Ben Roethlisberger: "I contemplated not playing any more"

The upset of the week?  The return of Ben Roethlisberger to Steelers practice hasn’t been a huge national story.

The hype will grow next week when Roethlisberger returns for an actual game, although a televised interview with ESPN analyst and Roethlisberger “mentor” Merril Hoge had some attention-grabbing moments.

“There was a time when I was going through all this that I contemplated not playing anymore.  I didn’t want to be Big Ben anymore.  And I know that’s what goes along with being No. 7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Roethlisberger said on NFL Live.  “So part of me, I can admit didn’t want to play anymore.  And go coach or do something else.”

Roethlisberger says his love of football and teammates ultimately made it impossible to stay away.  It’s easy to see the comments above as a little melodramatic, but that’s not out of character.  Give Roethlisberger some credit for being so open since his return and at least trying to sound like he gets “it.”

Roethlisberger went on to express regret for what happened in Milledgeville, Georgia, but had strong words about his legal case.

“I will tell you this. I never have and never will harm a female in the way I was accused. . . . I would never hurt a female like that, never.”

131 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger: "I contemplated not playing any more"

  1. Liar, please do not act like anybody would even care if you didnt play.
    Can you say self absorbed.

  2. I call BS.
    This is Roethlisberger trying to gather some sympathetic support. Save the ‘woe is me’ routine for someone else. This has been an on-going, self-created problem that unfortunately manifested into a criminal act that very easily could have landed him in jail.
    Sympathetic…, I think not.

  3. Ya right…You’ll walk away from football and do what exactly? Hell the only thing I’d ever hire Ben to do is build my garage or something. It’s just about the only thing a lowlife hillbilly is good for…besides football

  4. “I never have and never will harm a female in the way”
    OK Ben. What was the price to buy her out?

  5. expressed regret for getting caught is more like it….”not proud of his lifestyle….” but yet he’s an A-hole to EVERYONE….coming from someone who went to college w/him I’ll tell you straight up he was exactly the same guy b4 he was “Big Ben”….no one gave a sh*t about him at Miami and he still acted the way he does/did as a Professional Athlete/”Role Model”….this guy should give Tiger his PR firm’s # he’s saying all the right things now

  6. Sure you did, Ben.
    You need to take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.
    Then you can stick to the things you do best, like winning superbowls and showing off your woody, not to mention

  7. The old Ruthlessberger will resurface. Sooner or later.
    I hope not, but it’s as sure a thing as the next collusion sighting by Florio.

  8. “I will tell you this. I never have and never will harm a female in the way I was accused. . . . I would never hurt a female like that, never.”
    Leaving the door wide open for other options…

  9. i have him in fantasy…..start making up for loss time. Welcome back Ben! I believe you, all these Opras and Ellens r anti men. Just like Tyson. He was framed by that woman. Ruined his career!

  10. Ben is such a MARTYR. What an inspiration he is (please).
    Go ahead and quit, “Big Ben”, see what sort of preferential treatment you get when your just an average American citizen who is an (alleged) serial rapist, a confirmed jerk off and a menace to females everywhere.

  11. You can say you’d never hurt a female and believe it if you believe that what you were doing was not intended to hurt that female but rather it was intended to bring pleasure to her.
    When she saw little ben she immediately knew that he was going to fall short of his intentions.

  12. I will tell you this. I have never and never will believe……. that this guy didn’t rape someone.
    What else would the guy say- “The accusations are true. I rape college chicks in dirty bathrooms. Don’t forget to vote for me for Offensive Player of the Year folks!”
    Ravens defeat the Steelers again on Dec 5. Steelers will weep and Ben will head to Penn State for a nite out.

  13. “I did not… have sexual relations with that woman…”
    I’d be interested to find which team mates were the ones standing behind him. Cuz I know Hines likes standing/bending in front of him.

  14. Lame. Unbelievable. Pathetic. Sorry he got caught….that’s what he is talking about. Trying to garner sympathy…..Lame excuse for a human being.

  15. You go Big Ben and welcome back!
    Suck on it haters and cry to someone else because we do not care about your crocodile tears.
    Number 7 here we come…..LOL!
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!

  16. I thought PFT was cleaning up the posts?
    Why is the same crap from a handful of idiots still showing up?

  17. Booo hoooo Ben… can’t wait for his first game back and karma blows his knee out and is out for the season like he shoulda been in the first place…

  18. “I will tell you this. I never have and never will harm a female in the way I was accused. . . . I would never hurt a female like that, never.”
    You’d do that to a guy? Ben, there is no difference.. Just don’t do it!
    Nah, but I believe him. It’s easy to target rich athletes.

    All I hear in these comments are scared fans of other teams… Your jealousy is showing, and we LOVE IT. I just hope that he flat out annihilates any other team, so that you can finish all that crow that’s on your plates. We shall see…

  20. Dear Big Ben,
    Could you please teach Brett Favre how to send dong shots without getting busted???
    Sincerely, Vikings fans

  21. Like any of you would care except for the fact you know the Steelers will ROLL with Big Ben back.
    Welcome back #7. Now, go help the Steelers win #7.
    HA HA HA!
    Eat it haters!!

