Devin Thomas is a Carolina Panther

Well, here’s a transaction that makes so much sense it’s almost surprising that it actually happened.

The winless Panthers claimed former Redskins wide receiver Devin Thomas off waivers Monday, according to our own Mike Florio.

Carolina has the worst offense in the league and it’s not close.  I’ve argued their passing game has a chance to be the worst in the NFL since the 2005 49ers.  (Alex Smith’s rookie year. Also the year Cody Pickett started two NFL games.  At quarterback.)

Mike Shanahan never warmed to Thomas, but there is some talent there and production.  Lavar Arrington wrote an impassioned defense of Thomas and questioned how Mike Shanahan handled the young receiver. 

We don’t know what happened in Washington, but we do know Thomas put an awesome performance on film against the Saints last year.  The Panthers need talent and need hope at wide receiver.  He’s now the most experienced healthy wideout they have.

35 responses to “Devin Thomas is a Carolina Panther

  1. Ah yes, the fabulous 2005 49er offense, led by the brilliant Mike “Man Boobs” McCarthy. How he ever parlayed that performance into a head coaching gig defies logic.

  2. LaVar is a tool. He THINKS he knows how this team is run, but he has no idea. He doesn’t know anything about how well Devin Thomas was in practice.
    This dude has an axe to grind with Snyder and takes every shot he can at trying to knock him down.

  3. I am glad to hear that this man has gotten a 2nd chance. Many WRs come into the NFL and are considered “raw”. When you define heart & toughness, this is what Devin Thomas has shown since his rookie season. I just dont understand how do you cut Devin, who works hard day in and day out but kelly Malcolm Kelly who has been a complete bust and cannot stay healthy?

  4. I have seen many people shine with another company after they get fired in my field. At one place they seem totally incompetant. They get fired and find a new job in a new environment and maybe they have a new attitude. And they succeed.
    Good luck Devin. As they say, “Sometimes all you need is a swift kick in the backside.”

  5. Finally, we get to see what this guy can do. I wanted to see him play a few games as a skin.
    I do remember how skin fans were up in arms that we never really got to see that big WR Marko Mitchell play. We hava a huge need for a big WR and Marko never really got a chance just like Devin. As it turns out Marko went to the Lions and we never really heard anything about how the skins made a huge mistake. I have a feeling Shanny may regret giving away DT though.

  6. I’m a die hard Skins fan and I hated to see Devin released, the kid has alot of potential. I live in NC and will be able to see what he does for the Panthers and I hope he plays lights out.. Good luck DT!!! Oh and now your closer to Fantasia as well….

  7. I heard from a source that Steve Smith is jealous of the relationship Thomas has with Clausen, and he wants to punch them both.

  8. I hope he puts up seriously wicked numbers. Sometimes that’s the only ego-check for a Head Coach with so much power. To have your mistake exposed as one for the entire world.

  9. Rosenthal, you are considered a professional writer. If this is indeed the case could you please explain how you wrote a sentence fragment, only to follow it up with another sentence fragment, only to finish it off with one more?
    “(Smith’s rookie year. Also the year Cody Pickett started two NFL games. At quarterback.)”
    Please try to do better, or perhaps you’ll find yourself being claimed off of waivers by

  10. Maybe Devin Thomas can take Shanahan’s words to heart and start committing completely to being a pro. Wish him nothing but the best – a new start in a new town. The Redskins are on plan without him; hope he makes it. Hail!

  11. After years of dealing with Dwayne Jarrett, Devin Thomas will probably seem like a dedicated professional to Carolina. He might be an improvement over what they have, but that says a lot about the Panthers.

  12. Another example of a one year wonder in college who got some money and then didn’t have the sense to realize what an opportunity he was given. The Skins tried for three years to get him to prepare and act like a professional and he wouldn’t take it to heart. I just hope this a reality check for him and he becomes as good as he thinks he is.

  13. Good luck getting the ball. Due to me not having DirectTV, i’m forced to watch this abomination of a team. Need more Raider games down here!!

