Browns add a quarterback

Well, the Browns now have more than one healthy quarterback.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Browns signed old Eric Mangini buddy Brett Ratliff off the Patriots practice squad.  Ratliff is expected to back up Colt McCoy, who looks to be in line for his first NFL start on Sunday against the Steelers.  (Gulp.)  Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme are both battling high ankle sprains.

Ratliff is an example of how fast life in the NFL can change.  Four days ago, he joined the Patriots and was given Randy Moss’ locker.  Now he’s back with Cleveland, the same organization that traded for him as part of the Jets’ move for Mark Sanchez in the 2009 draft.

The Jets found their quarterback in that deal.  The Browns clearly are still searching.

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  1. Why do I have a feeling that Colt McCoy is going to have the game of a lifetime against Pittsburgh? He will either rack up 300 yards passing or will get sacked a dozen times.

  2. Ratliff has experience in the system and was in Cle late into preseason. My guess is that HE will start if Wallace can’t go. Putting McCoy out there vs the Steelers for his first start would not be a good idea at all. Especially as their stated desire is that he watch all year (which I think is smart). My guess is that if there is any way they can still do that they will. Ratliff will enable them to do that.

  3. And another worthless never was gets yet another shot he doesn’t deserve while Jeff Garcia and yes even Duante Culpepper (I know he doesn’t have much left, but he isn’t better than Brett Freakin’ Ratliff?) wallow in UFL purgatory.
    So you have a rookie who hasn’t shown anything in a regular season game backed up by a no-talent who has proven he can’t do anything in any type of game.
    Are we really supposed to believe that Eric Mangini wouldn’t rather have a seasoned vet who has been playing every week like Jeff Garcia backing up McCoy?
    No one questions this?

  4. Belichick duped Mangini into going for Vernon Gholston at #6 his last season with the Jets.
    Mangini didn’t have the sack to take a risk at #5 and strike out his first season with the Browns so he did the safe thing, not the smart thing, and traded away Mark Sanchez to the Jets.
    Sometimes I actually feel bad for Browns fans, but they REALLY like Mangini there now because he beat the Steelers once.

  5. Reality-Garcia pretty much hates Cleveland I think. He was there before and didn’t play very well. I highly doubt he would return, and he doesn’t know the system. Ratliff does. That factor can’t be underestimated.

  6. As a Browns fan, I think this move sucks bigtime. Yes, Ratliff “knows” the system. I put knows in quotation marks because his play during the preseason this year and last year looked like someone who has no clue about the playbook.
    I hate to be a negative nelly, but Ratliff is a beyond terrible, easily flustered joke of a QB. They’d have been better off signing Culpeper and having him cram to learn what he can this week.
    1-5, here we come.

  7. CKL, the reality in Cleveland is that Cleveland hates Garcia. He was awful here (not all his fault because Butch Davis didn’t run the West Coast offense). The Browns beat the Steelers last year with Brady Quinn so obviously, Mangini knows he eoesn’t even need a QB to beat them(RIMSHOT!).
    McCoy may turn out to be an ok player down the road but starting in this game brings back memories of Spergon Wynn’s two awful starts way back in 2000. I’d rather play Josh Cribbs at QB.

  8. There is no way in hell Cleveland will send Colt McCoy out there against Pittsburgh. Cleveland has ruined every single rookie QB they have drafted since they came back in 1999.

  9. CKL says:
    October 11, 2010 3:55 PM
    Reality-Garcia pretty much hates Cleveland I think.
    I think Jeff Garcia would crawl up a highway covered in broken glass between Omaha and Cleveland to get one more shot.
    There are no systems in the NFL that are strange to Garcia. If you refused to show him the playbook and tied his off-hand behind his back and radioed the plays to him in Swahili, he would play better than Brett Freakin Ratliff.
    I’m glad Brett Ratliff knows the system. It would be better if he knew how to play football. He has been on three teams in 5 weeks. Now he is the backup to a rookie on a lousy team.
    Have fun with that.

  10. “CKL says:
    October 11, 2010 3:55 PM
    Reality-Garcia pretty much hates Cleveland I think. He was there before and didn’t play very well. I highly doubt he would return, and he doesn’t know the system. Ratliff does. That factor can’t be underestimated.”
    Cleveland has a system?

  11. Ratliff is actually a pretty good QB, he just needs the chance to prove it. No matter who is in there, Ratliff or McCoy they will do better than the turnover king Delhomme. For that matter I could do better than Delhomme, anybody have Mangini’s number?

  12. realitypolice- Even if Culpepper or Garcia were an upgrade, it wouldn’t make any sense to add them. In reality, the Browns are looking for a guy to come in for at most two games. I’m assuming Delhomme or Wallace will be okay with three weeks of rest (Browns have a Bye week coming up). Maybe I’m wrong and we need someone for three or four games. Either way, by the time a new QB and learned the system, they’d be getting cut. Ratliff already knows the system. He played here all last year and throughout all of training camp this year.
    It was a no-brainer decision. That’s why no one is questioning it.

