Owens, Irvin wonder why Brady didn't speak up for Moss

Former NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin and current NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens sat down for a conversation on NFL Network this morning, and they both agreed that NFL wide receivers don’t get enough credit, while quarterbacks get too much credit.

Owens brought up his old quarterback in San Francisco, Jeff Garcia, saying that the 49ers were willing to give Garcia a new contract but weren’t willing to pay Owens what he wanted.

“They re-did his contract immediately,” Owens said. “And yet they dragged my contract out throughout the whole summer.”

Irvin then chimed in, “Jeff Garcia got his money but won’t go and say, ‘I need this guy that really helped me get my money.’ Because you sent him to the Pro Bowl.”

Owens and Irvin brought up Owens’ previous unhappiness with the Eagles and quarterback Donovan McNabb, and Irvin tied it into what he perceives as Tom Brady not standing up for Randy Moss.

“Now Randy Moss leaves,” Irvin said. “And I haven’t heard anything where Tom Brady stepped up and said anything. Why does that happen?”

“I don’t want to go down that road,” Owens answered. “I’m just going to leave it as it is. I just feel like it’s ridiculous, and that’s why sometimes I have taken the stance that I have taken. When I was in Philly I refused to be overworked and underpaid.”

As he has previously, Owens brought up Brady in discussing the Moss trade.

“Why does Tom get a new contract and Randy doesn’t?” Owens asked. “That baffles me to death.”

Asked Irvin, “Why is it that receivers are so unappreciated in this league?”

Owens suggested that if he gave his true feelings about that, he wouldn’t be welcome in the NFL in 2011.

“I don’t want to go down that road,” Owens said. “I don’t want to give you nothing. I want to try to get on a team next year.”

And Owens said that the NFL’s undervaluing of receivers has hurt him financially.

“The contract I have right now, it’s basically like I’m playing for free,” Owens said.

Irvin asked Owens, “How much of that is on you?” and Owens looked incredulous.

“On me? On me?” Owens said. “I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m perfect, but I’m not going to shoulder all the blame, either.”

In the NFL Network studio after the interview, Irvin made clear that he buys what Owens is selling.

“Certainly, that has merit, what T.O. is saying,” Irvin said afterward. “Absolutely. We give quarterbacks all the love in the world — and they deserve all the love in the world — but you can only be a great quarterback if someone is on the other end.”

60 responses to “Owens, Irvin wonder why Brady didn't speak up for Moss

  1. “In the NFL Network studio after the interview, Owens made clear that he buys what Owens is selling.”
    Uh…what? I think you mean, “Irvin made clear…”

  2. “Absolutely. We give quarterbacks all the love in the world — and they deserve all the love in the world — but you can only be a great quarterback if someone is on the other end.”
    See Brady and Brees. They put up the stat that matters most with receivers no one outside their fan base really knows: Wins.

  3. re: “Now Randy Moss leaves,” Irvin said. “And I haven’t heard anything where Tom Brady stepped up and said anything. Why does that happen?”
    Tantalizing conversation between one NFL WR Diva and another. Thank god I tivo’d that portion of NFL Gameday morning game day so that I could fast forward it. Almost as painful as watching Florio stumble around the set of NBC halftime shows (which I presume sets a Tivo fast foward record).
    Here’s your answer Owens and Irvin: Because Brady is a team first player that doesn’t address issues through the media. How do they know what conversations Brady and Belichik had. Brady has had nothing but great things to say about Randy. This is a non-story and I can’t believe you are enabling it any further MDS….you are the only ‘journalist’ on PFT that seems to know anything about football and sticks to football instead of obsessing about drama – DON’T CHANGE!!

  4. Owens is playing “for free”?? Puh-leeze.
    They don’t make violins small enough to play that misery music…

  5. Maybe because Brady and Garcia knew they were the QB, not the coach or GM.
    If making millions a year is essentially working for free, I know lots of people who want that situation.
    Also, did you hear when Michael Irvin asked him if the Bengals could be a Super Bowl team. TO did not talk about what the team had to win, he said “I have …., I have ….” That’s the problem TO, not an alleged lack of appreciation for WRs.

  6. Owens is a iditottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  7. My favorite quotes from this from Owens…..
    “When I was in Philly I refused to be overworked and underpaid.”
    “The contract I have right now, it’s basically like I’m playing for free”
    This guy Owens is really an idiot. There are people living in run down houses barely able to put food on the table for their children and working 2 or 3 jobs……and this moron has the guts to say these things?? He makes $2 million in base salary and another potential $2 million in incentives this year. What an arrogant self-centered idiot!!

