Report: Growing tension between Brett Favre and Brad Childress

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has to be happy today that he’s finally got Randy Moss as a teammate.

But that doesn’t mean he’s happy about everything in Minnesota.

Michael Silver of Yahoo reports, citing sources inside the Vikings’ locker room, that there’s growing tension between Favre and Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

That’s the latest in a long line of reports that Favre doesn’t think particularly highly of Childress, and Childress knows there’s a perception that Favre views himself — not Childress — as the one who calls the shots on offense. At his press conference today, Childress was asked whether Favre might just disregard Childress’s instructions and tell Moss to go long from time to time, and Childress responded, “We’re already talking about a mutiny?”

We’re not talking about a mutiny yet. But there are still 13 more games for Childress to become the latest coach to decide that Moss’s talent doesn’t justify the headaches he causes.

On the other hand, there are still 13 games for Favre-to-Moss to become the best passing combination in the league. As Silver quoted one unnamed Viking saying, “I think it’s all or nothing. It’s either the missing piece and we go all the way, or Moss takes on Chilly and this thing blows up by the end of October. There’s no C grade on this one. It’ll either be an A or an F.”

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  1. Welcome back Daunte Culpepper … add in Denny Green and the Vikings can finally win that Super Bowl …

  2. Haven’t been on PFT today till now. Heard the news, came on expecting a nice happy little story, reflecting resolution of a problem
    Silly me.

  3. Good God
    Where do people come up with this ?? and Why ???
    If Favre didn’t like Chilly, he wouldn’t have come back.

  4. Awwww just in time for Michael Silver to trot out the old schism story…..Zzzzzzzzz Deja Vu? I guess when you’re a Yahoo sports writer might as well stick to something you’re good at writing the same old story.

  5. Maybe, maybe not but you media guys like to speak things into fruition. The media constantly makes things up and tries to back up lies. So I take this with a grain of salt.

  6. Haha. Doesn’t really matter what Chilly thinks. Ziggy has Favre running the show and that’s just the way it is. Chilly doesn’t have to like it, but he does have to accept it, or he’ll be gone.
    This isn’t much of a story, Smith. Almost everybody knows there is tension between Chilly and Favre. Whoopty-doo. Big news, big news.

  7. LOL, Florio and NBC has you guys laying it on as thick as possible with all the comments and hits you’re getting from all this Vikings activity, eh?
    I’m going to stop laying into the Packer, Saints, and general Anti-Vikings posters around here, because it’s pretty apparent you guys here at PFT cultivate the vitriol for ad dollars and coveted hits.
    This “story” is just another in a long line over the past year or so to try and create a “schism” that doesn’t exist, to make this whole Vikings craziness more dramatic. Vince McMahon would be proud.

  8. Not much less, just enough to get a contract extension. When he saw that wasn’t working…Diva Moss returns!

  9. Being a GB fan, I just marvel at the Soap Opera going on.
    Aside from that, I think it was a good move. I don’t think they’re SB bound, but the move makes complete sense.
    I believe the move was made because inside the Queens camp, Rice is not going to be back as soon as they thought. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    On a side note, the way Fredo’s head has grown, perhaps he can borrow one of Peyton Mannings helmets.
    Chilly needs to grow a set of balls for crying out loud! He needs to retake command of this team from Fredo. If fredo stinks it up this week against the NJT’s, he should bench him. Not try, but bench his ass.
    it appears that the inmates are running the asylum.
    Best of luck. The next four weeks are going to make or break your season.

  10. i highly doubt that, florio. Childress just went out and got Brett Favre the receiver he has always wanted to play with.

  11. I thought Lord Favre was the final piece of the puzze. Guess we’ll now get to see the “kick-ass” offense in action. Happy 5th aniv. to the bang boat “organization”. The meter maids of minneapolis are on high alert now.

  12. “I think it’s all or nothing. It’s either the missing piece and we go all the way, or Moss takes on Chilly and this thing blows up by the end of October. There’s no C grade on this one. It’ll either be an A or an F.”
    I’d rather go with the words of someone directly involved over reporters. I think people try and make too much of things.
    The Vikings are saying this is the year or it’s all for not. If the players are all on the same page, it’ll work as long as everyone keeps the Silver football trophy in their head.

