Report: Singletary could be out, even with division championship

NFL_singletary3.jpgSo with the 49ers at 0-5 and with coach Mike Singletary potentially in trouble and owner Jed York proclaiming that the Niners will still win the division, pulling off that unprecedented feat would save Singletary’s job, right?


Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Singletary must do “some extraordinary things” in order to “have any hope” of coming back in 2011.  In this regard, Cole says that “extraordinary” likely means winning “a playoff contest or two.”

Cole also reports that York’s decision to stick with Singletary for the rest of the season arises from the absence of a suitable replacement on the current staff.

Coupled with public criticism from Hall of Fame coach John Madden, it has been a bad few days for Singletary.

It’s really not a surprise.  When Singletary got the job, folks familiar with his coaching abilities opined that he wasn’t ready.  And, by all appearances, he wasn’t.  Even worse, he hasn’t grown into the position.

Of course, plenty of great coaches flame out in their first head coaching jobs.  But if Singletary doesn’t at least make some progress this year, he’ll have to do some “extraordinary things” in order to have a shot at a second head-coaching job.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Singletary exits the NFL altogether.  After retiring from the Bears in 1992, he was out of football for 11 years before becoming an assistant coach.  Now that he has climbed the ladder, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d be willing to slide down a rung or two.  Actually, we think that Singletary may be inclined to take a job at the college level, where his personality and accomplishments could make him a very effective recruiter.

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  1. Singletary was a step backwards from Mike Nolan. At least Nolan knew how to build a defensive staff that complemented him well. Singletary provided that spark that Nolan lacked and Manusky was a good coordinator that grew under Nolan. Manusky is now well suited for the job he has and not yet the top job. The next head coach has to be an offensive guy since they still haven’t gotten things right on that side of the ball.

  2. report : next year mike singletary threatens brett favre with inapropriate texts so he will sign with the 49ers. thus saving his career.

  3. 49’ers = Toast. When you have this kiss of death from ownership the whole team goes into the tank. Look at what happened to Cardinals after Dennis Greens Monday Night Meltdown.
    On the bright side for 49’ers fans maybe York can find the next Ken Whisenhunt after he cans Singletary.

  4. He would be great for Baylor – go back home Mike, you’ll enjoy life more and so will the 9ers

  5. Jason Cole is full of shit.
    Jed would not fire Singletary if the Niners made a miraculous playoff run.
    But, they won’t.
    So yes, Singletary will be gone, but by virtue of a greivously underachieving season. Singletary needed to delegate authority with precision and he has not done that. Michael Johnson is an upgrade from Jimmy Raye, but very young and won’t save anyone.
    The biggest problem with Singletary is that he doesn’t know the modern game well enough. He only knows the ’85 Bears.

  6. Singletary was a great player, but the Niners look horribly disorganized. Their best weapon is Gore and he becomes almost a non-factor with so many 3rd and longs. If they had a decent QB, Davis and Crabtree could do their thing. So without strong leadership on the field and on the sidelines they’re a sports car without a steering wheel.

  7. as much as I love Singeltary as a player.. he is not a head coach.
    from one former Chicago Bear to the next, I smell Jim Harbaugh taking over in San Fran

  8. the 49ers have realized they should have hired motivational speaker Matt Foley, he lives in a van down by the river………

  9. NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, OH HELL YEAH….. GOODBYE. Please Niners get a proven coach this time and stop with the experiments. You can gain a little more experimental room by getting a proven GM though that could keep a close eye on say….. Jim Harbaugh

  10. # lboogie25 says: October 12, 2010 9:05 PM
    In this sissified world we now live in, Singletary is too much Man for the pansies out there.
    I agree!

  11. Madden can barely express what few thoughts he has bouncing around his big empty head in any sort of coherent fashion. Its been a long time since he had any credibility with most of the fans I know.
    Singletary may deserve to be fired for his lousy team, but Maddens criticism should have nothing to do with it.

  12. Some coaches are great as assistants/coordinators and just out of their element as head coach. You can Brad Childress to that list too.

  13. Did you realize that Mike Singletary has never held the position DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR before?
    …but he ‘developed’ Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis. 😉

  14. Uh-Oh! Mikey better come up with some more post game speeches to try to save his job! Or maybe he needs to drop his pants

  15. Sunday Next. 16:05 HRS P.D.T.
    Must see T.V.
    Tom Cable VS. Mike Singeltary
    Physical Abuse to an assistant Coach VS Verbal Abuse to a player..
    Cable Wins…. 31-17

  16. Ownership = amateurs.
    Head coach = amateur.
    Coordinators = amateurs
    Three-headed “GM” = total amateurs.
    QB = amateur.

  17. @dasboat
    Read the article. He is saying that the only way the head coach can keep his job is if they win a few playoff games. He isn’t saying that they are going to.

