Report: Pats, Chargers talking Vincent Jackson trade

So with receiver Randy Moss shipped from New England to Minnesota, the Patriots could use a receiver.

And amid reports that the Pats could be pulling a Randy Moss with Deion Branch, whom they traded away in 2006 and could re-acquire from the Seahawks, Tom Curran of reports that the Patriots have “looked into the possibility” of trading for Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson.

Per Curran, preliminary discussions have involved the possibility of Jackson, an unsigned restricted free agent, being swapped for holdout guard Logan Mankins, another unsigned restricted free agent.

The asking price, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune (via Curran) is a second-round pick and a third-round pick for an NFC team, and a first-round pick and a second-round pick for an AFC team. 

Curiously, any team could have signed Jackson to an offer sheet in March and April, giving up only a first-round pick and a third-round pick as compensation, if the Chargers had opted not to match.

98 responses to “Report: Pats, Chargers talking Vincent Jackson trade

  1. Very predictable. Let’s see if that idiot AJ can bend “The Genius” over the table like he unsuccessfully attempted with the Vikes.

  2. I wish the Pats were stupid enough to offer a 7th round pick in 2032 to the Cowboys for R. Williams, and I wish JJ was smart enough to take the deal…oh well….

  3. Let Mankins stew on his farm. Trading him after trading Moss tells Patriots is a signal to players to act like jerks and get rewarded.

  4. When Moss Got Traded To MIN…I Saw This Coming!
    I Really Hope Vincent Jackson Doesnt Get Traded To NE!
    I F&&&in Hate NE!
    Go Dolphins!

  5. we are all witnesses as Bellichick’s brilliance continues to unfold…welcome Vince, and good riddance and thanks for nothing, Logan

  6. If the Chargers dont take a deal for Mankins/Jackson straight up, they are dumb. Mankins is a beast, the best guard in football. So trading a very good receiver for a pro bowl guard is a no brainer, especially since said receiver wont play for you anyways……

  7. This will NEVER happen. Pats are going to sign VJ with 2 DUI’s to a long term contract? They just got rid of Moss because he “wasn’t a good example for the young lockerroom”.

  8. Tate era over? not sure how you make that illogical leap…it is about remaking the pats offense and Tate will continue to play a major role, as will anybody we acquire to replace the lousy malcontent who couldn’t appreciate being part of a fine organization

  9. Why would the Pats take on a risk like Jackson? One more DUI and he is gone. Plus he has to sit out 3 weeks and the Pats do not need another drama queen. NEXT

  10. Ya just know the other shoe is going to be dropping soon in Moss debacle. why would they trade for Jackson anyway? Isn’t he a free agent after this season? This whole deal really smells fishy.

  11. You know what’ll happen, Mike?
    Curran will get both trades wrong and then Peter King will tell Bob Costas about how Tom is still “an excellent reporter”.

  12. I love this. Even if nothing comes of it, it keeps me entertained during my Pat’s by week.

  13. Why should New England give up picks when they can just sign him as a free agent this offseason? By giving up Moss you’ve already admitted you’re not taking this season seriously as far as competing for a superbowl. AJ “comp pick” Smith will find a way to get nothing more for Vincent Jackson than what AJ “comp pick” Smith always gets for impending free agents.

  14. this IS entirely predictable and actually good movement for all teams. vikes (understandably so) did not want to invest in VJ because of the conditions. the pats are in an entirely different scenario and with their picks are very capable of signing VJ to a healthy contract without taking a huge hit in the future. i was wondering if the vikes would revisit VJ with week six approaching but this series of events makes a lot of sense.

  15. Sanchez for Brady trade is more likely than this one.
    In other words, ain’t gonna happen yo.
    PFT VP of Trade Research

  16. This would shock me. VJ wants $30M guaranteed and is 1 strike from being suspended.
    Doesnt sound like a Patriot type player and over valued. The Pats value system doesnt place significant value on WRs.
    Only way we get him is on the cheap.