  13. First and foremost Childress doesn’t know anything about play calling that was the issue last year. If he wants to keep his job beyond this year let Farve call the plays and when they win take the credit or when they fail it’s Farve’s fault. Either way Chilly dog is out this year!

  14. Kotex should sponsor the Vikings field because all the divas will eventually get their periods

  15. So what?
    IT IS OBVIOUS Zygi Wilf is throwing everything he can at this team right now. We are playing for our state, for a superbowl, and for a new stadium. Why not go for it all when the pieces are in place?
    Gotta think the Vikings arent giving Moss an extension because of next years pending holdout. Dont want to give Moss an extra year that might not even happen

  16. I’m not a Favre fan or a Vikings fan, and have no dog in this fight, but this is a stupid rumor and I wish PFT would stop giving Michael Silver play.
    This is the same guy that said there was a “growing sense of disconnect” between Brady and Kraft RIGHT BEFORE they played golf and Brady became the best-paid player in the NFL.
    Silver’s not a reporter. He’s not a journalist. He’s a rumormongerer. He says crap then finds unnamed people to agree it could be true then posts it as fact.

  17. Man am I ever glad TT and Mcarthy put their foot down and said no to Moss.. and then told Favre to beat it when he threw a tantrum.
    Can’t wait for week 7

  18. Michael Silver don’t know squat. There are beat writers that practically live with the Vikings, that don’t come up with this stuff. Yahoo Sports is continually coming up with big splashy headlines that don’t amount to anything. “It’s Over For Bobby Cox” and “Favre’s Career Ends, If Vikes Lose This Week”. Both of those headlines (or something close) were Yahoo headlines within the last 3 weeks. They were bogus, so is this one.

  19. That’s who they are…… in addition to their talent it’s the combination of their character, and personality that makes them great.
    Start modifying or changing these two top rated veterans style and disaster will son follow.
    As far as the coach goes…. he can design a strategy, and a guideline, but he needs to offer up some flexibility and let the veterans on the field play!

  20. Silver isn’t even Mort. Why are we listening to him?
    But even if the story is true, I don’t blame Favre for thinking Chilly’s an idiot. I don’t think Chilly knows much about offense either – he certainly can’t call plays or figure out what the strengths of his team are and how he should use them (note to Chilly: Study Belichek). Nor does he know how to manage the final 2 minutes of a game.

  21. I would think Favre knows alot more than Childress so whats the big deal if he calls some plays.

  22. “I think it’s all or nothing. It’s either the missing piece and we go all the way, or Moss takes on Chilly and this thing blows up by the end of October. There’s no C grade on this one. It’ll either be an A or an F.”
    We are really supposed to believe a player said that? Half of them can barely form a sentence and speak proper english! Probs the kicker longwell with the quote

  23. I like good rumors. I read the cite daily if not hourly. But ever since he got run out of SI Silver’s been shown to throw crap against the wall and have it (only rarely) stick. More care and discretion is necessary with his supposed “scoops.”

  24. I wonder how bad QB Brett Favre has to play before Head Coach Brett Favre pulls his QB from the game

  25. The problem wouldn’t be Childress. It will be between BrINT and Moss. BrINT will insist on Chilly gettting on his knees to service his Lordship and Moss has too much pride to take sloppy seconds. Moss will complain and Favre will respond by hiding Moss’s weed, then Moss will go nuts by running over a couple of meter maids. Meanwhile, the lockerroom will be divided and McKinnie will be on Moss’s side thereby allowing Peppers to around him on Favre’s blindside for the shoulder injury that inserts T Jack Off into the lineup.
    And the season will end like the first 49, no trophy and a full NFL supported conspiracy to deny the best team in football a Superbowl victory. Don’t believe me, just ask Ray Edwards.

  26. Childress never had control over the lockerroom to begin with and is what you would like to call a doormat coach in the same vein as Wade Phillips.
    However, it will be interesting to see if Favre and Moss can actually sync up. It will be even more interesting to see what happens when Sidney Rice comes back what happens to that sync if it’s established.
    Long story short, they’re making a play to win the Super Bowl before the Vikings become the new Lions (the Vikings team is ancient). However, if Coach and Players aren’t on the same page, this will only end well short of Dallas.

