PFT's Week Five picks

For the second straight week, I held a one-game lead over Rosenthal entering the Monday night game.

And, for the second straight week, Rosenthal got the Monday night game right and I got it wrong, forcing a tie.

We both finished 9-5 in the first 14-game weekend.  Rosenthal won Week One and Week Two; in Week Three and Week Four, we tied.

Overall, Rosenthal is 43-19.  I’m two games back, at 41-21.

For this week’s picks and explanations, read on.

Jaguars at Bills

Florio’s take:  The Bills are bad, but in this season of parity they’re not bad enough to lose all 16.  Even with former Bills quarterback Trent Edwards feeding the Jags with the Buffalo state secrets, Jacksonville is prime for a letdown after unexpectedly toppling the Colts.  

Florio’s pick:  Bills 20, Jags 19.

Rosenthal’s take: The Bills have no chance to move the ball against superior defenses.  The Jaguars do not have a superior defense.  In fact, the Jaguars’ secondary is one of the few groups in the league struggling as much as Buffalo during their transition to the 3-4 defense.  The Bills aren’t going 0-16, and this looks like one of their most winnable games of the year.  Bad David Garrard shows up this week.

Rosenthal’s pick:  Bills 23, Jaguars 21.

Broncos at Ravens

Florio’s take:  The Broncos pulled off an unlikely road win against a one-loss team on Sunday, but the Ravens has a few more horses than the Titans.  Despite Baltimore’s so-so secondary, Denver quarterback Kyle Orton won’t have time to find an open receiver if he’s being chased and/or pummeled by the Ravens’ front seven.  Meanwhile, the Baltimore offense finally is emerging from its vegetative state, with Joe Flacco looking more like Joe Flacco and less like Stoney Case.

Florio’s pick:  Ravens 24, Broncos 10.

Rosenthal’s take: The Ravens and Broncos both have the records you’d expect, but they’ve arrived there in surprising ways.  Kyle Orton and his band of hodgepodge receivers are racking up passing yards like the ’99 Rams.  Baltimore’s secondary has played great, but their run defense has been soft.  Luckily, the Broncos don’t try to run.  When they do, it doesn’t work.  Denver is a tough out, but asking for back-to-back wins in Tennessee and Baltimore is asking too much.  

Rosenthal’s pick: Ravens 28, Broncos 24.

Chiefs at Colts

Florio’s take:  Scratch a little at the word “Chiefs” and a faint “Patriots” emerges, with the presence of Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis, Mike Vrabel, and Matt Cassel making this one a kinda-sorta renewal of one of the most compelling inter-division rivalries of the past decade.  The Chiefs have nothing to lose, and the Colts have no easy answers for their lackluster start.  It adds up to an upset.  In a PFTV video previewing what we regard to be the game of the week, I picked the Colts, but I left a little wiggle room.  I’m tempted to pick the Chiefs here, primarily because a win over the defending AFC champs would make this Chiefs team even more compelling.  (Besides, what’s the point of having wiggle room if you don’t, you know, wiggle?)  I’ll stick the home team, but I’ll gladly accept the “L” if I’m wrong.

Florio’s pick:  Colts 24, Chiefs 20.

Rosenthal’s take:  Chiefs fans are making too much out of this game.  It’s not a litmus test for the rest of the season.  It’s Week Five. There aren’t many teams that could go into Lucas Oil Stadium and win against an angry Peyton Manning.  I’m most interested to see how Kansas City’s young secondary holds up.  They have potential to carry this team, because Matt Cassel isn’t going to.  A mismatch in special teams should keep the Chiefs close, but they will only get a moral victory here.

Rosenthal’s pick:  Colts 27, Chiefs 21.

Packers at Redskins

Florio’s take:  But for a fast start against the Eagles from quarterback Donovan McNabb, in no doubt fueled by the enthusiastic response that Philly fans gave to a guy about whom they had been ambivalent at best, the Redskins would be 1-3.  Though the Packers have yet to develop a killer instinct, they suddenly feel the hot, stinky breath of the Vikings on their necks — and so the Packers can’t afford to lose games that they easily should win.  

