat up on the run), pass game (Welker is now the focus, not the beneficiary of Moss being the focus), and return game worse (Tate may be too valuable to use as often on returns).
    I’ve been in work environments where one person has killed the chemistry of the entire group. I have to believe that Moss was just poisoning the clubhouse for Belichick to weaken his team during the season, and get only a 3rd rounder back. I am pessimistic about the Pats making the playoffs now. The biggest winner from this deal…the New York Jets.
    Please, Tom Jackson, go on TV and state that the Patriots absolutely hate their coach! It worked for us once before. Maybe it’ll work again.

  16. I’m delighted as a Miami Dolphins fan. But as a football fan in general, this seems a bit peculiar. You’re giving up on a physical specimen that demanded double-coverage pretty much every play he is on the field for a third round pick?
    I believe that the Patriots seriously hurt their Super Bowl chances with this move. Eight picks in the first four rounds next year doesn’t help you win a Super Bowl this year.

  17. It’s worth noting that Hernandez is actually used more like a WR than a TE too
    Look at Moss’ numbers and you’ll see that they have been in a pretty steady decline in terms of his deep threat capability
    Moss only commands double teams from organizations with mediocre DBs – others take him man to man which defeats the purpose of having Moss out there
    Still, for those teams, all other players are going to have to step up to the plate. Welker will likely see some tighter coverage – though that could free up Tate and others too
    Just as they did when Lawyer Milloy was traded, this could be addition by subtraction – though I’ll believe that when I see it.

  18. PolegoJim says: “Minnesota – build something of your own, stop scalping other teams rejects and hoping for the best. You won’t get it. ”
    Moss was a reject and he and Brady connected for one of the best seasons in history. Hardly a failed experiment. The Patriots do not pay thier best players unless it is Brady- see Moss and Mankins.
    The biggest fault- Coach B cannot get his defense back to its old level, back when they allowed Brady to have those comeback wins.

  19. And this is how you retool for the future.
    8 picks in the firs 4 rounds of next years draft? Wow.
    Minnesota just shot their wad. Moss isn’t going to make a huge difference. They still won’t make the playoffs. And I expect they’ll be the dregs of the NFC North for the next decade.
    See ya’ queens

  20. Tate was awesome in college before he tore his ACL. May have been a first rounder instead of Hakeem Nicks.

  21. Send their 2nd and Minnesotas 3rd to SD for Jackson. Jackson, Tate, Welker is better than Moss, Tate, Welker in the long run.

  22. This will cost NE at least one win, as the Jets will now line up Revis against Welker and Cromartie against Tate in their next game.

  23. Nobody ever covered Moss in single coverage, there is always help over the top by the safety.
    Welker is just a possession receiver. Very few receivers are really able to stretch the field, maybe only 10-12 players each year. Just look at Fitzgerald this year, he may still have it but the offense as whole doesn’t. There is White, Wayne, the two Collies, Johnson and then who …. If Tate turns into one we will see, chances are he will not. But it is fairly save to say that a 3rd rounder next year will not be an impact player soon.

  24. This is something that is going to bite them (Patriots) in the rear. Big mistake. What I think is funny, is that yesterday when the Bills got rid of Lynch for a fourth rounder and a conditional pick, everyone was ripping them a new one… And here we have the Pats getting rid of their top receiver and all is fine and dandy…Huh? C’mon PFT! Why are we so bent on the Bills getting rid of a lockeroom cancer. But its OK for the Pats to drop one of the greatest receivers of all time? Yeah, he is up there in age but still can light a fire under that ass.

  25. Another thing to keep in mind:
    The worst, least productive 4-game stretch Moss ever has had in a Patriots uniform has been…
    …. wait on it …
    …the first 4 games of this season.
    That’s right. Even when Brady went down with the torn ACL and lifetime backup Cassel was the QB, Moss never had as unproductive a stretch as he has had to start this season. He isn’t getting the targets. And when he is getting them, he’s not catching balls–not even ones that hit him in the hands. Moss is 33. Methinks his age is starting to catch up with him. He still shows flashes, and when he does, he is just as amazing as always. But the flashes are becoming less frequent, and the mundane is becoming far more common. The decline has begun, even dating back to last season. Look at the numbers. It was quite clear the Pats had zero intention to sign him to an extension. It may not seem like a 3rd rounder is a lot, but something is better than nothing.

  26. yeah, people forget that about Tate. He was THE guy on unc’s offense and hakeem nicks didn’t crack the starting lineup until his injury toward the end of the season. Tate is a 1st round talent…it’s not fair to compare him to randy moss, but don’t sleep on the guy, he’s pretty damn good

  27. says:
    Dont be surprised if Belichick flips that 3rd round pick in a package for Vincent Jackson. You heard it here first.

    Negative. VJ wants $30M guaranteed. He is also 1 strike away from suspension.
    Both cases will keep him off the Pats.

  28. Taylor Price is more likely to take the deep routes Moss used to run. Tate is more of a mid-to-deep route runner.

  29. With the young talent the Pats have on offense and the picks we are sitting on, combined with Randy’s poor attitude and big contract demands, this trade is in the pats best interest.
    You know by looking at the young defense that this year may be a little trying at times but we can see that alot of these young guys can play, and they all make alot less than randy did.
    This is as close to rebuilding as you will ever see a belichick team. Let the young kids play. I am excited to see what’s in store for the Pats the rest of the year.
    Who cares about the color of our WR’s, our sub packages will be nearly impossible to cover!! Go Pats!!

  30. You New Englad fans weren’t talking all this crap when he set the record for most Tds in a season for a WR, were ya?
    Fricken bunch of hypocrits.
    I hope it bites you in the ass and you miss the playoffs.

  31. Hahaha, the real hard laughs will be what will happen when the Viking don’t go to the playoffs with:
    1 – One of the highest paid/most talented QBs in the NFL
    2 – One of the most talented RBs in the NFL
    3 – One of the highest paid/talented DE in the NFL
    4 – Two of the highest paid/talented DT in the NFL
    5 – One of the most talented TE’s in the NFL
    6 – One of the highest paid G’s in the NFL
    And a total pud as a coach.
    Vikings real issue was the suspect o-line. Moss will give them a boost, but he will be ultimately unhappy here too as there is no way the Vikings will give him the extension he was looking for.
    This move hurts New England. I think they are clearly already planning for the future.

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