Boomer Esiason vouches for Casserly's Brady-Moss report

One of the more entertaining aspects of Sunday’s action came during the 12:00 p.m. ET hour, when Charley Casserly of CBS offered up, with jarring nonchalance, an account of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and former Patriots receiver Randy Moss going “toe-to-toe” in the locker room and having to be separated, in the days before the trade that sent Moss back to Minnesota.

Casserly said that Brady told Moss to cut his beard, and that Moss told Brady he need needs to cut his hair because he looks like a girl.

Denials of the account have since come from Peter King of NBC’s Football Night in America and Tom Curran of  As one high-level Patriots source told King, “Someone is lying to CBS.”

On Monday morning, Boomer Esiason of CBS vouched for Casserly’s report. 

“[Casserly] has been accurate almost every single time,” Esiason told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Show.
“I don’t remember a time where he was inaccurate. . . . Charley does not go
in front of millions of people on Sunday and make a fool out of himself
unless he has something on lockdown.  I would stake my own reputation
on it.”

This is a dynamic that King considered carefully before contradicting Casserly, and King spent plenty of time on Sunday afternoon trying to get his information — and ensuring that he wasn’t being fed an agenda-driven story or getting information from a source who didn’t really know what happened.  I witnessed it; King was thorough and complete and sensitive to the perception that he would be calling out a reporter from another network. 

Regardless of whether Moss and Brady ever got into a debate regarding grooming habits, a source with knowledge of the dynamics in the locker room told me Sunday that Moss was “wearing out” Brady and plenty of the other players on the team.  So Moss wasn’t traded because he was a model citizen and a dominating player and a key fixture in the Patriots’ short-term future.

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  1. What ever happened to Taco Bill? Why don’t we have a photo of Moss with Brady’s hair hanging out with Brady with the Moss beard?

  2. Peter King on voting against Art Monk for the HoF:
    “I was told by defensive coaches on the NYG (Belicheck) that they were more worried about Gary Clark than Art Monk” – dead wrong. Consider your source, Pete.
    Peter King on the Spurrier-Wuerffel re-uniting in 2002:
    “Danny Wuerffel will throw for 4,000 yards for the Redskins this year” – how did that work out, Pete, you overrated DB?
    I’ll go with Charlie Casserly on this one.

  3. Florio choosing sides based off mutual employer…..WOW…..Nothing new here
    Continue to be the Patriots pimp to deny real news…..
    But if Florio wrote it, it indeed happened…..Ok…(note sarcasim)

  4. “Casserly said that Brady told Moss to cut his beard, and that Moss told Brady he need needs to cut his hair because he looks like a girl.”
    Hey Grandma Mike, maybe Moss needs to go to sensitivity training, because this is a sexist comment, and maybe a little homophobic?
    Don’t you think?

  5. I wouldn’t say that he’s “vouching” for the report. He just is saying that he is usually an accurate reporter. Vouching would be saying that he witnessed the argument.

  6. A bunch of idiots trying to figure out what nobody cares about – Good Freaking Lord?!?!?
    If only these people had real jobs, we wouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense.

  7. And Florio continues to have nothing better to do after collecting his Football night in America check.

  8. Florio I admire your loyalty to those who you work with. Weather it be Dungy or Peter King you stick by their sides regardless.

  9. What makes Boomer any more credible than Casserly?
    King’s reputation is based on what he does and what he says. Casserly and Boomer are merely talking heads.

  10. I like Boomer, but of course he is going to take up for Casserly…they work together. What was he going to do, go on D&C and say “Yeah, that Casserly report…what a dumbass. I don’t know who his sources are, but they suck.”
    King is also a tool and will believe anything a player tells him. Have you ever read his column? He sounds like a teenage girl talking to a friend. “OMG, I just talked to TOM BRADY he’s so dreamy. He said that, like, none of that “hair stuff” happened and that everyone needs to chillax. Then I got a text from Brett Favre! Eeek! I can’t believe he talked to me! I am super crushing on him! I wish Stephanie Meyer would write some more Twilight books…Team Edward!”

  11. You can also hear Boomer bust out laughing in the studio when Charlie Crusterly mentions this bombshell. This guy has no sources.
    Seriously? Toe to toe over a personal grooming?