  22. YAY! Another opportunity for the rabble to stand on their soapbox. Sorry folks, no matter how much you sickos want that girl to actually have been raped, she wasn’t. I have the Georgia DA and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations backing that statement up. What do you have?

  23. Hey, I love my job, but at least three times a week I want to throw the laptop out the window and forget it. Can’t blame him for thinking about quitting when the buzzards were feasting. If he weren’t an NFL star, McNulty wouldn’t have sued for $3 million and Ms. DTF would have chased him all over Milledgeville.
    BTW … did all the outraged PFT dads catch the news this morning? Interesting story about the Duke co-ed who screwed every Duke athlete she could (many while she was nearly “blacked out” drunk, and some in clubs and parking lots) then sent detailed analyses of their, um, performances–along with names and photos–to her friends. Of course, it went viral.
    Well, dads, guess she didn’t get your memo about all college girls in 2010 being sooooo sweet, innocent, pure as the driven snow, and easily manipulated by nasty ol’ athletes.
    Do you suppose she wore a “Down to F***” pin to let the guys know her intentions?

  24. I believe Ben 100%. To many discrepancies in the her story. Like this has never happened to an athlete before. It will all soon be forgotten. Light em up Ben!!

  25. Give Roethlisberger some credit for being so open since his return and at least trying to sound like he gets “it.”
    Don’t buy it. It sounds more like guy playing for sympathy after being savaged for being such an ass. I think this is as insincere as all the apologies that he’s issued over his conduct.

  26. I’ve been waiting for the game he comes back and shuts up all the haters! He’ll be BOOED mercilessly at away games and then he’ll destroy the home teams defense!!

  27. How about some more round-the-clock, 10-stories-a-day coverage of Jerry Jones sexual assault lawsuit?
    …or does that not quite fit in with this site’s agenda?

  28. @edgy1957 …
    At least he’s man enough to issue an apology when he does something … as opposed to just being someone who tells everyone what a big man and champion of abused women he is while he goes around being abusive. Oink.

  29. worsethings:
    Did you just say “cry me a river” on a football thread?
    Now that is funny!!!

  30. Deb and the other steelers fans, who very quickly appear to have forgotten about big ben’s indiscretions as soon as the season started…
    Does everyone remember steeler nation villifying the guy? Everyone coming out and saying what an ass he is? The stories about him not tipping, being rude to women, his arrogance, how much the whole fan base couldn’t stand him, everyone calling for them to trade or release him, calling him a sexual deviant, talking about how proud the fan base was and how they’d never support him again. The jersey sales where pink toothlessberger jerseys were 12 for $3.
    What’s changed? A prosecutor didn’t have enough evidence to go forward with the case, and the football season started. Go figure.
    When the steelers fans hop up on their self-righteous soapbox and talk about how their organization is pure class, how they hold their players to a higher standard (not a Santonio Holmes joke, or a reference to James Harrison beating up women), the big ben debacle will be Exhibit A of how it doesn’t quite add up.

  31. I just wish Hodge or another interviewer would have the balls to just ask him;
    “Ben, when you were walking around with your Johnson hanging out of your pants in the middle of a college bar and got an off duty policeman to guard the door to the bathroom so no one could get in or get out, did at any time you think this was probably not such a good idea?”
    In other words, take the word rape out of the conversation and just concentrate on just the facts, I wonder if he would be willing to admit he is a just an overpaid asshole?

  32. PLEASE retire and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! Bu-bye.
    That statement is going to make Tomlin and the Rooneys start Leftwich or Charlie. I think I would rather is Charlie play first string. He hasn’t played badly.

  33. “I will tell you this. I never have and never will harm a female in the way I was accused. . . . I would never hurt a female like that, never.”
    should be, “I will tell you this. I never will harm a female in the way I was accused. . . . I will never hurt a female like that again”
    boom roasted.

  34. If you are’t a steelers fan, them dont make any negative comments. They must be a raven fan.

  35. As soon as I read this headline I knew there would be at least 50 comments and most of them blasting Roethlisberger to kingdom come. Go freakin’ figure!!
    I always said the guy was a pompous ass who lived a life of entitlement and was an arrogant jerk. Heck, everybody knew that. But that DOES NOT make him a rapist.
    Meanwhile, I find it hilarious that the Bengals fans and Ravens fans (RAVNATOR) who crushed him here even though he was never charged and meanwhile every Sunday they BLOW players on their respective teams who were charged and convicted of crimes. LMAO.
    Do me a real favor: When the Steelers come to your field, please boo him long and hard; chant your chants; and then watch what he does to your defense.