  8. “The contract I have right now, it’s basically like I’m playing for free,” Owens said.
    If getting paid $2,000,000 for the year is playing for free, then I would love to make less then nothing.
    It is comments like this that make people hate players like T.O.

  9. You mean Irvin buys what Owens is selling? Of course Owens buys what he’s selling. He’s selling it. He does have a point though.

  10. “Why does Tom get a new contract and Randy doesn’t?” Owens asked. “That baffles me to death.”
    One example of perhaps the most ignorant conversation I’ve read in a long time.
    These guys don’t get it and never will.
    Can’t fix stupid.

  11. This article basically breaks down the main problem with some of the “high quality” receivers. They are divas that always overestimate their value and will never feel appreciated. The QB touches the ball almost every down and is responsible for reading the defense, fixing protection issues, adjusting routes through audibles at the line, throwing the ball accurately based on coverage depth and receiver speed, standing in the pocket and taking a hit to deliver the ball, etc. The receiver’s responsibilities include recognizing a blitz and adjusting the route accordingly, running proper routes and catching the ball when thrown to them and occasionally throwing a block downfield. It is obvious to anyone who has ever played or even watched a game who should be paid more. Too bad ingrates like Owens will never understand

  12. Tom Brady did just fine with his pack of no-name receivers. Or, look what happened to Deion Branch after he left New England.
    Trent Green put up massive numbers in KC with a collection of spare parts at WR.
    Look what happened to Randy Moss during his stay in Oakland with Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, etc.
    Sorry TO, you’ve been lucky to play with the good QBs whose hands you now bite. Go back to Buffalo and disappear again if you disagree.

  13. I have a simple response to Mr. Ownens and Mr. Irvin.
    If the Patriots traded Tom Brady and a seventh round pick with him do you think they could receive more than a third round pick? I would say three number ones wouldn’t get a trade done for Brady today.
    All of these receivers over-value their worth and under-estimate their negative impact on team chemistry when they act out.

  14. All this wondering from someone who also said that “I am practically playing for free this year”. I wish I was making what this clown makes in a year. I really do not take much that this guy has to say seriously. Brady got a contract because he is one of the best at the hardest position on the field, oh and there is no question as to if he plays every play to his best. Not like Moss who regularly takes plays off and does not play with the same intensity as the rest of the players on the field do.

  15. Let’s see “Michael Irvin & T.O.”:
    2 peas in a pod
    not the sharpest tools in the shed
    yup, a couple of models citizens
    hmmmmn what else…..
    oh yeah sure ..I am buying what they are selling..

  16. I love how football players namely Moss in this case talk about how the fans don’t understand the “business” side of the game but then go off spouting this kind of garbage. Every sport has positional players that are more important than others and each position in turn also has a certain life span. How many productive wide receivers are worth 10 mill a year over 35 Irvin? He should undertand the game better being older and away from it for awhile now. Owens has an excuse in that it’s always been him first so I wouldn’t expect him to understand the move.
    And yeah Brady shoulda come forward and protected his wideout the way Owens did for his QB’s Garcia, McNabb, and Romo right?

  17. In case either of these two petulent knuckleheads may have forgotten. Brady took a pay cut on his prior deal so the Patriots could bring in some pieces to the puzzle. Moss should temper his post-game speeches. Owens, too.

  18. I saw this interview, and just when I thought T.O. changed, he showed he couldn’t be more of an idiot. He blamed the media for his negative perception. How can he even ask why receivers get paid less than QBs. T.O. was basically blaming the media for the perception that he is selfish and cares about himself while meanwhile, he said how he didn’t want to be overworked and underpaid in Philly one year into his new contract ($7 million per year to catch the ball is apparently not enough… one season after he signed a new deal). He even basically complained about his current contract. I absolutely hate T.O. now and it’s clear than he just doesn’t get it.
    Marshall Faulk hit it on the head when he explained that every other position is involved in the pass and run game. Has a receiver ever made it to the HOF on blocking? Michael Irvin (predictably) was arguing that receivers are under-appreciated. Over $10 million for the best receivers is not enough?

