Vincent Jackson's rap sheet scared Patriots away

After the Patriots shipped receiver Randy Moss to Minnesota, Tom Curran of reported that the Patriots showed preliminary interest in Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson, who remains an unsigned restricted free agent.

Curran now reports that the Patriots lost interest once owner Robert Kraft became aware that there was interest.

The problem, per Curran, is Jackson’s history of drunk driving.  He has pleaded guilty twice to DUI, which resulted in a three-game suspension under the substance-abuse policy.

With nine days remaining in the trading period, Curran reports that a trade for Jackson officially can be ruled out.

19 responses to “Vincent Jackson's rap sheet scared Patriots away

  1. Vincent Jackson has committed career suicide by letting slimy agents inflate his ego. Hey Vincent, Malcolm Floyd will gladly accept a spot in the Pro Bowl this year being on the receiving end of all those Rivers bombs. Have fun catching passes from some turd QB somewhere else next year.

  2. bigbolt is dead-on 3 posts up.
    AJ should have taken a little less to ship this malcontent away…probably could of had a 3rd and 4th rounder for this guy.

  3. V-Jack deserves everything he has done to himself. He has lost 3.5 million dollars, because he was greedy. How his agent let this happen I will never know. He had very little leverage due to his suspension and the fact he is one strike away from a year suspension.
    This was one the all-time stupid decsions made by a player.

  4. Speaking as a drunk, I couldn’t be counted on to make plays and stay out of trouble.
    And Mr, Kraft, commendably, has expressed no interest in me being a wide out for the Patriots either.
    — Foster Brooks

  5. Hawkfan50 says:
    October 10, 2010 6:36 PM
    … a 6th rounder and Branch for one of your 3rds Pats : )
    hahahahaha!!!! Keep him!!

  6. Curren is the person who started the rumor of the Pats interest in Vincent. Now he is merely finding an excuse for his erroneous report.

  7. Come on V. Jackson Phillip Rivers needs you, they’ve lost against the Chiefs(lol wut?) Seahawks(lol que?) and the Raiders(mind=blown) I see the Chargers finish last in the AFC West, finally where that trash team belongs ranked low with the other garbage teams.

  8. All I can do is point and laugh at VJ!
    Rivers is an elite quarterback.
    Antonio Gates is an elite tight-end that opens opportunities for everyone else on the team.
    These two guys made Vincent Jackson look great. Look at Malcolm Floyd just step right up and fill those shoes!

  9. # Patriots51 says: October 10, 2010 7:54 PM
    Hawkfan50 says:
    October 10, 2010 6:36 PM
    … a 6th rounder and Branch for one of your 3rds Pats : )
    hahahahaha!!!! Keep him!!
    poor injury plagued bastard wouldn’t be worth the salary he’s paid if the seahawks gave him away.
    a damn shame, he had some good games for the Pats

  10. chargers better sign jackson and make some damn changes right now or im officially giving up my fandom of the san diego chokers… i mean chargers

  11. @ SmyDchargers
    First off the last 4-Years the Chargers have started with a 2-3 Record . How many times did we not WIN our division?..Stop hating on my Chargers ….We are the team to beat unfortunately our Coaching staff SUCKS!!..Norv Turner is a great offense coach…But he is not made out to be a headcoach..I wish we had San Francisco’s Head Coach !!..Head strong and not a marshmellow!!…We have the players with the exception to the majority of special teams Moron’s!!!…However we will win our division…The super bowl will not ever be won by San Diego with it’s current head coach & AJ Smith wake up Spano’s Family. Fire the special teams coach Steve Crosby.

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