  36. the things people do when they are drunk.
    and he will get drunk again and he will force himself on other girls. that is his m.o.
    the stories he tells and cries about are a sad situation.
    we were told in pgh that cower and hoge were going to put him on the right track. then ben says he had not spoke to cower in a year lies
    lies why do i have to listen to hoge on espn telling how ben has changed that is not his job on espn go get drunk ben

  37. Pig Ben is back. Squealers fans unite. #1 in rapes. #1 in times-sacked in 2009. A winner among winners.

  38. SHE SAID NO, SHE SAID NO. I will be listening for the chants the rest of the season! Piece of crap!

  39. It could be worse. The Stillers could’ve lost in the final seconds at home in front of all those Horrible Hanky waving tools to their arch-rival the Baltimore Ravens after stopping them just moments before on 4th and goal.
    Oh wait…

  40. To the Steeler Nation:
    This Just In: Maurice Pouncey gets a restraining order against Big Ben after being under center at today’s practice. According to Pouncey, “Ben was trying to give me more then a Hard Count”..

  41. His thought pattern probably went something like this…
    “If I’m just a regular guy, then I will go to jail for rape”
    “If I’m a famous athlete, then I am above the law and can get away with rape”

  42. @JimmySmith …
    Well, here’s the problem with your scenario, jackass. The only two people who told the story about the bodyguard blocking the bathroom door was the sorority girl Ben personally ejected from the party for ragging on him about the Nevada accusation and her pal. Those are the two girls that same bodyguard blocked from coming back into the party–not the bathroom. Every other independent witness disputed the story about him blocking the bathroom. And the story about him blocking the bathroom also conflicted with the accuser’s account of events.
    And since they lied about everything else, why should we believe their story about little Ben hanging out of Ben’s trousers?
    Shouldn’t your first concern be how a half dozen Packers wound up accused of rape after a visit to a strip club, thanks to the hooker adventures of a guy whose wife was home giving birth at the time?

  43. Rrrrrright…Then he realized he’s Ben Roethlisberger and other than football – alls he could do is harrass women and flip burgers
    Shut up man.

  44. Bill Clinton was giving him pointers…
    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…” Yeah, we believed Big Bill, we’ll believe Big Ben.

  45. He Probably di something he wasn’t supposed to, but also it was probably blown a little out of proportion. What chic is gonna enter a bathroom with him, just to say no? She didnt go in there to watch him pee? Who knows what really happened, money is a big motivator.

  46. Oh shut up, Roethlisburger, you primadonna, dramatic queen. Nobody feels sorry for you. You got off easy. Anybody else would be in jail, so cancel the violins…we’re not buying it. Grow up and be man and quit referring to yourself by your old nickname that nobody uses anymore because you’re a giant tool.

  47. “Pig Ben”, “Rapistberger”, “She Said No”…come up with something new you unoriginal dimwits.
    The fact is he didn’t get charged with anything and you were not there to know that he should have. You probably haven’t even watched the interview of the girl or done any other research on the matter. I don’t even know why I read these moronic posts…

  48. You should all check the law and the calendar.
    Last I checked, it’s not 1940 anymore. A woman doesn’t “ask for it” by wearing a short skirt, a low cut blouse, or by wearing a pin, no matter what it says.
    Nothing a woman, or a man for that matter, does justifies physical assault.
    Further, as per the law, if a woman has sex with 99 different guys in 99 consecutive nights, she’s not “required” to have sex with guy 100 nor does guy 100 have the right to force her to do so.
    I trust that the good people of Pittsburgh are not accurately represented by the neanderthal ideas espoused by some on this board.

  49. As of now 61 comments–most being negative–sounds like we all would have him on our teams. I wish my poorly team could have gotten him. He has done his time and no matter what he says, can be turned to our favor. Happy we aren’t playing the Steelers, they could be real dangerous.

  50. Deb says:
    BTW … did all the outraged PFT dads catch the news this morning? Interesting story about the Duke co-ed who screwed
    Interesting how some “nearly blacked out” coed can remember all those details. FYI, that coed isn’t happy about what happened because it was only supposed to go to 3 friends and one of them screwed her (pun, intended). I can’t say anything because I was a loose cannon back in college and I probably would have used the Internet, if it had existed then (and then the glaciers receded).
    BTW, this is what earned YOU my sarcasm last time. You seem to feel that YOU were taken advantage of and want people to believe it but you NEVER gave that girl even the benefit of the doubt from day one. You’ve been on and on and on and on about her, yet, you want people to believe that you were powerless to do anything about YOUR problem. Now, I believe you and I’m NOT saying that you weren’t but you sure as hell want tea and sympathy from everyone and his mother but you can’t even muster up one ounce of sympathy for the girl, even before you knew any of the gory details. In my mind, that makes you a hypocrite and THAT is why I sarcastically attacked your story. Think about that next time because you’re sure as hell not gaining any sympathy from anyone here for yourself.
    Also, AFTER I got on to you, I defended you more than once from people who were attacking you but apparently, you’ve chosen to forgot that. Well, forget any more support, Deb because I don’t do ungrateful.

  51. connie says: October 7, 2010 6:07 PM
    “the things people do when they are drunk.”
    ..says the expert.

  52. So, where’s all the moral indignation and self-righteous condemnation of Jerry Jones?
    Wasn’t he just served with a sexual assault lawsuit?
    / oops, my bad, he doesn’t have more Super Bowl Rings than your team…

  53. Last I checked, it’s not 1940 anymore. A woman doesn’t “ask for it” by wearing a short skirt, a low cut blouse, or by wearing a pin,
    No, but it sure does make her a good slut.
    Has an effect on credibility, when making accusations.

