Saints could already be facing kicker question again

It doesn’t take long for a kicker to go from hero to goat.

46-year-old Saints kicker John Carney was an inspirational story last week after converting three kicks, but now he’s feeling some heat.  Carney missed a 29-yard field goal against the Cardinals Sunday, which changed the complexion of the game.

This miss shouldn’t be a huge shock.  Carney missed three field goals out of eight last year that were between 30-39 yards.  He didn’t convert two extra points.  James Varney of the New Orleans Times-Picayune says coach Sean Payton “hinted” the team again faced a dilemma of going with Garrett Hartley or Carney at kicker next week.

“Listen, that was part of a number of things,” Payton said about the missed
kick. “That’s three points. Obviously, we’ve go to, after five games,
be able to make these field goals when we’re in the position to make
them. That’s one aspect now, no different than the red zone, no
different than the turnovers. We had four of those today. So it’s one
part of a lot, and you know that’s something we have to improve on as

3 responses to “Saints could already be facing kicker question again

  1. I think we should be more concerned with our offense being unable to score TDs and having to settle for field goals. When you rely on your kicker to win the game for you week after week, something is wrong. I still think the Saints can pull it together, especially with key players coming back eventually – Bush, Thomas, Porter -but the kicker is not the biggest problem we have. And Carney was never the long-term answer anyway, just a band-aid while Hartley tried to get his head on straight.

  2. Yeah, I think that the kicking game could have been better, however I’m more worried about starting a running back with a fumbling problem who was recently cut by the Redskins.
    I’m worried about losing to a guy getting his first start at QB.
    I’m worried about not being able to stop a 4th & 1.
    Get well soon Reggie & Pierre!

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