Report: Rams will sign Danario Alexander

We noted this afternoon that the Rams were considering adding practice squad wide receiver Danario Alexander to the 53-man roster, and now they’re set to do just that.

Adam Caplan of reports that the Rams will sign Alexander off their practice squad this week.

Although Alexander was passed over in the 2010 draft and didn’t sign with the Rams until August because of concerns about his knee, Caplan reports that Alexander hasn’t had any issues with his knee in practice, and the Rams no longer feel the need to bring him along slowly. The Rams think he can contribute this season.

That’s good news for a team that has already lost receivers Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton to knee injuries.

2 responses to “Report: Rams will sign Danario Alexander

  1. That’s all well and good, but I still would rather see a veteran WR out there. Berrian just lost his job in MN, maybe the RAMS can make a deal with them, give up some low round picks. Just sayin…..

  2. It does not make sense that the Rams had to look at him twice before they signed him, he was placed on the practice squad and now that Clayton is hurt he gets brought up and a 4 year contract. Meanwhile Mardy Gilyard who was drafted almost 6 months ago can’t learn the plays or get on the field? We also need players that can play on special teams and they certainly can’t use ALexander on the special teams. I hope people are not expecting too much
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