Chargers, Marcus McNeill agree to new contract

Marcus McNeill will be a San Diego Charger for years to come.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Chargers and McNeill have reached an agreement on a five-year contract extension.

McNeill had started every game but two for the Chargers over the first four seasons of his career, but he hasn’t played for the Chargers yet this year after waiting until September to sign his one-year tender offer as a restricted free agent.

But now McNeill and the Chargers have put any contractual differences behind them.

Restricted free agent receiver Vincent Jackson, on the other hand, has still made no progress with the Chargers.

23 responses to “Chargers, Marcus McNeill agree to new contract

  1. well that makes them a lot better football team. Now if they could get their WR into the locker room, they would be in real good shape

  2. WTG MDS!
    I for one would like to thank you for watching the Vikings game on ESPN and giving us the same information that was already broadcast!

  3. I just knew it. When McNeill decided to return all of a sudden, I just knew there was more to it than McNeill simply giving in. There must have been discussion that if McNeill came back they’d begin working on a new contract. This way, AJ gets to keep to his “I only negotiate with players that are here” stance, and McNeill gets his extension. Now, with this move, McNeill’s decision makes sense.

  4. # Madhatter says: October 11, 2010 11:00 PM
    Ouch! VJax got bad advice from his reps…
    How so? By all reports, the Chargers had no intention of giving Jackson an extension. His and McNeill’s situtations are completely different.

  5. # OsideBoltzFan760 says: October 11, 2010 10:58 PM
    opening the door for VJ??? lets get this done and win a friggin super bowl already…
    HA HA HA HA HA Not with norvell and AJ running things there….cant even beat the raiders!

  6. More power to Big Mac. He deserves the new deal and he will be a factor in the rest of the Bolts season. Is he going to play special teams o hope.

  7. Steve W. says:
    October 11, 2010 11:52 PM
    # Madhatter says: October 11, 2010 11:00 PM
    Ouch! VJax got bad advice from his reps…
    ____________________ ____________
    How so? By all reports, the Chargers had no intention of giving Jackson an extension. His and McNeill’s situtations are completely different.
    ____________________ ____________
    I think VJ’s agents misjudged how his past history would affect his value – not to mention the stance they’ve taken with AJ Smith in getting a deal done. MM got paid, he’s set to play Sunday – you have to think VJ reconsiders his options going into Week 8. Does he really want to be in this situation next year if they don’t modify the CBA? Would you gamble a year [in your prime] to bet they change it? Just my 2 cents…
    That said, be great for my fantasy team to see him traded to SEA now that Branch is gone!

  8. Is he going to play special teams? That’s what they should worry about. The Chargers are finally letting the rest of that crappy division catch up to them.

  9. Hey MDS – take a hint from florio and understand something: you dont need the little editorial comments at the end of your posts.

  10. who needs VJ when you’ve got floyd going off for 200+
    unless vj can play special teams and oline as well, or be an extra blocker for the punter lol

  11. Sorry bolts fans, AJ Smith made a classic blunder by keeping Rivers instead of Brees!
    Rivers will be the next Marino, great stats until you realize there’s no SB’s to validate his career!
    Anyway, the Flutie curse is alive and well for the bolts!

  12. “Fire Norv, hire Bill Cowher.”
    Cowher with his ring answering to the lord of no rings? That will never happen.

  13. It’s easy: A good Left Tackle is more important to a franchise than a good WR. Also, Malcom Floyd is proving that he can get the job done, too…

  14. Bad beat for the Bolts, lets deflect the uproar and do something that should have been done 4 months ago.
    When solving a problem you look for the common Denominator.
    AJ is that.
    You can not continue to throw away the most valuable commodity in the NFL (talent) and continue to stay on top.

  15. The Chargers don’t need Vincent Jackson. Their offense is fine, their defense is fine. Specialty teams is the problem, and you don’t bring Vincent Jackson back to play special teams.
    How many years did it take Cowher to win a SB? A SB that IMO, was a questionable win to say the least. Cowher isn’t the solution.
    IMO, Sproles has been beyond useless this season, his one year tender was money wasted. Doesn’t he make somewhere a little over 7.28 million this season?

  16. AJ decides to sign the big boy since Rivers was getting his butt kicked all day? O-line isn’t your problem. AJ is your promlem and the Dolts will never win a SB as long as he’s there.. enjoy the ride Dolt fanz

  17. McNeill is very lucky to get a payday at all, because the one year tender he signed was low! But he decided to sit out, so you have to cut your losses – but he is very very lucky to get a new deal when they did not have to give it to him at all.

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