Tiki Barber: If people hate me, they hate me

As he was inducted into the Giants’ ring of honor on Sunday night, Tiki Barber was loudly booed. But Barber says he’s fine with that.

“It’s going on four years now they’re booing me,” Barber said on Showtime’s Inside the NFL. “I think it stems from how I left the New York Giants. I retired at the top of my career. A lot of people didn’t want me to leave because of how effective I had become as a player, and I went directly into the broadcast booth. . . . I never wanted to compromise myself as a broadcaster by being overly friendly to the organization I played for.”

Far from being overly friendly, Barber has seemed at times to be overly critical of the Giants. Fans of the team, as well as many of his former teammates, haven’t seemed to appreciate that.

One former teammate in particular, Antonio Pierce, has said he didn’t like Barber, but Barber said that doesn’t bother him.

“It’s fine because I didn’t like him either,” Barber said of Pierce. “Antonio doesn’t like me because I criticized him for blowing an air horn when he got asked questions about how poorly the Giants’ defense was playing. That’s just unprofessional, and I tell it like it is, and I think that’s one of the issues with Giants fans: I don’t sugarcoat anything.”

Barber is certainly right that Pierce was unprofessional to blow the air horn, but the issue many Giants fans have with Barber is that he sometimes comes across like he’s going out of his way to attack the Giants.

Barber says he’s just trying to be an honest reporter.

“I’ve never wanted to come into broadcasting and be a guy who says a whole lot but says nothing,” Barber said. “I’ve always wanted to be succinct and to the point about what my opinion is, based on what my experiences are. And if people hate me for that, they hate me. I’ve never been someone who said you have to love me in order for me to do my job or you have to hate me in order for me to be able to do my job. I’ve just wanted to tell the truth as I’ve experienced it.”

Barber said he never considered skipping the ring of honor induction ceremony even though he knew he’d be booed, and that he’s proud of what he did as a Giant.
“I left every bit of myself on the football field,” Barber said. “I would challenge anybody who ever saw me play to say otherwise.”

86 responses to “Tiki Barber: If people hate me, they hate me

  1. Barber is right of course. While he has his own issues as a broadcaster, we can only wish that more reporters were not afraid to take a less sugarcoated view of the old teams. Take a listen while Cowher talks about the Steelers, Harrison the Pats and so on, it get sickening and clearly shows their bias.
    Hell, even on this site people complain Gruden doesn’t tell it like it really is. So its hypocritical to say that while at the same time criticize Barber for telling it like he sees it without pulling punches just because they are his old team.

  2. “I think it stems from how I left the New York Giants. I retired at the top of my career. A lot of people didn’t want me to leave because of how effective I had become as a player…”
    no, people hate him because he was a prick to the team when he left. no class.

  3. when asked while still playing if he ever went back to his high school and talked to the players he said “ya i did untill i became a superstar” hahah superstar you are not tiki. i had no problem him till then now i’m one of the ones that hates his arrogant ass.

  4. Blowing the airhorn is almost as unprofessional as screwing around with some intern while you have a pregnant wife at home.

  5. Tiki, left off something:
    “However, I did compromise myself as a broadcaster by being overly friendly to the intern I hired.”

  6. Tiki’s theme song is “animal I have become” by THree days grace. He may have become a great player, but he has no morals, no conscious and is an uninteresting reporter.

  7. Im not a giants fan, but what I didn’t like about Tiki, is the way he came out and basically mocked Eli for the way he would give a speech in the locker room. That is going above and beyond “being honest.” Definitely a dick move.

  8. What exactly does Tiki do these days (other than leave his pregnant wife to bang college coeds, of course)?

  9. We don’t hate you Tiki, we just think you are a totally self-absorbed jerk, bad teammate, a guy who criticized the very coach who turned his career around, and someone who obsessively potshots the team who paid him millions in order to advance his own broadcasting career, although that career is now in the tank because you slept around on your pregnant wife. If we need to hear from you again, we’ll just google “douchebag giganticus”.

  10. “Bottom line was the Giants won a Superbowl without him.”
    And?? Likely due to a lack of a supporting cast of players doing their jobs. Funny how an individual can be given to much credit for team success or to much blame for team failures.
    It is like blaming Roy Halladay for the Jays not getting to the post season.