  13. Reality- the fact that Garcia is in the UFL is the REASON noone has taken him yet. He is under contract with them until November, expect to see him back in the NFL after that.

  14. This may be McCoy’s first and last NFL start. Pittsburg’s D is going to kill him. Well, they probably won’t kill him, but, he will be their 3rd QB on the injury list after that game.

  15. I just commented about Clausen and I’m about to say the same thing about the Browns and McCoy. Another loss this week to the Steelers and I think you gotta start thinking about playing McCoy. Get that kid some game experience. Delhomme is one foot out the door and Wallace is never gonna be top QB. But like Clausen, McCoy at least has a shot. When the season starts to get away from the Browns, I think they should think about getting McCoy some snaps.

  16. This duplicate post of the “Browns Add A Quarterback” story is brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

  17. Wow. Cleveland is going to get lit up this weekend. If Mccoy actually starts, you’ll see a grown man pee his pants going up against that defense. Good luck with that Colt….

  18. I’m not sure you “battle” a high ankle sprain. You basically sit around on your ass, sip beer, knock down nachos, and wait for the ligament to heal.

  19. Either of these guys can hand the ball off to Hillis, so it doesn’t really matter. Plus, neither of them are serial rapists – so they got that going for them.

  20. regardless of the QB Sunday, the Browns are light years better this season than last.
    Its just as obvious that Cleveland needs a franchise QB. Since 99 the Browns have either been a year late (P. Manning was in the 98 draft), whiffed (Couch) or passed one over (see this Sunday, Big Ben).
    QB, then WR in the 2011 draft … too bad we have to talk draft five games into this season.

  21. Please oh please give the Steelers D McCoy, he would be beaten into the ground all day in quite possibly the only nfl start of his career.
    Sadly though, Mangini isn’t as dumb as a lot of people think he is. He’ll start his boy Ratliff.

  22. How about a trade for Brady quinn. I am a avid steeler fan, but I wouldn’t wish this start on any rookie QB in the NFL

  23. wow Cleveland, your best bet would be to just put Josh Cribbs back there and hope for the best..hahaha

  24. The Browns just announced they’ll be wearing the brown pants this week just in case Colt soils himself the first time he sees James Harrison running free in the Cleveland backfield.

  25. @realitypolice, you can’t put a QB in the game when he doesn’t know the playbook. Browns had one option among available QBs — Ratliff — if their goal was to get someone who can step in next week. Even if Garcia has played in a lot of systems and has a good football mind, he can’t possibly step in on six days’ notice without previously learning the Browns’ system.

  26. As a Browns fan, I’m still waiting for some sort of explanation from management as to why a waiver wasn’t even placed for Trent Edwards a week or two ago when the Bills let him go.
    Further, Delhomme is not good. He’s 35, fragile, an interception machine with a Tommy Johns surgury under his belt. But the Browns management told us fans that it was his poise, leadership, and moxie that were the attractive components to him. But yesterday, I never saw it. I saw a frustrated, head-hanging, cry baby. His body language was shit prior to any interception (which he ended with 2, I believe). Tell me the f’ing point. Why bother trying to groom Cribbs, Massaquoi, Robiskie, or the others with him? We’re not going to the Super Bowl. Why are we wasting snaps on him?

  27. (“I guess Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Vinny Testiverde or Brain Sipe was not answering their phones”)
    i doubt they called Couch.
    (“If Mccoy actually starts, you’ll see a grown man pee his pants going up against that defense. Good luck with that Colt….”)
    Colt McCoy isnt a guy whose afraid to go in and play Pittsburgh, do i see him winning or doing great, no, but he’s not going to be afraid of that defense.

  28. Saw this coming a mile away last night. Good move id start Ratliff and run the ball 80% of the time ala bears

  29. Nobody ever comments on how poor the coaching is on this Browns team. The Falcons DL Abrams is a beast on the level of Reggie White. The Browns OL spent the whole week scouting this guy and determined that Joe Thomas can take him one on one. Really? Trust me. There isn’t a OL in the league that can take this man one on one. As a direct result, Wallace gets hurt on that play where JT just got used, over and over. Then Delhomme gets reinjured. Where’s the adjustment? Where’s the coaching? We could have beaten ATL just by going max protect and keeping our QBs upright. We will never win until these coaching issues get fixed. Watch the tape of that game again and you will see Joe Thomas have the worst day of his career. Not his fault. This is a coaching issue.

  30. I would absolutely love to see Colt McCoy lead the Browns to vistory.. the debut of rothesberger and all that hooplah.. just like Farve comin back.. go get ’em Colt!!!!

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