Another sign that Clinton Portis could be done for the year

When Clinton Portis’ groin injury was officially announced, the Redskins said they hoped he’d be back in 4-6 weeks.  The Washington Post, however, wondered if Portis would ever suit up for the team again.

Some comments by Portis during his weekly spot on the Mike Wise Show certainly support the Post’s case.

“I have no doubt I’ll recover from this injury,” Portis said according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Comcast Sportsnet Washington.  “Hopefully it’s in a Redskins uniform.”

UPDATE: The quote above left out some key words that change the meaning of Portis’ statement.  According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, Portis said, “”I’m gonna be running the ball again this year,” Portis said. “Now, I
can’t control what kind of uniform it’s in. But I would hope it’s in the
Redskins’ uniform.”

Well, then.  Carry on.

6 responses to “Another sign that Clinton Portis could be done for the year

  1. CP is a smart guy He knows he can still play. He’s not the kind of back who can dominate a game anymore especially with the Skins line but he can still play. Everybody needs to get off his back and let the man get healthy. Who knows he may be back for a playoff run with fresh legs.

  2. Where’s boysroll to gloat? Oh wait, he won’t show up on PFT with the Cowboys at 1-“LMFAO”
    Seriously, I feel for Portis, but think it’s probably time for him to hang up the cleats. This has been coming for years now. Unfortunately, he’s just taken too much pounding at this point. He has been a loyal employee for the Redskins though, and I hope they find some way to take care of him — give him an coaching gig or something. He would also be good on the radio, if he decided to go that way…
    I think Torain has potential, but I think between now and next year’s draft, they need to really evaluate the kid to see if he can be an every down back in the NFL. It would be great if they could make it work with him so they could go Offensive Lineman again next year and truly make progress on that side of the ball…

  3. Wait… The media miscontrued a statement? WHAT? You mean they selected what to say to blow a story out of proportion?? Shocking.

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