Ray Rice runs, Ravens roll

In a season with no unbeaten teams left, the Baltimore Ravens have as good a case as anyone that they’re the best team in the NFL.

Led by 133 yards and two touchdowns from running back Ray Rice, the Ravens dominated the Broncos today, winning 31-17 and improving their record to 4-1.

The game wasn’t even as close as the score would suggest; Baltimore jumped out to an early 17-0 lead and started to coast after Rice’s second touchdown made the score 24-7 in the fourth quarter.

The Ravens’ running game dominated throughout, racking up 233 yards on 47 carries. Willis McGahee chipped in with 67 yards on 10 carries, and even Joe Flacco managed 20 yards on the ground, including a one-yard touchdown run.

Although the Broncos’ defense was overpowered all day, Denver has to be happy that quarterback Kyle Orton had yet another big game. Orton completed 23 of 38 passes for 314 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Orton is still on pace to shatter Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a season.

Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd also had a huge game with five catches for 135 yards and two touchdowns. Lloyd now has 589 receiving yards through five games, putting him on pace for 1,885 yards this season. Jerry Rice’s NFL record is 1,848 yards in 1995.

But huge numbers in the passing game haven’t been enough for the Broncos, who fell to 2-3 today. And a big game running the ball was enough for the Ravens to improve to 4-1.

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  1. If the Ravens can beat NE next week that will show they are the real deal. The running game is getting it together at the perfect time to head into the #18 rush defense team. They just ran over the #12. They’ll be going against a worse offense than they played today especially without Moss. Despite 300+ passing yards the secondary still looked really good. I’m happy with todays win

  2. 314 yards passing and a 14 point loss that could easily have been a 28 point loss. They scored a meaningless TD with less than a minute to play. Wow.
    Great game by the Ravens. Nice to see Rice getting involved again. Even though Horton hears a Raven threw for 300 the DB’s actually played a very good game.
    With the heartless Bengals losing at home to TB and the talentless Browns losing today that once again leaves the Ravens and the Steelers.

  3. Starting to appear as if the two best teams in the league are in the same division. And they both have difference-makers coming back in the near future. Should be a really fun rest of the year.

  4. I think the Ravens are good, but let’s not overlook the fact that they were 30 seconds a way from losing to a team with it’s fourth sting qb in. Scratch that–they were 7 yards away from being a mediocre 3-2. Denver isn’t exactly a powerhouse either.

  5. It’s a long season, so don’t print those Super Bowl tickets quite yet, but the Ravens are one of the top teams in the NFL after a very impressive win.
    The win looked too easy against the Broncos. (The first “easy” win of the year.) If they can stay healthy, they should go far. The only negative would be the Ravens secondary got burned twice for long TDs when the defense should have known where the ball was going.

  6. As long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot we will definitely take the AFC north, and have a nice playoff run. We’ll see where we are in week 12 before the Superbowl talk starts but things are looking good for sure.
    Bring on the Patriots! I wonder how many flags little Beiber/Brady’s gonna ask for next week? I’m thinking 3 or 4 times! Can’t wait to watch Suggs drill em!

  7. Number one pass offense met number one passing defense – lights out.
    IF the Ravens win in NE (why di we always have to travel to Foxborow) it will be lights-out, bating the Jets, Steelers and Patriots on the road all within the conference would already give you all the tie breakers you could ever need. IF …. then again the Patriots D is very suspect.

  8. @Lebron – you play your schedule the way it is. Make no excuses for wins. We played 3 of our first 4 on the road and of our first 5, 3 were top 10 defenses.
    If my aunt had nuts she’d be my uncle. So overlook anything you like, because we are 4-1 with an away win against the Steelers and looking at a good possibility of stealing one in NE next week.

  9. @LebronJeremy
    at least we have won so far all our games at home. The Steelers prpaganda before the game was we would get a 40+ whooping even if Tomlins’ sister would QB.
    First lets see Ben back in his first game this season … he may not start as a top 5 QB.