Florio’s pick:  Packers 31, Redskins 21.

Rosenthal’s take: No one knows how good the Packers are because they’ve faced one of the easiest schedules in the league.  No one knows how good the Redskins are because a wildly different team shows up every week.  I know this much:  The Redskins aren’t worse off with Ryan Torain starting at running back, but the Packers are much worse off without Nick Barnett at linebacker.  Washington doesn’t have the passing attack to take advantage, though.

Rosenthal’s pick: Packers 27, Redskins 20.

Rams at Lions

Florio’s take:  Last year, the Rams’ only win of the season came against the Lions, who eventually won only two.  This year, both teams are better, even though the Lions are 0-4.  In fact, the Lions are good enough to win, even though the Rams are good enough to win the NFC West.

Florio’s prediction:  Lions 20, Rams 16.

Rosenthal’s take:  Due to a forgiving schedule and a surprising pass rush from James Hall and Chris Long, the Rams defense has been impressive this year.  They haven’t allowed more than 17 points yet.  The Lions offense has played well with Shaun Hill, which makes you wonder what they’ll do with Matthew Stafford.  Detroit has lost three games by one score and played three games on the road. Like Cleveland last week, they are overdue for a victory.

Rosenthal’s pick:  Lions 21, Rams 14.

Bears at Panthers

Florio’s take:  A loss would send the Panthers to 0-5 at their bye, putting coach John Fox at risk of possible termination.  Last week, Carolina showed progress against the Saints, and the Panthers have a blueprint for turning the Jay Cutler (or, as it turns out, Todd Collins) black and blue, courtesy of Big Blue.  The correction for Chicago continues, and Carolina gets in the win column by sticking it former Panther and Tar Heel Julius Peppers.

Florio’s pick:  Panthers 14, Bears 12.

Rosenthal’s take:  A lot of fun questions can be answered here.  What does the worst passing attack in football look like after Carolina loses Steve Smith?  How many forward passes will John Fox call with a rookie quarterback and three rookie wide receivers?   Would you rather have a wobbly Jay Cutler (or, as it turns out, Todd Collins) or a healthy Jimmy Clausen?  I’ll take Cutler (or, as it turns out, Todd Collins), especially since the Bears rush defense can stop Carolina’s one strength.

Rosenthal’s pick:  Bears 17, Panthers 10.

Buccaneers at Bengals

Florio’s take:  The Bucs beat the Browns and the Browns beat the Bengals so the Bucs should beat the Bengals, right?  Even though Tampa has had the benefit of the bye week, the Bengals are a better team at home than on the road and the Bucs are still learning how to become a good team anywhere.

Florio’s pick:  Bengals 21, Buccaneers 13.

Rosenthal’s take:  When the Bengals win, they don’t seem happy.  When they lose, Carson Palmer keeps his fantasy owners happy.  It’s a wobbly team [editor’s note:  Rosenthal uses “wobbly” almost as much as Steve Young uses “leaking oil”], which makes this a huge game for Cincinnati.  Despite all the offensive concerns, they can enter their bye week at 3-2, and then re-group.  In the end, the veteran Bengals defense should be the best unit in this game.

Rosenthal’s pick: Bengals 17, Bucs 14.

Falcons at Browns

Florio’s take:  The Browns have been competitive in every game, and they’re riding the momentum of a big win over the Bengals.  The Falcons struggle

d with the 49ers last week, one game after stealing a win from the Saints.  These two teams are more evenly matched than their records suggest; as a result, I’m giving the edge to the home team.

Florio’s pick:  Browns 17, Falcons 16.

Rosenthal’s take:  Falcons coach Mike Smith raised a good point this week.  His team could be 1-3 just as easily as 3-1 after Garrett Hartley’s gaffe and Nate Clements’ fumble.  The Browns are similarly incapable of playing in a blowout.  These two teams have played eight games this year, with seven decided by an average of three points.  Jake Delhomme’s likely return breaks the tie.

Rosenthal’s pick: Falcons 23, Browns 21.