  17. I would prefer a trade for Steve Smith (Car). No need to give draft picks to another AFC team.

  18. There’s no reason for the Chargers to get Mankins, unless Vasquez is more severely injured than they’re letting on.

  19. Why should New England give up picks when they can just sign him as a free agent this offseason? By giving up Moss you’ve already admitted you’re not taking this season seriously as far as competing for a superbowl
    There’s some great logic. Pats are 3-1 and tied for the division lead with the Jets. I can hear BB now…
    BB: Whew. Wow. After that Dolphins game I think I’m gonna throw in the towel on this season, forget about the SB, and not take it all so serious.
    BB (repsonding to himself cuz there’s noone else): I got it! I’ll trade Moss for a 3rd rounder in next years draft. Once we make that pick we can start taking the season serious.

  20. I think VJ would really have to get his sh*t together to succeed in NE. It can be a great place if you are all about the team and winning. BB is getting rid of all a-holes.

  21. This rumor is such BS. What the heck do the Chargers want Logan Mankins for? They already have a Pro Bowl OLG in Kris Dielman and a stud up & comer in Louis Vasquez at ORG. Not to mention Tyronne Green looks like he’s going to be an above average versatile OL as the main backup.
    No way AJ takes anything less than a 1st rounder from the Pats and there’s no way anybody is giving up a 1st rounder for Jackson.

  22. BB will admit to “looking into any possibility” that makes his team better. That is a far stretch from assuming it might be serious.
    When Bill B was asked about signing Rosenthal as a 3rd down back to replace Faulk he would say “that is a possibility.”
    Manchild is going to the Bears.

  23. Too much to ask for VJ & his off the field problems.
    Brandon Marshall was had for a bargain & minus the problems.
    The Chargers GM is delirious.

  24. Nice! Jackson’s numbers make Moss’ look mediocre.
    He’d be the latest in a line of NFL bad boys that reinvent themselves in New England.
    Signing Moss to a long term contract when he’ll be 35 post lockout in 2012 makes no sense.
    But spending the money to secure a much younger, faster, taller, better version of Moss – that’s worth taking a chance on with the money and using one or two of the 40 draft picks the Patriots have in the first 3 rounds.

  25. I highly doubt the chargers will trade jackson to the Pats right before the Chargers play them Oct 24th

  26. Hope it happens. Everyone saw this as a possibility. Jackson can be back week 7 and eligible to practice with a team week 6, after the Patriots bye. Don’t see Billichick giving a first rounder for Jackson but a second and a third, yeah. Didn’t see the Pats giving up Moss for just a third, so you never know whats brewing in Patriots management.

  27. Talk about coming from a mile away, not sure he’s any better in locker room than Moss. But they had to do something unless they want to look at 8 men in the box against a team that hasn’t really run the ball since Curtis Martin left.

  28. when is the earliest he can play? I just dropped him for tate in my fantasy league… good move???

  29. Vincent Jackson would have to agree to a kill clause in his contract that basically would turn all guaranteed money to zero if he gets caught for anything that the NFL Commissioner would likely look into.
    He could be out for a year with another mistake.
    This would be a good move if he could keep his head out of his posterior, though.

  30. .
    Dion Branch / Seattle’s #1 pick in 2011
    Logan Mankins, a #3, #4, #6
    (other considerations may be involved )
    NE gets a needed WR and Belichick’s favorite player (a #1). They also eliminate the Mankin’s distraction.
    Seattle gets an O-Line upgrade by pairing Mankins with Okung. With Lynch and Forsett running behind them and less reliance on Hasselbeck’s arm, Seattle becomes a more formidable foe in the weak NFC West.
    While they would have to part with a # 1, Seattle is currently without 3rd, 4th, and 6th round picks. Since NE has extra choices in each of these rounds, the Seahawks would be able to reload their draft board for 2011.

  31. Tate who?
    it is so easy to be a good receiver when all the coverage is chasing Moss.
    You would be all talking about me if I was opposite Moss

  32. why would you get rid of one pain in the ass wr to bring in another pain in the ass with half the skills?

