Packers players, coaches, scouts upset over failure to trade for Lynch

We took issue on Tuesday with the failure of the Packers to offer more than the Seahawks offered for former Bills running back Marshawn Lynch.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who thought it was stupid.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that players, coaches, and scouts were upset with the failure of G.M. Ted Thompson to get the deal done.

Mort says that the Packers coveted Lynch in the 2007 draft, when he was the 12th overall pick, four spots before the Packers selected defensive tackle Justin Harrell.

And so the Packers will continue with Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn churning out less than 50 yards each per game, putting more pressure on a passing attack that won’t be nearly as potent once the weather turns ugly in Wisconsin.

44 responses to “Packers players, coaches, scouts upset over failure to trade for Lynch

  1. Marshawn Lynch is a clown…the Packers are too classy of an organization for that fool. Google, “Marshawn Lynch Ghost Ride.”

  2. It’s (the passing game) actually been a bit anemic so far anyway. Glad to hear that the coaches are upset–makes me think at least there are some brains up there afterall.

  3. Thompson is in year five of his five-year plan. He gets points for Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. But Justin Harrell pick set this team back years.
    Thompson gets credit for Seattle Super Bowl team, but he left for GB that year and it was the incoming ‘Hawks regime that went after FA’s who put them in the big game vs. Stillers ….
    Packers underachieved in 2009 and are playing poorly now.
    They barely hung on in Philly.
    They slept-walk through 30 minutes against Buffalo.
    They were embarrassed on national TV at Chicago.
    They were dominated by Detroit.
    Only a soft first month of schedule has saved them.
    That all ends beginning Sunday.
    With no “owner” up there, TT operates in a vacuum. Mark Murphy does not appear initially to have the stones to lean on Thompson.
    McCarthy, IMO, is a wonderful offensive coordinator. Period.

  4. Well, finally, this pretty much means if the Packers don’t win it all this season, they’ll have their sacrificial lamb in TT. It will cost Green Bay and its fans a Super Bowl this season, as it already cost them one the year the Giants won at Lambeau (TT low-balled Oakland for Moss), and possibly one the following season.
    Fans were beyond weary with the Company Man approach of the coaching staff. Finally, they’ve woken from their slumber. Things don’t get changed if people think you’re satsified.

  5. Florio, there’s got to more to the story. Maybe Lynch “just isn’t Packer people”. Or maybe the Packers (Thompson) have the Wisconsin syndrome of being really, really cheap.

  6. Players, coaches and scouts, huh?
    Any hint at all at which players, coaches and scouts that might have been?
    Didn’t think so.
    News is slow indeed.

  7. It’s no surprise to the rest of the league since it’s well known across all fanbases that the Packers management is a complete joke!
    Sure sure…all is well and we move ahead right packer fans? Just put the kool aid down for a minute so you can see what the rest of us are laughing about.

  8. Aww, poor Packers. Should anyone feel sorry for your lazy, cheap and not so bright G.M. Ted Thompson’s bad move? The Seahawks just have a little more guts and determination. They actually want a shot at the championship. Get ready for the weather change Lambeau Lovers.

  9. You remind me of my ex girlfriend. She just couldn’t let go either. I can give you her shrinks number if you need it.

  10. Huge Packer fan here… but Ted Thompson has a huge ego… doesn’t want anyone on the team that he doesn’t draft. I dont know if Lynch would of been the answer, but it would of been well worth a shot for a 4th rounder.
    Nicely done TT

  11. The Packers are the cheapest douchers in football….they should look West at a true team that goes for the big dogs such as Moss, Favre, Allen…

  12. Well… yeah. Thompson’s failure to get that deal done was just a total blunder.
    He let that team and it’s fans down in a big way.
    Telling you right now- owner or not , if the Packers lose to the Vikings in a game that features Randy Moss TDs and Brandon Jackson eating dirt in the backfield, TT is in serious trouble.
    Freeing that team from Favre’s BS was the right move and it took some stones to do it, but the guy often hasn’t looked competent since then.

  13. Shanahan is doing a bang up job in KC! And you gotta admit that Parcells has really brought the Falcons organization together! Finally, we should all look back and remember how great a year Favre had in Tampa Bay when the Packers traded him there.
    Oh, wait, what’s that? Mort was wrong about all those things? Unpossible!

  14. Bet Dimitri Nance and/or James Starks will have a 100+ yard game this season with the Packers.
    Oh and last time I checked Rodgers has had a few 300+ yard games in ugly winter weather. Stop trying to make points that are not valid. Ryan Grant isn’t going to make or break this team.

  15. His off field antics surely didn’t have anything to do with it.
    Behavior still matters for a lot of teams.

  16. # CHIEF ZEE says: October 10, 2010 11:35 AM
    Marshawn Lynch is a clown…the Packers are too classy of an organization for that fool. Google, “Marshawn Lynch Ghost Ride.”
    LMAO on that one Zee. Yeah, he’s not classy enough for the Packers. That’s why you have a player with an indefinite suspension because of drug related issues.