Giants at Texans

Florio’s take:  The Giants played well with their backs against the wall, and now that their backs are a little bit off the wall, the Giants can dial up another lackluster effort.  The Texans, though not dominant, have been solid, and they can sense that a playoff appearance could be coming.

Florio’s pick:  Texans 24, Giants 20.

Rosenthal’s take:  Outside of the embarrassment in Indianapolis, the Giants defense has shown steady improvement this year.  Of course, that game against the Colts was their only road test yet.  Houston’s wideouts are banged-up, but the offensive line is coming off its best performance of the year.  They won’t let Matt Schaub get assaulted like Jay Cutler was last week.

Rosenthal’s pick:  Texans 28, Giants 17.

Saints at Cardinals

Florio’s take:  The current Drew Brees meets up with the guy who eventually could be the next Drew Brees, Cardinals rookie Max Hall.  But Hall gets a tough draw in his first start, and it will likely be a long day for the 2008 NFC champs when the 2009 NFC champs come to town.  The only question is whether the Saints can display some of the same dominance from 2009, or whether they’ll continue to eke out narrow wins.  For one week at least, I envision dominance.

Florio’s pick:  Saints 34, Cardinals 13.

Rosenthal’s take: The Cardinals are the most depressed 2-2 team in the land because they’ve played worse than some 0-4 squads.  Derek Anderson has taken all the heat, but the offensive line is in shambles, there’s no running game, Larry Fitzgerald is hurt, Joey Porter looks his age, Darnell Dockett has been inconsistent, and they don’t have a second cornerback.  Other than that, they look great.

Rosenthal’s pick: Saints 28, Cardinals 14.

Titans at Cowboys

Florio’s take:  Two weeks after beating the team that currently plays in Houston, the Cowboys host the team that used to play in Houston.  With a bye week to prepare and the Titans simply not as good as initially believed, the Cowboys will welcome the Titans back to the Lone Star State with a Texas-sized butt whipping.

Florio’s pick:  Cowboys 35, Titans 17.

Rosenthal’s take:  I picked both these teams to win their division in the PFT Season Preview.  One of them will fall into a major hole after this game.  Tennessee may be getting called dirty, but where’s the toughness on offense?  Their run-blocking has been abysmal.  Chris Johnson is often breaking two tackles to get back to the line of scrimmage.  The Titans need to air it out more, especially to Kenny Britt.  The Cowboys are a tough defense to play when you are searching for answers.

Rosenthal’s pick: Cowboys 23, Titans 17. 

Chargers at Raiders

Florio’s take:  The Chargers are continuing to dig out of their funk, just as the Raiders are settling in to theirs.  The only question about this one is whether it will be the last one of Tom Cable’s career.  

Florio’s pick:  Chargers 35, Raiders 19.

Rosenthal’s take: Where did all that offseason optimism about the Raiders go?  This looks like the same old team.  The defense was supposed to carry the day, but they’ve been among the league’s worst.  Bruce Gradkowski has improved the passing attack, but the offensive line still struggles.  This is a game Oakland desperately needs to stay relevant, and they usually play the Chargers tough at home.  They also usually find a way to lose.  Mike Tolbert Fever: Catch it!

Rosenthal’s pick:  Chargers 24, Raiders 20.

Eagles at 49ers

Florio’s take:  Though 0-4, the 49ers remain in contention to win the NFC West, especially since the three teams in front of them are 2-2 each.  The 2-2 Eagles enter the game without the NFC’s offensive player of the month for September, and there are real concerns that quarterback Kevin Kolb won’t be able to perform as well as he can, given the problems with the team’s offensive line.  With a national audience, an increasingly restless home crowd, and the ability to put together a string of four wins before their bye (the next opponents are the Raiders, Panthers, and Broncos), the 49ers have every incentive to put together a powerful performance.

Florio’s pick:  49ers 28, Eagles 22.

Rosenthal’s take: How little respect is there for Kevin Kolb nationwide?  The winless 49ers are favored in this game by 3.5.  With Oakland and Carolina on the schedule next, San Francisco has a real opportunity to turn their season around. There’s just very little reason to believe they’ll do so.  I’m taking the Eagles, if only for organizational superiority.  They are a team that finds ways to win over the years, while Mike Singletary’s squad searches for new and painful ways to lose each week.

