Redskins cut Devin Thomas

As we reported roughly 30 minutes ago on Twitter (there’s a phrase I never would have envisioned typing five years ago), the Redskins have cut receiver Devin Thomas.

A second-round pick in the 2008 draft, Thomas will now be subject to waivers.  If he clears waivers, he’ll become a free agent.

Thomas was the second receiver taken in the 2008 draft, which featured no first-round wideouts.  The Rams selected Donnie Avery with the second pick in the second round (the first round had only 31 picks, due to the Spygate penalty), and the Redskins took Thomas in the next spot.

Still on the board was Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, who went 15 spots (and five receivers) later, at No. 49.  Two picks after that, the Redskins took receiver Malcolm Kelly, who also has been a major disappointment.

In two-plus seasons, Thomas caught 40 passes for 445 yards and three touchdowns.  He had 11 starts with the Redskins.

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  1. He was never any good.
    Not the first player to be big, strong and fast, but no real ability to play football at an NFL level.

  2. This may be a Shanahan cut Saturday resign Tuesday move.
    He’s done it 3 weeks in a row. Or it just means he’s cutting bait on yet another V. Cerrato masterpiece.

  3. Florio….of course you would have never envisioned this five years ago because he was a freshman in college. Proofreading is a funny thing, huh?

  4. He’s already on a plane to Oakland…
    Him, Heyward-Bey, and Lou Murph would make quite the trio of young WR’s to develop…
    If not Oakland, prob Rams
    D.Thomas still has potential to ball, someone give this kid a 2nd chance

  5. and think about it the rams were dogged for not drafting him before Donnie Avery but I am not saying avery is the end all but at least he is still in the NFL

  6. The Bills selected James Hardy in the second round. He was also a disappointment and was cut.

  7. Training camp continues. Keep going Shanny and Allen. Let’s find out who wants to play. Football people making football decisions. Professional football in DC. I love it.
    The Redskins finally seem to be acting with a view to long-term consistency, competitiveness and winning. I have waited a long time for an emphasis on players who make plays like Anthony Armstrong over Thomas, Lorenzo Alexander over an out-of-position Andre Carter and Brandon Banks over Philip Buchanan on punts.
    It is refreshing. Keep camp alive! Hail!

  8. You really think the Redskins were going to give up the oldest player avg that easily…. Devin was too young, he had to go!

  9. kovvboyzfan, he was referring to typing a phrase about Twitter, not Devin Thomas being cut. Learn to read and comprehend.

  10. So they get rid of Devin Thomas who still had more yards than Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams last season. I think that was a dumb ass move by Shanahan and I am thinking his ego is pretty big. He never even got on the field in a game yet as a reciever doesn’t make sense.

  11. Devin has shown some spark: he had that big game against the Saints last year, and he’s been returning the ball well on kickoffs.
    Ultimately, though, this seems to follow the pattern of a lackluster attitude. At Michigan State, he only put up great numbers his senior year. His work-ethic must be really bad if Shanahan is dismissing him like this. This is yet another condemnation of Cerrato (and Snyder). Zorn was terrible, but these are the type of players the Redskins had on their roster last year? They drafted this type of lazy player? No wonder why they were 4-12. It’s too bad we can’t have an inside look into Devin’s relationship with the coaches and team and see what it was really like.
    Who’s going to return kickoffs now? Brandon Banks? I already worry about the 148 lbs. kid dying on punt returns!

  12. He was a damn good kick returner man. You gotta value that. Sad to see DT go. We should of just threw in him on the field instead of playing senior citizens like Joey Galloway. I bet he lands in New England.

  13. @kovvboyzfan….
    Maybe you should proof read, you Dallass Douche. It says Twitter 5 years ago, because twitter wasn’t around until ’06 you moron, he wouldn’t be able to imagine it. Go back to 4th grade and pay attention this time!

  14. Once again Shanny proves he has no idea what he is doing. Thomas was 6th in the NFL in kickoff returns. Florio, why did you neglect to mention that? Why are we further decimating an already crappy WRs corps? We couldn’t cut Joey Galloway, Roydell Williams or Vonnie Holliday instead?
    This was a mistake.

  15. @kovvboyzfan
    You’re not very bright are you? Do you really not understand what Florio is saying? Take a little more time…

  16. K-FIZZLE says: October 9, 2010 11:19 AM
    Sounds like they could be gearing up for Vincent Jackson???
    If NE wants Vjax we have no chance.