  54. Just shut up and play! No one believes you didn’t take advantage of the girl in Ga., no one believes now that you didn’t do something like it in Tahoe, and certainly no one believes you’ve now found Jesus and are a prince. As a life long Steelers fan who loves the brand but thinks that most of the players are grown men with 14 year old mental ages, just shut up and play!

  55. Don’t believe everything you read or heard..your not there to witness anything that he’s been accused of. Like both cases, and Ben not tipping, being an ass, etc. Don’t judge! I believe Ben, and have stood behind him like a true fan does. People have a right to voice their own opinions, and i’m simply stating mine.
    Innocent until proven guilty. CASE CLOSED!
    It’s time to focus on football; and leave the past buried in the past and get on with life.

  56. Deb – that was beneath anything you ever posted. Just wrong. Sorry, not a low blow, just the truth.
    As far as Ben contemplating not playing. I am really surprised that he can keep a logical train of thought in his head that doesn’t have to do with football or sex. This is made for TV self immolation. It’s crap and everyone knows it.

  57. Hey @edgy1957…man chill the f out…it’s called Football and it’s a game…..there’s nothing personal here….gheez…get over yourself!
    If u can’t stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen…please!

  58. Ilovefoolsball says:
    October 7, 2010 6:13 PM
    oh and one more thing…RAPISTBERGER !!
    LOL! You said RAPE!!! ROFLMAO

  59. Although I don’t have a dog in the hunt, I don’t think you needed to attack all college girls to defend your qb’s bad behavior. Seems pretty extreme.

  60. So, where’s all the moral indignation and self-righteous condemnation of Jerry Jones?
    Wasn’t he just served with a sexual assault lawsuit?
    / oops, my bad, he doesn’t have more Super Bowl Rings than your team…

  61. @edgy …
    That’s the first thing approaching honesty you’ve posted in a long time. Not quite there, but at least approaching.
    The Duke girl regrets her story went viral. It doesn’t change that she set out to have sex with all those athletes, which was my point. College women in 2010 have different attitudes about sex than many posting here realize. The assumption that Georgia wouldn’t have gone out that evening planning to get drunk and hook up with someone– it just turned out to be Roethlisberger–was naive.
    Regret posting about my own situation and didn’t do it for sympathy–which you’d believe if you knew me. Everyone has hard knocks. I’ve handled mine w/dignity, and find tea and sympathy embarrassing. It came out because I couldn’t handle being accused of having no heart for victims. Anyone w/half a brain should be able to figure out I’m all heart for victims.
    I did give her the benefit of the doubt. But I was reading from a different script than you. When the Nevada accusation was made, I couldn’t stand the idea of my QB being a sex abuser, so with my brother’s help, I pulled every possible document. Most of what I downloaded isn’t available online anymore. After thorough examination, we’re confident McNulty’s accusation is bogus. So when this came out, you all were thinking “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I was thinking, “Since he didn’t do that, what are the chances he did this?”
    Appreciated you defending me during some of the vicious attacks–and thanked you then. That’s why the sudden shift caught me off guard. By then, the GBI had finished their investigation. The DA had announced there was no merit to the accusation. The evidence showed this was a false rape claim. I look at women who lie about rape the way you’d look at a soldier who deserted his unit under fire. No, I don’t feel any sympathy for the woman who made it up. Do you feel sympathy for deserters?
    With no warning, you attacked my history to make a point in a debate. So what if you thought I was unfair to her? She wasn’t reading the blog, so she wasn’t being hurt. Someone who’d previously defended me came out of nowhere and attacked me in the most personal way imaginable just to make a point. I didn’t go out one night in a DTF pin trolling for a bar hookup and invent a story about a football player because he pissed off my sorority sisters. I was minding my own business, fought like hell, and had the marks to prove it. Somehow I fail to see the comparison. So congrats … you drew blood. And as you’ve said many, many times, you feel no regret.
    No, you never defended me after that. Are you kidding? We haven’t exchanged a civil word since then. And I don’t need your sympathy or your help anymore, big boy. I can take care of myself. And if I can’t take care of myself, I can live with the fallout. Wouldn’t be the first time. Just tired of hearing you pretending heroics and concern for women you don’t possess.

  62. Listen to all the hate.
    The haters are more scared now than they’ve ever been. I can’t say I blame them.

  63. ppdoc13 says: October 7, 2010 7:25 PM
    “Deb – that was beneath anything you ever posted. Just wrong. Sorry, not a low blow, just the truth.”
    And your qualifications for identifying the truth are…
    ..??.. [ /crickets]
    / just another hater maggot

  64. Gotta love all the folks who play the “You Ben haters are just scared of the Steelers” card.
    When people are frustrated because it seems like everyone in the world outside of their li’l club laughs at them, it’s easy to just say “It’s because you’re scared of us.” That’s all they’ve got.
    Uh, maybe a couple years ago. Even with a 3-1 record, it *still* looks like the Steelers reign in the AFC north is coming to an end. Unless you’re the ’85 Bears or ’00 Ravens (and you’re clearly not), the D ain’t gonna keep saving your ass all the way to the SB.
    I don’t think people are “scared” anymore. I think they’re watching the cracks in the dam. A flood is imminent.

