Colts outlast Chiefs; no unbeaten teams left

At least Mercury Morris can go back into hiding.

It’s time for the ’72 Dolphins to break out the champagne, as the Colts knocked the Chiefs from the ranks of the unbeaten with a 19-9 victory over Kansas City.  Not a single team got to 4-0 this season.  It’s the first time since 1970 that happened.

The game was tight throughout and Peyton Manning was extremely frustrated by the end of it.  His timing was off and Tamba Hali’s pressure bothered Manning, but the Colts finally put together a touchdown drive midway through the fourth quarter to seal the win.

The turning point may have come midway through the third quarter.  The Chiefs defense had just intercepted Manning, and quickly went for the lead on an attempted bomb to Dwayne Bowe.  It was one of the few impressive Matt Cassel tosses of the day, but Bowe dropped it in the end zone.  Then Bowe dropped a wide open pass on the next play. 

The Chiefs have a small margin for error because their passing game is so inept. Cassel finished 16-of-29 for only 156 yards and was lucky not to be intercepted.  The team’s running game was solid (113 yards) and the team’s young secondary held up very well.

Indianapolis survived an uneven game from Manning (44 attempts for only 255 yards and an interception) by controlling the clock and playing improved defense at home.

The Colts, now 3-2, may not be thrilled with the style points.  But they earned a tough victory by outlasting an impressive young Chiefs squad.

18 responses to “Colts outlast Chiefs; no unbeaten teams left

  1. Nice job by the Chiefs, they did better than I expected. They are going to be a very good team for the next few years.

  2. Cassel sucks. He is a 50% passer and a below average QB. The Chief’s defense looks really good. Stay positive Chiefs fans.

  3. The bad part about this loss is both Colts fans and the media will be bashing the Chiefs and talking about how Kansas City will not make it to the playoffs again this year. If the Chiefs win, its called a fluke and nobody believes its possible, but if the Chiefs lose, even just once, both the opposing teams’ fans and the media are quick to pounce saying that the Chiefs will not make it to the playoffs again and treating Kansas City as if its the worst place to live simply because its sports franchise sucks.
    Kansas City and the Chiefs get no respect at all. None. If we win, people think its a fluke and they’re quick to demand changes in their teams’ coaching staff. If the Chiefs lose, Chiefs fans get harassed and taunted, nobody comes to visit Kansas City, and Chiefs fans are not even given service when they go to other cities. I remember one year being in San Diego after the Chiefs lost, and I was wearing a KC Chiefs shirt. Big mistake. Everywhere I went, no businesses would even acknowledge my presence, then on my way back to my hotel one night, I was beaten pretty badly and a note left next to me that read simply “Chiefs fans don’t belong here. Go back to farm country where you belong.” The police in San Diego were no help, either.
    There’s more to Kansas City than just its sports teams. A LOT more. I do not know why people only look at Kansas City’s sports teams when it comes to whether or not Kansas City is a good place to go on vacation or for the holidays.
    All I ask is that people start showing the Chiefs and Chiefs fans some respect.

  4. What bothers me is Kansas City gets no respect at all. People from other cities only look at the Chiefs and/or Royals and judge KC based on how KC’s sports teams do and not by anything else. Even the media judges Kansas City based on its sports teams. Nobody ever has anything good to say about the Chiefs, and its as if every team wants Kansas City to be the worst in the NFL.
    As a Chiefs fan, I think part of the reason the Chiefs have never made it to the playoffs is because people intentionally play rough and cheat to force us out and make us lose just so they have an excuse to say they’re better than us.

  5. If a Chiefs player injures another team’s player, that Chiefs player is fined heavily and several penalty flags are thrown, but if another team injures a Chiefs player, nobody says anything more than “Its part of the game. Suck it up and deal with it.”

  6. Also, did the refs not see blood on the Chiefs uniforms? The announcer at the Colts’ stadium specifically noted during the second half that some Chiefs had blood on their uniforms. This tells me the Colts were playing a bit too rough and intentionally trying to injure the Chiefs players to get them out of the game so they’d have a bigger advantage.

  7. I was at the game and thought Kansas City’s clock management for the last 4 minutes and down 10 points was abysmal. There was no hustle back to the line, Cassel acted like he was trying to milk the clock, passes in the middle of the field, etc. It seemed they Chiefs had thrown in the towel.

  8. Xenu, Kansas City has more than just barbecue and football as tourist attractions. KC has a very good entertainment district (The 18th and Vine Jazz District, the new Power and Light District, and a few other places), we have the only Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the country, Union Station is also a piece of history (it also still has bullet holes in the walls from where Al Capone got into a shootout with police back in the day), we have by far one of the largest and most well-equipped community colleges in the country, we have the Truman Library and Museum where you can go to learn everything about President Truman himself, and its one of the only landlocked places where you can still get fresh-off-the-boat seafood.

  9. KC defense – great!
    KC run offense – great!
    KC pass offense – puke!
    truth be told, Matt Cassel is holding back this team

  10. Perfect pass in the end zone that, if caught, probably changes the outcome of the game.
    Can’t blame that on Cassel.

  11. Wow…Romeo Crennel just has Peyton’s number. Its obvious he knows how to play against Manning. Let me reveal it to you very short. He baits Manning into he thinking “run” because he drops the coverage back giving Manning that he HAS to run the ball. The Colts philosophies suck because rather then imposing what they do best, they arrogantly will “take what the defense gives them”, because they think all of a sudden they have a ground game. Screw their strength, which is passing the ball, now they play into the hands of the opponent with their sorry run game. Of course opponents prefer to take their chances against the Colts horrible running game then play honest against their number one efficient passing offense. Basically its cutting their own throat.

  12. kansas city has a few more believers even in losing to the colts
    the national pundits will now give the defense credit which they werent getting all year-
    people were saying theyd be lucky to get 6 wins this year
    im going with a 9 and 7 record and possibly winning the west
    god knows san diego doesnt want it ……..

  13. It was more of what the Colts were not doing then what K.C was doing. K.C is better then last year but if they play a good team with a good ground game and good passing game they will lose more times then not. The Colts didn’t really start throwing the ball until late, they thought they could run the ball all day on them. The rest of the world is still trying to understand why. Why stay commited to something that your not good at and thats not getting you points? Answer…Caldwell sucks

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