  27. Here we go, a Vikings report and all the narrow Minded buffoons come out to play….moss to Vikings ? Sweet for both sides. MOSS IS the most talented receiver to ever play the game. He is back home where he belongs! You can say anything u want bout the Vikings! But you cannot take away the fun we all had watching the Vikings play in 1998!!!!! Most fun to watch team ever….
    Is favre old, he’ll yeah! He hasn’t missed a game in 20 years, he certainly won’t mow! Does he look like he is having any fun? Nope….. It is concerning. Will the vikings all of a sudden win on Monday? Nope, but they wil gel and win the north! Then anybpdys guess

  28. Well this is fun…..
    It is no secret the Childress is NOT on offensive genuis inspite of what he thinks.
    Some of the worst Vikings games I have ever seen have been coached by Childress. The Lions/Vikes game 3 years ago at the Dome? That was the most painfully stupid game I have ever watched. The Vikes won because the Lions’ QB ran out of his own end zone. Stupidity is contagious.
    Why wouldn’t Favre have an opinion? The Vikes have the most vanilla offense in the NFL.
    It was no secret that he had words over Rice with Childress. Favre took over the second half of last years Bears game in Chicago. The O game plan sucked and the Vikes went down in flames during the first half. Favre scrapped the play book during the second half and almost came back to win it.
    Childress is the problem with this team. @ year’s back Cowler said he was ‘just stupid.’ That was on Sunday Night’ Football’s pregame show.
    The game plans for the first 3 games have been very predictable. The results shouldn’t shock anyone.

  29. Childress is the coach and the coach IS the Boss. IF Favre or Moss want to run the team fine, quit playing and start coaching. There can only be one boss on a winning team. Just because you can play football doesn’t mean you can coach football. I hope their diva displays don’t mess up this season.

  30. Ah, I knew it was only a matter of time before fabricated “stories” begin surfacing concerning Brett Favre.
    What makes this particular fabrication all the more unbelievable are a few things, namely why Favre would return to a contentious situation – it makes no sense. Then there is the fact Brett knows Childress can’t run routes and “catch” passes. Favre has seen no reason why he should even look down the field because the receivers either won’t get open or can’t catch the ball, so he knows there’s nothing in that regard that Childress can do to fix that, besides what Childress has just done to acquire Moss.
    For anybody that believes QB’s and coaches are BFF’s, I’ve gotta bridge to sell ya.

  31. The tension will only mount as the losses continue to pile up.
    Randy being Randy will pout on the sidelines and exit games early… stories will surface daily about Brett not being happy with a) Chilly, b) Chilly’s play-calling, c) Randy being Randy’s route-running, d) AP’s fumbling issues – all of which he’ll deny in public, of course…
    But there will be record ratings and record hits for this website for the ongoing saga known as “As the Queens Implode”.
    Must-see train-wreck TV at it’s finest!

  32. There’s 20 million reasons and a stadium in Minny on the line on why Favre calls the shots. Chilly knows its a long walk to the gallows if he doesn’t bring the holy Grail to Wilf.

  33. this type of ‘report’ would be better classified as a ‘surmise.’ i don’t really care what Jared Allen or Ryan Longwell said after another tough loss or long post-practice shower.
    name names or put this trite in your back pocket.

  34. its all smoke and mirrors. The Wiffs need to get far into the playoffs if there is any hope of campaining for a new stadium. One that must be built next year or the Vikes are adios.
    Everyone on the staff knows Rice isn’t coming back this year so they need someone.

  35. Belichick for President says:
    October 6, 2010 5:43 PM
    I think there is a schism.
    Not yet. Wait till Farve and Moss start their shenanigans.

  36. jrhsd says:
    October 6, 2010 6:13 PM
    And now a reminder to Packer fans that you havent beaten the Vikings since 2008
    The Vikings have swept the Packers on four different occasions, winning both their contests in the years 1992, 1993, 1998, and 2005.
    But, the Packers have swept the Vikings in five different years; 1997, 2000, 2004, 2006, and 2007.
    They have both swept each other, so what is your point. Add in 2009, and they are both are even. Big flippin deal. Get over it.

  37. schism………SCHISM!!!!!!
    How long has it been??????
    Just tried using that word today – I swear!
    I bet if Dungy were the coach, we would never hear of such poppycock…….EVERY player aches to play for the man – just ask him!

  38. Good God
    Where do people come up with this ?? and Why ???
    If Favre didn’t like Chilly, he wouldn’t have come back.
    Holy crap…get a grip…he came back because they threw another $5 mil at him just because he was dragging his ass about returning. It ain’t about who likes who…it’s about my payday!

