49ers find a new excruciating way to lose

There were two really sad, memorable moments from Sunday night’s 27-24 Eagles victory over the 49ers.

1. The first one came when the 49ers crowded chanted: “We want [David] Carr, We want Carr.”

Rarely has a home crowd ever so completely given up on a season.  San Francisco isn’t known for having overly tough fans, but the thunderous booing after Alex Smith’s fumble early in the fourth quarter was as intense as we’ve ever heard.

Mike Singletary contemplated taking Alex Smith out at that point, even telling him so.  After the game, Singletary said he did it mostly to “see what his response would be . . . a quarterback that has anything in him, will have something to say about that,” Singletary said.

Smith talked his way back into the game.  After some communication issues, Smith brought the 49ers back on two gutsy, impressive touchdown drives to make the game close.   Singletary said he’ll consider making a quarterback change this week.  Smith finished the game 25-of-39 for 309 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions.

A promising final drive ended on a Smith interception after his protection collapsed and his arm was hit during a throw.

2. The post-game press conference from Singletary was difficult to watch.  He wore the pain from the 0-5 start on his face and struggled to get the answers out.  No longer defiant after a loss, he was truly dejected.

At one point, Singletary said the best team the 49ers have faced all year was the 49ers.  Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders couldn’t help cracking up on the NFL Network highlight show.

“Well, did they beat the 49ers?  Because they lost to everyone else,” Irvin said.


50 responses to “49ers find a new excruciating way to lose

  1. Irvin is a Crackhead, Sanders is a suicide waiting to happen, and only Steelers Fans know more about winning Super Bowls than 49ers fans. When 49ers fans see failure they WILL LET it be known. Football was around long before 2005 profootballtalk.com.

  2. … I have an odd idea , but it may actually work for the 49ers . MATT MOORE from the Panthers looks like if given the chance he could be something , and with the Panthers now committed to Clausen , what would it take for the 9ers to get him ? Trade off ALEX SMITH for a straight up trade ? There would be no cap hit this year so it would make sense to dump him for future consideration … It seems like to me that as an orginization the 49ers would owe it to themselves to at least give a different ( if not better ) QB a shot with the franchise … What do you think Florio ?

  3. you have got to be kidding thinking Moore is a CONSIDERABLE option. He is horrible and has never even been that great (even at OSU). Thats just ridiculous. Smith has been very difficult to deal with these first 5 games, as well as Frank Gore and so on and so. I know that the trade deadline is week 6 but is there a reall good enough answer or solution or whatever it may about out there? It’s hard to say. It may depend on what the 49er’s are willing to part ways with in April.

  4. I can’t believe anybody, especially the 49ers, is actually battling the bills for the first overall pick next year.

  5. @ Tennessee_Tyrant …
    If your plan for saving an 0-5 season involves trading for Matt Moore, then you are crazy and your team sucks.

  6. total access is where the nfl hides all their druggies to keep them from robbing the general public.
    My opinion, just glad they are not loose all over the country attacking my family.

  7. niners should try to trade crabtree for a qb or a 1st rd pick so they can draft a qb and a wr next draft they need to do something the season is lost!!

  8. Hard to believe that it took Al Michaels and NBC five seasons to do games from Miami and San Francisco.
    I remember when he would do Monday night games from those places on a regular basis. And he seemed to enjoy it!
    Watching NYJ-Miami and this game, I can’t help but think about those days.

  9. Doesn’t get any easier for the Niners with the Raiders rolling in next Sunday. 0-6 will be their record following that game.

  10. Why not give Troy Smith a shot at running the offense? He’s certainly a better option than Carr.

  11. It’s amazing how easy it is for crackheads, thugs and inept GMs to get jobs on NFL networks. Matt Millen ruined the Lions for years to come and Irvin still seems high on something.

  12. na man i dont see benching alex smith making you a better team. be a huge mistake if 49ers give up on smith, hes not a lost cause and 49ers is a good team for him

  13. respect to Alex Smith for fighting back. he showed heart and guts when everyone had given up on him. i felt bad for the guy getting a showering of boos that i can’t remember hearing for a home team.

  14. So Mike Singletary said the best team the 49ers played were the 49ers. Classic ploy used by the Williams sisters’ who will never credit their opponent as being better.
    He’d be better served to go back and study how another fiery coach got it done…Bill Cowher. Yes there was spit flying but Cowher would vent and 5 seconds later be encouraging the player. Singletary was in pyscho mode in the second half. The press conference was so bad NFL Network cut away to the studio guys.
    What a freaking shame for the niner fans. Here’s hoping for better times for a loyal fan base that deserves better.