  14. brasho says:
    October 11, 2010 5:00 PM
    Rosenthal, you are considered a professional writer. If this is indeed the case could you please explain how you wrote a sentence fragment, only to follow it up with another sentence fragment, only to finish it off with one more?
    “(Smith’s rookie year. Also the year Cody Pickett started two NFL games. At quarterback.)”
    Please try to do better, or perhaps you’ll find yourself being claimed off of waivers by
    It’s bullshit like this that inspired a rule change at PFT. Nobody… and I can’t stress this enough… NOBODY cares about Rosenthal’s sentence structure or lack thereof. We want to read about football. People speak in sentence fragments all the time. I know I do, so I don’t mind reading them. Please, just go away.

  15. On topic. I can’t see how this necessarily benefits the Panthers. They just got rid of a guy who was physically talented & capable, but had a hard time adjusting to the pro style (Jarrett). I’ve been watching Thomas in DC since he was drafted, & he never amounted to anything more than a decent return man.

  16. Lavar is a “never was” if I’ve ever seen one. A recent pic of him portrays a homeless person. His radio show is a joke as well.

  17. signing devin thomas and david clowney are the 2 best moves carolina has made during the offseason…oh sh!t, we’re almost halfway into the regular season…my bad

  18. They released Tim Duckworth to make room for Thomas…I hope he can shine in Carolina r, right now ill take anything to make us better

  19. All you skins fans realize he was on the team for 2 years before Shanahan was hired…right?
    He played in 10 games last year & didn’t do jack. Oh yeah…that was Zorn’s fault, right?

  20. >
    Don’t forget Mark Ingram, Sr.
    And I agree with whoever said Lavar Arrington is kind of a clown. He was doing well for a few months after his show debuted, but he’s become very hard to listen to as he’s gained “confidence”.

  21. LaVar is such an idiot blowhard…for every Brandon Lloyd the Skins let go, there’s a Michael Westbrook, Rod Gardner, and Taylor Jacobs. Stop crying over that stupid contract YOUR AGENTS screwed up and go cover another team…asshat…

  22. Brasho, he’s writing conversationally and using sentence fragments purposefully and to place emphasis on the ridiculousness of the statements.
    If you read more than USA today’s sports section and the odd internet site, you might recognize the writing style.

  23. Do you guys really think the Steve Smith punch jokes are still funny? It’s really pathetic to see such lame attempts at humor…

  24. Why not sign with a team that has a QB who would over-throw Manute Bol standing 10 yards straight ahead of him.

  25. Basically you have a situation where He doesn’t “get it” (being a Professional) and he’s young. With that said he has a world of talent. After 3 years if a team quits on you it’s not the team it’s you and he knows that. I suspect he will struggle in Carolina also they have no QB. And about Napping at work I don’t care who you are nobody Napps at work on break, not in this economy. Lesson learned.

  26. Well, maybe he will rebound in Carolina, if he does than Jimmy Clausen should be a happy camper, these receivers in Carolina (besides Smith) cant get open and LaFell especailly looked like he shouldnt even be playing.

  27. The proof is in the pudding, and maybe it will taste better in Carolina. I never understood this one; DT must have looked good in college or he wouldn’t have gone in the 2nd round, but this year he looked almost stiff and clutzy on the few plays I saw him in. I remember a kick off return where he kind of half bunny hopped up acted like his arms were superglued to his chest, and I’m not even sure he came down with the ball. Looked like me trying to do the ballet after three bottles of Jack, and trust me that’s not a pretty sight. He now has the chance to prove Shanny wrong, and I really wish him the best.

  28. As a diehard Panthers fan, who cares about this. Our receiving core (While Steve Smith is out, or traded) now consists of David Clowney and Devin Thomas as the only non-rookies (and they are both 3 year guys who underperformed) and David Gettis, Brandon LaFell, and Armanti (shoulda stuck to making suits) Edwards.
    We couldnt scare the intramural team from the local community college.

  29. NCsteve that’s why we’re tanking this year and going after AJ Green. At least I can dream right who am I kidding we’ll draft a running back or LB first round. Big Cat what are you doing to my team???

  30. Cheeseandwhine…..perfect name for a Panthers fan, as most of them are Cheese and Wine fans. I hope your not. AJ Green, Julio Jones, or a free agent I dont care….but if we dont get a bigtime WR the fans are going to burn BOA down.

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