  17. All those people are frustrated, but they don’t bear the responsibility TT does. He’s built a good team. Yes they have injury problems, but they have the depth to weather the storm thanks to TT.

  18. I had heard the Pack offered a 4th and player which was comparable to what the Seahawks offered and the Bills accepted.

  19. Too bad Pack, better watchout the Bears are gonna beat you twice, the Vikies twice and the Lions, well its the Lions, just once. Season is over.

  20. “as it already cost them one the year the Giants won at Lambeau (TT low-balled Oakland for Moss)”
    Actually, the Packers had pretty good receivers in 2007/08, so Moss wasn’t really needed. If I had to pinpoint what cost them the Super Bowl, it would be Favre throwing the ball to the Giants in overtime.

  21. James Starks will come back after week 6 and light it up, just like Ryan Grant did in ’07.
    Only with also catching the ball, making people miss and having enough speed to take it to the house.

  22. Packers will soon be welcoming DeAngelo Williams.
    You forgot the fans are pissed too Florio. I’m not ready to cruicfy TT b/c he’s brought in some great talent, but he lacks the cajones to pull the trigger to put the Packers over the top.
    That being said, I will say Thompson is only doing half his job most of the time.

  23. CHIEF ZEE says:
    October 10, 2010 11:35 AM
    Marshawn Lynch is a clown…the Packers are too classy of an organization for that fool. Google, “Marshawn Lynch Ghost Ride.”
    Can you say Underwood, Jolly and Molester Chmura……yep, that’s a classy organization.

  24. Well they might be able to find another back on the market. They could maybe try to get Tashard Choice or someone

  25. Its got to be money. Its always about money.
    Lynch would have been a lot more expensive than that 4th round pick next year thats for sure.
    The thing I don’t get is if Grant is on last year of contract and is due a big payday in March, Lynch could have gotten that money and pack say bye bye to Grant?

  26. “Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that players, coaches, and scouts were upset with the failure of G.M. Ted Thompson to get the deal done.”
    A running back that was THIRD on the Buffalo depth chart for most of the past 2 seasons is supposed to be the difference? Please. Would YOU trade a third-round draft choice for a running back that hasnt started regularly since 2008? Give me a break.
    After 4 weeks last season, Ryan Grant had 257 yards rushing. The combination of Jackson and Kuhn have 258 after the first 4 weeks this season. I know facts can get in the way of opinions sometimes, so Im sorry…but the Packers run game to this point is pretty much exactly in the same spot as it was last year.

  27. My guess is that Green Bay just expected Buffalo to give him away and gave a lowball offer. They never expected another team to in the bidding. So they got burned.

  28. Some teams have the balls to pull the trigger on a deal and some don’t. Wouldn’t matter though, Packers would still suck & The VIKINGS would still win the superbowl…GO REDSKINS

  29. isn’t this the 3rd time you have posted the exact same story without any further updates?
    at least admit your just trying to up comment hits florio.
    your starting to look like a douche

  30. Count me among the fans upset this did not happen. TT is a very good drafter, and the signing of Charles Woodson (not to mention the trade for Ryan Grant) was nothing short of genius. Having said that, I get the impression he is too stubburn and too “married” to his system of building through the draft. Fine to build throught he draft, but what would it hurt to “finish” builiding via other means?!
    The only thing I can figure is that dimitri Nance is tearing it up in practice and will eventually become the go-to back. If so, I hope it happens soon.

  31. And you hatred for the Packers continues. I love how the Lord Favre jokes stopped when he went to your Vikings.

  32. And this is a surprise? Ted Thompson is a douche and the PAckers will never win a SB with him as GM.

  33. It’s funny to me how Packers fans have defended the move, saying things like ‘Oh they’ll be fine.’, ‘Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league’, ‘We don’t need Lynch..’ BLAH BLAH BLAH!!
    I guarantee if GB had pulled their head out and made this deal, Packers would be breaking their arms patting GM Thompson on the back claiming he’s the greatest GM ever!
    No Barnett, no Ryan Grant, no running game..NO SUPER BOWL!

  34. Ted Thompson has made some wonderful draft picks in the last 5 years and has had great success in the free agent market (Charles Woodson & Ryan Pickett) but in spite of this he seems terrified to even take any chances in free agency. Ted has had 5 years to turn this team into a championship team and has failed. The refusal to attempt to obtain a quality running back after Ryan Grants injury is just one more blunder. It seems like Ted is more interested in obtaining the most draft picks than the most wins. This team will be lucky to be above .500 and even make the playoffs. You heard it hear first. If Green Bay fans are serious they will force Markl Murphy or the Board of Directors to make a change.

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