  12. If you’re going to start fawning over Peter King and apologizing for him, I’m going to stop visiting this site. If King was checking sources, good, that’s his damn job. Why would you feel the need to point out he was doing his everyday job? Are you vouching for him like Boomer vouched for Casserly? Do you think we actually care?

  13. The headline is a blatant lie. Nowhere is there a quote that vouches for the report. Boomer only vouches for Casserly’s previous reports being accurate MOSTLY.

  14. i love that Abe Simpson quote from a flashback to the 60s, where Abe was contrasting between Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath . . . “look at those sideburns, he looks like a girl!”

  15. Since boomer has nothing of his own to add it would make more sense to say boomer vouches for casserly’s record, not for casserly’s report .
    I love the idea of a Moss/Brady haircut argument but it sounds so ridiculous that I’m pretty sure Casserly’s source is Ron Borges.

  16. Boomer says Casserly has been accurate “almost every single time”? So he lies only part of the time?
    Sorry, but an endorsement from Boomer doesn’t go very far

  17. Of course your working relationship with King wouldn’t be affecting your own bias to the story? Good stuff all around.
    The bottom line is one or both of them were being lied to. It could have just as easily have been Peter King being lied to. He also has been wrong several times in the past and I don’t doubt either one of them work hard at validating their stories, however at the end of the day they have to rely on “sources” who have their own agendas, can lie or not tell the “complete” truth.
    How many times have we seen stories break that people deny that we find out are true later and so on.
    I am going with Casserly on this one, its much more fun that way.

  18. Who cares if Esiason vouches for Casserly? Unless he was actually in the locker room and witness to it, how does Esiason’s statement validate Casserly? This story is getting boring. I’m not even sure why I bothered to comment.

  19. So it seems as if Brady got into Moss’s face and told him to cut his beard. How does that make Moss a bad citizen? I don’t know anybody in the last decade or so who have a worse reputation for doing less wrong than Randy Moss.

  20. … and then Brady didn’t even look his way for practically the whole Miami game. Makes sense. Oh… except for that one play in the end zone where he hit Moss square on the hands.
    Moss, love you baby, but it was time to go. Pats are back to being the Pats. The experiment, while entertaining, has ended.

  21. I am comforted to know that Charley Casserly makes sure he has something on lockdown before he makes a fool of himself. And that Boomer is willing to stake his reputation on it.
    What is his reputation, anyway?

  22. I think we all know that bellicheck doesn’t ever allow such trades for such reasons, and in this situation probably advocated it to the gm either because moss decided to mail it in in too many important games or because he (moss)began to think of himself as more important than the team, as he always eventually does on every team he plays for.

  23. If I could be with Giselle for a night I’d grow my hair down to my butt! Let’s admit it guys – Brady ALWAYS wins and the rest of us ALWAYS lose.

  24. “[Casserly] has been accurate almost every single time,” Esiason told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Show. “I don’t remember a time where he was inaccurate. . . .
    “How about almost every year that he put together a drafting chart for the Redskins.”

  25. Boomer says he stakes his reputation on this Brady-Moss slap-fight story? Boomer, for as long as I can remember has been a Moss-critic, so I really don’t care what Boomer has to say as ut pertains to Moss. Look, we all have guys in sports that we like or hate and it’s easier to either run to their defense, or to go after them, as Boomer is doing with Moss. Was Boomer in the locker room? Does he have inside information? I don’t think he does, so all Boomer is doing is gossiping and gas-bagging. I’m going to side with Peter King here. King is one of the best in the business for years and Casserly has been known to mess up more than once.
    So if this Brady-Moss fight didn’t happen, since Boomer said he staked his reputation on this, will Boomer do us all a favor and go away??

  26. Boomer would also vouch for Craig Carton, which tells you all you need to know about the merit of his ‘vouches’.
    I go with PKing on this one

  27. This story isn’t important enough for King to spend that much time chasing down leads or for him to call out another reporter. Pity the media wasn’t as conscientious in covering the Roethlisberger story when only the accuser’s statements and those of her friends were so diligently reported and everything contradicting her was just … ignored.
    I know you’re a fan of King’s but let’s be real–two guys get into a shouting match. Who knows or cares what they shouted. It could just as easily have been “Cut your hair” as “F you.”
    Boomer Esiason should never, under any circumstances, stake his own reputation on anyone else. Never.