  15. REDSKINWARRIOR, it would be beyond stupid for the 49ers to do what you have proposed. You don’t trade a talented, proven young WR only to draft an unproven WR a year later.
    They should just draft a QB with their top pick next year. Trading assets is dumb.

  16. another failed season san francisco
    you have crabtree and gore , great linebackers
    ,a superb tight end and still cant win
    these guys were over hyped by everyone and
    unfortunately they believed it
    there is no real excuse for this season , get rid of singletary at season’s end and hire a real coach..
    you have a decent team to build on, get a half way decent qb and a coach with some experience and you may have something

  17. I can’t even watch the late night highlights on NFLN because I HATE Deion. Irvin is ok sometimes but he works my nerves too. It’s hard enough to watch the earlier ones with Dukes and Waddle. Hey jackasses, you aren’t there to make snarky comments and shriek loudly and interrupt each other (Dukes is THE worst for talking over people loudly. I want to sock him). They are there to do analysis and present the highlights and explain what’s going on not act like drunk fans trash talking in a bar. Put Trent Green on there. He is even handed and fair and never nasty. Same with Warren Sapp. I am sick of people like Dukes and Deion with their love of thuggy guys always promoting their favorite showboat-y guys or their favorites in general and never critiquing them and cracking on other people who are actually decent people and don’t deserve it. Hypocrites.

  18. “Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders couldn’t help cracking up on the NFL Network highlight show.”
    Really? All those two clowns do is giggle and laugh at people.

  19. I agree, Irving is a joke. I switch on NFL network, see his goofy crap-for-brains expression and quickly change the channel before I can hear the nonsense ooze out of his ignorant face. He has nothing to add to any discussion unless it’s about drugs or whores. It’s a huge black mark on the league that he’s in the HOF and it’s mind-boggling that he’s a focal point of their network.
    Goodell, worried about public perception of the league? Get rid of that low class joker so I can start watching!

  20. truegrinder80 says: October 11, 2010 12:27 AM
    Irvin is a Crackhead, Sanders is a suicide waiting to happen, and only Steelers Fans know more about winning Super Bowls than 49ers fans. When 49ers fans see failure they WILL LET it be known. Football was around long before 2005 profootballtalk.com.
    What in the hell do any FANS know about winning Super Bowls? Please, shut up. All Steelers fans know how to do is keep it in the family. 49ers fans… well, all I’m going to say is… it’s San Francisco.

  21. 1. Singletary is the worst coach in the NFL, belongs coaching JV special teams in HS. HIs stupid motivational tactics stopped working last season, and he has zero ability to manage personnel at this level.
    2. The 49ers fans were classless when they booed their team (as were the Braves fans earlier) and called for a new QB. As ESPN and fading sideline reporter Pam Oliver tell us, you MUST cheer for your team 24/7, and even support members of the competition if they played for your team previously. You, as a paying customer, have no right to boo. So tsk, tsk.
    The 49ers are the best 0-5 team, talent-wise, in the modern era. Change the coach now, and you can still make the playoffs in that garbage division. 7-9 may get it done.

  22. “The post-game press conference from Singletary was difficult to watch. He wore the pain from the 0-5 start on his face and struggled to get the answers out. No longer defiant after a loss, he was truly dejected.”
    I think you misread this. Singletary was speechless because he does not have the base of knowledge to fix the problems. All he can do is offer silly, juvenile sloganeering like “punch ’em in the mouth”.
    We saw this with Ray Rhodes, this guy is in so far over his head it isn’t even funny. Great player, but that isn’t what makes a great coach. He has no vision, no strategy, and no tactics for making a winning team.
    Oh, and he battles his personnel like Captain Queg looking for strawberries. That “Rat” episode was straight out of the Caine Mutiny. Embarrassing. He needed to stay a DC for a few more years and learn more about what it takes to manage everything that goes into the team. And a strong OC would have helped as well. And probably a veteran Quality Control guy to help managing things.
    People make Mike out to be Rex Ryan, because he talks a lot and pulls stunts. But Rex knows a TON about the game and how to manage guys. I don’t see that with Mike.

  23. I really think the 49ers arent far off from being pretty great just like Detriot they are in these games. I hope that Singletary doesnt get fired.

  24. Was that game in Philly? No? But what about all of the incredibly loud booing I heard? Wait, you mean fans in OTHER cities boo, too?
    You can’t be serious. And the chanting of the back up QB’s name? They wouldn’t do that in such a civilized place as San Fran, would they?
    I feel so disillusioned. All of the posters on here for years have been telling me that all the classless fans were in Philly. Now it turns out that frustrated fans everywhere will boo their teams, and maybe, just maybe, booing your team when they suck isn’t classless at all.
    Who woulda thunk it?

