Shawne Merriman could be gone before end of Chargers' season

Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has already missed two games this season and doesn’t have a sack yet in 2010. And he might not contribute any more to the Chargers this year, either.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Merriman may not remain a Charger much longer.

According to Acee, Merriman is on the trade block. But realistically, it’s hard to see why any team would trade anything for him. Although Merriman was once among the league’s best pass rushers, he has a grand total of four sacks in the last three seasons.

The fact that Merriman wouldn’t have provide value to any other team is a reminder, however, that Merriman doesn’t provide much value to the Chargers, either. Acee also floats the idea that the Chargers could release Merriman during the season, which would be a rather stunning move considering that Merriman just signed his one-year, $3.269 million tender less than two months ago.

Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith isn’t the type to keep players around when they’re no longer valuable, and Merriman hasn’t given the Chargers anything of value so far this season.

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  1. One can only wonder why his production dropped so dramatically the past few years; was it a result of the steroid bust, or was it the knee injuries … or BOTH?
    On the one hand, there is the satisfaction of a huge D-bag (I’m trying, Florio, really!) getting his “comeuppance”, on the other hand you wonder if a more “humble” Meriman could be just the type of player a Bill Belichick could revive and benefit from. This Patriots defense needs a spark, a leader, and a more focused Shane Merriman – a former rival! – could be just that spark…… and BB’s having just sent Randy Moss packing should show Merriman that he won’t tolerate BS.

  2. Wow. And to think so many people crucified Jerry Jones for picking Demarcus Ware instead of Merriman…Just goes to show most of the time it’s silly to dog/praise picks until there is time for things to shake out.

  3. They wont cut him. Its posturing by AJ to try and get him motivated IMO. Hes been injured for 3 yrs running and hasn’t been close to the player he was his first 2 years. Roster spots needed or not they are scanning waiver wires every week for OLB’s. He won’t be cut.
    Although most will come on here and say he isnt the same player since he was busted for violating the substance abuse policy, they really know nothing.
    He had 17 sacks the year he was suspended 4 games. 8 months after his dirty sample. He would have been DPOY had it not been for Jason Taylor putting on a dress and crying like a little girl about the possibility of Merriman getting it over him.
    Merriman’s time in SD is up at years end anyway. If he doesnt want to tank his career he needs to get on the field and prove he can play. Otherwise he will be viewed forever as a cheater who couldn’t overcome getting caught.

  4. The guy is injured, give him a break. No one wants to play more than he does, no one is more upset when the Chargers lose in the playoffs.

  5. He just does not have the same fire and intensity since the PED fiasco. I wonder if that hasanything to do with it….

  6. Once he got busted for PED’s, that was the end of him as dominant linebacker. I didn’t realize it would be the end of him as serviceable linebacker, too.

  7. Wouldn’t it be cute if Merriman turns out to be the guy TT ends up landing for Green Bay? I can see the Ghost cracking under the pressure of another season where goals are “somehow” not reached, and throws the fan base Shawn as the sacrificial lamb, thereby buying himself yet another year of “no championship” tenure.

  8. Wow… It’s amazing how no one mentions how his numbers declined after he got busted for juicing. Roids made him who he was. Lord knows if he would have been a Raider, we would have been constantly reminded he was a cheater.

  9. Trading him is a possibility if they had a suitor (they don’t)
    Releasing him won’t happen – they have a lb on IR, 3 hurt, 1 healthy – they need all they can at thus point
    Even AJ isn’t enough of an egomaniac to dump him when he’d owe him full salary anyway

  10. Great cause the Saints could use any linebackers they could get. Right now they have Vilma and who ever they find outside the dome that day.

  11. dear pft filterers: why cant we ever say anything bad about ur pipsqueak colleague rodney harrison? he’s not man enought to take criticism thats right i forgot.

  12. Wow – he’s got no sack this year – what does that REALLY mean? This appears to mean that his cessation of “go-juice” does have physical implications…just sayin’

  13. He can come on down and cary water for the world champs! we are set at defence but we could use a water boy.

  14. # NawlinsRaider says: October 7, 2010 11:37 AM
    Wow… It’s amazing how no one mentions how his numbers declined after he got busted for juicing. ————————————————————-
    Everyone mentions it. Thats what he’s known for. Well that and getting blowed up by MJD.
    He had 17 sacks in 12 games the year he had to sit 4 games for the dirty sample. He had 12.5 sacks the year after that. But dont let facts disrupt your hating.
    Your post couldn’t be any more wrong than it is.

  15. maybe when he is released he can buy a ticket and help them avoid future blackouts??? or get a job as a half time performer doing his queer little sack dance??? how does that dance go again? haven’t seen it in ages.

  16. He’s a hard worker but he just isn’t the same anymore since he had that knee injury. And then was an idiot and didn’t get surgery on it until after game 1 of the next season. And now this season he sat out training camp and arrived not ready for the beating he’d take and promptly got hurt again.
    I’ll be surprised if he’s still on the team at the end of the year.

  17. He came on strong his first three seasons and the knees killed him now he’s got this reputation to uphold that he is and still can be the player he was before the roids bust. I work in the medical field and I’ve herd plenty of surgeons say that the injury he sustained is hard to come back from at the position he plays. Didn’t say it was impossible though!!!! So you have this guy trying to revive a career from injury to prove he didn’t need the PED’s, but you throw in the knee and the planter faciatus on top of it with a contract year your getting no production, and he doesn’t seem like he wants to play I say put him on IR and let him rot on the bench.
    SM is the product of an over hyped player.

  18. @drew brees face smudge –
    last time i checked – the old, whiney, little girl in a dress, JT was making 4 mil per year and still sacking QBs and making plays on a first place team…in a real division.

  19. Shawne, that address again is One Bills Dr. Orchard Park, NY. You are more than welcome in Buffalo.

  20. If he’s released Al Davis Give him a call and an incentive based deal. Switch to a 3-4 and make him play Inside Backer. Would be best bet for stooping the Run. He won’t be effective outside as he’s lost a step.

  21. I highly doubt they’re going to cut the guy.
    They’ve been hit hard with injuries at the linebacker position, already losing Tucker for the year. English is out. Siler and Merriman are both hurting.
    But for Merriman’s sake, he needs to get back on the field. He’s on his way to being the player that inspired him to be #56…Lavar Arrington. Good career ended early by a bad knee. On his way…or maybe…there already.

  22. Another brilliant move by AJ!!
    3 mil + to a line backer that can’t play.
    squeeze your left tackle till he holds out.
    Basically run off your #1 WR.
    oh yea and not resign his HOF RB.
    ALL of that in a year.
    If they did not play in the west they might not have a winning season…..but they do.

  23. Krank- You can only play who your scheduled to play.
    And until the schedule makers force the Chargers to play teams like Indy, New England, Cincinatti, Tenn, Houston and the only undefeated team in the NFL (KC) you should shut your mouth.
    PS – Chargers play ALL of the aformentioned teams this year!!! WTF are you talking about????
    FYI every single division in football averages 1 great team and one good team. The rest are cannon fodder. Pay attention and you might learn something…..

  24. i think the Redskins could look at him in a trade, but i dont see him being traded unless someone offers a 3rd round pick, Carolina could use a pass rusher, but i doubt they go after him.

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