  39. Has Chilly got back from picking up Randy at the airport in his rickshaw yet?
    No worries though, by the end of the season Brett and Randy will both be giving him reach arounds. What a shameless whore this little man is!

  40. Moss will never win a SuperBowl, you know what that means for the Viqueens. Chilly needs to be fired.

  41. I’m leaning towards A. The Vikings didn’t bring Moss in to just be a decoy. Farve will be airing it out on Monday Night.

  42. jrhsd says:
    October 6, 2010 6:13 PM
    And now a reminder to Packer fans that you havent beaten the Vikings since 2008.
    And a reminder to Viking fans that we predicted Favre would rip the lungs out of your chest at the least opportune time. Watching that was worth the two losses…which remain to be the sole thing you have to hang your hat on last season. Big whoop. If those two wins are that important (neither of which kept GB out of the playoffs) why not change the name to the Minnesota Favres while you’re at it? If your world centers around him, start a petition.

  43. *Starts reading it*
    *Sees Michael Silver’s name*
    It’s just whatever crap his worthless sources and him could make up. Disregard it.

  44. Favre is paying dearly for every minute he spent out of training camp and off season workouts. The issue is not on wide receiver talent but execution by an over the hill QB whose ego kept him at home in July.
    You can laugh at this notion, but this explains why Kyle Orton is the leading passer in the NFL through week 4.

  45. I’m really going to miss the Vikings drama over the next few years, since this all-in season is going to destroy the team long term. Enjoy the ride Viking fans, your team is going to fall hard next year.

  46. What’s funny is all the Chilly bashing. You do realize he set the game plans for the Dallas game and NO game last year in which the Vikings dominated both. Yes the Vikings fumbled the game away but it had nothing to do with Chilly.
    Don’t go blaming him for the 12 men penalty either. As HC he is ultimately responsible but the direct blame for that would go to the position (RB) coach, Eric Bienemy.
    What cracks me up is all the internet hacks that think they know a thing or two about football so they know everything. They take bogus BS and make it into something more.
    All I have to say is keep laughing it up. If you don’t think the Vikings are all hyped up now you are highly delusional. They are a better team with Moss and if you think they suck, keep on thinking that. It doesn’t bother me and it certainly doesn’t mean anything to the Viking players. It just amazes me how people taake something and twist it so badly. How did that “schism” rumor work out last year?

  47. “There’s no C grade on this one. It’ll either be an A or an F.”
    As a Vikings fan, I’d much rather see the front office go all in to win then just sit back and be pretty good for the next several years. Even if it backfires.
    Look at the Packers. A-plus passing game, but they need a running game to balance things out and keep defenses honest. And they got outbid by Seattle on a quality young RB because they couln’t part with two day three draft choices. Their front office plays it safe and is afraid of a bold move.

  48. @Bob Loblaw
    I see your point, and I don’t entirely disagree, but I do have a counter example. The Steelers play it safe year after year after year. Their overall talent ranges from an A- to a C+. As the rest of the league cycles around them they find them selves near the top, and have done so enough times to win more Super Bowls than anyone else. Like I said, I don’t disagree with your assertion, I am just saying that playing it safe has it’s advantages as well.

  49. Bob Loblaw…
    PARTIALLY agree with you re: Packers lack of bold moves.
    Getting a quality RB in a trade or a 2nd passrusher to Matthews should have been a priority.
    That being said Thompson is also the GM who grabbed Charles Woodson when no one wanted him. Same goes for Ryan Pickett or grabbing Aaron Rodgers when he fell on draft day.

  50. The NFL’s biggest drama story for this year was floundering in Minnesota, so leave it to the Patriots, loyal NFL soldiers that they are, to pony up Moss to Minny to resuscitate “The Brett Favre Story,” which will be rammed down our throats until Favre retires. Will he ever go away?

  51. Silver is trying his best to make up as much crap as he can in hopes he can get a job @ BSPN

  52. ejmat has it pegged–the internet “experts” know more than the real experts. Let me add something else the “experts” routinely miss. Childress doesn’t call the plays, and hasn’t since 2007. Bevell, the OC, calls the games. If Favre is overruling anyone, it’s Bevell.
    As for Silver, he makes Florio look good. I assume he’s trying to one-up Glazer’s scoop.