  18. He should have been fired last week.
    The team is not responding to him and hasn’t since their 3-0 start a year ago.

  19. @lboogie25 …
    I’ve always been a fan of Singletary’s and really wanted him to succeed, but each week it becomes increasingly clear that he’s embarrassingly ineffective … and that has nothing to do with the sissification of the world. It has to do with Singletary lacking the experience, skills, and temperament for the job.
    I’d hardly call Rex Ryan a sissy, but he’s been extremely successful at giving the Jets an identity, at managing the media in the toughest market in the country, and at bringing a perennial also-ran into contention (and no, I am not a Jets fan).
    Singletary’s behavior with the team and the public has been erratic and even bizarre. I disagree that he’s ready for college football. At this point, he’s a long way from ready to head coach any major program, and Florio’s right that he probably wouldn’t be willing to step backward. For his own emotional health, he should consider another line of work. Perhaps recruiting or working as a strength and conditioning coach would suit him.

  20. He needs to learn that pro coaching is more about about managing personalities than anything. And the way you manage personalities is not by humiliating them on national television.

  21. Great college coach or D coordinator. Or he can take Gruden’s spot in the booth, would be nice to see someone fiery not kissing arse all game.

  22. Agreed. It has nothing to do with “sissifiction” or whatever of football. He is just not ready…I didnt get, and still dont get, why they didnt go after Mcnabb. His team looks so disorganized and their skilled postions are there. There’s nothing wrong with being a linebacker’s coach. That’s where he belongs. Its not an insult just reality…

  23. Totally understand all the replys and what everyone is saying, but can’t help but to say that, why Singletary. The three games that we were close in are all mistakes on one person, Alex Smith. Never really wanting to make chances down the field and always going to the flat on his passes. Gore…well can’t really have an excuse for him, but why Singletary? Why not Alex Smith? We been waiting for him to shine for 6 years and all we got was a frickin’ wasted roster spot. Can’t blame Singletary for this season, defense did’nt do their job either.

  24. I could go on and on. But really, I’m still puzzled as to why Singletary is the head coach of an NFL team. I didn’t get it when they made him the permanent HC, and I don’t get it today.

  25. The guy is not a “happy” coach…..
    He is the old school blaaah blaaah guy….
    Players under 30 wanna knock his ass out.
    Sit down Mike, coach a High school team.

  26. City_Native says:
    October 12, 2010 9:49 PM
    Is Ken Whisenhunt a great coach?
    Hmmm, let’s see…in three years Whiz has led one of the most hapless teams in the NFL to back-to-back division titles and a Super Bowl…so I’d say, yeah, he is.

  27. What’s that Dennis Green said in that tirade? Singletary is what we thought he was. You know the jackass that pulled his pants down to show his players his ass at halftime a couple of years ago. Remember when the consensus was he was a lunatic, an idiot, out of his league?? Funny how a guy gets a few wins late in the season and all of the sudden he’s charming and old school. Bullshit. The guy’s not a head coach and never will be. He takes himself way to seriously. When you can’t even shake your opponents hand without any back story (see punk-bitch Belechick) you have problems. There’s a reason his act has worn this with his players.

  28. At the end of the day… the Niners are not a good team… period!
    The NFC West has been a joke for some time and they can’t win the division. They struggled with Mariucci, Nolan and Singletary. Period! The Seahwaks, the Rams & The Cardinals have all won the division over the last decade or so, with the Niners being… well… the Niners.
    The beginning of the end, wa show they mismanaged TO’s big ass mouth… he chased a pretty solid QB and coach from the team. Then they can’t get a quality stadium (I like the Stick for nostalgic reasons… but as far as keeping up with the Joneses, it is a dump!). The York family are idiots, but thats what happens when you try to hide behind loopholes when you do wrong (sorry Eddie). Finally the QB they have was NEVER worth the money he got or the No. 1 pick, but the fans swore he was a franchise pick.
    Singletary is in the mold of Bobby Knight in terms of demeanor and expectation (I am not saying he is similar calibre of coaching… though Knight hasn’t done shit since he beat SU in the title game)… this doesn’t fare anymore in the reign of poltical correctness.
    I hope the best for Coach Mike, though this team doesn’t seem to respond to shit… Nolan was a players’ coach and Singletary is a throwback…. neither could get them to get their acts together.
    That sounds like the GM doesn’t know what type of character to draft or bring in to the franchise.
    But, blame Mike… at the end of the day, that is the easiest thing to do 🙂

  29. Singletary is not head coaching timber, but he also has no talent. He has one excellent linebacker and a back who is flashy, at times. Craptree is clearly a wannabe and the offensive talent is below league standard.

