Steelers haven't decided backup quarterback spot yet

Ben Roethlisberger is readying for his regular season debut, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says his quarterback has already provided an energy boost in practice to the team.

He always does because he’s a ridiculous
competitor,” Tomlin said Tuesday at his weekly press conference via  “When he has an opportunity to compete, you feel him in the
room, or in the stadium. It’s one of the interesting attributes about
him as a player and a person. When faced with adversity, when given an
opportunity to compete, man he does. I think guys feed off of that.”

Roethlisberger is expected to face Colt McCoy of the Browns in a rather unfortunate quarterback matchup for Cleveland.  Coming off a bye, the Steelers are as healthy as any team in the league.  Only offensive lineman Trai Essex is questionable for the game.

There are a few hanging questions with the Steelers roster.  Tomlin interestingly wouldn’t commit to Charlie Batch over Byron Leftwich as the team’s backup quarterback.

“We haven’t decided on that at this juncture, just like we haven’t decided who’s going to return punts and kicks for that matter.”

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  1. Hey.., if Max Hall can pull out a win against the super bowl defending Saints…, then certainly there’s a chance Colt McCoy can find a way to win against pittsburgh.
    I mean………, I wouldn’t put money on it…., but it’s possible.

  2. No … McCoy won’t be facing Roethlisberger. McCoy will be facing Hampton, Keisel, Smith … then Timmons, Farrior, Harrison, Woodley … and perhaps a couple of Hi theres! on blitzes from Polamalu.
    So how’s the stinger? Marcell says hey.

  3. Ben should do just fine against the Browns in his home opener. Two weeks to prepare for this shutdown Browns’ D.
    As for McCoy, I hope he will get some puprle drank before his debut against the Steelers’ D then again he may want to “fully” experience his possible single start in the NFL … say to Harrison and Woodley for me …

  4. Funny, Deb.
    And, of course, Ben will be seeing a Browns defense that has improved since last year, when he ended up wearing his wandering testicles for a hat. Eight sacks in one game…and an ass-spanking, right out of the playoffs, courtesy of the Cleveland Browns.
    And, if it happens again…please no more excuse-making by the yinzers like I heard last year. I was embarassed FOR you…
    Nice thing about being a Cleveland fan is that no one expects the Browns to win. But if YOU lose…we’ll have a turd sandwich ready for you.

  5. ModellsPimp — I don’t which Steelers fans you were talking to, but none I know made any excuses. We just got Cribbsed to death, and had an offensive game plan that made no sense considering the weather. That’s not taking anything away from Cleveland, which lined it up and stuffed it down. It happens.
    Sometimes an unknown QB can step up, so we can’t rule that out. McCoy I liked coming out of college. That said, the Steelers should lay down a little payback wood Sunday. We’ll see.
    As for backup, how could there be any debate? Other than the Tampa game, Batch has been pretty lame. Leftwich brings a lot more to the table right now.

  6. lol@Pimp….nothing funnier than a Browns fan trying to talk smack.
    Losing to the Browns is the lowest any team can fall too.. Most of the time when someone does lose to them its more a case of the other team not showing up as opposed to the Browns being good.LOL Dont forget Pittsburghs D is much more improved with the return of Polamalu,Smith, and B-mac. Special teams play a huge role in this one for both teams.
    Frankly Leftwhich hasnt shown much either..Honestly does it matter who is backup?

  7. Nice thing about being a Cleveland fan………………that’s just priceless. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame last year and don’t forget to buy those Cavs tickets early.

  8. @ArtModellsPimp …
    My animosity for McCoy has nothing to do with the Browns; would be making the same comment no matter where he played. I can overlook a lot of character flaws, but we all have those one or two things we can’t get past. I’m afraid Colt will have to stand his ground and face down a lot of defenses to win a teaspoon of grudging respect from me.
    Otherwise, I said throughout the off season no one should take the Browns for granted–including us. That team racked up eight sacks on us last year (and I didn’t make any excuses 🙂 They’ve been steadily improving. Apparently some problems in the defensive backfield holding a lead. And Jake’s injuries have kept him from being a factor. But if you guys had a good QB, I think your W/L record would look much different.

  9. He comes across as an athlete’s personal nutlicker. “Yes sir, I’ll get you girls, sir. I will do it because I want to be close to you because you are cool”
    Maybe that sort of thing is looked at admirably in parts of the country, but here in the midwest its pretty detestable.

  10. Nice thing about being a Cleveland fan…can buy a Browns jersey each day of the week since it has become a revolving door for players.

