Rex Ryan discusses clock strategy that could have delivered defeat

Lost in the euphoria that erupted when Vikings quarterback Brett Favre apparently had a flashback to 2008 and threw a pass to a wide-open Dwight Lowery is the fact that Favre and the Vikings had a full opportunity to drive the ball down the field and steal a victory from the Jets because of one of the worst examples of clock management we’ve seen.

The idea was a simple one.  With the two-minute warning coming and the clock destined to stop after the play, there’s no downside to an incomplete pass.  So the Jets dialed up a pass, and it was incomplete.

The problem?  The play ended before the two-minute warning.

Jets coach Rex Ryan admitted that this was the strategy on Monday, and he gingerly pointed a finger in the general direction of his quarterback for failing to ensure that the play ended at or after the clock shower 120 seconds remaining in the game.

“That’s why in that time we took a shot to
throw the football, because we were like, ‘Okay, the thing is going to get to
two minutes anyway.’ I probably should have made sure that Mark knew that you
snap this thing with a second left, and that’s it,” Ryan said.  “I think he got excited we
had a play called that he thought he could hit and really didn’t quite have the
presence to know where that clock was.

“So I don’t mind the play, throwing the
football there, that’s fine.  The clock is going to be down to two minutes.  OK, it doesn’t work.  Well, when it was short, now you almost have to pick up
the first down.  When it was 2:04, it’s like, ‘Oh, great, now we have to pick up
a first down.’  So we throw those two incompletions in a row.  You know me, I’m
normally the most conservative guy, like hell, let’s just run it, let’s just
keep pounding it, pound it, we’ll run the clock down like that.  But, our
offense was rolling pretty good, and I had a lot of confidence in our passing
game as well.  We thought we could make a play, it’s just we mishandled it.  
Again, I’m the guy that should be responsible for it.   I should have made sure
Mark knew the exact situation.”

If Ryan was disappointed with the management of the clock at the end of the game, he also likely was perplexed by the play-calling at the end of the second quarter, when the Jets had a first down from the Minnesota four.  Despite playing in a storm with rain so heavy that it looked like the snow that could be falling when the Super Bowl is played in the New Meadowlands Stadium, the Jets called three straight pass plays and settled for yet another field goal.

44 responses to “Rex Ryan discusses clock strategy that could have delivered defeat

  1. His logic was not bad, his QB just wasn’t as aware of the situation as he should have been. It was a mistake that could have cost the team but didn’t. Sanchez will learn from it and I doubt he will be as unaware in similar situations.

  2. “I probably should have made sure that Mark knew that you snap this thing with a second left”
    You mean this college retard doesn’t know this? Oh yeah he went ot USC. never mind.

  3. nice way of not owning up to being responsible but still trying to/ pointing a fat finger but not pointing one
    “i shouldve made sure mark knew the situation”
    how bout a starting nfl quarterback should know the situation? is sanchez an idiot or what–red light green light? getting taught how to slide?
    keep thinkin you have marino in the pocket rex- see where it takes you. right now your 4-1, but sanchez will not win 3-4 games in a row come playoff time (if you do make it), esp. if he is as dumb as his play suggests.

  4. You forgot the most important factor, the Jets were playing the Vikings and Rex knew that BrINT was going to throw another game ending INT so there was no danger after all.

  5. and they WON.
    The mistake, in my opinion, was 1st down, not running a stretch play, or something that took 6-7 seconds…. got it below 2:40 before the 40 started.. then they could have ran to the 2 minute warning, ran 2 into the line, and had

  6. Before the INT, if Favre hits a wide open Harvin, the Vikes not only win, but make Ryan look like a complete fool.
    Not only in clock management, but by blitzing every down late in the game.
    BTW, Harvin owned Revis Island all night.

  7. I’m not going to fly off the handle because a 23 year old QB made a clock management gaffe. Could it have proven disastrous? Yes. But they did win the game.
    I suppose it also helps to have Brett Favre on the opposing team, since he’s mastered the art of blowing last minute drives.
    I disdain the Jets’ bravado and Rex’s premonitions as much as the next guy. I do.
    But I’m also not going to roundly condemn them on one mistake, either.

  8. Hey Franchise, do you know why Harvin was wide open? Because he threw Revis down to the ground. Or were your biased eyes not focused on that part? Yes Harvin beat revis a lot, you think his bum hammy had something to do with it? That’s why he’s probably out this week too.
    The Jets haters are having a harder and harder time finding stuff to bash the Jets on. Wah Wah.

  9. Funny how you don’t questions the Vikings strategy that did indeed deliver defeat by letting Favre throw the ball.
    Trade AP if you are not going to use him, guy fixed his fumbling problem, or at least it appears he has.

  10. I was at the game. Harvin was wide open and would have made it to least. The problem is that Brett missed him, and on the next play, threw the pick 6.

  11. RK:
    Yes, you’re right. Harvin tossed Revis to the ground and wasn’t flagged (though Revis pivoted awkwardly and helped himself fall). But let’s cool it on the “Jets haters” stuff. I read this everywhere. On here. On friends FB & Twitter feeds. Everywhere.
    Anyone who makes even the most passive criticism of the Jets is called a Jets ‘hater’. I’m starting to get sick of it.
    Otherwise, I can’t fathom why Revis was on the field Sunday. Now he’s in incredible pain? And doubtful for next week? Park his behind on the bench through the bye week and make him run a 4.2 40 backwards before you let him play CB for the Jets.

