Chuck Cecil had a good plan for avoiding another middle-finger fiasco

In Week Four, Titans defensive coodinator Chuck Cecil fired off a one-fingered salute to officials working Tennessee’s game against the Broncos.  The league promptly fired off a $40,000 fine in response.

In Week Five, Cecil had a plan for preventing a repeat occurrence.  He tied his index finger and middle finger together.

“You know what? I made a mistake, a big mistake with what I did,” Cecil
said, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “And basically I was making fun of myself by doing that.  It was an
extremely poor choice on my part, and I was just trying to make light
on the fact that I am such an idiot.  I apologized, but I was an idiot to
do it in the first place.”

Cecil actually removed the tape once the game started.

“I just don’t want to elongate the story,” Cecil said, creating yet another unintended double-entendre for an entirely different topic that continues to dominate the NFL news cycle.  “The reason I took [the tape]
off was because I didn’t want it to be a big story. . . .  I didn’t want to
turn it into a bigger story.  I want to let it die, but I was actually
making fun of myself in pregame.”

We appreciate the attempt at humor.  If Cecil were truly committed to the craft of comedy, however, he would have pulled a Ronnie Lott and had the middle finger amputated.

8 responses to “Chuck Cecil had a good plan for avoiding another middle-finger fiasco

  1. That’s pretty much the definition of how you should handle a situation where you let your emotion get the best of you: apologize, take full responsibility, and make a little fun of yourself. It’s unfortunate that you don’t see more people respond like that.

  2. Chuck’s got more balls than half the teams in the league. He will be a head coach in the league soon…maybe for his former team, when they let that current dog and pony show loose.

  3. It’s great to see he has a sense of humor ! More people really should follow his lead. Oh no…he put his middle finger up while coaching a football game ! SO WHAT ! It’s football, fun remember ! I find it funny the next story down is “Jermichael Finley and Nick Barnett are scheduled for surgery” Thats more serious then a middle finger being shown. Seems the NFL shy’s away from that whole issue and how MANY, MANY players will have permanent disabilities from this game. So will make more money then they will be able to spend, but how about the last 10 guys on the rosters who get injured and the released ?

  4. Was there ever I harder hitting safety than Chuck Cecil? not the best cover guy but boy could he lay someone out!!!

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