Rob Ryan sounds off on T.J. Ward fine, Nate Livings

On Sunday, Browns safety T.J. Ward gave Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley a shot to the head that drew a 15-yard penalty and a $15,000 fine.

On Friday, Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan teed off on the Bengals for dirty play, too.

Said the identical twin of Jets coach Rex Ryan, via the Cincinnati Enquirer:  “If they want to worry about a cheap shot they ought to look at first
and 10 on the 35, third quarter, 4:24 left, make sure you get that down
and watch their guard Nate Livings.  Our kids played great the whole
game.  They want to [complain] about [T.J. Ward] and he hit a guy in the face. This kid hits our guy in the back after he got a sack for a forced
fumble, [Scott] Fujita, and a blocked field goal over him.  Then this
kid dives and hits him in the back of the legs.  If you want to talk
about cheap, talk about this asshole
.  Excuse me, Nate Livings.  To be
honest with you, I think we took Cincinnati’s best shot, and we won.
That’s the facts.”

Rob Ryan also sounded off regarding the brouhaha over the T.J. Ward hit.

“It’s unfortunate,” Rob Ryan said.  “I know the kid’s disappointed that they called a
penalty on that play because we saw it as a bang bang play the kid drops
the ball.  He made a great read, he was in double coverage away from the
ball, the man went outside and came back inside and went to knock the [heck] out of the guy on third down in the red zone and that’s how we
teach.  You teach to hit them properly, the young man didn’t lead with
his head, he’s hitting him the way we teach him and then there’s a big
hullabaloo about this penalty but [heck] those guys need to shut up. 
This is our team, they don’t coach our team.  We do.”

We’ve got a couple of observations.

First, we’re not sure whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing for the Ryan brothers to be the NFL’s answer to the Winklevoss twins.  (“I’m 5’11”, 300 pounds, and there are two of me.”)  Four our purposes, it probably would be a great thing. 

Second, we know it’s not a good thing for Rob Ryan to say publicly that he’s coaching guys up to hit opposing players in the head.

Moving forward, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryan and/or the Browns fined by the NFL if/when T.J. Ward or other Browns players deliver hits that the league deems to be illegal.

45 responses to “Rob Ryan sounds off on T.J. Ward fine, Nate Livings

  1. It wasn’t helmet to helmet, anyone with pair of eyes can see that.
    It was a shoulder hit to the upper chest of shipley and the force of the hit caused both heads to swing back. the hit didnt concuss shipley it was him falling to the groundon his head.
    good for Rob Ryan standing up against the NFL’s sissy rules and idiotic interpretation and enforcement of these rules

  2. You do realize the hit was only to the head because Shipley ducked right? And it wasnt head to head it was his shoulder barely grazing his facemask. Had Shipley not ducked it would have been a shoulder to Chest knockout instead.
    Also, had Ward not made the hit and Shipley hangs on to the ball (from his angle he had no way to know it had been dropped) fans are ripping him for giving up a TD.

  3. Florio writes: “. . . we know it’s not a good thing for Rob Ryan to say publicly that he’s coaching guys up to hit opposing players in the head.”
    I don’t believe he said anything of the sort, Mike. He did say that he teaches his players “to hit them properly” and that Ward “didn’t lead with his head.”
    Ryan’s best point? That those who seek to make a big deal out of nothing more than a great defensive play need to shut up.
    I wonder who he’s referring to?

  4. Ray lewis makes hits like this all the time, and he is a scholar and a gentleman for doing so. Tj ward is on the backside of jordan and makes a jarring hit while the ball is still touching him in the endzone, which is his only play because if jordan keeps possession with 2 feet down its a touchdown. Tackling does nothing but give them 6 points. Watch it in real time on you tube, it is bang bang play. N suh tries to rip jake delhommes head then throws him to the ground well after he throws the ball and he only got a 7500 fine. Believe me, I don’t want anyone hurt with head injuries, but the nfl seems a little hypocritical at times.

  5. “If you want to talk about cheap, talk about this asshole. ”
    Does Rob Ryan know that this kind of potty mouth can get him banned on PFT now???