  12. JimmySmith says:
    October 12, 2010 10:11 PM
    You forgot the most important factor, the Jets were playing the Vikings and Rex knew that BrINT was going to throw another game ending INT so there was no danger after all.
    Jimmy on a Jets post flinging crap @ the Vikings. How surprising! I thought he’d still be looking @ Favre’s wankee on deadspin (he already admitted to looking at it).

  13. Anyone remember two years ago, the bills had the jets down and four second left to go til the 2 minute warning, they decide to pass and we get a strip sack td to win? i was nervous something like that would happen

  14. “I’m normally the most conservative guy”… Hey Rex, it would help if you were that way on the defense also sometimes lol
    wassup with blitz after blitz so late in the game

  15. Franchise says: October 12, 2010 10:15 PM
    Before the INT, if Favre hits a wide open Harvin,
    and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. jets win.

  16. Nice of Rexy to throw Sanchise under the bus, but the real error was on the play before when Vikes used last TO at 2:47. Pitch the ball to LT, have him go outside then reverse field and take up 7 seconds or more. Clock goes to 2:00. 2 dive plays and a punt and the Vikings get the ball back with 25 seconds left and no TOs. Not….that….complicated

  17. The clock management was poor. But Rex got a little lucky, when (stop me if you’ve heard this before) Favre threw a bad pick at the worst possible time to kill his team’s chance of winning.
    Who could have seen that coming?

  18. @BDiddy…..
    No……Dick Juran is on a class of his own. Circa 2007, Monday night, Bills vs. Cowboys……………….

  19. McCarthy, Childress and Reid are still the worst late game time managers in the league.
    Rex is going to have to compile more of a resume to compete with The Untimely Trio.

  20. bleedgreen says: and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. jets win.
    and you couldnt be more right. haha good analogy

  21. Hardly the biggest clock management blunder around.
    A bigger concern imo is the stupidity of coaches who go for 2 point conversions when they absolutely do not need to do it.
    You should only ever go for 2 if you are absolutely forced to do it, as in you have no chance unless you get two points now. Playing the what if game with the score rarely works out.
    In this game, it put the Vikings in a no possibility to win situation since they ended up down by nine when (you claim) the Jets made “one of the biggest blunders you’ve seen”.
    The Vikes were already dead. Hardly mattered.
    Thx Chilly for your stupidity.

  22. The bigger flounder was at the end of the first half. 4 freaking field goals. They are a running team, they should have pounded the rock 3 times instead of throwing in a torrential downpour with a very average at best quarterback.

  23. The Jets Offensive Coordinator _Brian Schottenheimer is to blame. He has been there since 2006 and they have not had one 300yd passing game. He called the passing plays, moron. It’s called running out the clock for a reason! Rex didn’t hire the guy and I don’t think he wants him there. Let’s hope they promote Callahan. Brian is horrible and should be fired!!!!!

  24. *Gasp* Snow in a football game..what will the slouches who fell off tiger woods bangwagon do now?!

  25. Ryan’s explanation is more perplexing to me that the play call. You complete a pass you might be able to run out the clock. A run likely isn’t going to work with the Vikes stellar run D sitting on that play.
    He is saying that Sanchez should have taken 4 additional seconds to throw a pass? 4 additional seconds is an eternity to hold onto the football and probably would have ended in a sack.
    Two ways to call it. Run play is conservative. Even if it doens’t work it kills clock. Pass play is aggressive. You have better chance at game ending first downs but also a chance of incomplete.
    You can’t just say that you want to run a pass play in which Sanchez takes 6 or 7 seconds to throw the ball. It is uncommon for a QB to have that long. The ball could travel that long on a deep pass but it really didn’t look like they had a deep option on the play.

  26. # rk says: October 12, 2010 10:22 PM
    The Jets haters are having a harder and harder time finding stuff to bash the Jets on. Wah Wah.
    I’m a Vikings fan, and I love the Jets. I recognize that this week, the Jets were our daddy. I will say that if Favre wasn’t playing like a 41 year old, we could have easily won that game 10x over, but I feel comfort in the knowledge that we almost have a team that can hang with the Jets.
    While I love the Jets, most of the time their fans are insufferable. I know, being a Vikings fan usually means a combination of “Minnesota Nice” passive-aggressiveness with a Philadelphia-like ignorance… but we’re not all like that. Your team seems more legit than it has… um… since Vinny Testaverde? So here’s hoping the Vikings find a way to con their way into the playoffs and get a rematch with the Jets, or the Steelers, or the Ravens, or the Colts…
    Stupid AFC with your overload of talent.

  27. If you have ever suffered through an Andy Reid two minute drill, you would know that this is small potatoes

  28. How about when Lowery intercepted the pass and opted to score instead of downing the ball and ensuring the win?!?

  29. It doesn’t matter we won, and for the guy claiming Rex thinks he is Marino. Stop being so mad that the Dolphins haven’t had a qb since him… Miami fans are the dumbest, uninformed fan in the U.S.

  30. It’s worse than that. Instead of letting the clock wind down under the 2:40 mark (40 seconds in a play clock), they hiked the ball 5-10 seconds before they had to and ran a trap play that lasted 2 seconds. Play clock started again at around the 2:42 mark. IDIOTIC, and most people don’t even realize it. The Vikings had ZERO timeouts. I was shouting at the TV, and I’m a Bears fan.
    Every coach needs a little ten year old that plays a bunch of Madden to help him with clock management.

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