Colts put in claim for Devin Thomas too

The Blair White Project has been fun and all, but the Colts aren’t averse to wide receivers with a better draft pedigree.

A league source confirmed to PFT’s Mike Florio that the Colts put in a waiver claim for wide receiver Devin Thomas, who was claimed by the Panthers.

The move is somewhat surprising for Indianapolis because of their depth, especially because Anthony Gonzalez has made progress in his recovery from his ankle injury this week.

7 responses to “Colts put in claim for Devin Thomas too

  1. It’s not all that surprising… Pierre Garcon has missed a few games because of injury and is not playing very well when he is on the field. Austin Collie was questionable with a foot injury and was limited in this past week’s game because of it.

  2. Could the rest of the NFL be taking notice of what is going on here in DC. In the last 10 years the Colts would never stoop so low as to pick trash from the Skins. You can only see this as the would be trying to “pump him for some information”

  3. U see this a lot from teams trying to get playbook info on teams…but Devin Thomas was released b/c he didnt know the playbook…so I’m not sure why they were interested…god knows if he couldnt beat out Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams he wasnt sniffing the field in Indy…

  4. @Ocho,
    I couldn’t have said it better. Shanahan new Devin Thomas wasn’t coming back from waivers and still let him go. He’s had OTA’s, Mini Camps, Training Camps and 4 Season games and they said you know what we are better without you. I like Devin but Man he Fell asleep at Redskins Park during meetings. WTF? Sleep when you die man. Get real no time for that. We trying to get this Lombardi Trophy Back here in DC. Farewell and goodluck.

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