Vikings cornerback Chris Cook tears meniscus again

The Vikings got their top draft pick cornerback Chris Cook back on the field for one game, and now they are going to lose him again.

Cook tore the meniscus in his left knee during practice this week, and will miss Monday night’s game, according to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The Virginia product missed the first two games of the year with the same injury in his right knee.

Lito Sheppard now will likely be back in the mix for Minnesota, although not as a starter.

31 responses to “Vikings cornerback Chris Cook tears meniscus again

  1. As a Packers fan, let me just say that I hope this young man can get this healed up and get back on the field soon. Very unfortunate for a promising player.

  2. Ouch… a sh!tty secondary just got worse. I’m suddenly experiencing a slight case of deja vu. hmmph….

  3. Flippin’ A kid. Stop cutting so hard or whatever. It doesn’t hurt the team as bad with Griffin in there but still.

  4. hahaha, lito sheppard was a scrub the jets kicked to the curb last week. he’s not covering anybody as a nickel back, cotchery is going to eat him up.

  5. not that big of a deal, the vikes defense is allowing like 11 pts. a game even before griffin came back. really the only starter out from last season is rice and we just added moss.

  6. Gravy, spoken like the blindly ignorant fan of a 1-2 team whose sole victory comes against the last place team from that same division.

  7. This kid seems like the Vikings version of Will Blackmon.
    Good thing Brett is playing so well, gonna need to score a lot of pts to win on MNF. Oh wait…

  8. Give me a freakin break, no I take that back. Sit the rook Childress until he’s 100%. We can put Allen in the nickel and the scrub Sheppard in a pinch.

  9. Cue the Packers and Saints fans making rude and stupid remarks… which the Vikings fans deserve for all the classless things they spouted when news of Packers and Saints injuries have sprung up.
    Anyone who thinks this doesn’t hurt the Vikings is an idiot, especially with the month they have coming up.
    As far as Moss, I suppose theoretically he could be the single perfect piece that turns a team that will be lucky to see the playoffs into a SB contender. I just don’t see it.

  10. What I would like to see is some analysis about what seems to be an increased injury rate this season. I know this is not the place for any kind of serious analysis, but mentioning all of these injuries in isolation and not looking at the larger trend is nothing more then aggregation.
    It’s a shame about this kid — he looks pretty promising, but seems to be having a hard time staying on the field so far.
    And I’m a Packers fan, so I apologize for the intelligent comment in advance.
    Uhhh… Queens are a bunch of classless ass-clowns. Better?

  11. Bad news, how is that even possible? was it the same knee? Hes got a world of talent and we need him. now that Ced is back it doesnt hurt as bad, but Lito Sheppard should not be in the league right now, he is just bad. I want Benny Sapp back.

  12. when it rains, i pours.
    it’s only going to get worse vikings fans. favre will be suspended. count on it.

  13. Sad to hear, the kid looked very promising so far.
    As for those criticizing the Vikes D:
    4th in overall D.
    top 10 in both pass and run D.
    2nd in scoring D.
    Yeah, they sure are terrible.

  14. this is terrible to hear because it seemed to me at the time that he was coming back too fast and too hard. give the kid time to heal properly. now that ced is back we should be fine and our secondary has been much improved. whoever posted about the shitty secondary needs to check their stats…8th overall in passing and fourth in TDs allowed thus far without our starters for a portion. like i said, sucks and let the kid heal, but our secondary is fine.

  15. # Charles Wood says: October 8, 2010 5:07 PM
    Ouch… a sh!tty secondary just got worse. I’m suddenly experiencing a slight case of deja vu. hmmph….
    #8 in pass D. Maybe the deja vu you are feeling is the impending feeling that all your predictions spelling doom for the Vikings are about to start unraveling. Again.

  16. I really hate to see these guys go down. Anyone that says VIking fans are trash only are forming their opinion from 1-2 comments posted on this joke of a site…..Really??????
    It was tough watching Collins, AND Bigby go down for the Pack…..I want the best possible players out there for every team week to week. It certainly makes the game alot more fun as a viewer, than to see 3rd string talent get burned by the likes of a Mark Sanchez……..He is horrible, and cannot WAIT for him to make his mistakes on Monday night………and all the pretend Jets players kid themselves into saying they are better off with Sanchez than a healthy Burnt Favrt…..Nice try

  17. Jets are going to run and pass all over the Vikings. It will not even be close. Vikings will finish behaind the Packers and Bears. Thank you.

  18. 2 comments by Packer fans where they didn’t sound like total douchebags on one post? That must be some kind of record.

  19. # modena006 says: October 8, 2010 8:51 PM
    Jets are going to run and pass all over the Vikings. It will not even be close. Vikings will finish behaind the Packers and Bears. Thank you.
    Curious, what color is the sky in your world? Run all over the Vikes? Seriously? LOL

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