Rosenthal’s pick: Eagles 24, 49ers 21.

Vikings at Jets

Florio’s take:  Suddenly, the Monday night game at the New Meadowlands Stadium becomes as compelling as the Thursday night season opener.  The Jets have won three in a row since losing on their home field to open the season, and the Vikings are desperately trying to keep pace with the Packers and the Bears.  The Jets are 7-1 against the Vikings; even with Randy Moss, win No. 2 isn’t likely to come on Monday night.

Florio’s pick:  Jets 23, Vikings 21.

Rosenthal’s take:  Randy Moss can’t pass protect.  He can’t make Brett Favre turn back the clock a year, and Moss definitely can’t re-arrange a challenging schedule that even the ’09 Vikings would struggle to win 11 games against.  The Jets have lived up to the hype so far. The offense is playing better than the defense.  Don’t expect that to continue with Calvin Pace and Darrelle Revis likely returning Monday night.

Rosenthal’s pick: Jets 20, Vikings 13.

45 responses to “PFT's Week Five picks

  1. “Despite Baltimore’s so-so secondary”
    so the #1 pass defense in the nfl is so-so??????? hahah what does that make everyone else in the league?????

  2. You slackers realize Minnesota has an awfully stingy defense? If so, that must then mean you two feel more confident in the Sanchez-Edwards (or Cotch or Holmes, take your pick) connection, as opposed to Favre-Moss. That’s quite a stretch in my book. All it takes in a game like this is ONE pass interference call on a heave to Moss to end it. I’ve got a feeling nobody is going to want a piece of Moss this coming Monday because he’s got plenty of mouths to shut. Add an 80% Revis and it could get ugly early.
    You guys get paid handsomely for your thoughts, so I would expect some more “thoughtful” analysis, not the same regurgitated crap from yester-year.

  3. Actually picking the Buffalo Bills to win? Are you guys ok? I believe this is the first time each of you have picked them. Now that this is the first home game to be blacked out since 2006, they will probably win. My luck.

  4. This is a terrible week for games. The Jets/vikes may be the only interesting game of the week.
    So the obvious missteps are the Cowboys pick and the Jets pick. Both these teams will lose, and that can be taken to the casino.

  5. That’s really a generous score for The CowPukes Florio. 35 points” Come on Mane”.

  6. Vikings will get a win, Randy will catch a touchdown, and Revis will come up limping on the hammy again.
    Bucs will beat the Bengals, Giants will beat the Texans.

  7. Hey florio that is two weeks in a row now you have said the redskins opponents should easily win. You also claim they should be 1-3. As far as I know the redskins have been leading every game except the rams game throughout the whole game. A 4th quarter collapse by some extremely fortunate plays gave the texans a win after being down by 17 points. I also want to note how teams having been going for it on 4th down a lot because we have had leads against them. Cowboys did it, texans did it, eagles all kept doing it. I don’t see how a team trying to hold onto a win they have lead all game while the opposing team losing all game and going for it on 4th downs like a madden game shows the team holding is bad?
    As painful as it is for me to say the only game we got beat this season was the rams. They are better then people think and I also believe teams are overlooking them a little.
    People talk about how the redskins have one of the worst defenses in the league yet he personnel is almost entirely the same from the past few years when the skins have been top ten defenses year in and out. The only thing that has changed is the scheme which the players should gradually become more comfortable with.
    Why is it that the team leading if they almost let the opposing team to come back but deny it, everyone thinks the team that lost should have won? Skins lead the boys 10-0, the texans 27-10, and the eagles 17-6 yet the redskins should be 1-3? Because teams that execute their game plan well and succeed aren’t good while the ones who fail and have to throw every play and go for it on 4th down to try to come back are really the good teams?

  8. Florio – falcons only scoring 16 against the browns!?!?! Are you crazy?!?!? Can we make a gentleman’s bet on this?????