  65. So, where’s all the moral indignation and self-righteous condemnation of Jerry Jones?
    Wasn’t he just served with a sexual assault lawsuit?
    / oops, my bad, he doesn’t have more Super Bowl Rings than your team…

  66. DanSnyder says:
    October 7, 2010 4:58 PM
    To Dan Rooney.. Guilty.
    yah Santana Moss is on HGH. wut.

  67. TD40 says: October 7, 2010 8:30 PM
    “Gotta love all the folks who play the “You Ben haters are just scared of the Steelers” card.
    When people are frustrated because it seems like everyone in the world outside of their li’l club laughs at them, it’s easy to just say “It’s because you’re scared of us.” That’s all they’ve got.”
    The Steelers have six Lombardi’s.
    What does your team have?
    / please, don’t piss your pants here.

  68. Silly me for even asking….but did any of you trash-talking morons actually WATCH the video or do you just go with whatever is posted by Florio and company?

  69. Yeah wait til Big Ben comes back and holds onto the ball for 5 seconds and gets killed behind that offensive line. Dixon and Batch were getting rid of the ball quickly and avoiding the pass rushers which Big Ben will not do. When Roethlisberger returns the performance of the offensive line will all of a sudden decline rapidly.

  70. Amazing how everyone keeps recycling the same trite comments. and, how is this really new? Hasn’t everyone wished they could just hang it all up at one time or another when things were tough?

  71. @ppdoc13 (sorry ’bout that 12 typo) and feetball …
    That wasn’t an attack on “all” college women. I was a college woman and have close friends who are currently college women. But in 2010 there exists among many high school and college women a highly sexualized subculture that involves casual sex, drunken sex, bar hookups, sex parties, etc. That’s how a little Georgia town ended up in the news for skyrocketing STD rates among “nice” middle-class high school kids. They were having sex parties when their folks were out. Instead of taking a shot everytime someone on a show did something, they all had to recreate the moves of the people on the porn channels. Oprah reported on HS cheerleaders whose assignment was to go out and bed whatever older guy they could find so it would loosen them up before a game.
    I was lambasted by PFTers who saw photos of the accuser’s friends and assumed she couldn’t have been lying because they looked like such “nice” girls … who were wearing DTF pins. Come on. That Duke girl looks like she could be a babysitter on “Leave It to Beaver.”
    ppdoc13, I’m sorry if you think it’s low for me to point out that a lot of young women have so little respect for themselves that they’ll bed anything male and cut a notch into their bedpost. But it is what it is. I don’t know what happened in that bathroom–only that the evidence shows the vaginal rape she alleged did not happen. But I have no doubt Roethlisberger and that woman went to the bathroom with the intention of having some kind of sexual hookup. Personally, I think that’s sleazy of both of them. Instead of pretending girls never do that sort of thing and getting mad at me for telling the truth, you guys should be counseling your daughters to choose their college companions carefully. If I had a daughter that age, I’d be scared to death.

  72. @js136202 …
    Hon, you are more than welcome to go back through my PFT posts from March until now. You will not find any change in content from then until NOW.
    I have said from the beginning that Roethlisberger is an over-indulged spoiled jackass and an undisciplined player who needs to start coming in early to watch film and listening to his coaches about how to let go of the ball before he gets himself killed. I supported his suspension because he’s reckless and nothing else was getting through to him.
    BUT …
    I’ve also taken all kinds of crap from idiots like you for going to the wall defending the guy’s innocence. If there were any justice McNulty would be in a psych ward and Ms. DTF and her sorority sisters would be jailed for filing a false police report.
    So I have no idea why you’re talking to me about changing my tune. I may bug the crap out of people … but I’m consistent.

  73. @Deb – if you were a man saying what you said, many would call you a misogynist. sorry my friend, but I think you went over the top.
    i live in a very different community (religious) where premarital sex is very uncommon, but come from a college and medical school where it was as wild as possible. And while I am sure that there are a number of women who act as you say, the tenor of your argument it that it is a majority. I don’t believe that the majority of college women are sluts looking to carve notches in their bedpost.
    as far as my daughter, she has been taught to respect herself as a person.
    you are really hot on this one. take it from a semi-friend. ratchet back. i don’t think you will like what you wrote in a few days.

  74. Deb, you have much more patience than I do. Clearly, the majority of people posting here did not see the interview. You must feel honored to be amongst such saintly and sanctimonious posters willing to give you insights on ethics and correct thinking since your sense of reality is at odds with the local mob.
    The part of the interview printed above is of less importance than the part that Ben shared about his father’s tribulations while enduring this situation.