  30. S.F., I sympathize with you. As “lacking” as Mike Singletary maybe, it could be worse. You could be dealing with Eric Mangini and his staff!
    Romeo Crennel was a nice guy and a good defensive coordinator but, as a Head Coach, he was in way over his head. Then, we get Mangini. Boy, talk about going from the frying pan to the fire.
    We haven’t had a decent Head Coach and staff since Marty Shottenheimer…and that was with the original Browns. The new Browns seem incapable of hiring quality talent. I sure hope Holmgren addresses this issue soon.

  31. Lots of Singletary haters. And when Mike leaves the NFL, thus begins the pussification of the NFL.
    So what if he is rough around the edges, so what if he has the balls to confront his qb on the spot. It worked. I bet u the qb kicks some ass next game. He needs to be turned loose.
    We don’t know if he was yelling at the qb, but he sure was ennunciating very well. Sometimes, a guy needs to be shaken up, so he can get his head in the game. Mike has the balls to do what no other coach would ever dream of doing. Its a calculated risk on his part. Sometimes there is no time to rip a new ass, so you do it on the spot, u apologise later for any embarrassment, but the effectiveness can’t be denied.
    If the 49ers get rid of Mike, they are getting rid of their chances at setting up a dynasty. dynasties are not made overnight, this is a good team, closing in on being one of the better. They can still run the table and finish 11-5. 9-7 probably wins the division.

  32. @ GRID
    when did Singletary develop Ray Lewis? he was only there for 2 seasons. Ray was a future HOF before singletary even joined the Ravens staff

  33. @RaiderhateR4Life – Harbaugh possible, but outside shot Jed makes that kind of move. If he’s learned from Sing experience, I think he might look for strong NFL coaching experience first, but it will depends on candidates.
    As for Luck? A lot would have to fall into place:
    A) He would have to come out, which we don’t know that he will.
    B) We’d have to be ahead of other teams like Buffalo or Cleveland to have a chance in the draft (no Colt McCoy is NOT the future of the Browns and Holmgren knows it.) One note if the Browns are ahead of SF though – Holmgren not known to go after high draft pick QBs.
    Way too much time between now and then to speculate on this.

  34. I think everybody is forgetting the utterly stupid and down-right shame-ful play from some of these 49ers. That fumble in the 2nd half by Alex Smith was inexcusablE! Forget humuliating the guy on national television i would have cut him right there on the field! All agree that Singletary was a great player, so obviously he had the IQ to suceed where none of the dweebs in this forum could so the current state of the 49ers isn’t a reflection on Mike it’s a reflection on a crappy franchise better known for it’s past glories than it’s recent past! So if Mike needs the heave ho, hell i’ll go a little further and suggest ownership sell their stake, same for Detroit, and Cleveland, and all these franchises who act like fielding a contender is mission impossible. And lastly, i think teams can’t panic with young struggling or new qb’s. Let Alex smith struggle and gain experience, why go back to rebuiling? It only means all this has been for nothing, and i’d hate to try to explain that to ticket holders in San Francisco.

  35. If Singletary was the coach of the Steelers, Colts, Ravens or Cowboys these past few years he’d have won a ring already.
    You can say what you want but in the NFL talent rules. Sean Payton has been coaching the hapless Saints for a while and until they finally won did he turn into a genius. Nobody was touting him when they were 7-9 and 6-10.
    Sure Payton is a much better X and O’s coach than Singletary but I’ve never heard anyone say Cowher or Tomlin or John Fox or Pete Carroll or Tom Coughlin were great X and O guys but they’ve had their chances.

  36. Singletary will get fired if he continues to start Alex Smith. No other coach would want Smith as their starting quarterback. Singletary needs to bench Smith and light a fire under his team’s ass; he must not feel his job is in jeopardy. The 49ers have too much talent to be winless after five games. I’ve been a 49ers’ fan since the 1960s!

  37. Singletary is stuck in 1985, the 3 yards and a cloud of dust era is 20 years ago. Take a look at successful head coaches in the NFL…they are obsessive film nerds who implement different strategies week to week. The 49ers have the same strategy against every team. They do not expose mismatches, they do not highlight strengths, they do not mask weaknesses. Singletary is not a top 50 head coaching candidate in the nfl…maybe worse. hes a perfect figurehead college head coach for a low end D1 school.
    you can talk all you want about alex smith’s mistakes…but hes a #1 pick with the talent to make every plan in the NFL—if you cannot get the max out of him, you are not fit for the coaching job. they are now on their 7th coordinator in his career and nobody has implemented any kind of hybrid spread offense to suit his talents. you dont create your offense around a rb or a te or a wr, it has to be the QB. if you want him to succeed, its his offense, cut the cord. otherwise, bench him and move on.
    49ers offense:
    Alex Smith strengths are within a spread, quick decision offense…..never utilized.
    Frank Gore strengths are a one cut zone blocking scheme…they run 1985 smashmouth dives.
    Vernon Davis strengths are seem routes to utilize speed…run 1-2 times a game, and try to get him on stop/start/stop routes that he does not excel.
    SEVERAL playmakers, stuck in a safe, wait and see scheme.
    Truth is, an above avg coaching STAFF takes this team to elite status. this team is so unorganized….only play is to bring in a seasoned head coach with a seasoned gm and gut the staff. alex smith has to show pro bowl level here on out to be in red next year.

