Saints sign Julius Jones

The Saints want to give another veteran running back a try.

PFT’s Mike Florio reports that the Saints signed Julius Jones, per a league source. 

The move indicates a few things.  First, perhaps Pierre Thomas isn’t a lock to return to the lineup this week.  Saints coach Sean Payton also can’t be thrilled with his tandem of Ladell Betts and Chris Ivory.

Both Betts and Ivory have put up decent stats, but Betts had a fumble and dropped a pass against the Cardinals that resulted in an interception.  Ivory has struggled with fumbles and pass protection.

It’s unclear what corresponding roster move the Saints will make with Jones coming aboard.

40 responses to “Saints sign Julius Jones

  1. good signing, Ladell Betts stinks it up too much, as a Redskin fan, i think Betts is ok, but he’s not a good starter to use. Jones will be better.

  2. Hey pervy….if the Saints are done at 3 – 2, what would be your assessment of the 1 – 3 Queens?
    You’re a disgrace. Did the queens lose last night or were they cheated by the refs, the NFL or the cheerleaders??
    Maybe the weatherman had it out for them.
    You and your team suck

  3. Remember that the Cowboys needed a running back and Parcells could have drafted Stephen Jackson, but he traded down and took Jones.

  4. Pervy xx says:
    October 12, 2010 4:38 PM
    Maybe they should bring back the kicker with half a foot…..stick a fork in the Aints….
    Why are you so obsessed with the SB Champs? Because they beat you the last two times they played you? At the rate the Queens are going, there will be several teams able to make that claim by the end of the year…..

  5. OSC says:
    October 12, 2010 4:44 PM
    Haha, Julio Jones is going to make a difference? He hasn’t played the same since he left Dallas.
    Actually Julio Jones won’t make a difference because he plays for Alabama and has a broken hand.

  6. Maybe they should bring back the kicker with half a foot…..stick a fork in the Aints….
    I almost sheet myself!!

  7. “JJ” will never by DY-No-Mite for anyone at this stage in his career. I guess they’re just looking for a decoy that won’t cough up the ball at crucial times. He may be good for that, but he’s probably just thinking “Lawdy, Lawdy – a PAYCHECK!”

  8. Yeah you right Turbodog (great beer by the way)! The NFL wanted the jets to win last night and God did too because of the rain. Also, the jets hit favre too hard and late too…no penalties. Oh yeah and remember this one…favre threw 2 picks, one for 6 and fumbled twice but they were still in position to win…they’re just a bunch of cute little horn hat wearing goons and pervy is the their leader.

  9. Pervy you’re always good for a laugh here and there, so is your team, the vikings. Hell they’re good for a laugh all year long.

  10. Cut Carney and Deshawn Wynn, signed Julius (not Julio) Jones and Matt Giordano
    per Jeff Duncan and Adam Schefter

  11. @ Rip,turbodog,SSgtLMJ………….Listen up 3 stooges…..we all they gave the Vikings OILED footballs last night….Jets were not. Favre has 10 inch hands and couldn’t hold it! I’m calling the Commish…..
    Lucky you guys got the Mossless Vikings eh?? Now you guys best get ready for your French Quarter she male act….

  12. Just for the record, this was the same Pervy xx who spent all last week telling the Jets fans that the Vikings were a lock to win.
    His internet porn addition to BrINT Favre’s pix has caused his brain to go as soft as BrINT’s little Lorezeno.
    Any team tied with the Lions for last place should think twice before pronouncing any other team’s season as done. But maybe we can give him a break since the Vikings are celebrating their 50th anniversary, without a Lombardi trophy I might add.

  13. We cut Deshawn Wynn. Looks like Betts is sticking around. He had a good game against the Panthers and did OK on Sunday besides his horrible fumble and horrible interception-causing bounce.

  14. @JimmySmith…please tell us if the pics were real…we all know every guy in WI is very adoring of Brett’s tool…
    @ Ilovefoolsball….If you faced us now you would be buried deeper than a Chilean mine worker…

  15. Vikings should bring back:
    Donald Igwebuike
    Fran Tarkenton
    Bud Grant
    Chuck Foreman
    John Randle…etc…
    Then again, none of those players won a Super Bowl either, so maybe that’s not such a good idea.

  16. Hey Pervy, what does your Super Bowl ring look like? Oh that’s right; you don’t have one. Good luck climbing out of that 1-3 hole.

  17. Don’t get your hopes up saints fans. Julius juice is terrible. He averaged a 2.9 yrds per carry average with the hawks.

  18. seahawkfan says:
    October 12, 2010 6:38 PM
    Don’t get your hopes up saints fans. Julius juice is terrible. He averaged a 2.9 yrds per carry average with the hawks.
    I don’t think we’re hoping for the 2nd coming of Barry Sanders here. It’s just for depth.

  19. I think this is a good signing. They don’t need anyone to light it up, but just need to take some pressure off the passing game. This is a good move. We all know that the only missing link in that offense is a killer running back. If Bush was ever as good as he was supposed to be, these guys would have won multiple SBs by now. They should have made a move for Tomlinson in the offseason.

  20. desperate times call for desperate measures…. I’m pretty sure he had one good run last year though! dude is THROUGH! No LT here Saints…

  21. The Julius Jones curse has moved to New Orleans. Enjoy the ride to irrelevance, Saints fans.

  22. Pervy xx says:
    October 12, 2010 7:07 PM
    WE played in 4 SuperBowls !!! Suck that aints…

  23. Guys lay off of Pervy. He trains MMA fighters and used to box. I assume that, like his Vikings, he had a losing record though. I mean look at his last post. He’s bragging about being a SuperBowl door mat. Hey Perv, I used to train Spiderman and the Hulk before they were super heroes. AND THE VIKINGS ARE STILL 1-3!!

  24. LOL …mikemcdoucher…..the only thing you ever boxed was your clown…Vikings 11-5 into the playoffs!!

  25. Pervy, when you want to do some real fishing let me know. We’ll take down to the gulf and let you tussle with some red snapper.

  26. Awwww, Pervy is suffering from PTSD after last night’s typical Favre blow up. Too bad. 🙁
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  27. mikemcsaint ….while I would enjoy that, they have nothing on the giant flathead catfish i catch regularly.Best 51lbs.

  28. I would be interested in some giant blue gill (shell crackers or red ear to you??) and crappies though. You got that don’t you?

  29. Indeed we do. I think you should experience the tarpon rodeo. That’s a high that lasts for a few days.

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