  75. @ppdoc13 …
    I come from a small town, uber-conservative community. My politics skew left, but my church is very conservative. In college, I chose to hang out with women whose values reflected my own. As I said, I know many women like your daughter who conduct themselves with self-respect. When Oprah did the story on those HS cheerleaders, I don’t think she was trying to imply that was the majority. When the Today Show reported on the Duke woman, they weren’t saying that’s the majority. We’re all saying that’s out there and people should be aware of it, and I don’t think that’s wrong.
    The victims I’ve dealt with have ranged in age from 5 to 80, and the rapist didn’t choose the five-year-old or the 80-year-old for what they were wearing. Real rape is about violence and control and trauma. If the evidence indicated that Roethlisberger were a predator instead of just a boorish boob, I’d be lobbying the Rooneys to release him. I’m not defending him because I think he’s a great guy; I’m defending him because the evidence says he didn’t do the crime.
    As a semi-friend, I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I don’t mind being shredded for my principles. But you’ll never know how it feels for someone who’s been through what I have to be shredded on account of someone who went out wearing a “Down to F***” pin, deliberately drank herself into oblivion–and not for the first time–and according to many witnesses, did everything short of stripping in the middle of the room and screaming “Take me now.” Nothing in her behavior warranted that respect … and nothing in mine warranted the disrespect.

  76. Deb says:
    @edgy …
    That’s the first thing approaching honesty you’ve posted in a long time. Not quite there, but at least approaching.
    That is a load of horse shit and you know it. I posted the same damn thing SEVERAL TIMES to explain why I tried to show you how much of a HYPOCRITE that you ARE. At that time, you were shitting on her and you didn’t even have the DTF crap to shove in her face. Again, I said “I believe you and I’m NOT saying that you weren’t but you sure as hell want tea and sympathy from everyone and his mother but you can’t even muster up one ounce of sympathy for the girl, even before you knew any of the gory details.” When you start treating OTHER women like you want to be treated then maybe the rest of us won’t think of you as a hypocrite and the others might actually believe you (Or maybe they just get a kick out of saying that you’re craving to have a little bit of Ben Ben’s Little Ben).
    BTW, while you won’t admit it, Big Ben GOT WAY with it. He did something and if there were cameras in the area that would have picked it up, I’ll guarantee you that he’d be someone’s bitch RIGHT NOW. He KNOWS that he dodged a bullet and you can write all your SCOTUS briefs but it still won’t make up for the fact that he got lucky THIS TIME. Before this incident, I was on his side (and still am on that incident) but this one, he just plain OJ’d his way into getting off.
    As for your last paragraph – LIAR. YOU haven’t traded a civil word since then but I have and it was to DEFEND YOU, despite the fact that you were such a bitch to the girl. I’ve defended you several times and you’re either forgetful or down right lying to say that I haven’t. YOU are the one who continues to piss and moan about something where YOU didn’t realize that I was scolding you for your inability to treat a person with civility as you did with her. Whether she’s reading the blog or not is irrelevant and in fact, to even use that excuse is just plain disingenuous (Hell, that’s about as bad as “I apologize if I’ve offended anyone” or what is called the “non-apology” apology). Seriously, you do realize that being an ass about someone is the same, whether you’re talking about them behind their back or not, don’t you? As I said in a message that Florio chose not to push through, “If you’re expecting an apology, I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

  77. Well, I hope you are all doing well. Let me start out by saying I just read all 103 comments that were left on this board thus far, and many were quite negative and voiced a strong disbelief that Ben has changed.
    I am not saying that I do or do not believe Ben and PLEASE don’t acuse me of being a Steelers Fan because I am not. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and there are no NFL Pro Football Teams here. It’s all about the University of Alabama or Auburn University in this state.
    I know this is tough for you to do and I know it is because it’s a Very Tough thing for me to do. I have followed the GA and Lake Tahoe, Nevada cases both since March when the GA case just happened and I did not research the Lake Tahoe, Nevada case until then but regardless of what you think or say the only people that truly know what happen is God and Ben and the parties that were involved.
    I’m not “Crying a River” for Ben but I wonder if one thing that has contributed to his past behavior was his parent’s divorce when he was 2 years old and then his mother’s shocking death from injuries she sustained in a car accident when Ben was standing out in the driveway of his father’s home waiting for his mother to come and pick him up while he’s outside playing when all of a sudden he finds out mother won’t be coming to pick him up due to her accident. I’m not trying to justify Ben’s behavior, I’m just saying there are things that should be considered here.
    I had a pretty tough childhood myself and then as an adult I went through a Terrible Divorce 8 years ago and I have tried to move on the best I can, but in the process I was accused of some things that I was not guilty of. For people who did not know me, I could be easily mid-judged. Therefore, when it comes to people like Ben I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and I try to stay objective. I don’t deny he’s been a Jerk in the past and neither does he and at least he did apologize on TV and only he knows if he meant it or not. Time Will Definitely Tell!
    I want everyone who is willing to, at least give Ben a little time and see if he changes his tune for the better. I’m not saying that he will and if he don’t, I’ll be the first person to say I was wrong for giving him the chance to try to change but I just think that Ben deserves that much.
    You all here may not believe me but sometimes I have ESP on certain issues and the thought crossed my mind a couple of months ago that Ben might be thinking about giving up football and not come back just based on what I heard and read from people that knew him that posted on websites. I mean that. I think he really thought about giving up. Maybe I’m wrong?
    I know this might sound cheesy but I have to say it anyway. I know we are not all Christians here and some of us even come from other faiths, but if you read Romans 3:23…For ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. That is all of us and God really should be our only judge and if Ben has done wrong he will not get by with it and ultimately God will punish him. I know that!
    You all will probably ask me next how I state these topics with so much confidence and I can tell you that my ex-husband who thought he would come out smelling like a rose after our divorce has had so much BAD LUCK for all of the demeaning things he has done to me.
    Ultimately, we don’t get by with our sins, none of do in the end. This is just my opinion and I’m open to hear all of yours. May God Bless You!