  33. @superb bowl: the Tate era is over before it began? 2 kick returns for td’s by week four and an increasing role in the passing offense. If anything this trade fortifies tate’s future in this offense

  34. Chargers Executive Vice President and General Manager A.J. Smith, a former Rhode Islander, is an extraordinarily shrewd businessman who respects the Patriots organization. Likewise, the Krafts and Belichick hold Smith and the Chargers in very high regard.
    If there are any parties in the NFL that can set aside unrealistic expectations, pettiness, etc. and fashion a practical solution that has measurable upside for all interested parties, then Smith, the Krafts and Belichick are it.
    Vincent Jackson to New England makes eminent sense. I’m mindful of the arguments on both sides. But when I raise the scales, I see the benefits clearly outweighing the risks.
    Deion Branch to New England makes little sense to me.

  35. Niners send Crabtree to New England for Mankins. Then the Niners send a 2nd to SD for Jackson. Done and done.

  36. V-Jack was better than both Welker and Moss last year according to Football Outsiders. Go check their rankings.

  37. VJ would have to be on clearance, say 80% off, to meet NE’s value shopping.
    Curiously, no team signed Jackson in March and April when they could have and yet Florio still feels it’s the Chargers playing hard ball and not VJ! Florio logic?

  38. If VJ is going to new England, AJ should have traded him straight up for moss last week.
    Two locker room risks in the last year of their deals
    NE could turn around his off field issues and he would have slid right into moss’ spot and kept a target for Brady.
    The chargers would have got an instant threat that demands respect and can stretch the field , and Free up the double coverage on gates.
    Not to mention that the buzz would have filled the seats at the Q , lifted the blackouts and te chargers would have made money off the TV and jersey sales.
    AJ probably could have even gotten moss and a 3rd for VJ.

  39. if the trade happens, then it’s good for both teams, BUT doesnt Jackson have to miss games??? If it does happen though, it’s a good trade for both the teams involved. the Chargers could use Mankins (even though they dont need him) and get rid of Jackson. I think Jackson is good, but i also think he could be overrated too.

  40. I still think Vincent Jackson will be traded to the Skins.The Patriots can get Deion Branch since he knows their system and he was Tom Brady’s favorite WR.

  41. This is a mediocre receiver exchanging teams with great QB’s. While the pats are giving away a great guard who hates them and will own their ass every time he plays them. I hate the chargers but even they can’t screw this up. But then norv is coach. So it is week to week.
    GO CHIEFS 3-0. Undefeated biotch

  42. Calistin says:
    October 7, 2010 10:31 PM
    Vikings fans just checked their pants. Yup, outsmarted again. Surprised? We’re not…
    What? Outsmarted by who? We got one of the best WRs in the game for a 3rd round pick? Gosh, I hope we “get outsmarted” again and have to give up, like, a 2nd round pick for Andre Johnson. That would just be horrible. Please!!!!!

  43. @Calistin
    Bitter?? Why in the world would Vikes fans be upset about this? I’d take Moss over VJ any day of the week.

  44. Calistin says: October 7, 2010 10:31 PM
    Vikings fans just checked their pants. Yup, outsmarted again. Surprised? We’re not…
    Outsmarted? VJ is not as good as Moss, and he has way more problems off the field. You’ve got your story backwards there man, the Vikings made off like a bandit.

  45. this is coming from the guy who last reported that the Moss trade wasn’t happening.
    This trade is about as likely to happen as the Vikings turning around and trading Moss to the Packers for a 3rd round pick tomorrow.
    EVERY OTHER INSIDER has said no way this happens. Of course they said the same thing about Moss in 2006.

  46. doesn’t matter… we still got Moss. VJ isn’t even close to a comparison. VJ = VaJayJay

  47. Screw the Patriots, Bella-cheat needs to give up those draft picks and stop being stingy, they put themselves in there situation and now they can pay to get out of it, A 2nd and a 3rd. They sure enough made deals to benefit themselves. Take them to the cleaners Chargers, They need VJ and you guys don’t. Make them pay out the ass.

  48. yeah, seriously. you think that vincent jackson will be the better answer than randy moss? and, this would essentially need to be OK’ed by each player anyway. they’d both have to sign a contract before the team could trade them. chargers probably could use the guard though, mankins is solid. i’d say san diego is getting the better trade in that situation. i’m not completely sold on jackson as a top talent. either way, i dont think anybody would put him on randy moss’ level.