  25. Alex Smith has looked good on several drives this year…they were all while running a hurry-up offense and he was likely calling most of the plays. SF should try the no huddle offense for a half and see where they are.

  26. Football has been around longer than PFT and only the Steelers know more about winning SB’s?
    You do know that the NFL (and the 49ers & Steelers) has been around longer than the Super Bowl – the Packers, Bears, Giants and Browns have all won more NFL Championships than the Redskins and Steelers who are tied for fifth with six.
    But just like the 49ers, many of the guys responsible for those championships are no longer in the building. Jed York knows what about having a winning season?

  27. habibfromnewdehli says:
    October 11, 2010 8:21 AM
    Did you really just try to compare the unemployment mecca city of Pittsburgh to the Paris of the West city of San Francisco?? You are gonna lose that battle my man, keep grinding out that mine and rent money homey!

  28. Singletary must go. This guy has proven beyond a doubt that he does not know how to win or how to prepare his team to win. They have immense talent, just poor staff and managment. Just cut your losses and dump the guy NOW.
    How embarrassing will it be when the Raiders beat them for the 6th loss?

  29. You know why fans were booing after almost every play? Because the all-knowing media proclaimed the Whiners as the champs of their division. Oh but you forgot a few things like the Whiners lack any talent whatsoever outside of Gore and Davis, the Seahawks actually made changes to improve their team, not just fire the Coordinator and proclaim all was well. The Cards suck, but not as much as the 9’s, and the Rams also made moves to better their team. What has SF ever done other than SAY they have gotten better? Oh yeah, they signed Brian Westbrook. LOL

  30. Singletary is in over his head. This team is poorly coached. They also have a bad quarterback. They need to blow it all up (trade Gore?) and rebuild. It shouldn’t be that hard, with the picks they’ve invested in their line and in the defense.

  31. I actually think that the 49ers will beat the Raiders next week. The Raiders have QB issues as well and have been very up and down. Having said that, it is clear the 49ers will not win more than 4 games this year.

  32. “The 49ers are the best 0-5 team, talent-wise, in the modern era. Change the coach now, and you can still make the playoffs in that garbage division. 7-9 may get it done.”
    Ah, yes, the return on goof-ball “We’re going to the Super Bowl!” Niner fans. Thanks for the great laugh. I’m sure you’ll be chiming in heartily at the end of the year with, “The 49ers are the best 5-11 team of all-time!”
    Wins and losses are the only measure in the NFL. This ain’t no beauty contest.

  33. Singletary is the problem, but Smith should have been ut of there 3 years ago. If they dump Mike now they might be able to save the year. Hope Andrew Luck slides. bench right tackle Davis, that guys been killing us all year. Hire someone that can motivate the “D”. Just run spread offense so Smith can quit making a ass out of himself.

  34. Really makes you wonder why the 49ers didn’t go after McNabb last year. I know a lot was invested in Smith, but he hasn’t shown anything since he came into the NFL, and the 49ers have way too much talent to be 0-5!

  35. Don’t usually poke my head in on other posts on other teams. Yeah, I’m happy we beat the Bolts finally. But, S.F. is a tough team. There is no quit over there and they are just a bit snake bitten. (trust me, I know how that feels across the bay).
    I think they are waaay undersold and are much better than their record.
    Next week will be a tough game.
    As for Irvin, he is a disgrace not only to football, but to life in general.

  36. Why isn’t anybody talking about the York family! The owners determine the quality of the team. When Eddie was owner, he was absolutely passionate about winning and gave Walsh ulcers. The Yorks don’t give a crap or they are clueless or both. Jed York saying the 49ers would win their division. Is he completely insane? He hasn’t a clue what it takes to have a winning team. His BS predictions are an absolute embarrassment – he is just a little boy who is excited to have a toy – the 49ers! All the York’s care about is giving fantasy predictions and getting other peole to pay for a big fancy stadium and watching the value of their team increase. Singletary is a joke. He was a great player but he knows nothing about coaching or hiring coaches. The blame for this huge 49er mess falls on the Yorks and it will never change unless they sell the team. Bad owner = bad team. Sorry folks it ain’t going to change!

  37. “San Francisco isn’t known for having overly tough fans, but the thunderous booing after Alex Smith’s fumble early in the fourth quarter was as intense as we’ve ever heard”
    Who is ‘we’? Was PFT at the game itself? How many games has ‘we’ attended in SF?

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