  19. It’s got something to do with that fact that in the entire history of the NFL no WR has ever been the reason a team has won the Super Bowl. Great WR’s have won Super Bowls (Swann, Rice, Irvin, etc.) but never has a team had nothing but a WR that was the reason for a Super Bowl win. QB, a running game, and defense win championships. That’s why WR are expendable. Because a team with a good scouting department can find WR’s whenever they want (Welker, Miles Austin, TO-who was a mid round pick, etc.) WR just arent as important as they think they are.

  20. Brady spoke up for Branch… for all the good that did.
    Brady got a big fat contract… part of being paid well is knowing to tow the company line.
    Guys like TO… and to a lesser degree Moss… just don’t get that, and that’s why despite all their talent, they are vagabonds in the NFL.

  21. I can explain to them why receivers are undervalued…
    The Patriots have another receiver, Wes Welker, they don’t have another quarterback. In short, good receivers are way more plentiful than good quarterbacks. If Owens and Irvin had paid attention in there econ101 class in college they would know its simple simple and demand economics at work.
    However, I do agree that quarterbacks should stick up for their receivers that help make them great.
    And Owens absolutely is to blame for the fact that he hasn’t been able to get a larger contract. His antics in SF led to a sub-par deal in PHI, then his antics in PHI led to him getting a sub-par deal in DAL (which was actually quite generous considering no one else was offering), then his antics in DAL left his only option being a sub-par deal in BUF, while he was a good citizen in BUF he previous actions led to almost no interest this off-season and thus he signs another sub-par deal with CIN. He has no one to blame but himself, and maybe his agent for not explaining to him better how his actions would affect his value not only on current but future contracts. The flip side of that is his actions while hurting his football value have increased his value as an entertainer.

  22. No matter the profession ‘me first’ people do not get appreciated. It is the folks that go to work everyday, outperform and carry themselves professionally that get paid and respected.
    I think Owens is one of the most gifted athletes of our time and certainly so was Michael Irvin. But this proves they really just don’t get ‘it.’

  23. maybe owens should look at why noone wants to sign him rather than complain about the only contract he could get…without a good qb the team doesn’t work while a great qb can take a bunch of no name receivers like tom brady did n win super bowls…brady had the patriots 30 minutes from another super bowl appearance with reche caldwell as his #1 receiver RECHE CALDWELL who couldn’t catch a pass to save his life

  24. I find it SHOCKING that both Irvin and Owens agree that WRs are unappreciated. I also find it ironic that two “me-first” players who have had their fair share of on and off-the-field issues would be so critical of Brady’s judgment. Randy Moss made nearly $30 million dollars over the last three years. More than Brady made during the same span. TO isn’t playing for free. TO is playing for $2 million this year and has made tens of millions of dollars over his career. And here’s a link to a press release when Irvin signed his deal with the Cowboys in 1995: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1355/is_n17_v87/ai_16682677/
    These guys are literally living in bizarro world. Next time TO, Irvin or Moss check their bank account statements, maybe they should consider themselves appropriately appreciated. The average American would love to be “under appreciated” like these guys have been.
    Give me a break!!!

  25. Just a thought…how many STARTING QBs have ever been considered a “cancer” in the locker room? How many starting wide receivers have been considered a “cancer”?

  26. “The contract I have right now, it’s basically like I’m playing for free,”-
    Are you kidding me?? TO can suck the snotty end of my F*ckstick

  27. Game 1:
    Brady 258 yds passing.
    Leading receiver: Welker-8/64
    Game 2:
    Brady 248 yds passing
    Leading receiver: Hernandez-6/101
    Moss did have the nice 1 hand TD catch.
    Game 3:
    Brady 252 yds passing
    Leading receiver: Hernandez-6/65
    Moss-2/42 yds
    Game 4:
    Brady 153 yds passing
    Welker 8/70
    Moss 0/0
    Moss shows up when he wants to and it shows. Brady is tired of him just like everyone else.

  28. Clowns like Owens and Irvin – and the NFL’s conscious decision to enable their idiocy – is the main reason I care less about the League with every passing season.

  29. And how many Super Bowls do TO, Moss and Ochostinko, the three loudest WRs in the league have? Oh yeah, none.
    Wah, wah, wha. Cry me a river.

  30. These 2 are dumb as rocks.
    Let’s try simple math…
    There are approximately 64 starting Wide Receivers in the NFL today. (since most teams play in 3 receiver sets lets make that 96)
    There are 32 starting Quarterbacks, less than half are legitimate starting QBs.
    Unproven WRs come out in the draft EVERY YEAR, meanwhile bust QBs come out in the draft EVERY YEAR.

