Delhomme has a new ankle sprain

Jake Delhomme took a pain-killing injection to be ready to play with his high ankle sprain on Sunday.  He wound up replacing Seneca Wallace during the game, and promptly suffered another injury.

Delhomme re-injured his right ankle, and now has a high and low right ankle sprain, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  He’ll undergo an MRI and could be out an “extended period of time.”   Delhomme is in increased pain on Monday.

Wallace also sprained his ankle, and his prognosis is uncertain. Florio reported last night the Browns could bring in a veteran quarterback depending on the health of Delhomme and Wallace.

Based on this report, it sounds like it’s only a matter of time.

13 responses to “Delhomme has a new ankle sprain

  1. Overheard in the Brown’s offices yesterday:
    Is Vinny Testaverde still available?
    Someone get me Jeff Garcia, stat!

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wildcat with Cribbs … finally!!!!!
    This is just another moment where the loss of Delhomme is Cleveland’s gain. Why would anyone give an extra $7 million to someone that was already kicked out of Carolina for horrific play and bought out for $12 million???
    The NBA is a famous league for buyouts, but at least there is a rule stating that whatever the new team pays is whatever gets deducted for the former. Usually, the new team only offers a salary of roughly $1 million, but the typical player still gets a total of a minimum of $7.3 million to a maximum of $22 million. Look at the contracts PFT!!!

  3. Seneca was doing a nice job until his injury.
    It was sad but, Delhomme looked like he had been bitten by the Kamoda Dragon and was limping off to die somewhere.
    I know injuries can’t be faulted to anyone but, once again the Browns don’t look ready to play beyond the first half. That is definitely a short coming of the coaching. Normally, adjustments are made at half-time. I don’t know if it’s Mangenius or his genius coordinators but someone needs to inform them that the game is played for 60 minutes.

  4. well if palmer is let go this spring maybe the browns will overpay to get him, maybe invite leinart!!! hard to swallow after how well jake looked in the preseason, and wallace has proven his worth for what its worth.. he has kept them in the game each week, biggest glaring need is a primetime running back hillis is good but not for every play harrison sucks as he has, last year was just a luck of the draw for him. they need a player who when hillis is sore and they need some rest like snelling with atlanta or like jones and baber in dallas.

  5. You know, as much as I think signing Delhomme for anything more than minimum wage was idiotic. I feel bad for him. At his age, that ankle is never going to heal right. I know NFL players have to live with things like that…but it sucks. Sucks worse to play for Cleveland

  6. Mangini needs to submit a line list for Brett Ratliff. While he isn’t great, he can still hit his fill rates.

  7. Why hasn’t their rookie QB been mentioned yet? Like McCoy wasn’t going to be the starter by next year anyways….

  8. Why hasn’t their rookie QB been mentioned yet? Like McCoy wasn’t going to be the starter by next year anyways….
    mccoy might be 2 years he is no way near ready for blitzburgh, they would be better served to bring in a guy like harrell or cantwell.

  9. Delhomme and Wallace are actually just fine.
    They’re just faking injuries so they don’t have to face a Steelers defense that’s coming off two weeks rest.
    Try to get plenty of sleep Saturday night Colt, your Sunday is looking pretty rough.

  10. This might work in Cleveland’s favor. No way this year were they prepared to compete with the Ravens or the Steelers. But from what I have seen the Browns have been in every game. They had second half leads over both the Ravens and the Falcons. The Chiefs are 4-1, Tampa Bay is 4-1. So the Browns might not be as bad as their record indicates. Next they play the Steelers, the Patriots, the Jets, New Orleans. Then the Raven, Steelers and the Bengals in Cincy. With that schedule they easily could get a top five pick. And from what I see they may only be a player or two from turing the whole thing around. Good for them I hope that they do it.

  11. I hear that Tom Tupa and Doug Flutie are available. Tupa is a dual-threat and could also serve as the team’s punter…I mean, the punter is the most important player for the Browns right?

  12. Hey Browns, we have a one Mr. Brady Quinn that we’d love to give you back…..why don’t we just reverse the stupid trade the Broncos made and call it even….

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