Kyle Orton a symbol of huge passing numbers early this year

K. Orton.jpgBy now, you’ve probably heard the stat.  Kyle Orton has thrown for the second most passing yards through four weeks of anyone in NFL history.

The stat seems so ridiculous that we you almost can’t take it seriously, especially in a season where Michael Vick is reborn and Randy Moss is traded to the Vikings.  If you predicted any of this two months ago, people would have said you were insane.  (Kyle Orton’s top receiver is Brandon freaking Lloyd!)

Orton is easily on pace to break Dan Marino’s passing record through four games, but it’s worth noting he’s not the only one.  Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers are both on pace for over 5,300 yards — more than 200 more than Marino finished with.

Now, of course it’s unlikely all three players will make a serious run at the record.  They are only forced to throw because of weak defenses and running games.

would definitely trade in passing yards for offensive balance, no
question about it,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said on Friday. “You do have to
give [Orton] credit for what he has done. He’s really executed our
offense, executed our game plan — under difficult circumstances.”

Those circumstances include a 2.2 average on rushing attempts and a shady defense.  Manning’s big start comes alongside an uncharacteristically poor Colts pass defense and a now-typically inept running game.

While Orton is helping my wife’s fantasy football team, the Broncos know they need to improve the rest of their team to get where they want.

“It’s only four games!” receiver Eddie Royal told Mike Klis the Denver Post with a laugh. “I don’t think we care about any of that. The only record we care about is wins and losses.”

27 responses to “Kyle Orton a symbol of huge passing numbers early this year

  1. That’s right people. Watch Kyle “The Hammer” Orton teach no names like Tom Brady and Ben Rapeyouinthebathroomstallberger how it’s done. Orton power! Excelsior!

  2. He threw for 152 last year vs ravens and that was with Brandon Marshall and a healthy Knowshon Moreno on the field. I’m guessing his record setting pace comes to a screeching halt this Sunday.

  3. Chargers have the #1 rated defense. Their D is not “weak” but their ST’s have been. Their running game has also been doing well and is by no means weak. Let’s try to use some facts in these articles.

  4. Uh…so you’re saying that the Broncos traded multiple picks…all their best players…in the hope that one day Tebow is as good as….they guy they already have ???

  5. The Donks and Colts have weak defenses and bad running games, but the Chargers don’t. The Chargers have the No.1 overall offense and are No. 3 in passing and No. 10 in rushing. And they have the No. 2 overall defense.

  6. I like how they talk about possibly breaking records 4 weeks into the season.. It’d be like if someone throws for 400 yards week 1 and they say OMG they are on pace to throw for over 6,000 yards!

  7. Wait a sec. You think it’s weird that Orton is a leading passer because Moss was traded to the vikes? How many yards has moss accumulated in a vike jersey so far?

  8. KyleOrtonsArm says: October 8, 2010 9:27 AM
    “That’s right people. Watch Kyle “The Hammer” Orton…”
    Wow. You’re 2-2 against teams with a combined record of 8-8. Neither the Broncos or any of their opponents so far have a winning record.
    Quite the juggernaut you got there.
    / smirk

  9. Chargers running game has improved from #31 to #8, and defense is #1 right now.
    Check your facts dude.

  10. They are only forced to throw because of weak defenses and running games.
    Yeah, pretty much like Dan Marino was the year he set the record.
    Consistently huge passing yardage is almost always the sign of bad running games and bad defenses.

  11. # TomBrady’sHairStylist says: October 8, 2010 9:54 AM
    no names like TomBrady ?? he is a future HOF
    Get used to hearing that whooshing sound. It’s life going over your head.

  12. Weak defense just held Chris Johnson to 5o-something yards. Yeah. And Chargers fans would do well to remember that they’ve beaten…
    1. A Jaguars team that never, ever wins on the West Coast and
    2. the Derek Anderson Cardinals.
    But yes. by all means, act like you’ve won something. It’s what you all–all 15 of you that aren’t actually Raiders fans–do best.

  13. Kyle Orton was starting to come on in Chicago before Brandon Lloyd got injured and he was left with no receivers.
    I specifically remember telling my buddy who is a big Bears fan that I thought they were idiots for giving Denver Kyle Orton along with all those picks for Jay “I have a stronger arm than Elway” Cutler! Now once Denver can get rid of McDaniels they might have a real shot at going places.

  14. Florios’Lawyer surely demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the NFL in his last post.
    There are only 2 teams (Baltimore/ Pittsburgh) that have won more games than the Broncos against teams with a better record than the Broncos have played. TWO teams.
    Net – there are about 5 good teams, 5 bad teams, and EVERYBODY else. The Broncos are very average, just like most of the NFL.
    No team has more than 3 wins, is any team really a “juggernaught?”
    Go back to watching college football….

  15. Hey boltschick, check your facts…Balitmore has the #1 ranked defense. Feel free to look it up

  16. Just good to see Orton doing well in an offense that finally gives him a chance to play an entire season. Great to see him beginning to stretch the field a bit and develop after being given consecutive playtime, without switching in and out as he did when Grossman was around.
    Hope to see him continue to do well, always liked him in Chicago.

  17. orton and manning deserve no accolades at all. Denver is dead last in rush YPG and the Colts are 29th. CHARGERS ON THE OTHER HAND ARE 10TH.. if anyone should be getting accolades it’s Philip Rivers. Not only is he on pace to break Dan Marino’s record but his team can actually run the ball. Not to mention Rivers has the highest percentage of completions of 25 yards or more and his QB rating is off the charts

  18. LOL you Charger morons crack me up. A good running game makes it EASIER to throw the ball you idiots. Philip Rivers is a chump. Chargers will beg for mercy after Denver crushes them. Kyle Orton’s Arm reigns supreme!!!!!!!

  19. @ azwildcats96: A good running game does make it easier to throw, but it also cuts into the number of attempts. Rivers has been averaging 9.4 ypa, which is probably a product of his running game to some extent, but Orton and Manning have to chuck the ball a whole lot more.

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