  28. Esiason literally laughed at Casserly’s assertion ON THE AIR on CBS’ pregame show – you can hear him laughing in the background in that clip.
    The reality is Moss may have wearing on the Patriots but he was never a cancer in the locker room and this confrontation never happened. It was an amicable seperation for both parties.

  29. Speaking of hair, what about some of theses players ruining around with what looks like a mop sticking out of there helmets. Seems like a fashion show. I agree with some of the old timers, they weren’t as fast and strong as today players, however they seem to be just tough football players, today’s QB are treated like they have a skirt on, don’t touch me or I will cry to the referee, like Tom Brady. Bill

  30. Left out of the report was that the whole team met at the park after practice and Moss and Brady finished the fight, until the police showed up and everybody ran.

  31. @ Mike Daly: My assumption was that Esiason was laughing at the absurdity of two millionaires insulting each other over their respective hair styles. It never occurred to me that Esiason was mocking Casserly’s credibility.
    Thinking it over again now, I’m going to stick with my original assumption.
    Speaking of assumptions, I’m also going to assume that neither Casserly nor King are entirely wrong, nor are they entirely correct in their reporting and counter-spinning of this “incident.”
    I tend to believe that there was some sort of conflict, but saying that the two players “went toe-to-toe” and “they had to be separated” may have been an exaggeration.
    And it was enough of an exaggeration for PR types to call in favors with the likes of King, who, in good conscious, could say the story is not true. Meaning, it was probably a just verbal altercation from across the room that was over as quickly as it started.
    It was enough of an incident to help seal Randy’s ticket out, but not enough to be the sole explanation for trading him—which Casserly never claimed.

  32. Esiason just did a foolish thing. He vouched for somebody on the “he would never do that!” basis. Don’t underestimate people.

  33. Peter King on voting against Art Monk for the HoF:
    “I was told by defensive coaches on the NYG (Belicheck) that they were more worried about Gary Clark than Art Monk” – dead wrong. Consider your source, Pete.
    That argument always pissed me off. Maybe if those co-ordinators had spent more time game planning for him he wouldn’t have caught so many passes against them.
    The only argument more retarded was Dr Z’s “800 8-yard hooks.” Not only did it completely fail to describe Monk’s career, it would also have meant that when he wasn’t catching hooks he had to have been the greatest downfield threat ever seen, averaging 45-yards on his other 140-catches.
    Also, it was kind of a weird argument, i.e. not spectacular enough, from a writer who felt linemen were never given their fair due. It was as if a team first attitude and willingness to do the hard and inglorious grinding across the middle of the field was only laudable if the player weighed over 260lbs.
    As for Casserly. He wasn’t a bad executive. Not a great one either, but I’d take his opinion over every journalist and would be journalist on football matters. In this case someone might be lying to him, but it is hardly out of the question that two guys started taking the piss out of each other. Moss wouldn’t be the only one to think that Brady needs to get a hair cut.

  34. I trust Casserly. Doesn’t mean he isn’t wrong, but Casserly does his due-diligence. Unlike Snyder who fired Casserly and kept Norv Turner. (BTW, Snyder recently said that he now regrets that action and should have kept Casserly and fired Turner.)
    But this story does not pass the sniff test. What kind of showdown is that between veteran football players over a beard and a haircut?
    Maybe a rival hairdresser is spreading this gossip.

  35. And those that are blasting Florio for this story…. Isn’t this story more interesting than 6 paragraphs on why a $41M contract is really only a $39.75M contract? Because $1.25M is based on global prime rates that recently have fluctuated to 4.45% and if that trend continues………………

  36. shaslers, Casserly’s assertion was laughable on its face and there has been NO corroborating evidence – on the contrary, the varied media outlets are all quoting their sources as saying Casserly’s story DIDN’T happen – unequivocally. Esiason was laughing at Casserly, period.

  37. Mike, say hi to the guys in the studio for me the next time you are there to personally witness what happens there.

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