John Fox will reassess his quarterback situation

In Carolina, Matt Moore was handed the starting quarterback job in 2010 without competition.  He has since received a foot in the behind.

Moore’s replacement, Jimmy Clausen, hasn’t performed much better.  Now, with the Panthers reeling at 0-5 and entering their bye week, the job could be up for grabs.

Coach John Fox benched Clausen late in Sunday’s loss to the Bears, after the rookie took five sacks, had three fumbles and threw one interception.  Fox said Monday that he hasn’t decided whether Moore or Clausen will start on October 24, against the 49ers.

“I think it’s too early to say,” Fox said, per Steve Reed of  “We’ll evaluate that as we move forward this week.”

Fox gave Moore a lukewarm endorsement for the job.  “He stepped in, made a couple good throws,” Fox said.
“He did move the team — kind of.”

At this point, kind of is better than not at all, and that’s what both quarterbacks did during their stints as the starters.

Meanwhile, more and more people are wondering why owner Jerry Richardson isn’t reassessing his coaching situation.

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  1. Despite the Bills being 0-5, I am still happy we didn’t draft Clausen. I’ll bet Carolina fans wish they could trade him for Spiller right about now.
    FYI – this is not intended to bash Carolina, as a Bills fan, I can sympathise with anyone dealing with a bad football team; but I can’t get over Florio’s position that the Bills should have wasted their draft pick on Clausen.

  2. I like Matt Moore but since Fox gave up on him so soon and went to the rookie, I figured it was all about developing Clausen this year. Strange if they now go back to Moore.
    JR won’t fire Fox in midseason. The fact he didn’t give Fox an extension pretty much indicates to me that Fox will be working elsewhere next year. And I believe that Fox will get another job easily. I don’t think he is worried about that. Whenever he’s been asked about it he seems pretty confident he would get another job.

  3. Fox should have been fired last year but he wasn’t. The Panthers cut vets and would not sign any players in a cost cutting move.
    This is Richardson’s fault not John Fox’s. No way in Hell would Fox take a team into a season with such young quarterbacks and wide receivers.

  4. Hey Fox – How about you try running the ball, instead of thinking Clausen can magically be the best 2nd round pick ever. Even the wonderful Mr. Big Ben needed a ground game. Let Clausen learn while playing but give the guy the running game he needs.

  5. Fox should start Moore. Moore proved last year he can play. But like most QB’s he needs time and WR’s that can catch he had neither in his first two starts. The Giants killed him in game one, he began rushing throws and threw the picks; he got little time against Tampa returning from a concussion. Yesterday, Moore moved the team by actually looking downfield. Yes the stats sheets credit him with two interceptions yesterday, but one of those was in the Panther’s receivers hands and allowed it to bounce up and get intercepted the last one was a ill-advised pass by Moore with the game ending and trying to score in the endzone.
    I won’t write off Clausen yet, but he’s beginning to have that Brady Quinn smell, can’t get anything more than ten yards downfield.
    Meldog, Panther fans didn’t pick till mid-way 2nd round so couldn’t get Spiller anyway. Plus with Delo Williams and Stewart, we are good at RB. Wouldn’t mind if they had taken Mike Williams or Jordan Shipley at WR in the 2nd.

  6. Why would we want CJ Spiller, when we have two premier running backs that we don’t use already?
    Buffalo was stupid for drafting him, when they clearly need help on the offensive line. Good choice, Ralph.

  7. Let me assess it for you, coach-
    You have a worthless vet that he put too much stock in based on 4 meaningless games played in garbage time last year and a rookie who isn’t ready.
    That about clear it up for you, Johnny?
    You’re team is going nowhere and you’re headed for the unemployment line. Do your fans a favor and leave the kid in there to learn the game. Desperate moves designed to win meaningless games does nothing but screw the fan base that will still be there next year when you are long gone.

  8. Fox should have kept Moore in as the starting QB yet he also shouldn’t have put him back in on the second week after suffering a concussion. That was a bad coaching decision, and then prematurely naming Clausen the starter in Week Three was another bad move. Moore should resume his starting job, because that’s what was given him. Allow Clausen to develop into a legitimate QB. I’m tired of the garbage game managing quarterbacks this team churns out.

