Bucs-Bengals one-liners

The Bengals committed nine penalties for 60 yards in Sunday’s 24-21 loss to the Bucs.

Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco was a non-factor in the defeat, again taking a backseat to Terrell Owens.
Bengals CB Leon Hall took issue with his pass-interference penalty that set up the Bucs’ lead-grabbing third-quarter touchdown.
Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said in his post-game press conference that “we need to play better football.”

SI.com’s Peter King refers to Bengals QB Carson Palmer’s season as “now officially a three-alarm fire.”
The Bucs’ RB rotation “didn’t go exactly according to plan” against the Bengals.
Bucs TE Kellen Winslow is a big fan of rookie S Cody Grimm.
The 3-1 Bucs have a “prove-it game” next on the schedule as they prepare to host the defending Super Bowl champion Saints in Week Six.

15 responses to “Bucs-Bengals one-liners

  1. “Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco was a non-factor in the defeat, again taking a backseat to Terrell Owens.”
    – The catfight begins in 3…2…1…

  2. I love Marvin’s quotes. “we need to play better football”. Classic. That’s all the man can say when they play bad. Seriously this is getting old.

  3. The bucs will split games with the Saints & Falcons this year & sweep the Panthers. It’s good to be competitive again! We may not be going to the playoffs but it’s good to see progress

  4. Marvin or Carson will be gone after this season! If I had to bet on it, I’d say it will be Marvin. Gruden’s from Ohio somewhere so he might be a front runner to replace Lewis.

  5. It’s the same old thing from Marvin after a lost. “We just need to play better football” or “We didn’t make enough plays to win the game”. How about the coach doing the right thing like running the ball on 3rd and 13 and then punting the ball. It’s time for Marvin to go his song and dance has gotten old. And when he leaves please take Bratkowski with him.

  6. Well you can be sure Bratkowski is going nowhere. He’s in bed with Mike Brown. The guy will retire from this team. Marvin will go by his own choice after this season. The man’s hands are tied when working with Mike Brown. Mike does what Mike wants. He doesn’t care about anyone else. Although I don’t care for Marvin as a coach, I’m sure he wants to run out of here.

  7. Great win for the Bucs… they pretty much tried to GIVE it to the Bengals with two turnovers in the red zone, but Carson gave them back to us late.
    No one thought the Bucs would be 3-1 and all of a sudden the Saints are looking beatable and the NFC South is up for grabs.

  8. Let me just say, as a vehement critic of Coach Morris that he has had these guys well-prepared this year. They are taking advantage of opportunities, hustling, winning on the road, and the improvement since last year is truly remarkable.
    I hear my fellow critics complaining still about too many DBs as leading tacklers, inability to run, 3 wins against subpar teams, etc. Fine, but they are finding a way to win, and the players who have yet to assert themselves on the DL will continue to improve, and once the DLs begin to perform, the LBs will begin to rack up the tackles. And playoff-caliber teams win against lesser teams.
    Are the Bucs a playoff caliber team? Right now, they are. So, hats off to you, Raheem Morris. I may have been wrong about you, and I hope you continue to prove it.

  9. Class post Mod…There is something to be said about a leader that men are willing to run through walls for. We can’t forget this is a ridiculously young team and it is understandable if the fans rather not put down their limited Tampa Bay market funds down on them. BUT it is exciting watching something grow for a change and those of you willing to be patient hopefully will reap the biggest reward….

  10. Can someone give me a hand? I’ve run out of fingers to point to who to blame for this year’s horrible team that is the Bengals: Brown, Lewis, Bratkowski, Palmer, O-line, Defense, and so on. This team just flat out sucks.

  11. Ohhhh Marvelous Marvin.. Face it, Your OFFENSE doesn’t have full strength and full confidence in you nor your staff in the way to control the pro game… I am not a fan of you “BUNGLES” but never the less do posess a real hope for what’s in Cincy.. GIVE up and tell the Brown family you are a not capable to bring them fortitude of what it takes takes to be a pro team Nice try there Jack, but move on!

  12. LOL well atleast you admit it “ochouno81” coached blamed himself and then carson got interviewed and he blamed himself… on another note bucs are 3-1 and some pundits said bucs would be lucky to win 2 games well look at us now!!!!! come on saints join the club i know we not gunna do magnificent this year but i am sure that the bucs will clinch a wild card.

  13. “Bengals CB Leon Hall took issue with his pass-interference penalty that set up the Bucs’ lead-grabbing third-quarter touchdown.”
    Yeah, I do too. That was obviously the wrong call. Hall actually did grab the guy, so the call was technically correct. But it was still wrong, because the offensive player committed blatant offensive pass interference first.
    At worst it should have been offsetting, at best it should have been 2nd-and-18 instead of first-and-goal.
    Add in the blatant bad call on the “catch” at the end of regulation and the multitude of other bad calls in this game and others, and people are starting to wonder what’s going on. I’m wondering when the NFL is going to realize they can’t win a PR war in any other area when the fans are pissed off at bad officiating.

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