Bernard Berrian gets the message

Once the trade that brought receiver Randy Moss home to Minnesota was reported as a done deal, we pointed out that the biggest loser in the transaction would be receiver Bernard Berrian, who has done little to bond with quarterback Brett Favre in 21 total games.

On Friday, Berrian showed up unannounced at the team’s media room and held court for eight minutes, according to Tom Pelissero of 

“Anytime a player’s reps get cut or anything of that nature happens, a
player’s never going to be happy,” Berrian said.  “But it’s just the way . . . my attitude
has to change

While Berrian apparently won’t be dropped from the rotation completely, he doesn’t sound all that enthusiastic about a procedure that will see him entering and exiting the game.  “It’s definitely a little more tricky especially when guys are coming
in, coming out,” Berrian said.  “You don’t know really what’s going on.  It’s a little bit
harder to find out what your role is but you just have to take your
shots and roll with it.”

Though Berrian hasn’t asked for a trade (yet), it’s clear that he’s not happy with his new reality.  “You guys are talking about roles,” Berrian said.  “It’s hard to figure out your role when stuff starts getting

But stuff wouldn’t be getting chopped for Berrian if Berrian had stepped up, especially in the absence of Sidney Rice.  Berrian has yet to win Brett’s confidence, and that directly has contributed to the “break glass in the event of emergency”-style decision to bring back one of the most exciting, enigmatic, and unpredictable receivers of this or any era.

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  1. Is this I am a massive Vikings fan, and I am getting sick of all of the Vikings talk.

  2. STFU Berrian…you are a worthless receiver and we paid you too much…do you think you can go be productive elsewhere?? Fat chance you Ocho reality tv wanna be….and I thought this BEFORE Moss showed up!!! You didn’t step up man!!
    You care more about your f*cking clothes and nails than football….

  3. Bernard must have known he could only give the boys the perception that he was an NFL reciever for so long.Nice knowing you number umm ah well,sorry I cant rember his number.

  4. He belongs with the Ravens, anyhow.
    Not because they need him, but if he doesn’t make it as a receiver he can always be their mascot with those bird legs he’s wearing.
    He’s never pulled away from anybody and has more tackles on AP than most secondary’s thanks to DB’s tossing him around like a little girl.

  5. I really liked Berrian when he was in Chicago, but everyone except the Vikings knew they WAY over-payed for this guy. Another WR that got paid and expected to be treated like a super star, even though he did nothing to earn it on the field.

  6. he had a 99 yrd td. and a punt ret.
    and two td’s against the pack last year.
    i know he has struggled but he has made big plays. he just is not consistent, or worth the salary.

  7. Dude has alligator arms and can’t run a pattern to save his life. He jobbed the Vikes for Millions …cut bait and send this clown up the road!

  8. BB played well 2 yrs ago. Problem is he had a huge fumble in the NFC Championship. Dropped a sure first down on the 10 against the Saints on opening day. Dropped another first down in the red zone against the Dolphins & failed to turn inside on a sure TD that turned into an INT. Also after another INT he didn’t turn back for ALA Sidney Rice he complained to the refs instead of touching the DB, adding a 12 yd runback to a play that should have been dead at the spot of the INT. He dropped a couple against the Lions. That’s just his last 4 games. What a deep slide.

  9. BB had some big catches in the NFC Champ game but had a huge fumble, has the drops this year. Has not earned the money.
    BB is not, nor has he ever been a go up and get the ball type receiver ala Sidney or Moss, maybe on a fade once in awhile but never on a long pass.
    The Vikings had to know that when they signed him.
    They are either going to go on a tear or fold like origami.

  10. you have got to be kidding me Btwice. the thing that you are overlooking is that, if you didn’t drop nearly every pass and muff nearly every punt, people probably wouldn’t be talking about you like this. moss probably wouldn’t be here and you probably wouldn’t be riding pine over guys like basket and lewis who, lets face it, are both terrible. seriously Btwice go F&#K yourself.