  78. Crabcake says:
    October 7, 2010 6:12 PM
    SHE SAID NO, SHE SAID NO. I will be listening for the chants the rest of the season! Piece of crap!
    Yeah she said she wasn’t raped when the police interviewed her right after the allegation. I agree, she’s a piece of crap as is your post.
    Damn DanRooney is good.

  79. Stupidity is running rampant on this website and the people who read it. Did any of you people bother to read the police reports? There was no DNA evidence to support proceeding with a case against Ben Roethlisberger. Had he come close to sexually assaulting this “woman” there would have at least been a hair, or a skin cell, or something.
    I think some of you need to consider walking a day in someone else’s shoes before condeming them and judging them. Ray Lewis was accused of murder and now nobody seems to hold that against him. Maybe if Ben played for the Lions, or a team that wasn’t a threat to your team, it wouldn’t matter. Some of you people need to get a life and move on. You may find yourself in the same situation someday, if karma catches up with you. The Bible says “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

  80. Quit defending this guy. At a minimum he’s a pig for the way he continually mistreats young women. Now he’s a crybaby too. “Poor, poor me. Wahhh!” Men, lock up your daughters if Big Ben Bathroomburglar is in town.

  81. Again, totally blown away by the “Do whatever it
    takes to win” attitude of the consentlessburger apologists
    LOL – you are all pathetic
    Would love it if consentlessburger’s first game back was in Baltimore, Cincinnati or Cleveland – The jeers would be deafening
    Imagine 70,000 Ravens, Bengals, Browns fans yelling BEN IS A PIG!!! over and over and over and over and over

  82. @edgy1957 …
    Fred Bright’s news conference announcing the findings of the investigation was on April 12.
    Your attack on me was posted on May 4. Several commenters posted about the DTF pin on that very thread. I was joking and even expressing affection to you throughout that thread when you suddenly turned and attacked.
    Here’s the link:
    About these grand defenses … I believe twice prior to May 4, you told people I had a right to state my views when they were calling me c***, wh***, b****, and suggesting I’d like to be gang-raped on urine-soaked floors, and have Ben’s baby, yada yada. That was the extent of your championing. It was appreciated, but let’s not get carried away. No one searching this site will find any “defense” from you after May 4. And now you’ve started blathering the same nonsense about me “wanting” Ben. No one with an IQ in triple digits would get that from my posts.
    I do not want or need your sympathy or anyone else’s. I do not expect an apology for your behavior. It takes a MAN to admit his own shortcomings. I don’t give a damn whether you or anyone else believes my story. I lived it and have nothing to prove to anyone on a blog.
    I’d just like to be able to stop gagging on your hypocrisy as proclaim yourself the Defender of Fair Womanhood, Truth, Justice, and the American Way. None of this has been about anything but your personal dislike for Ben Roethlisberger and/or the Pittsburgh Steelers. You trampled me to take shots at a football player. Period.
    You can continue to throw tantrums, screaming LIAR and HYPOCRITE and try to distort reality. But that post is dated and so are the news stories on Fred Bright’s press conference. Your decision to beat up on that nasty Deb for picking on the poor lil victim came almost a full month after the authorities announced there was no merit to her accusations. And nowhere in that thread was I beating up on her. I was simply stating the facts as released by the authorities.

  83. Deb,
    Stop writing books like Gone With the Wind on here. yada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yada
    And who has actually said that Ben will play Cleveland? No comments from the Rooneys or Tomlin. 3-1 record without him? hmmm. Don’t need him!! We would not have lost to Balto if the field goal kicker could actually kick!!

  84. @pageant-judge …
    Thank you for a thoughtful post and also appreciated your story about the Favre autographs. People are seldom all good and all bad. Life is more complex than that, and as Paul wrote in the Roman letter, we all fall far short of the ideal. God bless in your endeavors.
    Roll Tide!! 😉

  85. What a bunch of hogwash that interview was.
    I contemplated not playing, yeah right.
    Then when he looked off to the right when he said he didn’t ever do anything bad to a woman. That’s a sign of not telling the truth.
    He will be accused of sexual assault again within the next 5 yrs.