  9. For some reason I’m thinking the Redskins are gonna win… If nothing else they always like to be the spoiler and they are completely unpredictable week to week.

  10. Hauschild says:
    October 7, 2010 1:18 PM
    You slackers realize Minnesota has an awfully stingy defense? If so, that must then mean you two feel more confident in the Sanchez-Edwards (or Cotch or Holmes, take your pick) connection, as opposed to Favre-Moss. That’s quite a stretch in my book.
    Moss won’t even have been with the team for a whole week and Favre has been playing like crap.
    The Jets beat the Patriots, who have been scoring an awful lot more points than the Vikings this season, with Moss playing and Revis out most of the game.

  11. wow. 3 games difference…way to go out on a limb guys.
    Maybe use the spread so my not caring can decrease a little.

  12. Last i checked when your Defense is ranked 11th that is not in the bottom. But why fact check if it is so much fun to hate. Plus the offense is in the top ten. The record for the Raiders is not great but the team is still improving and is getting ready for a run before the bye week

  13. Hauschild says:
    October 7, 2010 1:18 PM
    You slackers realize Minnesota has an awfully stingy defense? If so, that must then mean you two feel more confident in the Sanchez-Edwards (or Cotch or Holmes, take your pick) connection, as opposed to Favre-Moss. That’s quite a stretch in my book. All it takes in a game like this is ONE pass interference call on a heave to Moss to end it. I’ve got a feeling nobody is going to want a piece of Moss this coming Monday because he’s got plenty of mouths to shut. Add an 80% Revis and it could get ugly early.
    You guys get paid handsomely for your thoughts, so I would expect some more “thoughtful” analysis, not the same regurgitated crap from yester-year.
    Actually, the Vikes defense is still suspect. Two missed FGs and a dropped TD pass in the opener prevented the score from being 27-9, and in the 4th quarter the Saints O-line was pushing the Vikes D-line around pretty easily. The Jets are better at running the ball and I believe Sanchez is the only starting QB to have 0 pics this season.
    Randy Moss isn’t going to make much of a difference with an O-line that can’t block. He needs time to get open, and it’s not very likely that he’s going to get it. Plus, Favre is playing like, well, Favre, so you can probably expect at least one int from him.
    You’re facing probably the best defense you’ve faced all year. Get ready for 1-3.

  14. Actually the Vikes face a better D than the Jets everyday in practice. Moss is a HOF bound wr. He won’t need weeks to learn the offense. Minn has the best rushing D in the league right now, so the Jets won’t be rushing for 273 this week. That puts it down to Sanchez vs Favre. Favre wins.

  15. @kevo – they played against Sanchez, Seneca Wallace, charlie batch and a still injured Palmer……… Yea RANKED #1 because of that… Not from talent. If you honestly believe they’ll finish first, you’ve been drinking stabby ray rays blood flavor koolaid my friend

  16. Why don’t you guys come up with a tie-breaker?? Closest to actual MNF score for example…..

  17. People should stop crying about the Cowboys pick, it’s a good one. Florio knows his stuff on this game. The Titans OL is no match for the Dallas D. Who fears Vince Young? Who on the Titans D will stop any weapon of the Cowboys? We shall see, but my pick is:
    Cowboys 27, Titans 13
    Think if the Vikings lose to the Jets, they will be 1-3 entering the match vs. the Cowboys. Could go 1-4!!