  11. People don’t dislike because you retired at the top of your game, Tik, they dislike because you’re a narcissistic ego maniacal douchebag who cheated on and then left his pregnant wife.
    Which part of that didn’t you understand?

  12. While Barber has had quite a few PR nightmares since his retirement, it’s still pretty classless to boo him at his ceremony.

  13. There are so many announcers who played football that talk about the team they played for
    all the time. Like that team is the best. You get tired of it.
    Aikman talks cowboy to much. Simms can’t shut his mouth. I could go on and on.
    You have to turn the sound off to enjoy the game.
    They know it all.

  14. During his fumble years, I worked with Tiki about a half a dozen times. He was always on time, cordial, courteous, and never turned a fan away. Obviously, his performance in those days, or lack there of, keep him grounded. What Tiki has sadly forgotten is there is a difference between telling the truth and being vindictive. Shame that a guy that was once quite pleasant became such an egotistical ass. Despite his lack of a ring, he could have retired a legend in the City. Instead, he is reviled. If that’s his new definition of being “professional”, he is flat out wrong. And it shows in that his career in broadcasting continues to spiral downward.

  15. Hmm… so I guess the fact that most Giants fans hate him has nothing to do with him being a scumbag. Interesting.

  16. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE, Tiki. People hate you because, first you put yourself above the team. Then you put yourself above your marriage, abandoning your twin-pregnant wife…for some chippy/of-the-month. The fact that you’ve FAILED as s broadcaster makes your defenses all the more silly.
    People hate you because you are a phony. There’s nothing real about you and when that blonde trollop you left your wife for “hits the wall”, you’ll be leesving her, too. “a bad man. You are a very bad man”.

  17. “I left every bit of myself on the football field,” Barber said. “I would challenge anybody who ever saw me play to say otherwise.”
    Everybit of himself and occaisionally the ball too.

  18. Maybe he got booed and people hate him for leaving his pregnant (with twins) wife for a young intern.
    And he’s no reporter. Have you ever seen him on the today show?
    Tired of these retired athletes thinking thinking they can automatically become a journalist. A slap in the face to people that actually went to school for it.

  19. I think the booing has to do with the type of person he is, not the player he was. He left his wife , who was pregnant with twins, for an intern. A real stand up guy, that Tiki Barber (eye roll).

  20. Tiki, people don’t like you because you think you’re well read or well bred or well anything. They don’t like you because you cheated on your wife with some young slut while your wife was about to give birth to twins……..dah??? That and the fact that you are an arrogant and tactless person. I believe even the station you worked for at the time fired you (or found some reason to let you go) when you were slutting with that floozy? Me, I could care less but you need to take a look at how you are percieved because in your line of work it means everything. Stop thinking you’re above everybody and take a step back, look at who and what you really are.

  21. “I think it stems from how I left the New York Giants.”
    Yeah, Tiki, you’re right. Maybe the booing also has something to do with how you left your 8-month pregnant wife (who’s hot, by the way) for a pretty little blond intern that you worked with. And you call someone else out on professionalism?

  22. lmao @ “left at the top of my game…”
    why because you finally figured out how to not put the ball on the turf? dude was never anything special, and def isnt anything to cheer about in the broadcast booth anyway.
    i’ll take an unprofessional Antonio Pierce over a self centered, over hyped, finger pointing, soft a** fumbling 2nd string RB any day….
    plus isn’t he a dead beat dad as well….

  23. I don’t hate him, but the coach there changed hin from a known fumbler, to a boardline HOFer. And he hates him and tries to screw him by talking about retireing while playing that last year. And what he said about Eli the first week on the job was just wrong. So I’m glad he played for my team, but I wouldn’t want him around otherwise.
    P.S. A good idea to be liked, is not to cheat on you prego wife!

  24. Talk about delusional PR spin … They aren’t mad cuz he “left at the top of his game…”
    Truth is he’s been nothing but about HIMSELF for years … His self-absorbed act grew tired. And as “Follies” notes, the Giants won the title without him.
    In addition, his infidelity confirmed to many what a creep he truly is ….

