Reid recommits to Mike Vick

So with Eagles quarterback Mike Vick out for at least the next game, possibly more, with bruised rib cartilage and a small fracture in his rib cage, quarterback Kevin Kolb has a chance to do to Vick what Vick did to Kolb, right?


Asked whether the starting job is up for grabs, Eagles coach Andy Reid was blunt.

“No,” he said. “[Vick’s] the starting quarterback,” Reid said, per Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Actually, that statement is less a reflection of truth than kiss of death, given Reid’s recent history.

He declared in January that Donovan McNabb would be the starting quarterback in 2010, and McNabb wasn’t.  More recently, Reid declared that Kolb would be the starting quarterback after he recovered from a Week One concussion, and he isn’t.   Now that Reid has said that Vick is the starting quarterback, Mike is in line to the be third guy to have the rug pulled out from under him.

And, really, isn’t that the way it should be?  If, in theory, Kevin Kolb becomes the hottest quarterback in the league over the next couple of games, how can Reid not do to Vick what Reid did to Kolb last month? 

The more accurate statement should be that Vick remains the starter, but that everything is subject to change — and that the guys best suited to help the team win, regardless of position, will play. 
Kolb claims he’s not concerned about those issues.

“If I get into all that, then I’m focusing on the wrong thing,” Kolb said.  “My focus right now is to go beat San Francisco and make sure I do my part to do that.”

So while he won’t be focusing on the wrong thing, Kolb surely will be hoping that, if he delivers in a big way while Vick heals, Reid will do what Kolb will believe to be the right thing.

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  1. Just like those dogs, Vick got PUT DOWN!
    Want some sauce with those ribs, MV7?
    Great game Redskins D!
    Mv7 and Kevin Kolb are both capable of shredding the SF 49er’s

  2. Skins d is putting at least one player out every week, who is next?
    Dirty 30 layin da wood suckas
    Hail beatches

  3. mcnabb is my qb…traded
    kolb is my qb…benched
    vick is my qb..injured.
    do we REALLY trust what reid says?

  4. Why would Reid say anything other than what he always says? He deliberately misleads people to play it close to the vest, and that’s gamesmanship that EVERY nfl head coach engages in. I never understood why the media doesn’t understand why coaches aren’t transparent with the media. Seems ridiculous.

  5. Just to set the record straight, Mike Vick’s ribs were probably already hurt in game one when he got blasted at the one yard line trying to score. He had a hard time getting up after that.
    Also, Jay Cutler’s concussion happened with the Frank Zombo hit. That’s why he was indecisive after the first sack last weekend. He was concussed already. A concussion doesn’t heal overnight. If he plays this weekend, it could be Chris Chandler all over again.
    Why can’t they make a helmet to prevent concussions?

  6. Kolb has not shown any indication so far that he can become the hottest qb in the league. Granted, he really has only played about 5 quarters, but given the porous offensive line, i can’t envision a scenario where a young pocket passer-type is going to thrive.

  7. All those dog jokes about MV7 are a little old, he did his time, this site is here to talk about football not dogs, if you want to talk about animals go to PETA!! The eagles should be fine against SF. During the second half against the skins they shut them down. I’m more worried about our RB situation.

  8. There are rules and exceptions. When you state that you follow the rule, do you need to specify all the possible exceptions?
    “You can’t lose your job to injury” is the rule. Prior to a game, how out-of-your-mind do you have to play to be the exception? Should a coach actually specify the exact level of play that triggers the exception? What player wants that kind of pressure? What coach wants to worry about where the line is before he has to think about it? If Vick had played so-so, Reid would put Kolb back in and that would be the end of it. If Vick had played good but not great, Reid might have sat Kolb out another week because a concussion is not to be fooled with; thus giving Vick another opportunity to prove how great he can be. But because Vick played out-of-your-mind great, Reid thought about it and decided it was good enuf to trigger the exception.

  9. I don’t know SF’s D is a lot better than Washington’s! And unlike last week Kolb will get blitzed this week.

  10. Reid also recommits to a pile of bologna sandwiches and milkshakes…and raising idiot kids too.

  11. famucancer says:
    October 6, 2010 6:35 PM
    This is why Vick is the starter when he comes back. Because Kolb wants Vick to start. /videos/nfl-network- playbook/09000d5d81b 19019/Playbook-Kolb- s-missed-chances
    Thank you- that’s exactly what I was saying Sunday.
    DeSean Jackson on my fantasy team sits until Vick comes back.

  12. Crap. I’d rather see Kolb run the team for the rest of the year and come back next year with more experience.

  13. People, Kolb is Ryan Leaf bad. The Eagles are negotiating a 3 year, $30 million contract as we speak with Michael Vick, according to my sources. Kolb will be out of the league by next year.