  6. Read the quote – he didn’t say he coaches players to hit opponents in the head. He said they teach them to hit hard on third down in the end zone to try to knock the ball loose, that it was a bang bang play, and that Ward didn’t lead with his head. All of which are true.
    Ward lead with the shoulder, Shipley dropped his head, and there was helmet-to-helmet contact that was incidental to the play, not intentional. It was a instinctive play by a hard hitting safety, not a malicious act that was taught to him by his coaches. There was no time for Ward to see that the ball may have already been falling incomplete before he made the hit. He made a play to try to prevent a touchdown, which is exactly what he’s supposed to do in that situation.
    It’s unfortunate that Shipley was hurt, and with all the potential lawsuits the NFL is facing over long-term health issues stemming from concussions that were not properly diagnosed and/or treated, it’s understandable for the league to fine hits that result in concussions. I just hope it doesn’t scare players like Ward into playing soft in the future.

  7. Rob Ryan is dead correct. its classic browns hatred from league and officials. (which started with the change to expansion team rules which has screwed the browns since their re-entry). If this was polamalu or ed reed folks would be saying how great a difference maker they were…

  8. Ward shouldn’t have been fined…soon it will come to the point where if you tackle a player and he gets injured you’ll be fined.

  9. Mike, You just delivered a cheap shot yourself to both of the Ryans, which shows us all that you have some sort of personal thing against them. Rob Ryan never said he coaches his players to hit in the head! You misquoted him to fit your needs & that my friend is a real cheap shot!! Rob Ryan is giving the Cleveland defense a tough man identity & that should have been your story! Because that is a fact & not twisted to fit my needs!!!!

  10. Wow, what I letdown. So, since I have the game recorded I went and watched the play that he’s talking about.
    It’s a pretty mild and straightforward cut block by Livings on a screen. He actually doesn’t seem to get his head out in front of Fujita as he executes it, so probably should have been a penalty, but nothing cheap of vicious about it at all. Doesn’t go at the knees, doesn’t hit him in the back. Just a big lineman rolling on the ground and letting the defender stumble over him.
    I guess, nice try Rob, but not even remotely in the same neighborhood as hitting a guy in the head and giving him a concussion.

  11. The problem is 99% of the media are very feminine in their viewpoints. They’ll eventually turn this league into flag football. They don’t represent the majority but they do represent the majority that people here about. Hence the difference between public perception about the hit (I believe there was a poll posted here and the majority thought it was clean) and media perception (TJ ward should be burned at the stake).

  12. Stop trying to justify Ward’s hit with technicalities.
    Anyone can look at the play and see that Ward was attempting to launch himself and deliver a head shot on Shipley with his forearm and shoulder — it’s a textbook example of the hitting a defenseless receiver rule.
    The rule in question is not helmet to helmet, it’s hitting a defenseless receiver. The fact that Shipley is concussed is proof that a blow to the head happened, regardless of how you parse it. All Ward had to do was plant his shoulder lower, in Shipley’s midsection and we would not be discussing this. It’s why the rule is in place.
    If you don’t like the rule, then let’s discuss that, but there is nothing to discuss about whether Ward committed the penalty. It’s the same rule that Ray Lewis was flagged for against the Ochocinco of the Bengals last year, Are You Kidding Me, and after getting flagged, Ray has adjusted his tackling over the middle.
    Look at his hit on Dustin Keller in week one. Lewis lowered his shoulder and hit Keller square in the chest, for just as effective a hit without putting Keller out for two weeks with a concussion.
    The rule is doing what the league intended, like it or not, so stop whining, Rob Ryan and Browns-backers.

  13. The hit was clean. The hit is the epitome of football from a safety’s persepective.
    That type of hit is what Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater, Sean Taylor, and John Lynch all made their hay with.

  14. Hey Rob. You may want to coach the defense into actually playing defense. The Bengals moved the ball at will on you. You just got lucky they imploded with a few sucky calls against them.
    While I agree that Ward’s hit probably shouldn’t have deserved a fine, shit happens. See you in Cincy.

  15. As a steeler fan I must say that the browns and bengals are as important as gum stuck to my shoe. I could care less if they kill each other off.
    Ravens are the only other team of any importance.

  16. @thegreenlantern
    No one claimed it was helmet to helmet, but you’re high if you think he hit his shoulder dude. I am not implying it was malicious at all, but he cracked him right in the head.