  18. kevo126 – their pass D is based on the pass rush, not coverage. their secondary, especially cornerbacks, are practically nobody’s when you look at teams like the packers, jets, and even bengals (amongst others). all three of those teams have better secondaries in my opinion. not necessarily better pass defenses, but i do believe their secondaries are better. that said, baltimore has the best front seven in the league, and i’m confident in saying that. kelly gregg, haloti ngata, ray lewis, terrell suggs, those guys are beastly. that’s why the pass defense is so good – QB’s are forced into making quick and poor decisions.
    as for the Jets this week, I think they might win by even more… as Bart Scott said, now that they have a deep threat, every time they try going deep to moss, its allowing more time for Pace and Taylor to get to Favre. Favre has always had a tough time against 3-4 defenses, and you know rex ryan will bring out the 1-5-5 nickel packages in passing downs to try and confuse Favre the best he can. when you have Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, David Harris, Jason Taylor and Bryan Thomas in at linebacker and you don’t know who’s coming on the pass rush or where they’re coming from, the old man might tremble a bit. blitz packages open up a bit more this week with revis back in the mix. gonna be an interesting game.
    TampaBoy2002 – i don’t know about the giants beating the texans. i think the texans are looking like a solid playoff contender, while the giants, i’m still not sold on them. the texans are blocking (at least run-blocking) as well as anybody in the league, this guy arian foster is averaging 6.3 yards per carry and it’s not ALL because of him – the offensive line is doing work. i don’t expect the giants to get after the QB like they did to chicago. also, look for mario williams to put in work against the giants tackles. neither of them are putting in pro-bowl caliber (or even, at times, competent starting caliber) work right now. all these picks eli has aren’t cause he wants to give the ball away, he’s rushed into making poor decisions because his protection has been breaking down, quickly at times. brian cushing makes his return, it will be a tough day for the giants.

  19. Wow you guys are failing to realize that Randy Moss IS the perfect WR for Farve. He can throw it up and Moss will go up and get it. It does not matter if farve throws it up to him after 1 second or 5 seconds. He will still go up and get the ball. Revis might be fast but he does not have the vert it will take to keep up with Moss. Although I could see Camarillo taking “I am running away from Green” Cromartie to the house atleast once.

  20. Vikes D may be too much for Sanchez and co. I think the Jets absolutely can win the game but they need to have some big turnovers and/or TD’s generated by their defense and special teams.
    This might be a game where both teams are so afraid to make a big mistake and so confident in their defenses that you’ll see nothing but runs, dinks, dunks, and an occasional “safe” bomb down the sideline or something.
    Vikes 13-6.

  21. Jets are going to manhandle the Vikings. Favre has been awful, and the Jets will definitely create turnovers in this one. Vikings D is solid, but the Jets are getting Santonio Holmes back to add to an already potent offense.
    I just dont see any way the Vikings win that game on the road.

  22. @Dan Snyder…I know what you mean. Every commentator or poster says, “the Redskins are one hail mary catch away from 1-3. Well, they are also one batted ball (houston 4th down play) way from 3-1. Whoopdedo…if you hate the skins you can say they are “really” 1-3. I have heard some folks even say they are “really” 0-4 because the cowboys win was a “fluke.”
    The problem is, they “really”are 2-2. Not saying they are great — I still see them as an 8-8 ish team — but yeah, I love how everyone kind of bends the statistics to match their preconceived feelings about the team.
    Bottom line — Redskins have played great at times, horrible at times, and are average at this point. As the season goes on, they coudl grow into a good team or sink into a bad one…we’ll just have to play it out.

  23. I really think the Vikings will win that game. The Vikes had 2 weeks off to prepare and you just know Randy Moss is gonna catch a long TD pass or two. Also, Sanchez is overdue to start making some mistakes and Favre is overdue to have a good game. It’s just a hunch but I like the Vikes 20-17 over the Jets. I got no hate for either team, just my opinion.

  24. My only prediction for the weekend…Fisher has his kicker aim at the big screen again. Because he’s dumb.

  25. If the game was in the dome, I would say the vikes. I am not sold on the Cowboys either. And how will the Redskins score?

  26. @dlmcc0909
    No trying to start sh@t, but nobody is scared of Santonio Holmes right now, especially if “dirty” is throwing the ball

  27. soft Baltimore run defense, so-so secondary …. hmmmmm
    The number one overall D and number pass D will be exactly that after this weekend. Inmobil Orton will learn to run for his life.
    The soft running D held Mendenhall to 79 and the Steelers overall to under 100 yards rushing and Webb did more than an exellent job against Wallace, Hines had only one catch.

  28. baltimore and caterpillar face = overrated almost as much as the jets w/dirty sanchez

  29. i mean i know the skins d is by no means great, switching to the 3-4 and all, but the packers are vulnerable right now. they can definately stop them i think.
    and what does it mean that our passing game cannot take advantage…i mean yeah last week sucked, but it was only 2 weeks ago that mcnabb threw for 425 yeards.

