Parcells departure from Dolphins could be imminent

When former Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells stepped out of his job and into a consulting role before the regular season started, the next question became when, not if, Parcells will leave the team completely.

Though Parcells remains unpredictable and could change his mind at any time (and then change it back again), signs currently are pointing to an imminent departure.

Parcells has the ability to leave the team at any time, and to collect the balance of a contract that runs through 2011.  He also has the ability to work for another team while still getting paid by the Dolphins.

He joined the Dolphins after a horrendous 1-15 season in 2007, with a clause in his contract that gave him the ability to leave the team and collect the balance of his pay if then-owner Wayne Huizenga sold his controlling interest in the team.  When Huizenga sold to Stephen Ross, Parcells renegotiated the deal to allow him to leave at any time and to cash out the balance of the contract.

24 responses to “Parcells departure from Dolphins could be imminent

  1. Ralph Wilson should just croak, and then Bills fans will bring the flowers and chocolates. Then, get some Jets interns to come run the franchise.

  2. Parcells won two Super Bowls like 20 years ago.
    Keep effing that chicken Bill, keep effing that chicken.

  3. OK, and this has relevance due to what?
    Is there more to the story, or are you scratching your nuts?

  4. to hell with parcells he hates the dolphins anyways. i dont blame him after all those years of dan marino and don shula kicking his ass while he was with the jets and the pats. All hes done since hes been here is pass up on big free agents and draft alot of useless players. DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YA BILLY

  5. Whatever, Bill…go do what you got to do. Jeff Ireland can run this team now without your ego suffocating everyone.

  6. Any NEW signs? I mean, there s nothing new in this report. We all know this already. Please tell us when you know something the rest of America does not know.

  7. Undead Al needs help like, yesterday. Parcells could “consult” for the Raiders for a few mill.

  8. I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. You’ve explained his contract many times in many articles that say no more than this, but you said here that his departure could be imminent without offering any further information. What’s the point?

  9. I worked for a telemarketer years ago that had the slickest employee ever. For 8 months, this individual came to work, punched in, and then left to another job for 8 hours. After his other job, he came back, punched out, and went home. FOR 8 MONTHS!!!
    Of course, once the company became aware of this, his employment was immediately terminated.
    Slick he was, Parcells he was not.

  10. # 49er Man says: October 10, 2010 6:19 PM
    “I wish I could get paid for one job while working for another place.”
    You want to be a politician?

  11. Sorry fins. Your brain is leaving to come join his son in law pioli at my beloved chiefs dynasty in the making. Denny Thum retired and his office is ready for the TUNA. As your fin body dies, a horrible necrophiliac by the name of Carl Peterson is coming to sodomize your lifeless remains. YOUR NEW OWNER AND JLO DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY ARE ABOUT TO GET.

  12. I do hope Ralph Wilson is following this!! Of all the challenges Parcells has ever had (Giants, Patriots, Jets, Dolphins) resurrecting the Bills would be his greatest challenge. I think Wilson should offer him even small ownership position if thats what it would take to bring him to Buffalo!!!

  13. Parcells hasn’t come close to his expectations. Says he’s going to stay to protect his protoges … that could be a whiiiiiile!!
    Miami blogs hope he goes.
    Meanwhile, they are readying the tar & feathers for his protogees … Sparano & Ireland. Since the first season, they haven’t done much.
    Anywho, they’ve built the Dolphins into an average team & just reporting how the fans feel. Things could change, but don’t see anything changing for a good while, & the QB is starting to smell.

  14. 49er Man says:
    October 10, 2010 6:19 PM
    I wish I could get paid for one job while working for another place.
    I think about 25MM Americans would wish they could be paid for working just one job period.

  15. Florio,
    I’m starting to think you were wronged by the Dolphins some time in the past. You seem to generate all these little blurbs out of nothing more than inuendo. Parcells still watches practices as recently as the bye week, freak.
    The Ireland piece on Sunday was nothing more than airing of some deeply rooted bitterness. Why don’t you come clean, Florio and stop posting this CRAP!

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