  17. Meanwhile, Mangini, the head coach, already agreed that it was a dirty hit.
    I wonder what else Ryan and Mangini disagree on, and if it has anything to do with their 1-3 record.

  18. Love a guy that talks trash after the game is over. I notice he had nothing to say last year after they were swept by the Bengals. Guess he doesnt know how to handle all this winning thats going on in Cleveland. Good thing for him is that he wont have to worry about getting used to it. The armit of America = Cleveland

  19. @ETL except when both teams beat you last year and in a large part prevented your team from the playoffs.

  20. # D says: October 9, 2010 2:32 PM
    @ETL except when both teams beat you last year and in a large part prevented your team from the playoffs.
    ETL, you just got housed. And admit it, the Browns were more than just “gum on your shoe” when they bounced the Stoolers from playoff contention in front of a national TV audience last December.
    So now it looks like you have gum on your shoe, and a foot in your mouth.

  21. @ETL – uh neither Pitt nor Balt have as many championships as CLE. and don’t give me that per-merger crap… That’s just sore loser talk. Win some more and you can play with the big boys.

  22. talk about boo hooing, rob ryan take your own advice. After we beat them twice last year you cried about both games about how this or that shouldn’t of happened or how this and that was dirty or whatever. Your guy Ward hit shipley AFTER the ball hit the ground and hit him in the head, head shots on defenseless receivers are illegal read the rules incase you didn’t know. Ya you guys did get us this time, the first time in a couple years and barely at that, if the refs hadn’t called that bogus penalty on ndukwe for personal foul you guys could subtract 7 points from your total. The league did rule that ndukwe’s hit was within the rules of the game and shouldn’t have been flagged, so i don’t know what you all are crying about consider yourselves lucky that the refs through that flag and extended that drive for you guys as they did all game long.

  23. cincybkat says:
    October 9, 2010 2:32 PM
    Love a guy that talks trash after the game is over. I notice he had nothing to say last year after they were swept by the Bengals. Guess he doesnt know how to handle all this winning thats going on in Cleveland. Good thing for him is that he wont have to worry about getting used to it. The armit of America = Cleveland
    That makes Cinci the Std infected crotch of Ohio huh ?

  24. well – had never really heard him say anything before, now I know. Looks like a big fat classless turd, sounds like a big fat classless turd.

  25. Frank Ryan says:
    October 9, 2010 6:04 PM
    That makes Cinci the Std infected crotch of Ohio huh ?
    Consult a map, my friend. Cincy is the southernmost point of Ohio, so unless you have herpes of the toe – your comment is without merit. Nice try though.

  26. Second, we know it’s not a good thing for Rob Ryan to say publicly that he’s coaching guys up to hit opposing players in the head.
    That is not what he said. Don’t you read your own articles? Of course, the referees are never wrong when it come to player safety. As far as the fines go, it is my hope the team will compensate the player for any fines. Discretely, of course.
    “If I was a little bit dumber and a little bit blinder, I could be an NFL official.”
    Bum Phillips

  27. Great, next time hit him low and end his freakin career by blowing out both of his knees. Or better yet, don’t hit him at all so every time a WR gets a look in the endzone it’s an automatic TD. You want to talk about potentially ruining a guys career? Now every time that Ward is in coverage he’s going to be afraid to hit anyone. Throw a flag if you want to but the fine was total BS.
    How the hell are you supposed to figure out where you are going to hit a moving target when you have .001 seconds before impact? The initial impact was Ward’s shoulder hitting Shippley’s shoulder. I’m not casting blame on him but Shippley lowered his head into the hit. There was no intent to injure anyone. It’s football. It’s a fast game played by large men and people get hurt once in awhile. Quit trying to legislate the hitting out of the game. It’s the reason we watch. No one wants a kinder gentler NFL.

  28. WOW cincibkat I think you just showed how dumb folks from cinci are… It is NOT the southernmost point of Ohio …. Wow just wow cinci really is a cesspool of retardation

  29. I agree with thetrucker. What if he hit him so hard in the chest his heart stopped?? Kind of BS how they rule these things. It wouldve been completely legit with a far worse outcome.. If you watch the play..i would hope my player does it again everytime the same exact way. He shouldn’t have been fined or penalized…if he doesn’t hit him with his shoulder near the area of the ball it wouldve been a TD….Florio ur a douche.

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