  53. We know the “Righteous” Packers never do anything wrong.
    Green Bay is a model for how we all should be.
    Just ask Mark Chumura.
    Packer fans should be sweating bullets with the addition of Moss.
    Vikings will be on top in the end.
    The Packers can’t even get by the Bears.
    Go away self righteous cheese breaths.
    Go Vikes!!!!!

  54. The Vikings are doomed. I am going to enjoy watching this train wreck play out the rest of the season.

  55. @ Slim Charles – lol – more of a diva! that’s really saying something, someone’s more of a diva than randy moss!

  56. Michael Silver’s sources in Minnesota are about as accurate as a drunk blind man playing darts.
    Favre has stated he and Chilly dont see eye to eye, but he also just watched his coach deliver exactly what he wanted to the team.
    Yeah, that tension you see is a smile from ear to ear on Brett’s face.

  57. Stella says:
    October 6, 2010 5:45 PM
    Good God
    Where do people come up with this ?? and Why ???
    If Favre didn’t like Chilly, he wouldn’t have come back.
    “why would he come back?” uhhh gee maybe $16m genius

  58. @JimmySmith
    Did you not get the report from PFT about homophobic slurs?
    Seriously, what is your deal man???
    I realize CheeseHeads are all about the past and future, but, how bout’ the present?
    If Moss and Favre and AD bring us a championship, who gives a damn?
    You’re a New Orleans fan.
    Nuff said’

  59. I’m not a Viking fan, but I think it was a good move on their part to go for broke in what may be Favre’s last year (?) What do you have to lose for a 3rd round draft choice to the most purely talented wr In the NFL even at 33. Not only that, the Pats gave you a 7th, so the net effect is you got him for almost nothing. He and Favre need each other with Rice being on the shelf and the frost brewing in NE. For Favre to earn his salary this year, he definitely needs a quality receiver to throw to or it was a waste for him to come back. When Rice gets healthy, you Vikes will be scary if you keep from imploding.
    I’m a Saint fan, and I still think it was a great move on your part looking at it from a football standpoint. Don’t really like you w(h)iners though. Don’t really want to face you in the playoffs either.

  60. Yahoo sports is about as reliable as The Nationial Enquirer would be in reporting election night results. Tim Yotter’s of yahoo sports is ceo of the National Enquirer.

  61. Who is Chilly to tell Favre he can’t throw games and seasons away with his trademark bonehead INT’s?

  62. DasRipper says:
    October 6, 2010 6:27 PM
    Isn’t Michael Silver Aaron Rodgers butt buddy?
    Way to monitor the comments, guys.

  63. I hate this girl talk BS side of TMZ…er pft. These are meat head jocks playing football. What do you think they are going to just stop playing and spend the whole game screaming at each other? Is Brett going to try to lose to spite the chilly dog?
    Who gives a duck if Favre hates Chilly. According to TMZ it was the same thing last season and they had a shot to go to the super bowl.

  64. jrhsd says:
    And now a reminder to Packer fans that you havent beaten the Vikings since 2008
    What an accomplishment! Now go think about that while you whistle a happy tune and polish all your Lombardi trophies, loser.

  65. This story is such rubish, but it gives the Favre haters an excuse to vent. It is clear that Favre is still injured and his having to rely on Berrian was not in the cards. Moss is exciting and he should return to the Vikings. Favre had the most incredible year a QB could have especially at 40. It just goes to show how fickle fans are and that everything is what have you done for me lately. The Vikings second half schedule is really easy, but they have been given a huge mountain to climb in the first half.

  66. @Ejmat
    Actually the 12 man in the huddle thing kinda falls on Favre. QB 101–count the men in the huddle before you step in.That’s what happens when you start believing all the hype about yourself–you forget the fundamentals.
    Good move on Moss though. Truly think that will snap BF out of his funk and if all goes well the next couple of weeks Vikes could be a real force. Course, if it goes the other way……..
    We’ll just have to see.

  67. Favre’s INT ratio will balloon even more when he throws up jump balls and Randy takes that play off because they weren’t on the same page…

  68. Profanity in ALL CAPS says:
    October 6, 2010 5:51 PM
    i highly doubt that, florio. Childress just went out and got Brett Favre the receiver he has always wanted to play with.
    Wrong. Jenn Sterger is the receiver he’s always wanted to play with.
    *rim shot*

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