  31. I’d love to make 2 million this year. I’d be the happiest person in the world. There are people out there losing their homes to foreclosure and others making minimun wage, and he’s playing for “nothing” because he’s getting a measly 2 mill this year. I’d love to be in his shoes.
    T.O. is and always has been a douche

  32. I saw TO drop 3 TD passes in the same game for the 49ers- two on the same drive. Plus, he’s a whiner.

  33. I can’t help but laugh at some of you guys. Really, you think he’s arrogant because he complains about his pay? I bet that some Mexican making less than 1/3 of what YOU are making think that you’re arrogant for complaining about how little you make. It’s all relative and it’s all JEALOUSY.
    It’s also funny how some of you will scream about how it’s UNAMERICAN for the government to tax the rich because they’re the American Dream and it’s all that we should strive for and YET, that dream apparently doesn’t apply to professional sports.
    Like it or not, a great WR will make a big difference. You can talk all you want about how Tom Brady did before Moss but you’d have to be a complete MORON to even believe that he EVER had a season like he did before Moss came on board. If the team had to rely on their offense, they would have never won a Super Bowl because while Brady didn’t lose games, the offense wasn’t going to win any if it came to a shootout. Their defense was more important to their success and with the exception of one year, it hasn’t been up to par since 2004 while their offense has been one of the best, even without Brady . Brady will never have a season like he did in 2007 while Moss had AT LEAST 3 others that were as good as what he had in 2007.

  34. Tom Brady won 3 Super Bowl rings without Randy Moss. Tom Brady lost the Super Bowl with Randy Moss. Randy Moss never even reached a Super Bowl without Tom Brady.

  35. For all the times TO has cried about his QB not getting him the ball, you would think he might recognize the importance of that position. Tom Brady won three Super Bowls without a single star receiver. Between them, Moss and Owens have played with at least 6 Pro Bowl quarterbacks and have not a single championship to show for it. Does that tell you anything, divas?

  36. wow this makes me even think less of T.O haha randy moss did not make tom brady! How meny superbowls did TFB win without moss? and then again how meny did he win with randy?? wow this guys an idiot

  37. I really don’t have the hate everyone else does for T.O…what he says is true in it’s core. Wide receivers are seen as one of the most expendable positions in the NFL. Terrell Owens is obviously bitter over never getting that elite wideout contract of over 10 million in his career so he is most likely disheartened that Randy Moss didn’t get a fat contract when he is most likely looking for one after this season.
    T.O seems to always bite his tongue though. How is 2 million basically nothing? I don’t mind him saying that he was getting overworked since these players are basically giving up their bodies for our entertainment and many players who weren’t doing what he was were getting paid more. I honestly think T.O thinks like 95% of other players at his position, but at some point it is clear that he never learned how other people interpret things and how about every interview he does makes people repulsed by him more even if he does want the best.

  38. I think you might finally see Belichick crack a smile then outright laugh if you suggested that Moss get paid instead of Brady or because Brady did. I know I as a Pats fan think it’s one of the funniest things ever. Hey TO, your little butthurt self would be going off on another player if they talked about YOUR money in the press. But since you are an egomaniacal hypocrite you see absolutely nothing wrong with what you said. As for Irvin, since when did a guy who stabs his own teammates with scissors get to be the one who talks about what a great teammate he has been? Talk about the unintentional comedy factor….it permeates this entire interview. Then Irvin wants Brady to whine to the press?? The guy who says what a good TEAMMATE he, Irvin, is? BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    No, fools, Brady IS a good team player …that’s exactly WHY he never whines about anything to the press. TB has his faults and I am fully capable of being critical of him, but TB’s status as a TEAM PLAYER is rock solid and iron clad.
    One of TB’s faults is that he tired too hard to make Moss happy and always had to buttkiss him in the media as did Belichick. You watch…now that Moss is gone Brady will be the QB we are all used to seeing again. I for one look forward to the QB of the team I root for not having to worry about assuaging the ego of another player at the expense of making wise decisions on the field.

  39. I didn’t hear no bell. says: October 10, 2010 11:35 AM
    See Brady and Brees. They put up the stat that matters most with receivers no one outside their fan base really knows: Wins.
    Well put. Welker was unwanted before NE, Troy Brown has been a nobody since, and Brees spreads it around so much it almost doesn’t matter who he throws to. Owens is just pissed b/c NE didn’t pick him up this offseason…when he said he would play for basically nothing. Although T.O. was great and is still a good receiver, his antics/comments will always detract from his legacy, unfortunately.

