Cowboys-Titans one-liners

Seventh-round Titans return man Marc Mariani turned the game around with a 71-yard scamper to set up Tennessee’s winning touchdown in a 34-27 triumph over Dallas.

Titans RB Chris Johnson broke out for 131 yards and two touchdowns, including this sweet 42-yard gain.

Rookie cornerback Alterraun Verner shined on the road again for the Titans.

Tennessee’s aggressiveness throwing the ball with Vince Young paid off early.

SI’s Peter King thinks the Titans are a top-eight team in the NFL.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News doesn’t believe the Cowboys will escape their current hole because they simply are a bad, dumb team.

Cowboys G Leonard Davis wasn’t the only member of the offensive line to struggle.

12 Cowboys penalties, especially one for celebrating by Marc Colombo, did the Cowboys in.

Dallas players seemed to be in disbelief after the loss: “We’re going to be digging out of this all season,” Tony Romo said. “This is a
long process. Stacking together wins, I was hoping that today was going
to be a good start after the bye but it obviously wasn’t.”

The Cowboys put together over 500 yards of offense, including a 100-yard day for Felix Jones on the ground.

11 responses to “Cowboys-Titans one-liners

  1. I’m not one to normally complain about petty things, but the overuse of the word “scamper” by broadcasters and sports writers is odd to me. These are professional football players. They run, they jog, they sprint, etc.. They don’t scamper, skip or frolic – especially a return man. Those guys are running for their lives!

  2. The Titans are for real and are a playoff team, though the way the AFC South is going they’ll have to win a photo finish. For a guy who is accused of half-fassing it in pregame preparation, Vince Young was pretty darned good and has won 2/3rds of his starts.
    When will the Cowboys admit that Tony Romo cannot play, cannot lead, and is clueless as a quarterback?

  3. Why is Wade still coaching this team?
    No one(not even the haters) can deny that the Cowboys have talent. The coaching is what is keeping this team back. Well, that and the owner, but he isn’t going to fire himself.

  4. @ Mike Daley
    “When will the Cowboys admit that Tony Romo cannot play, cannot lead, and is clueless as a quarterback?”
    Hmmmm … 31 completions, 406 yards, 3 touchdowns (2 of 3 picks were off of deflections, the last was a prayer thrown with no timeouts left) … all despite being sacked 6 times and harassed all day by a top NFL pass rush. Your take on his abilities is “interesting” to say the least … its ignorance, to say the most.

  5. There’s only so much blame you can put on the coaching staff. Pillsbury Doughboy Phillips might be a twit, but he doesn’t throw INTs, doesn’t miss tackles and doesn’t make boneheaded penalties. The PLAYERS do all of that. And don’t be fooled, the talent level of this team is pretty low.

  6. Why did it take 5 weeks to get Felix Jones involved? Why did Jason G abandon the run after 3 quarters? This is not going to be fixed until Jason G is fired.

  7. I wonder if the Cowboys are out of shape? Mental errors, turn-overs and habitual penalties (over a dozen in two games) are typically a symptom of players gasping for air.

  8. Im sorry but will someone please enlighten me on who the Cowboys are. This is a franchise that hasnt been relevant since the 90s, and yet they are still considered America’s Team. I mean it seems like people are still stuck on the glory days of Deion, Emmit, Aikman, and Irvin. Give it up Cowboys fans. How many playoff games have yall won in the last 10 years???? The Cowboys have to be the most overrated, overhyped franchise that ive seen in pro sports for a while. They are 83-81 since 2000, which is barely above .500, and they have only won one playoff game in the last 13 years. So are we supposed to be surprised by the Cowboys 1-3 start? This franchise is nothing more now but an organization that has one of the richest owners in one of the biggest states. Other than that they have been a mediocre at best team on the football field in the last decade.

  9. It’ll all be fine. Personal stats are on the rise. Coach Wade will find someway to reward them. Jerry will walk around clapping his hands, slapping guys on the back. Fanboys will continue to defend the indefensible and the bandwagon will lighten.
    Can’t wait until the coaching staff, yes the coaching staff gets shook up.

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