  49. I just don’t see it happening….
    Mankins will be a Patriot week 10 so he gets his credit for the year & doesn’t jepordize his unrestricted free agent status….will probably be gone next year if we don’t franchise him….
    VJ has too much baggage….not worth the risk & he’s not needed for what he’d cost to sign

  50. Makes no sense. VJ is sitting out for a new contract. He is holding out! And they complained about Moss? Can you say hypocrites??

  51. the chargers want the world for this guy, they wont trade him for anything. vincent jackson would be an approvement over an aging moss and mankins is easier to part with because they have enough offensive linemen.

  52. This won’t happen. Branch has been completely irrelevant since 2006, so the idea that he’s gonna be any sort of a stop-gap replacement for Moss is ridiculous. Moving Moss was a bum move.

  53. AJ won’t let a talent like Jackson go
    to an AFC rival like the Pats…unless
    he can make the Pats give him the farm.
    (he held out when dealing with the Vikes,
    and he doesn’t care about THEM…)

  54. If A.J. Smith doesn’t take this deal, he should be fired on the spot…there’s literally NO way he gets a better deal than this…

  55. I’m not buying any of this. Just like I didn’t fall for the Moss to Minnesota trade talk.
    Oh wait……

  56. people…it’s not about taking a deal straight up, it’s not that simple
    both teams have to agree with these two idiots on long term deals first
    very trick

  57. cameron says:
    October 7, 2010 9:23 PM
    The Chargers already have 2 really good guards. Why would they want Mankins?
    Mankins was a left tackle in college

  58. larz20 says:
    October 8, 2010 2:30 AM
    Makes no sense. VJ is sitting out for a new contract. He is holding out! And they complained about Moss? Can you say hypocrites??
    Jackson is 6 years YOUNGER than Moss.
    Who would it make more sense to give a long term deal to?

  59. Chris Mortensen and ESPN is reporting that Tom Brady is unhappy with his contract and won’t report to camp.

  60. Moss wont resign with the vikings next year 42-year old favre is barley breathing just look at his face???? its like he got caught cheating on his wiife or vice versa

  61. Would everyone stop calling “The Hoodie” a genius…didn’t he suck the big one in Cleveland?? The guy got lucky with Brady and had a great defense…

  62. @ switch1
    yea ur right the pats need VJ more than the chargers since theyre soooo stacked at receiver.. lmfao all they have is gates theyre era of winning is fkn over. even without moss ill take my WR’s over theres sry bout it

  63. Not going to happen.
    Curran was completely wrong about Moss staying.
    This is a media whore attention grab.

  64. Didn’t Adam Schefter from ESPN say this was never going to happen….I actually believe he said “two words…..not happenening” on his Twitter acct.

  65. Both asking prices are WAYY too high. Randy Moss went for a 3rd. Holmes for a 5th. Vincent Jackson is not worth a 1st and 3rd or a 2nd and 3rd. He just isn’t.
    Lord of No Rings: The Return

  66. Mr. Lagoo says:
    October 8, 2010 8:05 AM
    Would everyone stop calling “The Hoodie” a genius…didn’t he suck the big one in Cleveland?? The guy got lucky with Brady and had a great defense…
    Again, this is always a LAME argument! He did get the Browns to the playoffs.
    And check Bill walsh’s record without Montana, does that mean he was just “lucky”.