  25. The problem isnt that he left the Giants at the top of his career, its that he never knew when to STFU. Time and time again he would criticize the coaching staff to the media. His retirement dance was also a distraction to the team. He had a Tony Dungy like “holier than thou” attitude that doesnt go over well with the average fan. Basically the guy was an all around A-hole who thought by talking with fancy words, he would sound smart. He thought he would turn into as major TV personality, and he flopped.
    the best part was, his timing couldnt have been any dumber as the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl the very next year. Trust me when I tell you, there is not one giants fan that misses, or cares about Tiki Barber. He was a good player, no doubt. But a rotten guy. Take a good look at what he did to his wife. That pretty much sums up this guy in a nutshell

  26. jimmySee says:
    October 7, 2010 10:47 AM
    Tiki was a great player — anyone who booed him needs to get a life.
    Anyone who is such a hero worshipping fan boy that he thinks you should cheer for a person who would leave his wife when she is pregnant with twins just because he happened to be a good player needs to get a life.

  27. I think we’d all be better off (and by “we,” I mean anyone who isn’t in his family) by not thinking about Tiki Barber any more.

  28. what he did to Eli and the coach on that superbowl year was very unprofessional and cowardly. And since he was describing things that he said happened when he was playing, it tainted his playing career as well.
    He has to live with that. Its all on him. I would have booed him too. If I was Giants ownership, he wouldn’t be on the ring of honor. Because he has no honor. I might put him on the ring of good running backs.

  29. The guy is a bit full of himself. He claims to have left a bit of himself on the field but his biggest problem is the part of himself that he left inside a college co-ed, while married with kids.
    The guy is a sleazebag and somehow his career which famously did not include a Superbowl gives him a free pass? Don’t think so, we don’t hate you Tiki, we just think you’re an asshole.

  30. Tiki, dude, how can you have ‘retired at the top of [your] career’ and have ‘left it all on the field’ at the same time?

  31. Tiki was recently let off the hook for speeding by Long Island cops because they were fans. Cop is friend of mine. Shameful. This guy is a db of epic proportions.

  32. I immediately logged on to this to point out that his problem is that he’s a poor excuse for a human being. Whoops, guess I was a little late to this party. Florio, i can’t believe you didn’t point that out in your piece. It’s obvious the public feels pretty strongly about it- oh, and he’s a crappy broadcaster- just watch reruns of the Olympics.

  33. Maybe it was the fact that he criticized his former team, called out his coach, and through Eli under the bus. And maybe , just maybe, he gets booed because he left his wife pregnant with twins two months before she gave birth. Yup, He ‘s got class! (Sarcasm)

  34. Still bitter at Tiki for a blown fumble call that cost the Skins the game back in ’03 or so.
    Just an awful (non) call.

  35. Dear Tiki,
    That must be one hell of a young girl you left your pregnant wife as well as your children for. They must be proud of you. Wait to be a role model to your kids as well.
    Oh, that intern. Yea, she is classy. Let me see, she can go out with any single or divorced guys, but she is having sex with a guy who’s wife is very pregnant.
    She is a real keeper, don’t let her go. And boy, can she pick classy, moral guys.
    Yea, the Giant fans hate you because you left on top. Kind of like the Browns fans hate Jim Brown when he left on top. NOT.

  36. @thewholetruth
    He is persona non grata in NY / NJ and apparantly everywhere else.
    On those occassional moments when I see his face on my TV I just change the channel, or if I am lazy I have my dog change the channel.

  37. He’s still on TV? I thought he got dumped when he cheated on his wife. If he didn’t he should have. What a jerk. How very different he and Rhonde are.

  38. Well, the reason why the fans don’t like Tiki is because Tiki is a jerk. He was a jerk while a Giant, he was a jerk to his teammates (I believe Strahan has said some not nice things to say about Tiki before Strahan retired), and he was a jerk to fans. Overall, he’s not a likable person.
    As far as journalism goes, he’s pretty awful at this. He is the quintessential example of why former players shouldn’t be allowed in booths or as analysts. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

  39. As one of the thousands that booed him at the Ceremony – I think Tiki needs to increase his meds, if he thinks people dislike him for the fact that he retired at the top of his career.
    Strahan retired at the top too. But he gets plenty of cheers. He was a team player.
    Tiki criticized the coaching staff in the media while playing. Tiki quit on his team in the middle of the season – announcing he was not coming back. Tiki has gone out of his way to diss the Giants – Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin – who saved his career, etc.
    He has disgraced himself based on how he treats his own family.
    Tiki is like the guy who needs to believe he is the smartest one in the room – even if he isn’t.
    Tiki – don’t go away mad. Just go away

