Glazer: Vikings fear allegations could affect Favre

As the Vikings, the Jets, and the NFL continue to process allegations that have been made against quarterback Brett Favre — and potentially brace for more of the same — Jay Glazer of FOX reports that other Vikings players wonder whether the situation will affect Favre’s performance in the same manner that the brouhaha involving Tiger Woods affected his performance as a golfer.

It’s a legitimate concern, and we think that the next question is whether it already has affected Favre’s performance.

He hasn’t been the same this year, and the allegations first surfaced in August.  Possibly, he has been concerned about the storm to come.  If so, the fact that the storm finally has arrived could actually provide a bit of a relief, in a weird sort of way.

Either way, Favre will be the center of attention on Monday night, even with Randy Moss making his return to the Vikings.

25 responses to “Glazer: Vikings fear allegations could affect Favre

  1. If only the Vikings had someone on staff who could keep the players focused on the next game, maintain discipline, banish outside distractions, take on the media.. I’m thinking of a coach-like position. But not a position coach. Some kind of …. HEAD coach.
    That would probably help things, Minnesota.

  2. I would argue the opposite and he’s proved it. Just look at the game he had the day after his father died.
    His 60-minutes on the field are the only “solitude” he has and he’s the ultimate narcissist so he won’t let pain and embarrassment he’s brought onto others to impact his stats.

  3. Let he among us who hasn’t gotten hammered and sent out cock pics to a hottie, cast the first stone.
    Leviticus 2:17

  4. Florio are you kidding me?!?!? You’re seriously making excuses for Favre being crap this year so far? You’re a bum I tell you, A BUM

  5. The only thing that affected Tiger’s performance is his age, the fact he’s not in his prime any longer, and the competition has gotten better.

  6. Hmmm….August?…sounds like alot of people knew about this for a long while…even the Vike’s. Well Florio said..”Favre will be the center of attention on Monday night”…isnt that just the way Favre likes it?

  7. If the Vikings continue to lose and Favre gets suspended around Halloween, would he really fight the suspension? He could always say that the allegations are false but he sees what they are doing to his family and rather then fight the NFL he’ll do what is right by his family and accept the suspension so that he can better focus on what’s important. Not finishing as the starting quarterback for a team with a top 5 draft pick… I mean his family.

  8. 99.99999999% of college and NFL jocks are about as smart as second graders. Wait, second graders can usually read at least a little so make that kindergartners.
    This has long been hidden by good ol’ boy head coaches cutting deals with the local sheriff, jock sniffing sports reporters, etc. who allow them to live their privileged goon lifestyle hidden from the public eye and scrutiny.
    In this new age of electronic media where every tweet, sext, etc. that these dumbasses make is a matter of public record it cannot be so easily swept under the rug.
    Although actually not that much was made of Dwayne Bowe’s tales of the KC Chiefs Caligula-esque road trips. Goodell sure has a selective “code of conduct” standard.

  9. If he thought things would turn out like this, I doubt he would have ever played this year. This story came out just a few days before the Jets game which is no coincidence. If he had retired, who knows when it would have came out and it definitely wouldn’t have been as big of story. It would have just been another story about an athlete that might have cheated on his wife.
    As Florio said earlier, if he gets suspended, he’ll likely be able to fight it and play the rest of the season anyways. Also, like Florio said, they should treat this like any other case and not speed it up just because he is Favre. He doesn’t deserve any special treatment in a good or bad way.

  10. The thing is Favre thrives under a situation like this…as bill Simmons would say he goes into F-you mode and dominates

  11. Even though Favre lives to be the center of attention I have to say That come monday night Favre will give it everything hes got …and dont be fooled by this distraction BS..Farve and the Vike’s will be ready.
    See ya on the field.

  12. Pants on the Ground! Pants on the Ground!
    Lookin’ like a FOOL with his Pants on the Ground!

  13. Wow, what a non-story. You could have summed this entire “article” up in one statement: “HUMAN BEING WHO HAPPENS TO ALSO BE PRO ATHLETE MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE EMOTIONS”. Could the process to investigate the allegations prove to be a contributing factor in his performance? Quite possibly. Is there fair reason to hype that it might facilitate the demise of Brett Favre that so many want to see? That’s quite the doomsday slippery slope conclusion, Florio. Not impressed.

  14. Favre uses the football field as an escape from this shit reality…..his Viking brothers will have his back…Jets are in for a big surprise….

  15. Who cares?
    His wife? One would think
    His family? One would think
    Rex Ryan? Simply Giddy. This is his style.
    Everyone else? Get a life.
    Stergers is clearly a tramp.

  16. The Twitter trend on Farve is calling him the #dongslinger. I gotta be honest, it had me laughing for a good 10 minutes last night reading the feeds.. This could be the equivalent of Willie Mays stumbling around the outfield at the end of his career for #4..

  17. @ Pervy xx
    I dont think the Jets will be caught sleeping here…it is monday night football…We will be ready.

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