  40. A few points:
    Terrell, I am sure there are many who wish it really did baffle you to death.
    Nobody cares how you feel about being underpaid. Many people just want enough to put clothes on their kids, pay the rent. Just go away.
    How do networks continue to listen to jackasses like Mike Irvin, Deion, Terrell Owens, but they blackball Reggie White, who was more of a man than all 3 of those maroons put together.
    Poor me, I, I, I, poor me, people keeping me down. You can’t bench Vince Young, you can’t not pay me $20MM, blah, blah, blah. Maybe if Moss and Owens and others understood there is no “I” in team, they might have that contract. Any time Terrell Owens wants to step behind the center and take New England down the field, please call me so that I can watch. And laugh. Great year as T.O. will be gone after 12 more games and can stare in the mirror full time away from us.

  41. That (“basically working for free” on 2 million a year) is probably the dumbest thing that I have seen (or heard) TO say. Right on par with Sprewell saying something like “I need to feed my family” when he was already making millions. Brady would NEVER say anything that ignorant.

  42. Hail2ThaRedskins says:
    And Owens absolutely is to blame for the fact that he hasn’t been able to get a larger contract. His antics in SF led to a sub-par deal in PHI, then his antics in PHI led to him getting a sub-par deal in DAL (which was actually quite generous considering no one else was offering), then his antics in DAL left his only option being a sub-par deal in BUF,
    If ignorance is bliss then you must be in heaven. NOTHING he did in SF had anything to do with his deal with Philly. His agent screwed up and TO missed out on free agency because of that and then the 49ers decided to cut ties and send him to Baltimore but he and his NEW agent were able to get him out of that and he signed a fairly good deal with Philly. With his base salary and signing bonus, he was — wait for it — SECOND in the league to Marvin Harrison in WR pay, who made $10.5 mil to his $9.1 mil in 2004 , a VAST improvement over the year before when he was 13th. His salary was mostly base in 2005 and while he made $2.7 mil, it was 32nd in the league but that’s because he was suspended and lost out on a lot of money. Does that sound like a sub-par deal?
    The deal that he signed with the Cowboys paid him $10.1 mil in 2006, good for 4th in the league and he was 6th in the league in 2007 and 3rd in the league in 2008 and then the Cowboys released him. . Does that sound like a sub-par deal?
    His deal in 2009 wasn’t great but all you experts said that NO ONE would sign him and — gasp — you were wrong. Oh, BTW, he was 12th in the league last year. Does that sound like a sub-par deal?
    The contract that Owens signed with Philly was 7 years for $49 mil. 3 contract he signed with Dallas was 3 years for $25 mil. The contract he signed with Buffalo was 1 year for $6.5 mil. This year’s contract is 1 year for $2 mil and incentives for $2 mil that he may not get. Frankly, this year is the worst deal that he’s had since 2003, when he was with the 49ers and for a guy his age, it’s NOT that bad.

  43. http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-athletes/nfl/terrell-owens-net-worth/
    T.O.’s net worth is $35 million according to the above site. He’ll have made at least $8.5 million for the past two seasons. That’s hardly what I would call working for free.
    I’m a well-paid air traffic controller. I’ll probably make just about $2.5 million over my 30 year career when I’m forced to retire. I’m not complaining at all about averaging just under 100K per year to do a job that many might consider slightly more important than catching half the passes thrown my way in any given year.
    T.O. will most likely make more in this one year than I will have made in my entire career. Between 10 and 20 percent of the people in this country that want to work cannot find a job. And he feels like he’s playing for free. I hope he blows his ACL. Ungrateful jerk.

  44. How do guys that make millions of dollars playing a game feel like they are the “victims?” I know they say its a business, but not to us, the fans (T.O. and Ochocinco’s consumers). Let us enjoy the game, I could care less how much you make. I’ve got no respect for anyone that is driven by the fact that he has always been a victim and won’t persevere. He has a unique talent and has been given the opportunity to captilalize, yet to T.O., his entire career has been about “him being persecuted.” What the heck is that? Yea you gotta work hard, risk injury, ups and downs, whatever, but such is life man. T.O. lacks all the intangibles that are possessed by great players (leadership, intelligence, etc.) and should never going to get the confidence bestowed upon him in the form of a “good K” (like the greats he wants to compare himself to). We let these guys have the platform to speak out their ignorance, but it just bolsters our true heroes of the game. T.O., as your so-called consumer to the product your trying to sell, know your role.

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