  9. Reassess the QB situation? What exactly is there to reassess? They both give the Panthers the same chance of winning, which resides somewhere between slim and none.

  10. The ownership bears the brunt of the franchise’s failures. Delhomme was given outrageous money and stuck with way too long. No compliment to Steve Smith. And now a lame duck coaching staff not qualified for a high school team.
    Richardson should do what is right and call a spade a spade. Fire John Fox immediately and trade both Steve Smith and Deangelo Williams to the highest bidders in order to attempt to stockpile draft picks.
    Admit failure and attempt to rebuild.
    To do anything otherwise defines insanity as the same idiotic tactic over and over again is doomed to failure before it begins.

  11. Clausen will be a good QB in the NFL. This season is lost for the Panthers. Let Clausen get used to the game speed and pro defensive schemes while the games don’t really matter. He had nobody to throw to and was running for his life. Give the kid a chance; it is too late to save the coach’s job because there is no “savior” on the squad. Let Clausen learn and draft some WR/O-line help. A decent veteran presence couldn’t hurt either

  12. Moore at least at times has shown flashes.. the pickle looks like a robot and doesn’t look like he cares . Maybe Jimmy will be a good back up one day but this just shows why he fell to the 2nd rd .. he lacks size or ARM strength to be a starting qb in the NFL.

  13. This is the worst team in football amirite? I mean, I know the Niners are better and I think the Bills are probably better too.
    Go with Clausen then, he is your future and he was the most NFL ready QB in the draft , let the kid take his lumps and let the kid go 1-15, 2-14, etc. It will build character. I mean, will Moore ever be a franchise QB? No, never. But Clausen at least has a shot, let the kid take every single snap. The experience will be valuable and will get the Panthers back to the top half of the NFC quicker imo. It’s gonna take some patience, but your season is over basically, let the kid run that offense.

  14. Dumb As A Fox should go with Moore. The worst that happens is that the season goes down hill and he’s out and if Clausen keeps performing like he has then the best that could happen is that the season goes down hill and he’s out. Moore CAN turn it around and while it may not save Fox, it could give the team hope for next year, even if it means that their “franchise” QB isn’t ready for prime time.

  15. For too many years Fox has been the most over-rated coach in the league. Which is saying something, because most folks in the know say he has sucked, does suck, and will always suck. F0x is the rare example of a coach who inexplicably earned job security but who has always been the wet blanket bringing his talent down to earth through his pedantic, predictable “strategy.” This man has a brain the size of a walnut. OK, a large walnut, giving him the benefit of a doubt.

  16. People seem to forget the great rookie seasons that Aikman and P. Manning had. Weren’t each 1-15 or something like that? They turned out to be fairly decent qb’s. Give Clauson a chance.

  17. All of you clamoring for Clausen to be benched are dead wrong. Let the kid get some snaps under his belt and we will see what he can do. Don’t forget his starting wide outs for the day were Gettis, Lafell, and Clowney. With the recent addition of a rejuvenated Devin Thomas from waivers I think we’ll see exactly what he can do. Moore won’t be on the team next year anyways so why not let Clausen learn the game in this clearly lost year. Don’t forget, Peyton was atrocious in his first few games as a rookie.

  18. (“Bring on Tony Pike!”)
    he would do WORSE than both Moore and Pike, i expect him to throw 6 interceptions in 2 games.
    (“Dumb As A Fox should go with Moore”.)
    disagree, go with Clausen. you HAVE to stick with the rookie, unlike Moore, Clausen didnt throw 2 interceptions in the last 5 minutes. Clausen’s interception yesterday was the fault of a bad block by the right tackle which made for an easy batted pass. Cant blame Clausen on sacks when his line isnt blocking great and his receivers cant get open.

  19. Quit making excuses for pickle boy. He’s garbage. He’s the next “tiny hands” Burger King front boy. Weak arm. Throws a football like he’s playing Jai Alai.

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