Bills didn't extensively shop Lynch

Last week, before the Bills traded running back Marshawn Lynch, we suggested that they should hold an auction for his services and then trade him to the highest bidder.

When the Bills traded Lynch, we assumed that the Bills had tried to max out the market.  Apparently, they didn’t.

Per Jay Glazer of FOX, multiple teams said that they would have been interested in Lynch — and would have given up more than the Seahawks gave up for Lynch — if the Bills had called.  But they didn’t call.

Said Glazer, “I’ll figure out women before I figure out the Bills.”

We’ve got $5 on “neither”.

17 responses to “Bills didn't extensively shop Lynch

  1. Amazing…….Absolutely amazing. So, they had an asset they wanted to sell, but didn’t shop the asset. But i assume Ole Mr. Wilson said, get me a hoverround, and some prunes…..What a joke…

  2. Ted Thompson fumbled on this one, but Buffalo is showing why they are a second class organization…

  3. Do the Bills just not have contacts at other teams? Makes me think of this Mr. Wilson quote on the search for a general manager at Buddy Nix’s introductory press conference: “Russ and I scanned a list of possible candidates. We didn’t know them … I didn’t know them … I don’t think Russ did.”

  4. Then kudos to Carroll and the Seahawks for not “waiting” for a call, being aggressive and pursuing the trade themselves. Extra points for apparently giving up less than many other teams would have. That said…..the Bills front office is a grease fire, amazing how some of these guys get the keys to an actual NFL franchise.

  5. Unlike the Lions, Rams, and yes, even the Raiders, the Bills are a bad team that is not on the rise. I see potential for all three of those teams to be playoff teams within the next 5 years. Meanwhile, the Bills just don’t seem to get it. You always want to maximize your return on a guy, especially when he was a first round pick at one point. Plus Lynch is still young and has a lot of potential. The Bills will be a perennial loser until they understand how to draft. Seems that drafting CJ Spiller at 9 and then trading the #12 pick of 3 or 4 years ago is counterproductive. Especially when they have huge issues at QB, WR, and OL (at least they have young talent here).

  6. BS. This is clearly a bs story from Glazer’s Patriot buddy. Obviously the Bills were not going to send him to New England.

  7. How did they not call every team, outside their division? Whoever is making the decisions, there is no substitute for good ol’ IQ points. It’s like they are literally playing with half a deck?

  8. I’m not thrilled to read this but I would think and hope that the teams who would have given up more were at least AFC teams, if not possibly the Patriots.
    Considering the other teams in the division, whenever the Bills might be ready to be competitive in the future, they still will likely be fighting for wild card spots rather than division titles. With that in mind it makes sense to avoid sending him to other AFC teams.

  9. Who didn’t know Marshawn Lynch was out there to be had since draft day ? Every one knew this, I don’t see the point of posting this since every fish hac in the country broadasted this for Buffalo. Its not on teh bills to me its up to the people that didn’t pick up the phone to call them for the talent

  10. This report is absolute garbage. First of all, if a team wanted to pick up Lynch for more, then they would have pursued. Second, the report suggests that the best thing to do is call everyone in the league and make it official that Marshawn is on his way out. Third, how many teams would really be willing to participate in a bidding war just so that when they lost the deal, they’d alienate their current running back and fans.
    This story is a cheap shot, Glazer is a joke.

  11. Agree with Meldog. Why kick a team when they are down? And i dont get why people keep knocking the Bills front office now? It was a few years ago that ruined for the now. Buddy Nix is the guy who drafted LT, Merriman, found Gates, traded for Rivers. He took over the chargers draft after they went 1-14. This will be his first Draft in total control. Bust like maybin are from Jauron. Things will change here and then ESPN will have to find a new whipping post

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