  17. He was doing ok returning kickoffs. Besides Moss the other receivers are Galloway, Roydell Williams ans rookies Armstrong and Banks. He must have really been lost out there to not compeat with this gaggle of goons.

  18. Another gem by Vinnie “The Clown” Cerrato. Thomas needs to go to a town with no nightlife, dude partied too much.

  19. kovvboyzfan says:
    October 9, 2010 11:21 AM
    “Florio….of course you would have never envisioned this five years ago because he was a freshman in college. Proofreading is a funny thing, huh?”
    He meant the part about Twitter retard…..Did you just get excited for a chance to rip on him. Maybe you should read closer before telling him to proofread.

  20. Florio….of course you would have never envisioned this five years ago because he was a freshman in college. Proofreading is a funny thing, huh?
    He was talking about reporting something on “twitter” something he didn’t envision saying five years ago.
    Reading is a funny thing, huh?

  21. That draft epitomized the absolute low point for Cerrato/Snyder. They desperatly needed help in the red zone and still do. With three 2nd round picks they didn’t get one starter. One back up tight end. Meanwhile, Desean Jackson laughs, like the rest of the league.

  22. # kovvboyzfan says: October 9, 2010 11:21 AM
    Florio….of course you would have never envisioned this five years ago because he was a freshman in college. Proofreading is a funny thing, huh?
    I’m pretty sure he was talking about reporting this on Twitter… He never thought that he would post news via Twitter, 5 years ago… Reading comprehension is a funny thing, huh?

  23. Oh, man! If only the Vikings had waited a few more days, they could’ve gotten Kelly for free instead of giving up a 3rd round pick.

  24. As a Skins fan I am disappointed in this news (because Thomas seemed to have the tools to play, but obviously not), it makes sense considering Portis is out about 4 weeks with his groin. Before this cut there was only Torain and Simpson as RB’s on the roster, now Keliand Williams can be signed off the practice squad to be the 3rd down back.

  25. Florio….of course you would have never envisioned this five years ago because he was a freshman in college. Proofreading is a funny thing, huh?
    Florio was saying the phrase about reporting on twitter he couldnt have envisioned….not Thomas getting cut.
    reading comprehension is a funny thing, huh?

  26. ABOUT TIME!!!
    This guy is just another BUST Michigan State reciever like Plaxico and Charles Rogers.

  27. I love it. All these guys that were supposed to be huge talents haven’t even made a dent in the league. Meanwhile, the Eagles pick the little guy who isn’t supposed to be able to make it in the NFL, and they end up with a superstar.

  28. When you keep on seeing qoutes from team-mates calling a guy an “idiot” there has got to be something to it. They weren’t using it as though he was a bit of a goof, or dim but harmless either. It was always in a context that suggested he was not at all popular with his team-mates.
    I am not sure what to make of it. He has great athletic talent. The Saints game suggested that it could be translated on to the field. He’s been decent returning kicks this year, and he plays special teams. Some of the beat guys say he has improved his effort in practice this year. I find it hard to understand why he got cut rather than Roydell Williams, who hasn’t exactly set the field on fire and doesn’t offer anything on special teams.
    I wonder if he is just one of those guys who gets under everyone’s skin. There not necessarily bad guys but they just can’t help pissing people off.

  29. kovvboyzfan….I believe he was referring to Twitter not being a real thing five years ago, not Devin Thomas or his age….

  30. (“Him, Heyward-Bey, and Lou Murph would make quite the trio of young WR’s “)
    Murphy and (if) they get Thomas, i agree with those two, BUT Heyward-Bey has a lot of work to do. passing on Maclin and Harvin wasnt that smart.
    As for Thomas being released, not a fan of it, yes he hasnt been great, BUT he has looked good returning kicks and i would’ve used him on some screen passes, if he clears wavers, it wouldnt surprise me to see him in a Carolina Panther uniform because they need a reciever and he has potential.

  31. Even spending a week with NcNabb in the desert in the off season didn’t help. Physically he has all the prerequisites to have made it.
    May not have seen the last of him. Appears they need the slot on the roster.

  32. Makes me question Bruce Allen’s inteligence, Thomas was one of the 3 picks I liked the best. Should have cut Malcom Kelly, and Roydell Williams.

  33. Devin Thomas was lazy. He did not work hard enough. He did not try hard enough. He did not try to learn the playbook. But he was doing well returning kicks, which makes him a little better than Williams and Galloway in my mind. I guess Shanny decided a lazy young WR was not as good as an older guy who was busting his butt.
    Malcolm Kelly can’t be cut because he is on IR. Shanahan does not want to cut him until he has had a chance to evaluate him. He never got the chance, so he is here until camp next year and get’s his fair shot.

