Percy Harvin "excited" about possible Moss return

As the Vikings move closer to bringing back receiver Randy Moss — a source close to the action has pegged the percentage chance of the deal going down “in the high nineties” — it’s time to start thinking about the impact of the deal on the team for which Moss played from 1998 through 2004.

For starters, a league source tells us that second-year wideout Percy Harvin is “excited” about the prospect of Moss joining the team.  Harvin currently has no one to absorb attention from him in the passing game, and Moss will stretch the field, opening up the underneath stuff that Harvin has the quickness to execute well.

As one source explained it, Harvin “is a better Wes Welker.”  If that’s the case, look for both Moss and Harvin to have potentially big numbers in their first season together.

36 responses to “Percy Harvin "excited" about possible Moss return

  1. All of a sudden a certain someone is going to exit the league with a crappy last year and no one to blame but himself because he HAS THE weapons! Farve lovers better get those Wrangler commercials on the PVR because someone is about to go out a looser (and dont think that a bad blow up isnt going to happen too).

  2. A better “Wes Welker”?
    Harvin is a talent to be sure, but until he produces like Welker and stays on the field like Welker, then he is a poor man’s Wes Welker.
    Who was your source… his mom?
    And with Favre and Chilly at the helm, they could have three Randy Moss’ and two Percy “Welker” Harvins and still not win the Super Bowl.
    Hard as it is for you to admit, Lord Favre’s season will end like it usually does… with one of his passes being caught by a defender.

  3. Harvin is much more talented than Wes Welker, but we’ll see if he has that kind of career.

  4. If Harvin is a better Wes Welker, then I’d be a better Mike Florio.
    Oh wait – Maybe he IS better!

  5. @pfii63………….I couldn’t agree more!! Great post. Favre is the most overrated QB in NFL history!! The longer he plays, the more he tarnashes his legacy!!

  6. Percy Harvin is better than Wes Welker.
    On pure physical ability Harvin is more dominate.
    On Football smarts Welker might have the edge but Harvin is picking up the Pro game quick.

  7. I think you mean, more talented than Wes Welker….which is very true.
    @pfii63 – if he stays on the field like Welker? Harvin has missed 1 game as a pro. So get your #$@! straight before you open your mouth.
    Harvin is twice athlete, years younger and has 2 good knees.

  8. Yeah – I’m really scared of the NFL’s version of the Cubs ever winning anything. Can’t wait to watch Favre toss up another one with a minute left, sorry-assed loser.

  9. @CJ Spiller
    He really tarnished his career last year with his best statistical year of his career, huh? They should not allow idiots like you to post on these boards.
    Favre is overrated?? Keep rooting for the armpit team in the NFL, your Buffalo Bills. Maybe by 2057 you will actually sniff the playoffs…tool.

  10. You people need to learn to read between the lines. He’s not saying Percy Harvin is a better Wes Welker, he’s saying Percy Harvin is better at being a Wes Welker type receiver. You’re probably all the same people who think Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time because of his stats. Jerry Rice is “awesome” but not the greatest of all time-he never went against the best bump and run corners of the 50′, 60’s and 70’s in which Jerry Rice would’ve been lucky to have 1/3 the stats he retired with……..just a fact.

  11. I like Wes Welker but it’s so easy to put up huge numbers when you catch 13 to 14 5 yard passes every game. I mean lets be honest, the guy never runs a route past 10 yards. Most of his catches are hitches and screens. He’s the Patriots running game. Because the fact is they don’t have a RB. I know Harvin hasn’t stayed on the field long enough for him to have the same body of work but the guy is bigger, stronger, and faster than Welker. Bottom line is if Welker wasn’t in that offense he would be sitting on someones bench as their #4 WR.

  12. As excited as Harvin is, Sidney Rice must be crapping his drawers right about now.
    And as much talk as there has been about how this affects the Vikings, there hasn’t been much about what the Patriots are going to do at WR. Roll with Welker & Tate and two rookie TEs? Pick up a scrub like Jarrett? I can’t see them going Welker & Edelman, can you?