  40. If Tiki hadn’t been such a big distraction as “Mr. Broadcaster” they could have probably won the Super Bowl with him. He did go out at the top of his game. But he definitely wasn’t a team leader who was betting it all on the moment. Who knows if that was the top of his game. I think retirement years kinda suck things up for other guys who are facing the cut line. When Mr. Broadcaster is looking ahead to superstardom as a broadcaster, how can he really give a shit about the playoffs.

  41. What a self-delusional narcissist!!! No one wasbooing you because you left at the “top” of your game. They are booing you because you are a selfish, self-centered egotist that stabbed Eli in the back on the way out, stabbed Coughlin in the back, oh yeah, and stabbed your pregnant-with-twins wife in the back with another woman. You’re a Peasant Tiki! A downright charade of class and intelligence. Capping your teeth and smiling pretty for the camera don’t make you a person worth cheering. BUM!

  42. Do any of you have the mailing address for the Tiki Barber fan club?
    (crickets, crickets, tumbleweed . . . )
    No one?? Really?
    Okay, I’ll just look it up myself . . . .

  43. Wow, where to begin. Back in the day, on Sundays, more often than not, I was thrilled to have Barber on my side. No question he had talent on the football field. That was reason enough to like him. After he left, he has done nothing to warrant any support or cheers! Of course, the fans are gonna be more loyal to the current team than to retired players. All you need to do is look at two famous criticisms of the Giants. The first came before the Superbowl season, trashing Manning and Coughlin. Then came the Superbowl. I used to have a video of Tiki wearing a suit and tie interviewing Eli who was wearing Superbowl champions shirt and hat, and it was fun to watch every time. Not a peep from Tiki after that. Then, after the statute of limitations ran out on that SB win, so to speak, and at the first time of trouble, he pounced again. Why couldn’t he have waited until after the ceremony? Because he loves attention, good or bad. What a loser.

  44. Great stuff Giants fans.
    As a Pats fan I am still bitter about your lucky Superbowl victory, but man, I have gained some respect for you guys with your putting shithead Tiki in his place. 1 out of 56 comments is pro-Tiki. Wow!
    Nice work.

  45. Wake up Tiki. People hate you because of what you did to your wife and kids. Even my three-year-old says “What a bad daddy” any time your polished head shows up on TV.

  46. Oh those upstanding Giant turds! From Gifford to Parcells to LT to Strahan to Tiki – just good, solid family men and role models. From flight attendants to sleeping with a male friend in his one bedroom apartment to interns to underage prostitutes – just good, solid lifestyle choices. That’s 5 0f 30 “men of honor” for the Giants. Good work! Stewardesses, cocaine and whores, oh my! Hail!

  47. Happened to catch Tiki being interviewed on the Morning Joe Show by Miki Brzezinski the year he retired. Right in the middle of the interview he asks her to go out to dinner with him. Unbelievable; what a classless troll.

  48. Tiki,
    We don’t hate you because you “retired at the top of your career.” Believe me that is not the case….at all. We hate you because you run your mouth about the team and the stunt you pulled leaving your wife. Win a Super Bowl and then you earn the right to talk trash about your former team otherwise just keep it closed.

  49. He’s a good reporter but you know the fact that the Giant’s won a Super Bowl right after he retired eats away at him. He regrets that and he wears it on his face.

  50. Tiki’s fading broadcasting career is a direct reflection of him as a former pro footballer, husband, and man.
    Fox has a history of hiring infamous characters and giving them a mike.

  51. Slow Joe says:
    October 7, 2010 10:42 AM
    While Barber has had quite a few PR nightmares since his retirement, it’s still pretty classless to boo him at his ceremony.
    No better not to care about the character & morals of your players. You would know all about that giving Mike Vick a standing ovation. You have no credibility as an hypocritical Eagle fan posting on Giant players. SHUT UP SLOW JOE

  52. Tiki admitted ripping former teammates just to establish himself as an “professional” broadcaster. Going overboard to criticize one team is not professional.
    His personal life is none of my business, but it’s ironic that he sacrificed his teammates to establish his “professionalism” in his broadcast career … then he sacrificed his broadcast career because he could not behave professionally with his staff.
    I’m not a Giants fan and have no ax to grind with Barber. I just don’t enjoy watching him because he appears to be very arrogant.