  30. Have to agree with Florio. How can you pick the Niners to win anything until they demonstrate that they will not get blown out or find some idiotic way to lose on a weekly basis. Eagles cover easy because they are going to win easy. We have no shot at stopping those speedy recievers.

  31. I’m doubting Farves arm to lead Moss down the field. I see Favre attempting bombs, and throwing INT’s, at least for the first few weeks.
    The Jets defense is just as good as the Vikings D, so who’s offense has a better shot? Still like the Jets over the Vikings.

  32. NYJ will win. There will be a few Favre moments when Moss runs the wrong route or Favre tries to force a throw into triple coverage. Sanchez has 1/2 a dozen quality targets on the other hand that can catch including Santonio Holmes now.
    The NYJ lead the league at +8 in TO margin and MIN is -3. Unless Favre eats a can of spinach before game time you can expect at least 1 idiot throw which could be all the difference.

  33. “Washington doesn’t have the passing attack to take advantage, though”
    What do you call 13 tosses for 20 yards or more, which is 6th in the league, and 4 tosses of 40 yards or more which is 3rd in the league.
    They may not have Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie, but I would say what they have is enough to take advantage.
    Before you speak about what they dont have look at the facts!

  34. The skins are going to force A.Rodgers to beat them through the air. They’re going to send Albert up the middle of the pocket and rush Orakpo or Carter from the edge on almost every play. I like their chances.

  35. At least Rosenthal has put some logic in his SD-OAK pick. SD won 24-20 last year when they had Vincent Jackson and OAK had J Russell at QB. SD is worse this year (no VJ or M McNeil, down 2 OLBs) and OAK is better (no J MAc, + more defense with McClain, better play at WR). So how do you come up with 35-19?
    Hope you are right but SD is off to their typical slow road start going 0-2 against juggernauts SEA and KC so an upset here isn’t unrealistic. OAK played tough against HOU last week too putting up 24 points.

  36. LionsPlayoffs2011 says:
    October 7, 2010 4:23 PM
    Lion’s season is over if they don’t win this week.

  37. The Texans defense called…they say Rosenthal is wrong when he says “Washington doesn’t have the passing attack to take advantage, though.”
    Redskins 30, Packers 24

  38. Yes, that’s a smart reason to pick the Jets, because they are 7-1 all time against the Vikings. I am a lifelong Vikings fan, and cannot even remember the last time they played the Jets. No player or coach on either team cares about that record, and it will 100% have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. It’s just a lazy way to say you think the Jets will win.

  39. Wow, only three differences in picks. There are good matchups this week but I think they all skew toward the same team. Of the six games that I think are the most important this week I’m picking the same teams as Mike and Gregg. I hope they are wrong about the Rams. I am kind of surprised that neither of them bit on the Vikings.

  40. scra22 says:
    October 7, 2010 1:40 PM
    Hauschild says:
    October 7, 2010 1:18 PM
    You slackers realize Minnesota has an awfully stingy defense? If so, that must then mean you two feel more confident in the Sanchez-Edwards (or Cotch or Holmes, take your pick) connection, as opposed to Favre-Moss. That’s quite a stretch in my book.
    Moss won’t even have been with the team for a whole week and Favre has been playing like crap.
    The Jets beat the Patriots, who have been scoring an awful lot more points than the Vikings this season, with Moss playing and Revis out most of the game.
    The Patriots have no running game. The Vikings have AP, and Moss helps to open up that running game. The Jets pass defense is ranked 24th and Revis is barely 80%. I’ll give the Jets offense the Miami game as legit, but the Buffalo and New England Defenses rank 27th and 28th in the league. The Vikes D is ranked 4th and 2nd in points allowed. It won’t be the cakewalk most of you Jets fans think.

  41. # WhoDeySood5 says: October 7, 2010 3:45 PM
    baltimore and caterpillar face = overrated almost as much as the jets w/dirty sanchez
    Sound and smells like Florio

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