  67. Nice! Jackson’s numbers make Moss’ look mediocre.
    Either you’re joking, completely misinformed, or seriously medicated (ok, to be fair, you might also be is desperate need of serious medication). Have you actually taken a look at Moss’ stats since going to the Pats?
    2007: 1493 yards and 23 TDs
    2008: 1008 yards and 11 TDs and that’s with Cassell
    2009: 1264 yards and 13 TDs
    Now for Jackson over the same period.
    2007: 623 yards and 3 TDs
    2008: 1098 yards and 7 TDs
    2009: 1167 yards and 9 TDs
    Now, while Jackson’s numbers have been rock solid the last two seasons, he hardly makes Moss look mediocre. The one advantage you could give Jackson in any Jackson-Moss discussion is age. Jackson has a lot of talent, and as long as a team put the right clause in a contract to protect them should Jackson get himself suspended again, he’d be a great addition to any team.
    On that note, I really don’t get the Jackson as a locker room problem comments I’ve seen people make. His problems involve DUIs. He played out the final year of his contract without causing any problems in the locker room, despite the fact that the front office showed no sign of being willing to work on an extension. What he’s doing now is a business decision (whether you think it’s smart or dumb), and players understand that. The only way you could call Jackson a locker room problem is if he signs his tender and shows up with the sole intention of creating so many problems that they cut him. Then again, given the way that AJ already walked away from some real value in draft picks simply to keep Jackson in the situation he’s in, I probably wouldn’t blame Jackson if he took that approach later in the season. It would be unprofessional, but no more unprofessional than AJ has been to date.

  68. BB is nearly complete rebuilding the Patriots for the next 5 year run.
    All those picks next year.
    He’ll be drafting Pass rusher, Center, Left Tackle, RB and for depth. (Mark my words).
    Moss stretching the field is a joke.
    Who stretched the field during the SB’s?
    Deion Branch, Troy Brown?
    Try clogging up the middle double teaming Welker and the TE seam routes will burn you all day.
    Media whores jump on the double team/stretch the field angle and don’t explore the other options. The ones that have won SB’s for BB.
    Patriots TE’s will be the difference
    Gronk= Coates, Bavaro
    Hoping the PATS tank this year for a better draft position.
    Love to see 2 top 10 picks
    Big Picture, baby, Big Picture!!!

  69. I’d rather Logan just sit at home sweating while Dan Connolly fills his role with no problem.

  70. Not a chance.
    Not going to pay him what he wants which would mean bringing in a new reciever and paying him more than Welker.
    Not going to bring in a guy who is one step from a one year suspension.
    San Diego is going to make the Patriots stronger because………..?

  71. This will NOT happen. There is no way. Jackson is a prime example of what the Patriots do not tolerate. 1) Behavioral issues 2) Demands a LOT of money and does it in a childish way 3) Overvalued
    The Patriots made their name by doing “more with less”. They never overpay anyone, and if the player gets into a standoff with management, they are shipped off. How could anyone justify that the Patriots would trade for Jackson, even with the overload of picks they have. I think they are smoke screening to get someone else they think will be a discount and make ample contributions (i.e. Branch).

  72. “The Genius” needs to pull the trigger on a trade or two and unload some of his draft picks. Aren’t they talking about a much tighter salary cap for rookies in their next agreement? I would think that would make it difficult to sign them all.

  73. SoCalViking says:
    October 8, 2010 10:52 AM
    “The Genius” needs to pull the trigger on a trade or two and unload some of his draft picks. Aren’t they talking about a much tighter salary cap for rookies in their next agreement? I would think that would make it difficult to sign them all.
    Rookie Salary Cap would make it easier to sign them all.
    unproven top 10 picks wouldn’t get paid more then proven vets.
    No more crazy rookie deals.

  74. Tom Curran seems like a funny guy, and I’m sure other sportswriters like him, but he’s got no credibility:
    *dismissed Moss trade rumors late on Tuesday night
    *said Brady was in danger of missing the start of the 2009 season with a knee infection
    My dog is more connected to the inner-workings of the Patriots brain trust.

  75. Vincent Jackson to the Pats?
    Tom Curran needs to stop hangin w/Mr Balloon Hands and Mr Walkway

  76. Agree with much of the sentiment here – makes no sense for SD.
    If they wouldn’t trade Jackson to a non-conference team for two good picks, why on earth would they send a difference maker to a competitor in exchange for a player they don’t need? I agree with Logan’s agent…

  77. As a precaution..Bill better interview V Jack before he accepts a trade to NE if he likes Brady’s hair. NE can’t afford to lose too many Hall of Fame receivers because Tom doesn’t take comments about his hair.
    Forget his hair, Randy should have told Brady to grow a butt.

  78. Three way? Watch Seattle ship Branch to NE and take Jackson off SD’s hands. Not that it matters, 9rs will win the division anyhow, right?

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