Mark Clayton out for year, but Rams don't want Devin Thomas

The Rams have lost their top receiver for the season.  Again.

Mark Clayton told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Lions that he will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.  It’s uncertain what his injury is.  Clayton was only acquired from Baltimore to replace Donnie Avery, who tore his ACL at the end of the preseason.

St. Louis could use a wideout, which immediately led to speculation the team could be interested in recent Redskins cut Devin Thomas.  Rams G.M. Billy Devaney, however, says that’s not going to happen, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Laurent Robinson, Danny Amendola, and Brandon Gibson are Sam Bradford’s top three wideouts now.  Amendola had 12 grabs against the Lions for 95 yards.

19 responses to “Mark Clayton out for year, but Rams don't want Devin Thomas

  1. Moss could be available in 2 weeks if Favre is taking a mandatory time out in the corner of “What were you thinkingville?”

  2. Where has Mardy Gilyard been all season? You’d think that this would be a good opportunity for him to step up and show off his stuff. I expected him to make a more of impact than the 3 catches for 20 yards that he has so far this year.

  3. Kind of sad. Just when Mark Clayton seemed to have finally elevated himself to a #1 wideout, his season is over. And the Rams really do need to go out and get someone else. The division is still very winnable and that wide receiver core without Clayton is absolutely abysmal.

  4. Man that’s ugly. I don’t really know if the rams should get rid of any draft picks though. We’re not exactly a contender this year, but we do have some great young guys on both sides of the ball ready to explode soon. On the other hand, Bradford needs someone to throw to…Any other rams fans thoughts?

  5. typical of clayton. every time you think he finally gets it, something happens to him. he always would show flashes then disappear for weeks or get hurt. thats why the ravens gave up on him.

  6. That’s a little sad, I really thought that kid was going to have his career explode there in St. Louis. He was certainly Bradford’s favorite target.
    How about Suh and that INT huh?

  7. Sad news to hear. I feel for you Rams fans, just when things were looking up and then this happens.

  8. It’s funny I watched Devin on Fantasia for Real Show and now I know why he got cut after falling asleep at a meeting. lol

  9. I’d offer SD a 2nd round pick for Vincent and that is it. Tell them to take it or leave it.
    Anyways, I don’t know what the Rams are thinking but Devin Thomas is 6’2 and 220 lbs. He was a pretty high pick. They should sign him for the remainder of this year and make him the #1 WR on the team. See what the kid has. Could be magic in a bottle and if he is a bust. Gone at the end of the season. I would not go into the offseason and the draft knowing you don’t have a WR and a TE. Come next years draft you’ll have to take AJ Green/Julio Jones and in round 2 a top tier TE.

  10. Getting Clayton for a 7th round pick was a HUGE bargain…..that ain’t happening again anytime soon for another receiver.
    Better start deciding who to use that number one pick on next year. Green or Jones.

  11. clayton was actually doing quite decent,
    this is bad , the rams dont need this right now
    , another hurdle

  12. Nothing wrong with Devin Thomas, its Shanahan’s ego getting in the way of giving the kid a shot. He looked good everytime the ball was thrown at him last year.
    He was never given a fair shot in games. He looked better than most in pre-season as well. Shanahan doesnt like his personality for whatever reason (I think its because its not his pick).
    No one finds it odd that the Skins are keeping Galloway and Williams over this kid? I do…
    That being said the Rams should pick him up and give him a shot because hes actually good when given the chance.

  13. Devin Thomas would be a great pick up by the Giants, not as a WR but as a KR. This guy is way better kicker returner than anyone the Giants have. Go get him!

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