  53. It was his mocking of Eli’s leadership which did it for me- pointless and classless, and proven the next year to be inaccurate. And he also started talking about his impending retirement halfway through his final year, another loser move.

  54. Prior to TC being the coach Tiki could not hold on to the ball TC taught him how to hold the ball high and tight
    Then Tiki leaves and the first words out of his mouth are anti TC
    Tiki is a low class scum his name in the ring of Honor is a joke
    Why would the fans care if he left we won it all the next year.

  55. Kinda like Rich Gannon when he calls a Raider game from the booth. These guys always seem to imply “this team cannot succeed without me”. That’s what I get from this behavior. The Giants won the Super Bowl as soon as Tiki left. That just HAD to hurt. “Yeah, but look at everything they’re doing wrong!” lol.

  56. Giants fans don’t hate him because he goes out of his way to be overly critical of the Giants. They hate him because he goes out of his way to be a pompous ass. And I am a Giants fan…who owns a Tiki Barber jersey. Awesome.

  57. Tiki Barber is one of the great running backs of all time, I don’t know how you can boo a guy like that. If you don’t care for what he says, then understand that is he’s right for speaking freely. That guy gave a lot to that Giants organization.

  58. The quote, “”I’ve always wanted to be succinct and to the point about what my opinion is, based on what my experiences are. And if people hate me for that, they hate me.” is a perfect example of the problem Tiki. A person who makes such a statement can only do if he can be viewed as a moral authority. If such a statement is made by a person of integrity, people may not always be crazy about what you say, but they respect the person making the statement (like Tom Coughlin). When the team is down 1-2 and you’re taking pot shots at a coach everyone knows you have never liked it comes across as disingenuous and fake. The smirking tone of your words gives you away.

  59. Don’t flatter yourself Tiki. You’re a d-bag and the Giants won the SB without you. Suck it you big-headed prick.

  60. Nah…for those who are conscientious…we’d know that most ‘booers’ are leftist morons…the booes were subconscious hate toward the fact that he is ‘real’ and worked for the THE PEOPLE’s News Network…Fox. C’mon let’s be aware now….Go Barber for being another up and coming ‘real’ person….like WE THE PEOPLE are rising up to stand up the this deceptive administration this November…Barber is rising up to stand up to the leftist morons that permeate the NFL….

  61. Sounds a lot like Troy Aikman calling a Cowboys game, he is wretched. He seems to go out of his way to not be biased and in doing so is very critical of everything the Cowboys do. There is enough to be critical about with the Cowboys, I don’t need Aikman piling on.

  62. Yea, if Philly fans treated McNabb the way Giants fans treat Tiki we’d be hearing about it for the next 55 years.
    Tiki is right, NY fans can’t stand to hear anything but sunshine and puppies about themselves, their city, and their team.
    That said, he’s a pompous jerk.

  63. # Mooch says: October 7, 2010 12:59 PM
    PS – Giants fans, good job by you to boo that dirtball!
    Another Eagle fan giving Vick a standing ovation & calling Tiki a dirt ball.
    No matter what Tiki is, he’s still country miles ahead of your QB for behavior & morals. At least he isn’t spreading VD.
    The hypocrisy of Eagle fans is never ending.

  64. @JayPhilly
    Just cheer for your animal torturing & killing, herpes spreading QB. It’s amazing to see the amount of Eagle fans that gave that sadistic selfish thug a standing ovation & are wearing his jersey now trashing other NFL fans.
    Mc Nabb was a class act & you all treated him like a loser. Keep cheering that slug you now have at QB & post how other players are such jerks.
    As always Eagle fans want to act like they are abused, look no further than the comment here to see why they are the NFL’s most hated fans.

  65. BlackMagic,
    That is like saying because you think Hitler was a dirtball you can’t criticize Vick. Because Vick, ya know, didn’t start the Holocaust.
    Silly argument, now go don your LT #56 jersey with pride. Or maybe the Plax or Christian Peter throwbacks. Maybe a Tito Wooten?

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