  34. # TylerDurdenLives says: October 9, 2010 2:26 PM
    Has anyone ripped on kovvboyzfan for misreading that Twitter comment yet?
    But, It happens because the site now takes forever to update, and the comments come in bunches.

  35. I don’t really agree with this. It seems like the Skins are trying to set up a “win now” scheme like the Vikings are doing picking up all these “veterans” (Mcnabb, Galloway, Johnson even though he was cut) to get to the Superbowl now instead of trying to set a young foundation to mold into the team you want for the future. I mean, I’m not Shanahan, so I don’t know the reasoning behind it. That’s just my opinion. Win one way or the other, I guess.

  36. Lmao @ kovvboyzfan getting ripped. Not all his fault; average cowturd fan has a IQ somewhere around 50.

  37. BeastOfEden,
    I’m pretty sure Plaxico had more catches in the NFC Championship game against Al Harris than either of these two did in their combined careers.

  38. The “win now” phrase cracks me up. Every team is built to win now, at least that’s the goal. Devin Thomas, although athletic, could not run routes. You have to be at a spot with timing and he didn’t do it. I’m not sure he knew the playbook either. You gotta go kid. Hail!

  39. Good, during the Saints v Skins last season I heard Thomas talking so much trash on tv.
    After a 1st down catch against our patchwork secondary (Greer and Porter were both out with, if I remember correctly, MCL injuries) Mr. Devin Thomas says “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, EAT THAT SH*T!”
    Of course, the Redskins proceed to lose.

  40. How are people here saying it was wrong to cut him? were you at practice or looking at film? Its not like the Haynesworth deal were Shanny was just pissed. If the guy could play he would have been out there. He was more worried about going to the clubs than learning the playbook.

  41. Should have traded Devin Thomas, Albert Haynesworth, and a third round pick to San Diego for Vincent Jackson.
    Thomas was a project anyway, he only started one year of college ball before being drafted.

  42. One of the stupidest decisions the Skins have made this year! Why in the hell do you get rid of a young, strong 6’4″/ 220 lb receiver with speed?! Shanahan NEVER gave the kid a chance! They cut Banks and bring him back, cut Austin and put him on the practice squad and give old ass Joey Galloway the start, it just baffles me.We need to be getting younger rather than older, we need to plan for the future, yet it seems like this team is gearing up as if we can win now and there is no way in hell that we will. Ridiculous!

  43. @Chris
    “Him, Heyward-Bey, and Lou Murph”
    And the question is Alex, “Name three tall and fast guys with questionable hands and shaky route-running ability.”
    I’d imagine that the Oakland fans have seen enough of the Ashley Lelie/Alvis Whitted clones. How has Troy Williamson not had a swim through there?

  44. One more thing, Devin Thomas was 5th in the NFL in kick off returns, BUT you keep Roydell Williams and Joey Galloway, IDIOTIC! This kid will be with another team and I guarantee you he will end up being a good receiver.

  45. He was another Cerrato terrible pick. Get rid of them one by one. How Cerrato is even employable is beyond me. Thank God we got rid of this bumb.

  46. I am not shocked that Devin Thomas was cut. What does shock me is looking back at our 2008 Draft and who is left from that draft class.
    Round 2, 34th overall pick: Devin Thomas – cut
    Round 2, 48th overall pick: Fred Davis – on the 2010 Roster.
    Round 2, 51st overall pick – Malcolm Kelly – On IR for 2010 and has yet to live up to potential.
    Round 3, 96th overall pick – Chad Rhinehart – cut.
    Round 4, 124th overall pick – Justin Tryon – traded to the Colts for an undisclosed pick
    Round 6, 168th overall pick – Durant Brooks ; Punter – cut.
    Round 6 180th overall pick – Kareem Moore: 2010 Starting Free Safety
    Round 6, 186th overall pick – Colt Brennan – cut
    Round 7, 242nd overall pick – Rob Jackson – 2010 Practice Squad
    Round 7 , 249th pick – Chris Horton – Backup safety.
    Of the 10 Draft picks in the 2008 draft, there are only 5 left with the organization: Davis, Kelly, Moore, Jackson and Horton. Of these 5, only 1 is a true starter: Kareem Moore.
    Thanks for nothing Vinny Cerrato!!!!

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