  10. The Chiefs have also lost only one game…I suppose that means that are just as good as the Ravens.
    I look for quality of wins when determining how good a team is. 4-1 while facing a couple of so-so teams and an awful Bengals team doesn’t mean that they are separating from the pack. Like I said, I think they are one of the better teams in the NFL, but I’m not ready to jump on their junk.
    They should have totally whipped the steelers, and they just got by. That doesn’t bode well with me.

  11. It makes me laugh to hear all these, (bandwagon) steeler fans calling batch a 4th string QB! Dixon ain’t shit and Leftwitch can’t stay healthy enough to suck. Batch is Ben’s back up and has done well in that position, (historically as well) to be the #2 guy.
    I can’t believe they actually attempted to start those other guys over him. Funny thing is, the Ravens D is playing great for missing our starting corner, (Foxworth) and all pro safety Ed Reed.
    Take Frizzy head Troy out and there is a significant drop off within the steelers defense, (see last year). You guys better hope he stays healthy cause when Ben comes back for you guys, ED REED comes back for us. If not for Mason’s easy dropped TD last year, we would have beating the Squeelers (WITH BEN) in Pittsburgh.
    The Broom is up, the sweep is coming!

  12. @lebronjeremy
    you cant say that the broncos arent that good..maybe if you knew what you were talking about you’d know that before today they were the #1 passing team in the league. maybe you should make yourself some notecards before you start typing stuff up

  13. @lebronjeremy …. soooooo what you are saying is … Ben is not that important for the Steelers as it is the team that plays good and got you to 3-1. Don’t forget that last year with Super Ben at the helm you only managed 9-7 and missed the playoffs all togther.
    Ravens have faced 3 of the top five defenses in their first 4 weeks and all on the road and came out 3-1 and then beat the NFL top passing offense.
    Fisrt Ben has to win anything this year and second you still have to travel to Baltimore and beat us just to even the score.
    As for the Bengals, yeah they do not look that good right now, but they swept the division last year and the Steelers did not only lose twice against them but ALSO lost against the Browns ones. Stop yapping, win at least ONE in the division and let the games play out.
    Until then the Steelers are 0-1 and Ravens 2-1 in the division.

  14. Congrats to Orton on his yardage, but damn, it really doesn’t mean sh*t when your team is 2-3, does it? The Broncos are headed to another 8-8 year, while Orton is set to break a record in the process. I hope he does, but unfortunately, it’ll be the lone cherry on top of a pretty pathetic season.
    I expected the Ravens to roll over the Broncos like they did last year. Glad to see the running game getting back into the swing of things. This team is tough to beat when they can mix it up like they did.

  15. Damn teh Steelers have Ben coming back. If only the Ravens could just somehow get a top 100 player of all time to add to their stacked defense in a couple weeks…oh well pipe dreams I guess.

  16. Orton threw for 314, but the Ravens were ahead big all day & played real soft in the secondary. Take out the 2 big TD passes to Llyod & what do his numbers look like? I’m sure pedestrian. & he also picked up al ot of yards in garbage time, including the 2nd TD pass w/ 35 seconds left. I was wishing when Denver called timeout w/ 2:07 to go in the game Harbaugh would have called the bomb to make them pay for that. It was clear they were just trying to save time to pad their/Orton’s stats. It’s clear Denver isn’t trying to win but break records.

  17. Good to be associated with a winner like the Ravens. Ray Rice is one of the most underrated runing backs in the league. Go Ravens.

  18. Haha all u raven fans are hilarious, Denver can’t run the ball to save their lives and the last few years have had teams steam rolling their front seven, wool man yeah u guys got a real power house there I’m sure you’d all be pounding ur chests too if u whooped up on a college team

  19. Ravens fans continue to be the most entertaining fanbase in sports.
    Thanks, man! It’s nice to know that we give all the rednecks with the plastic kiddy pools in the trailer parks of Western Pennsylvania some enjoyment. Now go talk to your sister…uh, I mean cousin…uh, I mean grandma. Welcome to the Laurel Highlands, where everything – and everyone – is relative!

  20. Kyle Orton – nice guy who proves, once again, that he can’t engineer a comeback.
    Great stats though…until you look at the scoreboard.

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