  38. …and I guess Jason Cole is an all knowing sports reporter that doesn’t live and breath off of speculation alone? Just because some hack says it’s so, it doesn’t make it as such. It’s amazing these guys get paid for this sort of thing. Any one of of us could be a sports reporter, as it’s obvious it doesn’t take an advanced education, nor does it take doing any real reporting at all.

  39. Yes, every high school kid is going to want to go get yelled at on the sidelines by a massive ex-NFL player with a few screws loose. He’d be a great recruiter…

  40. He will be a good preacher in some church in the US. just don’t know if he knows what it takes to be an NFL coach. I hate a lot of things about my job but i still have to do them and pretend to be nice while at it, Sing just doesn’t care… that’s not a good way to carry on with your job and chewing up players in public every time they are losing is not a good way to keep your player buying what you’re selling

  41. Tough luck for Singletary. I remember when he was a player, he worked for not one, but TWO of the biggest loudmouth, foul mouthed coaches in the history of sports:
    Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan.
    & we wonder where he gets it from?
    Buddy’s son Rex Ryan has NOTHING on Buddy when it comes to cursing…lol

  42. OK..let’s look at a couple of senarios..when the team is in the 2 minute drill and Smith calls his own plays the offence is a much more wide open style and he seems to show more confidence in his game..when plays come from upstairs his hands are tied..the run game is non-existence so when you run 2and where is plays for 2 yards, 3rd and long lets the defence dictate what happens next..after the ass chewing Smith recieved he came out and ran the team down the field like he was Joe Montana..when he’s on lockdown he’s Joe Rockhead..and where is Westbrook??..this team has so many weapons not bieng used properly..Westbrook/Gore in the flat..Morgan/Ziegler downfield..Davis/Crabbtree anywhere..the offence seems to be restricted..why?? and what happenedto the D?? Last year it was in the top 10 in most catagories.this year it’s nowhere to be seen..Smith may not be a great qb but what chance has he had to prove he is a capable one? Open up and let it fly and let’s see what happens!!what is there to lose? You dont need a Manning to win with this team..and at times he has proved he is capable..he just needs to do it full time

  43. Hey, how’s that giant cross around your neck been working out?
    You mean Jesus can’t stop you from going OH-AND-FIVE???

  44. ronnie lott has good points.
    smith isnt perfect, but he shows glimpses of being real good. if people dont like smith now… wait till he makes hay elsewhere, as you play … david carr. hell carr is still suffering shellshock. smith seems to have fire.
    i think gore is wearing out. they are still predictable on offense, but not as bad as when raye was there.
    crabtree is a diva. watch that bloom.
    they do need to be more aggressive on defense. despite a lack of that, it being manusky’s defense, manusky is still more qualified to be HC then iron mike is for the HC or DC positions.

  45. imagine this defense with a steelers/jets/eagles/etc blitzing scheme that is schemed for the offense theyre playing??!! their defense is a playmaker in the secondary away from being elite, even still they have top 5 potential. in this play it safe scheme, theyre top 15 tops.
    imagine this offense in an open attack scheme that gets vernon mismatches, puts gore/westbrook in space, gives crabtree 1 on 1s and puts linebackers and safeties ziegler/ginn/etc. and most importantly, puts the QB in a situation to max his talents. truth is, this team has too many weapons for most defenses to account for. …they just dont have the coaches to utilize them.
    i wouldnt be surprised if several players started speaking out against singletary within a few weeks. ive already been checking outKipers board, how about everyone else?

  46. Excellent post by Ronnie Lott! A head coaches number #1 job is to put his team and players in a position to succeed! They are NOT doing that with Alex Smith. It is simply amazing how good he looks when he runs the spread offense. We have seen it several times this season. Too bad the coaches wait till they are down 17 in the 3rd quarter to do so. If the 49ers let him go after this season, he WILL have success with a team/coach that are willing to work to his strengths. From what I’ve seen he can be a starter in this league. No QB is going to survive at 3rd and 8 all game.

  47. man look i dont know wats the deal how could u let vick go to keep relying on smith i dont get it and every one talking coaches u have gruden out there aka chucky he will be a perfect fit and put singletary back at lds coach with merrimon coming probaly to us we will be unstoppable.

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