  86. Grumpy Old Man says:
    October 8, 2010 10:57 AM
    Again, totally blown away by the “Do whatever it
    takes to win” attitude of the consentlessburger apologists
    LOL – you are all pathetic
    Would love it if consentlessburger’s first game back was in Baltimore, Cincinnati or Cleveland – The jeers would be deafening
    Imagine 70,000 Ravens, Bengals, Browns fans yelling BEN IS A PIG!!! over and over and over and over and over
    Grats, you just confirmed that it’s all about the football rivalry. Now that’s pathetic.
    Also, Cincy couldn’t get 70k of their own fans into a stadium if the tickets were free.

  87. @Bdrunk …
    Amen to that.
    And unlike Grumpy Old Goat, you know some of these fans have some morals and care more about the fact that he didn’t assault anyone than they do about trying to influence the outcome of a game by ranting about a false accusation. Grumpy pretends such moral concern, but doesn’t care that children watch football, does he? Bitter Browns fan.

  88. DO NOT base ANYTHING on what you read on BSPN.
    They did not show the entire press conference. So here the exact quote from the DA
    Q: What about probable cause though?
    A: I live in the world of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’ An honest answer: It’s debatable. If you want my candid feeling, looking at all the evidence here, we don’t even have probable cause. Probable cause is the standard to make an arrest, and we did not have probable cause. No arrest was made in this case, so there’s no warrant to dismiss. We didn’t even have probable cause in this case.
    There is no victim in this case. Did Ben make some bad choices? Yes and he would probably be the first to admit that.
    Oh and look at this little tid bit from the DA’s press conference
    Q: Is this case officially closed now? Or if more information surfaces will you re-open the investigation?
    A: It’s closed. I’ve made my decision and that’s final. It’s not going to change. I’ll tell you this: We’re still waiting on some phone records, text messages. There’s nothing going to be enlightening there. I’ve got enough information. This decision was not difficult to reach. I knew pretty early on that this was the way this case was going, but I pride myself on keeping an open mind. I wanted to make sure that we made the right decision. That’s critical. But to answer your question, it’s closed. We’re still waiting on a few bits and pieces but it won’t change anything. It’s closed.

  89. All you anti Big Ben fans are PATHETIC in your comments. Jealous fans, u make me laugh…..None of you wasn’t there.
    People that dare to chant anti-Ben things at away games, Big Ben will make you pay dearly. Although, steeler fans are probably half the stadium anyways.
    Steeler Nation Dares you and we will be holding our 7th Lombardi Trophy. Bank on it.

  90. Always amazing how many people have time to post angry and ugly comments about a player and a team that they supposedly can’t stand. Too bad the teams that they support can’t hold their attention.
    Go Steelers!

  91. Grumpy Old Man, time to change your Depends. Sitting in your own excrement is making you a cranky old coot.

  92. Dude, when you’re accused once and everything seems shaky on both sides it’s one thing. When the questionable behaviour continues it makes you look like a sociopath.

  93. lol Kyle Elway had affairs on his wife…lol at least Ben is single!
    Yall are a bunch of crackheads..You got fans from the ravens talkin shit when they have a murderer playing on their team ,then we got fans who think Ben isnt a good football player (altho hes ranked with the best of them most of the time) Heres my favorite… I went to college with him..LMAO…………………………….
    Rhino when your accused in both cases with NO EVIDENCE in either case it makes the women look like some gold digging HO’s! The one woman doesnt want justice she needs some cash…3millionto be exact.The other chick didnt even pursue once the DNA came out……….Her parents prolly found out that dna was another mans.
    Yall are assholes…. you say he never denied any wrong doing.. he does deny it and yall call him a liar..
    In the Mcnutty case he countersues her ,and fights the allegations and hes still bein accused of paying off…….. fkn wackos!

  94. A lot of rapist and abusers of woman play the victim card when things go south. It’s part of the psychology. He’s a bully. All bullies become crybabies when they’re called out. I’ll bet he blamed the smaller kid whose money he was stealing when the teacher caught him, too.

  95. @LostSok …
    Wow … you are soooo smart!!! Too bad you were smart enough to read any of the case facts before you started practicing pop psychology. The man didn’t rape anyone or abuse anyone. That’s why the medical exam showed there was no intercourse and the woman didn’t have a mark on her and she changed her story umpteen times. And that’s why the DA said they had nothing and didn’t even arrest the guy.
    I’ll bet you flunked psychology … reading comprehension … and social sciences.

  96. @ Deb
    I always appreciate your posts – you pulled me up short awhile back – but at some point you have to accept that you’re dealing with WILLFUL
    ignorance on this issue. There’s no fact-based statement that you can post here that can override the “my team rules, your team has never legitimately won a game” mind set of the average poster here. You take too much abuse from basement badasses. Let ’em stew, their teams will never be as interesting to them as their Steeler envy.

  97. @SeaSteel …
    Thank you–I enjoy your posts, too. You’re right. Part of me just finds it impossible to accept the idea of willful ignorance. And as a world-class procrastinator, I never seem to find the stack of work on my desk quite as interesting as answering the basement badasses. Will keep working to improve on that 🙂

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