  11. Steeler-lady says: October 12, 2010 4:44 PM
    “lol@Pimp….nothi ng funnier than a Browns fan trying to talk smack. ”
    Isn’t it sort of an unwritten rule in sports that you actually have to WIN something before you get the right to talk sh*t…?
    / old ladies know it, little kids know it…

  12. @Jack Lambert’s Dentist
    Unfair, dude. You can talk bad about my Cavs, but I can’t….well, you know…
    And we did enjoy our 15 minutes of fame, thank you. But we also ROCKED on your TEN MONTHS of misery. That was the really sweet part.
    If the Browns lose, as expected, I will still be here. But if the Steelers lose, I fully expect you, and many of the other black and yella fans to go into hiding.
    Again. :0)

  13. Clowns come to town for the first of their two annual Seasons Beatings (rare exceptions notwithstanding) with a very young Colt behind center.
    Meanwhile, Big Ben is back in the saddle for the Stillers.
    They say it’s only a rivalry if both teams win from time-to-time.
    This ain’t one of those rare times Clowns fans.
    Prepare for a merciless beating.

  14. I hardly consider it 10 months of misery. You see, and this is between you and me here, I’ve been around this League and the Steelers since Chuck Noll took over in 1969. I’ve celebrated some very good times and learned that the ball doesn’t always bounce my way. I don’t feel cheated as a fan in any way, shape or form. 6 SuperBowl Victories and 3 Stanley Cups later I know that there will be good times and bad. I offer congratulations when the opponent beats my teams secure in the belief that my teams will live to fight again another day and I don’t talk crap on other teams and their fans unless they fire the first shot and even then it’s rare. I never run and hide because I don’t have to. Suggesting I will hide is an attack on my character of which you know nothing about. Your lame remark about a turd sandwich forced me and several others to call you out. Go ahead and think your fluke win caused me misery because it again looks like the Steelers will compete for the playoffs and a championship this year. As Connie mentioned, you have to win something to talk smack and beating the Steelers once in the last 12 tries hardly qualifies.

  15. Modell’sUselessAppendage
    You Brown’s fans kill me. I enjoy your years of pathetic football . The only thing better was when you had to live without a team for several years. Get ready for yet another beating. If it makes you feel better keep dreaming about last years Polamalu-less anomaly.

  16. The Browns are getting better as a team. Look at this guy, Hillis! And that’s all any fan can hope for is continual improvement through the season.
    Well, the Steelers have a job to do and it really doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. No Superbowl hangover this year, just a mission. This should be fun for Colt McCoy and the Browns fans will see a glimpse of the future in Cleveland.
    Welcome to the NFL, Mr. McCoy.

  17. Deb says: October 12, 2010 5:32 PM
    @ArtModellsPimp …
    My animosity for McCoy has nothing to do with the Browns; would be making the same comment no matter where he played. I can overlook a lot of character flaws, but we all have those one or two things we can’t get past.
    Maybe that is why some people don’t like Ben?

  18. @feetball …
    People have a right to dislike Roethlisberger–what do I care? Not crazy about him myself. Very good QB, but has been an immature jackass off the field. Has created mega-drama we all could have lived without. And it ticks me off that–at least up to now–he hasn’t spent more time studying film and listening to his coaches to improve his release time.
    But the evidence shows he didn’t rape anyone. I despise women who falsely accuse men of rape. They undermine the cases of real victims and should always be called out for what they are. And mature, rational people don’t keep wailing that a man is guilty of a heinous crime when there’s overwhelming evidence to the contrary just because they don’t like him or his football team. That’s infantile and asinine.
    I’m not slandering McCoy personally. Hear he’s a nice guy.

  19. @feetball …
    I just said everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes, and I don’t care whether or not someone likes my team, my QB, or me.
    But people are not entitled to slander others just because they don’t like them. We actually have laws about that sort of thing and we ought to be enforcing them. That’s next to impossible on a blog where people post anonymously, but people are getting away with character assassination in the mainstream media, and it’s leading everyone to think that’s a-okay when it’s not.
    Just because someone doesn’t like a political figure doesn’t mean they can baselessly accuse that person of murder. The world has gone nuts with that sort of thing. People keep posting on here about payoffs and blow jobs when there’s been no allegation of either and there’s no evidence of either.
    The DA didn’t have enough evidence to proceed with or without that woman’s cooperation, so the only possible reason Ben would have had for paying her off would have been to get her to retract the accusation–but she hasn’t. People don’t pay off without getting a return on investment. So the whole notion of a payoff in this case is idiotic. And she never once alleged anything about oral sex. If that had been the issue, why would she allege vaginal sex knowing the medical exam wouldn’t back her? That’s nonsensical. She may have been drunk, but she wasn’t so drunk she wouldn’t have known which orafice was used.
    People just pull this stuff out of thin air and go with it like it’s gospel. If they had oral sex, she knows that’s what happened and you can bet it was consensual or she’d have mentioned it to the cops.
    Yes, people are entitled to their opinions. But if my opinion is that Lou Dobbs or Pamela Anderson is a serial killer and there’s nothing factual to back me, I can’t expect everyone to just let me go around saying that without challenging me.

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