  14. rickvaldez says:
    October 6, 2010 6:17 PM
    Why doesnt the dummy just not say anything? And Eagle fans blame McNabb for everything.
    Newsflash – McNabb is no longer an Eagle, so there is no blaming him for anything anymore. AND, as the national media has kept very quiet, Donovan was given a rousing standing ovation on Sunday – I was there – so, you know NOTHING except what you are fed by the media.

  15. SKINSFAN703, Why do skins fans make it sound like the Eagles are the only team that had injuries? Injuries happen EVERY SINGLE GAME in the NFL. I guess I could say the Philly D injured Portis and thats why he’ll be out 4-6 weeks. At least Vick will only be out for a couple weeks. If you want to talk about one team dismantling another, just look at the BODY BAG GAME. . . . . . . . .BITCHES!! Philly is still sitting in 1st place right along with the giants and skins. The only way the divison records come into play is if the teams are tied at the end of the season, and with the skins annual collapse in the 2nd half of the season, your division record wont even be a factor.

  16. Starting to look like this was andy’s plan all along considering he thinks of Vick as his son. Kolb is gone end of the year. Think hes fed up with this franchise.
    Traded McNabb for Vick, that’s going to work well. Vick will battle consistent injuries and will be done by next year at the latest, Reid won last much longer.

  17. Reid is a boob.
    When will this guy finally be held accountable for being the worst clock manager in the NFL?
    Florio, please dig up some repulsive statistics and run with it…

  18. @birdgirl20
    Newsflash… All we have heard since the trade is Philly is glad McNabb is gone because “HE” couldnt win the big game. Thats what I do know. I understand Philly fans are pissed though as you praised Kolb all summer and now it looks like he may not be what Philly had hoped for. Just like talking Vick up for the past few weeks when he was never a good QB.
    They outplayed they Skins in the 2nd half doesnt really matter when you lose the game. Again Philly fans think they will roll over the Niners like they said they would the Skins. Didnt work out so well did it?

  19. casr619 says: October 6, 2010 6:41 PM
    All those dog jokes about MV7 are a little old, he did his time, this site is here to talk about football not dogs, if you want to talk about animals go to PETA!!
    Typical Vick defender – telling others what to say, think, feel & what to comment.
    If you don’t like the Mike Vick the torturer comments, don’t read them. The court of public opinion says he is a animal torturing & killing, VD spreading sad excuse for a human being. No matter what he does on the field, nothing changes what he is.

  20. people need to realize andy reid will never admit to what he’s thinking, he wants to keep everyone outside of the organization in the dark, and thats how i think most teams should operate anyway.

  21. “If, in theory, Kevin Kolb becomes the hottest quarterback in the league over the next couple of games, how can Reid not do to Vick what Reid did to Kolb last month? ”
    Because Vick was that too… and Vick at his best is better than Kolb at his best can ever be. Nothing personal, just the way God built them. Vick’s got tools no one else does. He’s got “pedigree.”

  22. The superstar picks of 2010 are dropping like flies:
    Shonn Greene = Garbage
    Kevin Kolb = Garbage
    Dez Bryant = Garbage
    Remember how Kolb “took charge” of the Eagles during training camp? Remember how LT was just the 3rd down change-of-pace back, behind burgeoning stud Greene? Remember how Bryant & Miles Austin were the best WR tandem in football, despite the face that Bryant had yet to play even a preseason game?
    Yeah, I kinda enjoy seeing people flop.

  23. BigMikeSkinsFan says:
    October 6, 2010 6:29 PM
    mcnabb is my qb…traded
    kolb is my qb…benched
    vick is my qb..injured.
    do we REALLY trust what reid says?
    LMFAO! I usually don’t read other stories that dont have anything to do with my fave team but damn Mike you just made me laugh my *explicit* off

  24. here is the answer for a speedy recovery, soak your entire body in water, wait approximatley 1 minute then, stick your finger in an electrical socket and enjoy the pain low life.

  25. Oh, and there’s more:
    Ryan Mathews lost his job to a fullback
    I don’t remember Matt Moore throwing a single TD pass
    And, as a Redskins fan, the less said about Jason Campbell, the better

  26. The Eagles QB situation looks a lot like my love life… They dumped their longtime, loyal QB, McNabb for a younger one (big mistake by me AND the Eagles), then when the new flame flickered out (OK, a concussion is not the same thing as getting dumped, but work with me here) they rebounded to yet another person. They thought they had it all figured out with their rebound crush, but that didn’t work out either. Now they’re all up in Kolb’s business, saying, “please don’t go baby, I need you back.” If McNabb wasn’t already married to another team, they’d probably be on their knees to get him back too.
    I just wonder if they drink everyday and scream McNabb’s name in the cold, unforgiving autumn night like I do my ex’s.
    Oh why did I let you go, Amy?!
    But I digress, lmao…
    The moral of the story is, dance with the girl who brung ya’, and McNabb took them to 5 straight dances. You’re getting what you deserve for your disloyalty, just like I did.

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