  11. Btwiced should realize this is an opportunity if he’s on the same field with Moss. They could stretch both sides and open everything up.

  12. ya he should be happy he is still on the team. he can be mad all he wants. he had his chance to prove that he could be our #1. he didn’t. shut up and play when your number is called now. think of it this way berrian. your getting payed well for not doing much during game days. at least now we don’t expect anything from you come game days. maybe i’m bein harsh but whatever. he will still catch passes. but he shouldn’t be mad, he had his chance.

  13. “It’s definitely a little more tricky especially when guys are coming in, coming out.”
    Good thing Childress doesn’t have trouble subbing guys in and out of the game

  14. That Lovie Smith is a really smart guy.
    Childress must be sleeping great about now.
    Probably thinking about what he is going to do after his football career is over….which could be Tuesday morning.

  15. Love it when the Vikings fans use the collective “we,” as if they suited up in those God awful lavender uniforms.

  16. There is a kid I know who wouldn’t trade Berrian for anything. He figured he would put up Sidney Rice numbers. Now, the moron dropped him cuz you (Bernard Berrian) absolutely suck

  17. I’ve watched Berrian. He is ABSOLUTELY PITIFUL. He is NOT a playmaker.
    sorry to have to say this about a Bruh, but he was just as subpar in chicago.

  18. Big payday for a guy who had 1 decent year in purple.
    He should go laugh his ass to the bank. Thats about the only route he can handle these days.

  19. Hey Pervy, Berrian can’t be your excuse to your shortcomings as a team!
    How’s that taste in your mouth? You know, that taste of 8-8!

  20. Like I said 6-3 after 9 games then finish 11-5 at worst 12-4 at best. Moss makes everyone better install a Wildcat for the Jets that wakes up everyone Moss just runs Berrian and Harvins plays plus the streeet game he palyed when Randall Cunningham was a Viking. Lets face it this is the BEST OFFENSE in Football with the 2nd or 3rd best Defense, only Special Teams remains a problem, Juggernaut Grandson at the SuperBowl !!!

  21. Berrian will cease to be relevent to any of this discussion by the time Monday Night has concluded.

  22. Just get a step of separation and catch the ball. At an absolute minimum watch up close how Moss uses his bodies, timing, deception and stop a ball from being intercepted. Now’s your chance.

  23. Tjackfan,
    You picked up the right vibes. It turns out, Florio’s Luv Team is the Vikings, dating back to his childhood, the Purple People Eaters, the winless superbowls, etc. Over the years on this website, Florio has essentially admitted it, but not in so many words. His heart throbs for the Vikes still, he knows endless Vike trivia, and he cannot keep is brain off the tiniest of Vike storylines.

  24. Berrian sucked when he was a Bear and he still sucks. I doubt more playing time is going to make him any better than he already isn’t.

  25. Berrian sucked when he was a Bear and he still sucks. I doubt more playing time is going to make him any better than he already isn’t.

  26. He and Shiancoe were overpaid at the time because our passing game was so terrible that coming here was seen as career suicide. Shiancoe rose to the occasion when things improved. When Berrian was given his big shot, he failed miserably.
    I wouldn’t say that Berrian was an FA bust because really he wasn’t all that crazy good in the first place. He just had to be paid a lot to come to a team that, at the time, was going to result in his numbers being weak.
    Berrian is a 3 technique WR. That’s all he can do. So when he’s needed to be in a bigger role he’s useless. Berrian is a mediocre field stretcher and nothing more. A rich man’s Greg Lewis.

  27. $44 million and for what? If you listen to the Viking fans, their front office is the smartest in the world so this signing, along with the use of a first rounder for a WR with hands of cement go against that claim.

  28. Name one other team in the NFC North that this guy would be a #3 or better.
    He best STFU and be happy he still gets a check this week.

  29. Berrian being worried about possibly having to come into and out of the game for certain plays says all you need to know about his intellect. His wonderlic score must have be off the chart, off the bottom of it.

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