Catching up with Mike Singletary

We keep hearing that the 49ers aren’t out of the NFC West race because the division is so weak.

That may be true, but the Cardinals have won three games. The 49ers, hosting their second game on Sunday night, remain winless.

If the 49ers lost Sunday night, they would need to 8-3 the rest of the way just to get back to .500.  They are reaching the point of no return, and 49ers coach Mike Singletary knows it.  He sat down with NBC’s Bob Costas to talk about the division race, and what he can improve upon as a head coach.


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  1. while i admittedly was one of the people who thought that this could be the year 49ers made the playoffs, regardless of how alex smith played, just because of the nature of the division, it’s kind of comical now that they are 0-4, likely soon to be 0-5 in 3 hours. the thing that makes me wonder, though, is how they managed to get so many primetime gigs this season. it seems like every week i have to watch them lose despite living on the east coast. kinda wish they’d extend that flex scheduling to earlier in the season because now its gotten a little ridiculous.

  2. Costas: “What’s your greatest strength as a head coach?”
    Sing: “My greatest strength as a head coach is the ability to surround myself with people who are smarter than me.”
    Are you kidding me? Sing’s either the biggest dumbass or a blatant liar. Maybe both. How can he say that with a straight face when his first major hire was Jimmy Raye as his OC.
    Costas: “What is the one area where you most need to improve?”
    Sing: “Making sure I don’t impose what I have done as a professional onto my players.”
    What kind of answer is that??? Try GAME MANAGEMENT fool!!!

  3. Decent man, great player, but Clueless as Coach in San Fran
    Even the ‘rats’ don’t respect his coaching leadership.

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