  13. Sorry to bust your bubble guys, but Percy is better than Wes Welker. He hasn’t been around as long, but he was rookie of the year and a pro bowler in his first season. Let’s see: he is bigger, faster, just as quick If not quicker, and younger. His migraines have kept him out of one game only, while Welker has has a torn ACL..Welker is a great player, and that just shows you how great Percy can and will be..The weed jokes are old by the way.. He smokes every defensive back in front of him and that’s all that matters, HATERS

  14. Welker was just another guy before he got teamed up with Moss. We’ll find out a lot about him now that he’ll be the primary target defenses try to take away.

  15. Funny how you candy-asses get all fired up over conjecture and speculation.
    But, let that not stop me as I add that bringing Moss in certainly could signal another contract for Brett Favre post 2010.
    Although the Minny O-line is slightly below average, how can anybody turn down a few more years with All Day and Moss and Rice???

  16. Harvin sucks, and is nowhere near Wes Welker’s level.
    And I can’t wait for this drama, ESPN is going to be staked out in Minnesota like they are Miami, licking all of their balls all season while they go 7-9 and Favre blames everyone but his old ass self

  17. Hey Purple… before you go getting all sanctimonious (look it up), I mean stays on the field the way Welker has, over time. Welker bounced back from a knee injury faster than anyone else in football that I have ever seen. It remains to be seen if Harvin will stand the test of time given his own medical issues.
    So settle down there Sparky, and enjoy watching Lord Favre throw your Super Bowl hopes away.

  18. Just outta curiosity – will Moss’ stats for this year have an (*) due to him playing in 17 games vs. 16? And, has that ever happened before (involving a “star” quality player)?

  19. Harvin is awesome, he is on a short list when it comes to explosiveness. If Vikes use him right, watch out. Super acceleration, great vision, and he is extremely strong for his weight. I don’t know if he is Welker, he is a bit different, but he can damage you fast.

  20. Harvin is a better talent than Welker. For sure. Welker is in a better situation right now. Let’s see Welker without Moss and vice versa.

  21. How has Harvin played since he’s been a go-to guy? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Crickets…fricking crickets…

  22. Didnt Welker have most catches in a SB? Granted they lost but he still played a hell of a game. Would have been MVP if it wasnt for Easy Eli marching the G-Men to victory.
    Harvin is no Welker. At least not yet.

  23. When Favre starts throwing up jump balls that get picked off and Dandy Randy doesn’t come down with them because he gave up on the play…it will still be Berrian’s fault.
    “No guarantees….”
    Lord….please tell me that BrINT signs an extension for 2 or 3 years.

  24. I can’t believe that at least one moron agreed that Harvin is a better Wes Welker… not even close to being true. Welker is a tough guy that attacks the middle of a defense, makes the difficult catches, and gets the most out of his ability. Harvin has done little to warrant a comparison to Welker… he hasn’t even been close to being as a good as former Jet, Wes Walker.

  25. Pastabelly says:
    October 6, 2010 8:24 AM
    Harvin is no Wes Welker. Welker plays hurt. Harvin has other issues
    ummmmmm Harvin plays hurt too. Have you ever had migranes? Try to function at your job with one and see how that goes never mind being hit by several 300 pound men.
    I do agree Harvin has a lot to prove before being placed in the same category as Wes Welker. But this excuse of playing hurt has nothing to do with it.

  26. Anyone defending the source that states that Harvin is “a better Wes Welker” needs to get real. Harvin is a great athlete, certainly has better measurables than Wes Welker.
    But hes no more than half the football player that Wes Welker is. Don’t overthink this one. Anyone who has ever watched football can tell you who is a better FOOTBALL PLAYER.
    PS – Welker had a 67 catch season with Joey Frickin Harrington getting him the ball, and 113 catches with Cassel throwing it to him. I say he can do just fine sans TB12 or Moss.

  27. Harvin is a better player not simply because of his speed and size but because of his versatility. Sure Wes had 113 catches but its because Randy Moss needed deep ball attention. Put Harvin on the patriots and you have even better results and Harvin would’ve probably found the endzone more. Harvin can beat you from the backfield, return game, or receiving. Not to mention the skills to make people miss. Welker’s routes aren’t verticals or anything just 5 and outs or slants thats why he has so many receptions. Get real people smh

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